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Come In With The Rain

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: Come In With The Rain

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

Characters Mentioned: Nicole, Geoff

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: nope

Summary: Aden has moved on, But they both still love each other, Belle can't take it anymore and moves to the city with Her mum and Peter.

Italic's are song lyrics--- Song is Taylor Swift- Come in with the rain


I could go back to every laugh

But I don't want to go there anymore and I

know all the steps up to your door

But I don't want to go there anymore

Talk to the wind, talk to the sky

Talk to the man with the reasons why

And let me know what you find

Belle Taylor sat on the beach watching Aden happily walk down the beach, Hannah beside him. It killed her to watch, she tried to avoid him the best she could, but this was a small town, she seen him about all the time, And when he was in the she had to serve him, it was awkward, but what could she do?

All those months ago she was the one holding on to Aden’s hand, She was so in love, and now it felt like her world had come crashing down, and se was left on her own to pick up the pieces, If she hadn’t have got involved in all that crap! She hated herself for it, Aden had left her, the man she loved walked out because she was so self obsessed and she was a mess.

He didn’t even have the guts to tell her face to face he was leaving, instead he sent a note, it broke my heart, but it was the thing that got me through rehab, he loved me and i was in such a bad place he couldn’t be around me. I finished rehab, I went to tell him, and my heart broke, as I peered through the door there he was, with Nicole. How could he have done that? I thought he loved me instead he was sleeping around. I confronted him that was the last time we talked.

Nicole apologised when she found out I knew, And nothing else ever happened with them, I was always hopeful that one day Aden would take me back, But the Hannah came along, they immediately, Well so it seemed, started to date, I was upset, of course I was, but the thing was Aden never came near me again, unless he was ordering food from the diner.

Nicole was furious with him, They even fell out for a long period of time, she knew I loved him, and maybe she knew he loved me, they had only got their friendship back, I remember him and Geoff fighting just outside the diner, Aden had become violent with Nic, not extremely violent, but more than Geoff had liked, He punched Aden, and it soon turned into a brawl until Angelo and Charlie broke them up. Sine then Geoff and Nicole have been dating, I’m happy for them, Geoff is like a brother to me and Nic and I are quite close now.

It feels rather weird, I hated her for so long, and after her and Aden I didn’t think I would even talk to her again, never mind pour my heart in one of our regular chats, but it was good, I love her, she my best friend, although times I’m a little jealous of her and Geoff.

I sat on the wall watching the world go by Aden included, he looked up and saw me, He didn’t show any signs of acknowledgment that I was there, he walked on holding her hand.


I've got you down, I know you by heart

And you don't even know where I start

I hate seeing her, It makes my heart break, I want to just goo up and kiss her soft lips, but I know I can’t.

I hurt her so badly, I left her when she needed me the most. Why did I have to be so gutless? I couldn’t handle something so I leave the woman I love to do it alone, I can’t even imagined how hard it was for her. How hard it is for her to see me move on with my life, but the truth is I haven’t moved on. I don’t love Hannah, I saw something in her, she’s attractive, and well I thought if I was with her it would take my mind of Belle, but it hasn’t, I still love her, So much more than I want to let myself believe.

There’s nothing more I want than to be with her.


I've watched you so long

screamed your name

I don't know what else

I can say

Talk to yourself, talk to the tears

Talk to the man who put you here

Don't wait for the sky to clear

Does he even know I exist anymore? Have I vanished of his planet?

I asked m self these questions everyday, every time he ignores me.

I couldn’t sit there any longer, I left the beach, I want back to my room, I had tears in my eyes as I entered the house, I thought it would be empty, but it wasn’t, Nicole and Geoff where there, I tried to control myself but they noticed I was upset.

“Belle? Are you ok?” They called as I was about to enter my room

“Fine” I lied, but they knew something was up they weren’t stupid, It was an insult if I thought they would actually believe me. Nicole got up from sofa and entered my room.

“Come on Belle, Aden?” She asked even though she knew the answer.

“Every time I see him, my heart breaks into more little pieces, I can’t be here anymore Nic.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t live in the same place as Aden, It’ll kill me. I’m going to the city to live with mum and Peter”

“Belle you can’t, what about me and Geoff? And Irene? Annie?”

“It might not be forever, just for a while at least, I need to get my head straight.”

“I’ll miss you” she tried to persuade me

“I’ll miss you too, and I want an invite to the wedding”

“What Belle we aren’t even engaged yet” She laughed

“I can see the way he looks at you, It won’t be long” I smiled

“I really do love you, N one will ever replace you, What am I going to do without you? I need a shopping buddy!” she was still trying to make me stay

“You have Ruby and Annie, And you can come visit any time, Have you seen my mum’s place? My room is like the size of this house,”

“Is the one downstairs?”

“Yeah! With the 2 beds, bathroom, walk in closet! Heaven” I laughed

“I’m so jealous!”

“Well I’m jealous of you too, your perfect love life, You’s two deserve each other.”

“thank you, You’ll find your prince one day” She smiled at me, All I could was wish that what she was saying was true, I wanted the fairytale romance, I had it and lost it.

The day arrived Belle Taylor left SummerBay. She moved to the city.

She left her troubles and heartache in the bay; It was a new beginning for her.


I was hard to talk to Nicole, it had been nearly a year since everything with her happened, but he still found it hard.

“Nic! Hey!” he called sown the beach

“Hi” she said, She longed for their previous relationship to come back, where she could talk to him about anything, not feel weird and uncomfortable whenever she was around him.

“How are you” he asked

“I’m ok, Are you?”

“Yeah i’m fine. Its just....”

“Aden what? You can talk to me you know.”

“I know, Its just I’m in love with someone else.”

“You mean you don’t love Hannah?”

“No, I never did, Well I did, but not as much as I ever loved her.”

“Loved who?”

“Belle, Nic I’m so in love with her, I never understood why I left her, I don’t want to be with Hannah”

“Its too late now Aden”

“No its not! I’ve planned to tell Hannah, Let her go, she deserves better”

“No Aden, I mean its too late to be with Belle”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Nicole! Heard what?”

“Belle moved to the city, Last week Aden.”


“Yes as in she doesn’t live in SummerBay anymore”

“She can’t have left!”

“She has Aden”

“I have to go!”

“Where? To tell Hannah! Then the city I guess”


I settled in pretty fast, My room was ready, Mum decided to keep it the way I had it when i stayed there, I told her to change it whatever way she wanted because I wouldn’t be staying to often. Little did I know I would be living there.

I wondered how the Bay was doing without, Probably just the same, Although I was pretty happy, At least someone was missing me, Nicole text me everyday, she had already scheduled to come up. This was it my new life free from Aden Jefferies.

I still think about him, All the memories together, the way i used to leave my window open, then he would climb through it in the middle of the night, I still did it, even when we broke up hoping one day he would come through it and take me in his arms, but now i knew that would never happen, I had gotten so used to sleeping with the window open it had become a necessity to have i open, Even in the city I kept my window open at night, It was silly really.

I'll leave my window open

Cause I'm too tired tonight

to call your name

Just know I'm right here hoping

You'll come in with the rain

He drove all through the night, When he got to the house, everyone was in bed, He knocked the door lightly hoping someone would be up, but he was disappointed, he walked round to the back of the house, Hope soared through him as h noticed the window open, he prayed that it was still Belles room. He poked his head and seen her peacefully sleeping, she was so beautiful, He climbed through, he caught his foot on the frame and stumbled making a bit of a noise, Belle woke up in a panic, she screamed until she seen him laying on the ground staring up at her, his blues eye meeting her.

“Aden what are you doing here?”

“It was raining, You don’t want me getting wet do you?”

he made his way to my bed, He kissed her, She felt like she was in heaven.

Amanda and Peter came rushing into her room.

“We heard screaming!” Amanda said, holding a rather heavy looking ordainment in her hand “Oh, Sorry” she smiled

“It’s ok mum, Anyway, what exactly where you planning on doing? Blast him with your hormones?”

“Well i was really planning on hiding behind Peter” She laughed, and held her rather large pregnant stomach “Anyway, We’ll go back to bed, Leave you to it.

“Night Mum”

“Yeah night Amanda” Aden said rather quietly


It wasn’t long until they were back in the bay, They had never seen Nicole so happy, when Belle walked back in through the doors holding Aden’s hand, she cried, Nicole Franklin actually cried. Belle found it quite funny, but she also found it the nicest thing Nicole had ever done.

Belle Taylor now had everything, She lived in the best place she could ever imagine, she had the best friends and family anyone could ask for. And she had her man, Aden Jefferies, She couldn’t have asked for anything else.

Please let me know what you think :)

El Xx


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