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Wed 26 Aug 09 – Episode # 4928

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Ruby’s Puppies “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 26 Aug 09 – Episode # 4928 ]


It’s the morn the events of ep 4927, and Sid, Indi & Dex enter the diner. Sid sees Nic there and bails all but immediately, and Nic follows him.


When Sid suggest Nic tat this is just a schoolgirl crush on an older man, she hat that he is patronising her – esp. since she’s an adult now [its her 18th birthday today,

After Sid walks way, Dex & Indi approch Nic – and Dex gets a text msg. He is mysterious bout how it’s from etc.


Ruby is quite startled when Xavier asks her questions bout he recent activities on face book. He is also ken to really talk to her – but she suggest tat they should play a game of pool.

Geoff enters and he & ruby talk bout how worried he is bout Irene rigfht now. Before Xavier can say mush else, Hugo enters – and “suggest” tat xavuer should go wioth him. Both bail.


Hugo, Xavier & Marsha eagerly greet Brendan & Gina who are in tee bay for Brendan’s 21st. Tony enters soon after. Brendan like tat colouring pens tat marsha gives him as a present, but he's not so ken on tee rugby jersey that Tony give him.


Ruby, Annie & Geoff are putting out lots of decorations of the party when Nic & Indi enter. Nic isn't that keen is attending tat party, but Indi isn’t talking no for answer.


Angelo talk to Gibsy, but even with tee offer of total police protection, Gibsy won’t talk to tee police [it’s too risky for him].


When Marsha offer to make a sandwich for Brendan, Gina comment tat Brendan can do thing like that by himself these days – and Brendan indeed starts making his own sandwich.

Gina isn’t so ken when Brendan comments bout her liking a guy called TED – indeed, she dismissed tat comment. All are looking fwd to the party tonight.


Dexter clashes with Sid bout how Dex think tat Sid has a habit on “hitting on” women. Sid insist tat when he invited nurse Therese over for lunch, there was noting more to in than 2 adults chatting etc.


Alf the prep for tee party continues, Annie denies [to ruby] tat there's anything happening thween her & Dex. When Dex, Nic & Indi arrive, they talk bout Sid – and how it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to change his ways.


Miles & Sid talk bout tee “fun” of raising/looking after teenagers. Mile is taken aback when Sid mentions that its Nic’s 18th today – as Miles didn’t know that. Miles quickly bails.


In a darkened room, Angelo’s bossed [a baldy dude tat we’ve not seen before] isn’t happy tat Angelo seems to be getting nowhere wit tee job that he was sent to the bay to do. Angelo assures tee man tat he is laying that groundwork for everything that he is here to do.


Brenda enters the main room dressed for tee party. Marsha and co comet on how coooool he looks. Gina suggests to Xavier tat ruby would like it if he picked her up to go tee party.


Ruby and the shirtless goeff are in the lounge room. She has put on her strapless dress, but asks him to do up the zip – with Ruby holding the top of the dress in place by having her hands on her bust. Ruby jokes bout Geoff having cold hands as he does up the zip – and naturally, as they are having fun, Xavier enters. He & ruby mushly clash bout what’s going on – before Xavier bails. Ruby now isn’t so ken to go to the party.


Alf &* co get word tat Brendan etc are on there way – so they switch of the lights at the club. As they wait, Dex tells Indi tat it looks like their parents aren’t going t9o get bank together, whilst when Xavier arrives, he tells tat like of Annie tag he’s just had a fight with ruby.

Brendan, Gina & co arrives – and as the party continue, Brendan seems annoyed tat ruby isn’t her with Xavier. Also, Sid tells his kids tat he soooo definitely hot here to “hook up” with anyone., indeed, he bails moment later, and Nic does likewise soon after.


Ruby is on the couch when Geoff enters. He tells her tat when he was out, he rented a chick flick on DVD, and he got some other goodies – like ice cream and popcorn. Ruby tells Geoff tat he’s a REALLY good friend.


When Hugo & Marsha dance close, Brendan comet once more bout Gina being in love with TED – and it looks like Gina isn't too ken on than fact that Brendan has said that.

Miles arrives with a present - which Brendan all but snatched off him. Mile tells Brendan tat it’s for Nic – but he is told that she has already bailed,


Nic arrives, and tells Sid tat she is looking for him to be a father figure. She REALLY wants him, and can’t stop think bout him. However, Just klike tat night beiofre, Sid renjects Nic. He shuts the door – leaving her all miserable and alone.


Angelo is getting impatent with Gibsy, and ask him to tell Angelo everything he knows bout Hugo.



Kirsty is talk to a male uni friend in a car and she ducks when she sees Miles nearby, but Leah sees Kirsty

Kirsty tell Miles that Leah told him bout Kirsty and the guy because Leah is trying to break Miles/Kirsty up

Angelo puts a wire on Gibsy, but it sound like things doesn’t go to plan

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: violet [blue speckles] strapless knee length dress


Indi: dark fedora hat/dark lacy long sleeve top


Miles: violet button up shirt


Alf: blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo’s boss: dark jacket/white button up shirt

Annie: yellow wide strap top/red shorts

Brendan: dark [green vert stripes] jacket/dark [green top] top/denim jeans

Brendan: red [blue anchor] t/biome shorts

Dex: dark [grey check] shirt/denim jeans

Dex: dark jacket/white [red unknown motif] t

Don Gibson: dark green button up shirt

Geoff: dark jacket/white t/denim jeans

Geoff: white [dark trim] singlet/dark track pants

Gina: red scoop top/dark long pants

Gina: white blouse/dark top/dark long pants

Hugo: dark jacket/dark long pants

Hugo: grey [dark horiz stripes] t/olive green long pants

Indi: white singlet top/denim mid thigh skirt

Marsha: orange & yellow blouse/denim shorts

Marsha: yellow [white trim] strapless maxi dress

Nicole: dark low cut v neck mid thigh length dress

Nicole: white [large orange flower] knee length dress

Ruby: black [grey wide straps] knee length dress/blue headband

Ruby: white [dark unknown motifs] top

Sid: dark grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: white t/olive green long pants

Xavier: white [blue check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Xavier: yellows [various colour fruits ???] t/light bleu shorts

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