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Just a little bit of fun.

Sorry if I got any names wrong, or mis spelt. I think you guys get what I mean. So please no unnecessary comments saying 'blah blah its spelt like this, you missed an E' or whatever!!

Basically, who do you think will be HOT & who will be a deffinate NOT

Think thats pretty much everyone!

Just remembered Miles & Jai before i saved! :)

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Make it huge in America.... Jessica Tovey ! they'll definitely want another Mischa Barton, Jess is taleneted smart = +++ for LA!

Make it in Burger King... i vote for Colleen just for fun because non of them will end up in BK but if it was the other way around.. Didn't Brad Pitt do a commercial for Burger king before he got discovered?

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Todd will do brilliant!!!

I really hope to see him in some future big movies that will come out in Hollywood, and eventually reach Ireland!

Todd has so much potential, he'll definately do that!

Jordan Rodrigues...I hate saying it, but after Home and Away I can't really see him going anywhere!

Others may disagree though!

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