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Ruby/Xavier or Ruby/Geoff?

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Who is better for Ruby?  

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We can all see that Ruby and Geoff have been getting a lot closer lately and Xavier is jealous as hell. So, which guy do you think is better suited for Ruby? Personally I really like her and Geoff together. They bounce off each other really well and I like how she calls him Geoffrey. As far as Xavier goes, I don't hate him but the only time I've ever been able to really like him is when Brendan's around.

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Im liking the Ruby and Geoff friendship.

I wish they would just leave it at that.

I do think they would be good as a couple but I really dont want them to get together.

I guess mainly because Im still holding onto the idea of Nicole and Geoff getting back together, which I suppose would have happened by now if it was going to, but hey, I can still hope!

I really like Ruby with Xavier, I think they are really sweet together. :)

So I voted Xavier.

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