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Forever's Not Enough

Guest Georgia

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Story Title: Forever's Not Enough

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

Characters Mentioned: Their daughter, Jessica

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: At the start of each chapter

Summary: They vowed to love each other forever.. can they keep their promises?

A note: This whole story is written in Belle’s perspective – the flash backs, however, are written in third person.

If you haven't read Vowing Forever, I suggest you do, because it is quite helpful. The link is: Vowing Forever

Chapter One:

Seven years ago I got married to the love of my life, Aden Jeffries. I vowed to love him forever, to never leave him, to always stand by him. I, Belle Taylor, stuck to my vows. This is my story...

Seven years earlier:

"Belle, hurry up! We’re going to miss the plane if you don’t finish packing soon! Why didn’t you pack before the wedding?”

“I was afraid you weren’t going to show up! I didn’t want to jinx it by packing!”

“Belle, how many times do I have to tell you that I will never leave you?”

“You can keep saying it if you want. It makes me feel special and wanted inside”

Aden laughed lightly before yelling back up the stairs, “Why do you need to pack so much? It’s our honeymoon Belle, it’s not like you’re going to be wearing much!”

“Aden Jeffries, clean out your mouth. We have a baby girl around here!”

“Actually Belle, Irene came and collected her about an hour ago. She even yelled goodbye to you!”

There was no reply, but a pillow came soaring down the stairs and hit Aden squarely in the chest.

“Thank you for that Belle. I might as well get comfortable while waiting for you!”

He settled down on the couch and waited impatiently. He really wanted to get on that plane. Summer Bay may have been a beautiful place but it didn’t hold completely happy memories, and he wanted to escape for a while.

Belle soon rushed down the stairs, her suitcase clunking behind her.

“Do you want some help with that Mrs. Jeffries?”

“For the last time, I hate being called Mrs. Jeffries. It makes me sound old and technically, I'm still Mrs. Taylor. I haven't changed my surname yet. But I would love some help”

Aden got up and grabbed her suitcase, helping her carry it down the stairs.

“By the way Belle, you will never be old to me! I promise to always look at you and see the young, beautiful girl I fell in love with.”

Belle smiled slightly, and kissed Aden lightly on the lips.

“What was that for Mrs. Jeffries, I mean Taylor?”

“For being you”

Aden grabbed Belle’s hand and pulled her towards the door, trying to get her out of the house before she realised that she had forgotten something.

“Oh wait Aden! I forgot something! Let me just run in and grab it” Belle gushed quickly, before running into the kitchen and grabbing something off the side.

“It’s your wedding ring”, she explained, but was met with a confused look

“I’m wearing my wedding ring Belle”

“That’s just a part time one! This one was at the jewellers being engraved, and it wasn’t finished in time for the wedding, so I had to use that one instead. The jeweller called first thing this morning and I snuck out and grabbed it.”

A huge smile lit up Aden’s face. “Belle, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me”

“What about the time I went to jail for your crimes? What about the time I gave you a baby girl, even though it was the most painful experience ever?”

“Ok, ok, I get it. You’ve done a lot of wonderful things for me. I just meant that this was a beautiful present. Marrying me would have been enough Belle. You didn’t have to do this as well”

“Just read the inscription Aden”

March 17th 2009, the happiest day of our lives.

“So our wedding day was the happiest day of our lives?”

Belle nodded and smiled

“What about the day we got together again? What about the day we had our beautiful daughter?”

“Ok, ok, I get it. We’ve had a lot of extremely happy days together. I just thought our wedding was the best day of my life, and it might have been the same way for you. I would just accept a thank you, you know.”

“Belle Taylor, thank you for the beautiful gift. Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life. It was the day that you told me that you would love me forever, through everything. Nothing can make me happier than spending a lifetime with you.”

Belle smiled and dragged Aden back towards the front door, trying to avoid showing her feelings.

“Come on Aden, you’ll make us late for the flight”

“Bit hypocritical don’t you think? I’ve been waiting for ages for you to be ready!”

“Yeah, but I’m a woman, it’s acceptable. It’s weird if the guy is making us late”

“Oh you are just a bundle of laughs today Belle”

Belle giggled lightly. “You love it Aden”

“Of course I do. I would love you even if you grew another head and turned green”

“Talk about a bundle of laughs”

Aden pretended to look sad, but he couldn’t keep it up for very long. He was soon out of the front door, a smile set firmly on his face.

“Aden, there’s no taxi! How on earth are we supposed to get to the airport if there’s no taxi? I’m not driving my car to the airport. I don’t want to have to leave it there for two weeks!”

“Belle relax! Our ride is right there” Aden reassured her, and pointed to a shiny black limousine parked just down the road

“I’ve never been in a limousine before!” Belle practically screeched, before throwing herself into Aden’s arms.

“I know Belle, that’s why I hired it!”

Belle smothered his face with kisses, before jumping down and racing to the limousine.

“I love you Aden Jeffries!” she yelled over her shoulder.

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Six years earlier:

“Aden, the door bell is ringing. I’m halfway through my bath, can you just open it?”

“Relax Belle; I’m already on my way. I know that nothing can tempt you away from your bubble bath”” he called back sarcastically

“Well I was going to say you could join me when you’re done down there, but now I’m not so sure”

“I’m sorry Belle, I was only joking.”

“You better hurry up Aden, the water is starting to go cold and the bubbles are starting to pop”

“I’ll be as quick as possible” he called, and was rewarded with a flirtatious giggle in return.

“Should I just ignore the door Belle?”

“No Aden, that’s rude. Just open the door”

Aden rolled his eyes, before realising that Belle couldn’t see his response. He walked quickly to the door, anxious to go upstairs and join Belle in the bath. Irene had agreed to take Jessica off their hands for today, and he wanted to make the most of it.

He pulled open the door, and his face dropped into shock.

“What are you doing here Abigail?”

“I came to see you and Belle actually. I heard you got married and I came to offer my congratulations”

“Well, thanks Abigail, but you can go now”

“Don’t be like that. I drove for hours to come and see you two again. I haven’t seen my best friend since I hit you two with my car. I didn’t even get a chance to see Belle”

“I’m sure she can survive without that visit Abigail”

“That isn’t your decision to make Aden. Belle’s a big girl; she can make up her own mind”

Before Aden could reply, Abigail had pushed her way into the house and was climbing up the stairs.

A scream soon pierced the air, and Aden could sense Belle’s discomfort.

“Aden, what the hell is Abigail doing here?” she yelled down the stairs

“I don’t know, apparently she wants to see you”

“Why did you let her in?”

“I didn’t mean to. She just kind of pushed past me!”

Aden could hear Belle swear and Abigail chuckle lightly

“Look Abigail,” he called up the stairs, “Belle and I have been married for a year and you haven’t wanted to stop by before now”

“Fair point, but this time, I actually have a reason to see you now”

“And what’s that?” he asked, as Abigail came walking back down the stairs

“I think you owe me some money Aden”


“Well, you see... we got divorced very quickly, so that you could be with Belle, and I don’t think you gave me everything I was entitled to”

“Abigail, you got half of everything we owned. What’s unfair about that?”

“Let me make this clear. I got into trouble, gambling and drinking, and I think you should give me a little payment, just so I can get my life back on track.”

“Abigail,” Belle interrupted, her voice drifting down the stairs, “you have no right to do this. You can’t blackmail Aden and to be honest, you have nothing to blackmail him with”

“Belle, calm down” Aden called back, “do you mind just leaving Abigail and I to talk, just for a little while?”

“I suppose. I wanted to buy us a cake for after dinner anyway”

Abigail and Aden made small talk until Belle left the house.

“Abigail, you promised to never bother me again”

“The situation has changed Aden. I can’t keep your secret anymore. You haven’t been keeping up with the payments you promised me, so I had to come here. You left me with no choice”

“I’m sorry Abigail. I’ll write you a check now. I didn’t realise I was behind in the payments. You have to go now Abigail. Belle will be back any minute now, and I don’t want her to know about any of this. I need time to think up an excuse about why you were here.”

“You’re kidding right Aden?”

Aden shook his head sadly.

“So you and Belle dated for two years, and you’ve been husband and wife for another year and you still haven’t told her you’re secret?”

“Don’t make it sound so sinister Abigail”

A slight sniffle came from the door and both Abigail and Aden spun around, startled to see Belle standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing back so soon Belle?” Aden asked, worried about how much Belle had heard

“Well, I was on my way to the diner and I realised I had forgotten my wallet, so I came back here to get it, but you and Abigail seemed engrossed in your conversation and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

“How much did you hear Belle?”

“Enough to know that you’ve been hiding something from me for the last three years, and I want to know what it is”

Thank you to TKluvsH&A, Elainea, adelleforever, nicoleee23, Lily-G and amz89 for the reviews. If you have a preference to what you would like me to call you, just let me know, either in a comment or a PM. Also, if you have an idea about where the story is going, just PM me and let me know. I don't want this to get too obvious. :D

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Later that night:

“Abigail was just joking Belle. There is no secret. Tell Belle you were mucking around Abigail” Aden stuttered, trying to cover his tracks

Abigail shook her head. “I just can’t believe he hasn’t told you Belle. Aden is still married to me. You’ve committed bigamy Belle.”

Belle’s world seemed to stop. She could see Aden’s mouth moving and Abigail gesturing with her hands, but she couldn’t hear anything and she couldn’t open her own mouth.

Instead, she turned and walked back out of the door, leaving the world that suddenly made no sense to her.

She went straight to the jetty, and then to the little boat she and Aden owned, that was thankfully docked. Belle climbed straight on and switched on the little motor, anxious to get as far away from the scene as possible. How could Aden have kept this secret from her? How could he not trust her, not allow her to help with his problems? How could he not get a divorce in the first place?

She steered the boat towards the little island that Nicole and Geoff had been stuck on. No one ever knew that she came here, but it was an escape, a beautiful paradise. Even at night, it seemed almost magical.

The boat jolted gently onto the sand and Belle clumsily clambered out, almost tripping into the water.

She couldn’t understand why Aden hadn’t got a divorce. She couldn’t understand why Abigail was here. She couldn’t understand why Aden hadn’t told her he wasn’t divorced.

If word got around about this, she would be sent straight back to prison, and that was at the bottom of her too do list.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of footsteps. Frustrated, Belle turned her head around, about to yell at the unwanted intruder but was shocked into silence.

“Belle, I am so sorry you had to find out like that” Aden began, tears rolling quietly down his cheeks

“You had three years to tell me Aden, and you didn’t. And when I found out you had a secret, you still lied to me. I had to get the truth from Abigail of all people, your wife.”

“Belle, don’t be like this. You are my wife, in all sense of the word”

“Technically, I’m not. Abigail is your wife, I’m nothing.”

“To me, you are everything”

Silence fell again and Belle turned to face the water, trying to escape the magnitude of the situation.

“How did you know I was here?” she asked quietly, the silence becoming overwhelming.

“I know everything about you Belle. I know how you think, how you picture things and where you go when you’re hurt.”

Belle leaned over and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

“That may be true Aden, but nothing can happen between us anymore. I’m the lady that’s coming between your marriage to Abigail, and I didn’t even

know it”

“Belle, the only reason I didn’t tell you I was still married was because it would upset you.”

“Of course it would upset me”

“The only reason I’m not divorced is because Abigail needs my support. About a week after we got back together, Abigail rung me and said that she had some stuff she wanted to tell me. Apparently, her Australian visa had run out, and they were trying to kick her out of the country unless she had someone sponsor her to stay, and I was the only person she knew well enough to ask. I said yes, because although I didn’t love her, I didn’t want her to be deported. For the last few years, I’d been giving her money to live on. Then, a few weeks ago, she told me she had met someone else, and she wanted a divorce because she wanted to get remarried. I wanted to get it over with quickly, but Abigail came over tonight for some more money and for the divorce papers to be signed. This whole thing was almost over Belle, I promise”

“I believe you Aden, but right now, I can’t stand to be around you. You lied to me for the last three years and I don’t know if I can get past that. When you get home, I’ll be gone. I think it’ll be best if I go and stay with Amanda for a few weeks. You can call Jessica every night.” And with that, Belle was gone.

Aden sat there, motionless, unable to go after her.

He had just let the love of his life walk out of his life, maybe forever.

Thank you for the reviews Elainea, amz89 and Taniya_K. This chapter was dedicated to you three, for reviewing.

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Five years and six months earlier:

Aden sat quietly in the empty house. It had been six months since Belle and Jessica had gone to stay with Amanda and he had only seen them three times. He called Jessica every night, and had spoken to Belle occasionally but had been unable to convince her to come back to him. Abigail was long gone, and the divorce had been finalised and tonight was going to be a special night. Belle was going to drop Jessica off to see him, and Aden was determined to win her back.

As he sat in his armchair and planned out his speech, his thoughts kept drifting back to the happier times in their relationship, before Abigail. Suddenly, the phone rang and interrupted the silence.

“This is Aden Jeffries” he answered

Sobs came down the phone line and Aden immediately started to worry

“Who is this?”

“It’s Belle.”

“Oh God Belle, what is it? What’s happened?”

“There was an accident. Amanda was driving home and a drunk driver hit her. She’s in a coma Aden and I don’t know what to do”

“Belle, I’m on my way now. Where are you guys?”

“We’re back in Summer Bay, at the hospital.”

“Why are you in Summer Bay?”

“Amanda was driving back from dropping us off when it happened.”

“Ok Belle. Just relax. I’ll be there in about ten minutes”

“Thank you Aden. I just didn’t know who else to call” she whispered quietly, before putting down the phone. Aden rushed out the door and jumped into

his car, breaking every speed limit in order to get to the hospital.

As soon as he ran into the hospital, Belle rushed into his arms, crying.

“Shhh Belle, it’s going to be Ok. Amanda is a very strong woman. She’ll pull through this”

“I have to believe that she’ll be ok. It just made me realise what was important. I could die tomorrow and I don’t want to die without telling you how I


Aden’s hands momentarily paused and his breath caught, anticipation building up.

“I’ve been mad at you for so long Aden. I didn’t think I could ever trust you again. You were married to someone else, and you made me break the

law. But then, tonight, I realised that no matter what you do, I’ll still love you. There is no one else that has ever made me as happy as you do. You are my other half. You’ll own my heart forever Aden Jeffries”

Aden stood there speechless, so Belle took the opportunity to keep talking

“I vowed to love you forever, and I’m going to stick to my vows. Tonight, I realised that forever’s not enough. I want to be with you for eternity.”

Aden finally regained his speech and placed a hand over Belle’s mouth

“Don’t say anything else Belle. This is already perfect, apart from the fact that we are in a hospital”

Belle chuckled lightly and leaned forward to kiss Aden but they were interrupted by a doctor.

“Mrs. Taylor?”

“That’s me” Belle answered nervously

“I just wanted to let you know that your mother will be fine, and you can see her in an hour. She’s just a bit groggy at the moment” the doctor

explained, before walking away

Aden leaned forward and whispered in Belle’s ear. “Now, everything is perfect”

Belle smiled and pulled Aden back so she was able to kiss him passionately on the lips.

Aden was right. Everything was perfect again.

Thank you to Elainea and amz89 for the reviews :D It's the same loyal readers as Vowing Forever hehe

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Chapter Five: Four years earlier:

Jessica ran screaming into the kitchen, a great chunk of hair clutched tightly in her hands. Belle’s face filled with shock and she crouched down to pick up her now crying daughter.

“Jess sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

“I was cutting Barbie’s hair”, she choked out between sobs, “and I slipped and cut my pig tail off”

Belle picked up Jessica and grabbed her keys off the table.

“Aden”, she called, “I’m taking Jess to the hairdresser. She’s cut her hair and I have to get it fixed.”

Aden came running down the stairs, a towel wrapped tightly around his waist, and water droplets dripping down his chest.

“What did you say Belle?” he asked, coming to a stop before Belle and Jess

“I said that I’m taking Jess to the hairdressers” Belle explained, after trying unsuccessfully to peel her eyes off Aden’s chest.

“Why don’t you let Nicole take her? She really wants to spend some time with her god daughter.”

“I can take Jess to the hairdressers. I’m quite capable.”

Aden leaned forward and whispered in Belle’s ear. “If you let Nicole take Jess to the hairdressers, we can get some alone time”

Belle giggled slightly and walked towards the phone hanging off the wall, and dialled Nicole’s number.


Jess had gone to the hairdressers with Nicole, and then to the park. Aden and Belle had a few hours of alone time.

Belle was sitting impatiently on the couch, waiting for Aden to get dressed and meet her downstairs.

“Belle, do you mind coming up here for a second?” Aden called down the stairs

“Can’t I just wait here?” she asked

“It’s important Belle!” he exclaimed

“Fine, but remember that I’m only doing this because I love you”

“Love you too babe”

Belle ran up the stairs, quite curious about what Aden wanted. As soon as she reached the hallway, she could see lights flickering in the bed room.

She walked slightly faster, concerned that Aden had got himself trapped in a room where the light bulb was about to shatter.

Luckily, it was something completely different.

Candles were flickering, and Aden was lying on the bed, still in the same towel

“Oh my god” she whispered, “Aden, this is incredible!”

“Don’t you mean I’m incredible?” he asked cheekily, “you’re not getting on this bed until you tell me that!”

“Oh, what a shame! I guess I’ll just have to go back downstairs and wait for Nicole to bring Jess home”

“No! Don’t leave! I went to all this trouble for you, so you have to stay and enjoy it, at least for a little while.”

Belle laughed and walked over to the bed, gracefully climbing towards Aden.

A smile lit up Aden’s face and he pulled Belle towards him, before kissing her gently, and then more passionately.


They stayed that way for hours, the doorbell interrupting them later that afternoon, signalling the arrival of Nicole and Jess.

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This chapter is dedicated to Elainea and amz. Thank you for constantly reviewing and making my day :D

Chapter Six: Three years earlier:

The three month old baby screamed in Aden’s arms, as he frantically tried to figure out the problem

“Aden, Nicole and I are trying to relax here. Can you maybe keep the baby quiet?” Belle teased from the next room

“Belle, this isn’t my baby. Make Geoff come in here and fix the problem. After all, he’s the father of this beautiful baby”

“Geoff’s busy at home setting up the nursery” Nicole chimed in

“Well, why don’t you come and look after your daughter then Nicole”

“Fine, fine, I’m coming, but only because you’re moaning is worse than Jasmine’s” Nicole called, as Belle laughed

Aden walked into the living room and sat down next to Belle

“Aren’t you glad we don’t have another baby?” Aden asked her

“I think Jessica is enough for us, but I’m happy for Nicole and Geoff” Belle explained

Aden nodded and leaned forward and kissed Belle lightly on the lips

“Eww, Mummy and Daddy are kissing”, interrupted a little voice. Jessica had walked into the room, a barbie doll in one hand and a hairbrush in the other.

Aden laughed at the sight, and Belle scowled at him, worried that she was setting a bad example for her daughter.

“Mummy, when you and Daddy have finished kissing, can you please plait my hair?”

Belle pulled Jessica onto her lap, and smothered her in kisses. “Of course baby girl. I’d love to do your hair”

Jessica giggled and Belle kissed her again.

“Why don’t you let Daddy plait Barbie’s hair?” Belle asked her daughter

Aden frowned. “Belle, how many times do we have to go other this? I love being a father and I love you, but I’m not plaiting Barbie’s hair.”

Belle smiled and leaned towards Aden, being careful not to hurt Jessica.

She kissed him passionately on the lips, shielding Jessica’s eyes at the same time. When Aden finally pulled away for air, he smiled smugly.

“That’s my punishment?” he asked cheerfully

Belle leaned towards Aden and whispered gently in his ear. “No, that’s just an incentive. If you don’t plait Barbie’s hair, then there will be no more of that for a week”

The smile quickly evaporated from Aden’s face and he frantically grabbed for Barbie.

“Daddy would love to plait Barbie’s hair”, he told Jessica, and sat down next to his wife and daughter

Nicole stood watching in the doorway, and let out a laugh.

“God Belle, you’ve got him well trained. Geoff would never plait a doll’s hair but I suppose he’s just more of a man than Aden here”

Belle giggled and Aden scowled, but kept on plaiting the doll’s hair. He didn’t dare to mess with Belle. He knew how bad her punishments could be.

As soon as Jessica’s hair was plaited, she grabbed her Barbie from Aden and ran away, probably back to her room, to continue playing with her toys.

Nicole took that as her queue to leave, and grabbed the bundles of baby’s clothes, nappies and other accessories, before struggling out the door.

Aden sat quietly on the couch, still moping.

“Oh darling, you know Nicole was just joking. Geoff is nowhere near as manly as you.”

Aden continued pouting, so Belle walked over and sat on his knees, facing him.

“What will make you feel better?” she whispered flirtatiously, before leaning forward and kissing him, this time with no interruptions.

“Is that better?” she asked, when she finally pulled away from Aden

“No, but maybe if we try that again”, he whispered back, before pulling her closer and kissing her again.

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Chapter Seven: One year earlier:

It was Belle Taylor’s birthday, and a certain level of excitement had descended on Summer Bay. It wasn’t every day that one of their favourite residents turned 28. Everyone seemed excited except the birthday girl, who hated getting older.

Aden had rushed out of the house early in the morning to finish preparing everything, and Nicole had come round not long after, to pick up Jessica.

Belle, however, was starting to become depressed.

Aden only left the house without her when there was a problem. When he left the house alone, although infrequently, he was usually mad at her.

By the time two pm had rolled around, Belle had convinced herself that Aden had forgotten her birthday and had arranged for Nicole to pick up Jessica, so that they could be alone when he handed her the divorce papers.

So naturally, when her mobile rung and Aden asked her to meet him at the surf club, she was almost in tears.

Obviously Aden didn’t love her anymore. Obviously Aden wanted to divorce her. Obviously Aden wanted the house. Obviously Aden wanted custody of Jessica.

Therefore, Belle decided to postpone the inevitable. She left the house as late as possible, packed all her bags and put them in the car, walked all around Summer Bay, went for a paddle in the ocean, and then, when she could postpone no longer, she walked into the surf club.

“Surprise!” a chorus of voices shouted at soon as she walked in the door.

Everyone in Summer Bay was gathered around the pool table, some with drinks in their hands, and others hanging back, slightly shy and embarrassed.

“God Belle, what took you so long?”Nicole piped up, never the shy one.

Belle blushed ruby red and ran straight into the nearest bathroom, locking the cubicle behind her. However, it wasn’t long until someone followed her in, and that someone was soon climbing over her cubicle wall.

“Belle, have I done something wrong? I thought you’d want a surprise party” Aden said nervously

Tears streamed down Belle’s face and she choked back a sob.

“I can make everyone leave if you want. I just thought it was a nice idea” he stuttered, really concerned now. He hardly ever saw Belle cry, not anymore.

“It’s not the party Aden”

“Then what is it? I want to help but I can’t unless you tell me the problem”

“I thought you wanted to divorce me”, she whispered


“I thought that you had arranged for everyone to be out so you could give me divorce papers”

“You thought I would do that on your birthday?”

“I thought you had forgotten about my birthday”

Aden seemed speechless for a minute but then he walked towards the toilet and crouched in front of Belle.

“Let me tell you a story”, he whispered

Belle nodded her head slightly; worried that Aden might hate her for being so stupid

“Once upon a time, the stupid school bully met this beautiful girl who worked in the local diner,” he began. “Now, no one but the bully’s best friend knew that he had a crush on the beautiful girl. Everyone thought the bully was just flirting with the beautiful girl because he was a player. But then, he realised that there was more to the beautiful girl than just beauty. She was smart and funny and sarcastic and an amazing photographer. And before he knew it, the bully had fallen head over heels in love with the beautiful, smart, funny and sarcastic girl. Somehow, even though the road was bumpy, the bully tricked the beautiful girl into loving him and giving him a child and becoming his wife. And then they lived happily ever after, because the bully knew that the beautiful girl was the love of his life, and he wouldn’t be able to live without her” Aden finished, before looking into Belle’s eyes.

Before he knew it, she had leaned forward and kissed him passionately

“No one has ever told me a story as nice as that one”, she whispered

“I love you Belle Taylor”

“I love you too Aden Jeffries”

“And I want you to know that I will never end things between us, unless Beyonce suddenly wants to marry me”

The reply to that was a slap on the arm.

“Oh Aden, I almost forgot. I got this present for you, and I wanted to wait until the perfect time to give it to you. I think now is that time”, she whispered

Aden nodded and held out his hands, waiting for her to drop the present into them

“No silly,” she giggled, “it’s not that kind of present. I changed something about me to give to you”

Aden looked shocked for a minute but then started to look Belle up and down, searching for a change

“Belle, the suspense is killing me. Can’t you just tell me what this present is?”

“What’s my name?” she asked

“Have you got amnesia or something? Your name is Belle Taylor”

“No, it’s not”

“Oh god, what’s happened? Is your name not really Belle?”

“My name is Belle Jeffries”

“Oh, I knew this would be bad,” Aden started to say, but stopped halfway through

“Belle Jeffries”, he repeated again and again

Belle sat still, waiting for his reaction.

“This is the best present ever!” he suddenly exclaimed

Belle smiled and let him run out of the toilet to tell everyone their news.

Aden’s happiness was the best birthday present Belle could have ever gotten.

This is the second last chapter guys. It''s been fun writing both of these stories but if I want to stick to the ending I really want to write, then I have to stop. Otherwise I'll get carried away and stuff will go wrong :)

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Chapter Eight: Present Day

Belle and Jessica Jeffries stood holding hands. It was a sad day for them. Today was the day they had to visit the cemetery.

It was always painful to stand by his grave. It was a reminder of the past, of memories and laughter, back when Summer Bay had been happy. But when the town had lost someone so important to them, the laughter seems to fade away.

It had been a year since his death, and the pain was still as fresh as the day the news had arrived. It had been an accident on the trawler he worked on. Luckily the other members of the crew had survived. It was just him that lost his life, trying to fight the storm the boat was caught in.

Belle placed a single flower on the grave stone. He had never been the person who likes a giant fuss. He lived his life well, making every single moment count.

He had left behind a grieving widow and a young daughter.

Life is never fair.

Belle and Jessica turned and walked away from the grave, and back towards their house.


The kettle was on when the door opened and Jessica quickly threw herself at the man walking through the door.

“Daddy, your home!” she squealed

Belle came rushing in from the kitchen and smiled with relief.

“Oh thank god you’re ok Aden,” she spoke quietly, “I was getting worried”

“I come bearing good news though”, he replied, “I resigned from the trawler, and I now have a job at the diner!”

“What brought this on?”

“Well, it’s been a year since Geoff’s death, and I realised that I don’t want to be the next casualty. I want to be here for you and Jessica. I don’t want to leave you behind, like Geoff did to Nicole and Jasmine”

Belle smiled and walked forward

“I’m so glad”, she whispered, “I could never cope with losing you. Losing Geoff was hard enough”

Aden kissed Belle on the forehead and then wrapped both his wife and daughter into a big bear hug.


Seven years ago I got married to the love of my life, Aden Jeffries. I vowed to love him forever, to never leave him, to always stand by him. I, Belle Jeffries, stuck to my vows. I’m happy to say, that even though we had some major problems, Aden stuck to his vows as well. That was my story...

And that's then end of Forever's Not Enough. Hope you guys liked it :D


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