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Almost Perfect

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Story Title: Almost perfect

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main characters: Belle, Nicole, Aden, Nadia (na-dee-arr)

BTTB rating: Suitable for all ages.

Genre: Love

Does story include spoilers: For non Australian pace viewers/The Belle Spoiler

Any warnings: Probably not.

Summary: It's been five years since Belle had died. Aden struggled and pushed everyone away making many stupid mistakes as he grieved the loss of his wife. Now its five years on and Aden has moved on with....Nicole, who has a little girl of her own.

Belle had the perfect life five years ago, the perfect proposal, the perfect wedding and the perfect husband until cancer came a stole that dream away. But all is about to change in Summer Bay as Belle returns, where has she been? did she really have cancer? What will happen when she discovers Aden has settled into a long term relationship with Nicole? How will Aden react when he discovers the woman he thought was dead is actually alive!

Banners by Bec & Flora

I never thought I'd witness my funeral service, but I did. I never thought the man I loved would sleep with someone within a week of my passing, but he did. I never thought I'd see my husband with Nicole living together happily with a child. But scarily I never imagined becoming a mother, myself. To a beautiful baby girl, with eyes the colour of the ocean and hair as blonde as her daddy.

My second mother stood up. I watched as she began to speak fighting back tears, "How do you find the words to say goodbye? I've been racking my brains trying to work out what to say, and then this morning it suddenly dawned on me... there are no words because there are no goodbyes. You see, this beautiful, talented, intelligent, passionate girl is still right here with us. She's in our memories and she's in our thoughts and she's right here, she's in our hearts. Belle was trouble right from the start, she came here fresh from the big city with an attitude to match, she could cut you down with a few well placed words and if you got on the wrong side of her well gawd help ya but um, we quickly realised that underneath there was a kid who was desperate to find out who she was and where she belonged, you see Belle Taylor came to Summer Bay looking for her mother, then she found a family as well, and as fate would have it, she also found the love of her life, the fella that she would go on to marry, I tell you when these two kids laid eyes on each other the sparks really flew and being honest I wasn't exactly encouraging to start with but then I realised that these two had ignited a love that would burn for the rest of their lives... If two people were ever meant to be together it was Belle and Aden."

And then my perfect husband stood up, looking more gorgeous than ever. He stood shaking slightly. I could see an oar of courage surrounding him. He made his speech, I thought I could handle this service but once he started to speak I couldn't control my emotions any longer.

"I've heard a lot of stuff over the past few days about how life goes on and how we should be grateful for the time that we've had with Belle and yeah, the world is a better place because she was in it and I'm a better person because of her but the truth is, no matter what anyone says, it sucks... not having her with me, not being able to wake up beside her, not being able to picture my life with her in it there is nothing okay with that, it just sucks."

God, this isn't fair. Why did I have to disappear, why couldn't have taken Aden with me? Aden could keep a secret. But so could Angelo and Charlie. Summer Bay had no idea ...

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Thanks for the comments so far - h&a addict I love Belle too and I think Adelle should be together, but we'll see.

Part one

After the service I sit on an old couch in a secret location. Charlie enters the room giving me an incredibly sympathetic look. She sits down and begins to explain the current circumstances.

"Belle, you and Aden were always meant to say goodbye", Charlie says trying to comfort me, which isn't working at all I may say. I reply trying to keep my cool, " I don't believe that. It's not the way it's supposed to be"

Charlie sighs stating the facts, "Well it's the way it is so deal with it; this is the life you lead now"

I can't take this any longer. It's not fair. I snap at Charlie "Aden and I need to be together, we just need to, ok!"

"I'm sorry Belle, I really am" Charlie continues to be empathic of the whole situation. I hate this, I hate this "It's not fair Charlie" I express my anger once again.

"Yeah, it's not fair. It sucks...but there is a sunlight seeping through this grey stormy cloud. You have a beautiful daughter. You have the blessing of having a baby with the person you love"

This isn't good enough; I should be allowed to stay with the man I love regardless of the situation. I look up at Charlie, with tears burning my eyes. "Yer... but Aden's not here, is he? I don't want my daughter to never know her father"

She sighs once again, I have no doubt it must have been hard for her to tell me this. But I wanted Aden. I wanted the perfect life. In life, who doesn't want a fairytale ending?

Charlie pauses and then responds, "I understand that. But there's nothing we can do now. You have no choice, and I have no say in where you go or what life you'll lead now. I'm sorry."

I begin to panic as I'm reminded that I'll be going through this alone. Living in a place where I knew no one. Going through pregnancy on. my. own. "But we'll still keep in contact?" I asked as my heart raced.

Charlie quickly replied making it clear, "Every now and then... Angelo too. We'll see each other, I promise" she gave me a comforting smile, which eased the speed of my heart beat.

I thought for a moment, of Aden...of the future....of my baby. The tears that had been building up finally managed to escape and flow down my cheeks smoothly, "I don't know how I'm gonna do this...raise this baby on....my own. I began panting.

"You're gonna be okay Belle, we'll make sure of this" Charlie reassured once more. I still couldn't believe her. How could I be alright without Aden? But I didn't care about myself as much as Aden. Would this whole situation put my love in danger while I was gone, I questioned Charlie showing her an expression which said- I want the truth, "What about Aden, is he going to be okay?"

"As long as he's in the bay and thinks you're dead. No one will be suspicious. If Aden knew the truth, there's that possibility that someone could hurt him in order to get to you Belle" Angelo had explained earlier to me that Aden will be watched for some time to see if I had in fact passed away. They would base this on my husband's behaviour.

But it still wasn't fair, I wanted Aden with me. "And what if he came with me? What if we staged a death where Aden and I both died together?

"Yeah and what if they got suspicious and located the two...three of you. They wouldn't have stopped until they got what they wanted." Charlie's expression turned from serious to worry.

I looked at her strongly and asked knowing the answer, "And what exactly do they want Charlie..."

For you to disappear...forever.

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Part two - Thanks for the comments :P

28th of August, 2009

Liam Murphy, Summer Bay’s rocker had been found dead in his beach side apartment early this morning. It is believed that Murphy died due to a drug overdose. Sources say Murphy had only just found out that he was to become a father, for the second time. The mother of the child is distraught. Fans have gathered outside his apartment with flowers to pay their respects.

20th of September, 2014 (fast forward five years)

As I stood facing away from my daughter covering my eyes counting, my mind drifted back thinking of Aden and my last night with him. “You’re gonna be okay” I said to him, but he simply shook his head with tears in his eyes. “Belle I can’t live without....” I cut him off, “Sh, let’s not talk” I kissed him and then we held each other, making love for the last time. A “little Belle” as Aden had called it, was being made.

“Ready or not, here I come!!” I took my hands off my eyes and went in search for Nadia. But I didn’t have to look very hard or very far for that matter as I could hear giggling behind the curtain. I played along, “Hmm... I wonder where she could be” I mocked. “She is under the couch?” I looked under the couch, making my gestures big and obvious.

“No, no. She’s not there...” My daughter continued to giggle. “Oh, I know maybe she’s hiding in the fridge. I only hope she hasn’t eaten all her CHOCOLATE!” I ran to the fridge and opened the door. “Mmm this chocolate, sure tastes YUMMY!” I pretended to eat, knowing Nadia would come out of hiding as soon as she thought someone was eating ‘her’ chocolate. “Mummy!!” Nadia ran into the kitchen. “Oh there you are!” I smiled, grabbing her and giving her raspberries on her neck. “Mummy, stop kissing me...” She giggled again.

“What can’t mummy, kiss her favourite person in the world” I continued holding her; I didn’t want to let go. I was so blessed to have something so precious in my life. “What about daddy mummy” Nadia managed to pull away. “What about daddy sweetheart” We often spoke about her daddy, that’s the way she liked it. It was almost if Nadia could feel him around her, as if Aden was in the room with her. I couldn’t bring myself to show a picture of Aden to her, but I would describe him and tell her how much I loved her and how much they looked alike. Nadia loved hearing my stories of her father, I would tell her about our beautiful wedding, and the first day we met. I would tell her bed time stories at night.

Nadia also knew the significance of the window in a bedroom, “Mummy, don’t close the window. Leave it open...for daddy” I sighed and left it half open. I didn’t want her to get a chill. “You have to leave it open...just in case daddy decides to visit us while we’re asleep” She smiled at me and fell asleep in a instance – just like her daddy.

“The second your head hits the window you’re out like a light and snore your head off”

“Yeah but you love it”

“I do love it” I re-focus, Whoa.... another flashback. I really need to regain control my mind. It often wonders back to the past. Showing me images and memories of Aden, I hear his voice ringing in my ears.

Meanwhile in Summer Bay

“Ahhh... see I told you this was a good idea, baby” Nicole relaxed on a banana chair, sun baking in the hot sun. “Yeah...totally worth it babe” Aden was on the edge of the pool, dipping his feet into the cool sparkling water. “Hey mum, watch me. Watch me!” Nicole’s daughter, Tennille jumped into the pool making quite a slash. “Mum, did you see me, did you see me!”

“YEP....” Nicole closed her eyes as the light shone brightly. “No you didn’t!!!!” Tennille crossed her arms in the water. “I was watching you” Aden smiled. “I know you’re the bestest”

“Best honey...best” Nicole corrected her still focusing on herself. “Come in!” Tennille said looking at Aden. Aden climbed in, “This is beautiful! Mummy should really come in”

“Can’t you see I’m sunbaking?”

“Yeah we see Nicole...why doesn’t mummy come in the pool....” Tennille looked into his eyes searching for answers. “She will...we’ll make her” Aden grinned as though he had an evil plan. “Hahahaha, are you gonna push mummy in the pool” Tennille quickly caught on. “Shh” Aden flashed a massive smile at her.

The phone rang, its 11:30pm. Great... “Hello?” I answered yawning, rude I know. But hey I’m tired. “Belle, sorry to wake up. But I’ve got some great news....well depending on how you take it”

I rolled my eyes, what had Angelo finally proposed to her and I’d be wearing a ugly pink dress to her wedding. “It’s safe for you to come home” I dropped the cup I was holding in the other hand. “Belle?” Charlie sounded worried as she heard the crash of china on the floor. “Y-yeah..” I said shaking. “What...you mean I can come home.....after five years?” My hands shook. “Y-yes” Charlie said and then there was a long pause between us.

“I....I... can return to Summer Bay....after five years of hiding” I couldn’t believe it. I had imagined going back, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to return and I had accepted that. But this was too unreal. “But I would like to say....you can choice whether you want to come back or not” I thought for a moment, looking at the spilt milk on the floor. “Do you think it’s a good idea” I struggled to ask the question. “I’m sure in time people will comprehend everything”

“And Aden? Is he still with happy with his daughter and Nicole” Charlie paused sighing, “Yer he is Belle”

“I see....” The thought of Nicole being with Aden killed me inside, even though I wanted him to move on and be happy, I still hated it.

“Well you have plenty of time to make up your mind. But you’ll have to hurry up if you want to attend my wedding” I gasped, “Oh...my god...!” I screamed forgetting Nadia was still asleep. “I can’t believe it! He proposed! I’m so happy for you” I began to cry – tears of joy, of course. “Yeah, we’re gonna get married on the beach sometime in November”

“Charlie, that’s wonderful!” I expressed my joy through the tone of my voice. “Yeah it’s great. Anyway I’ll let you go and think about what we discussed and hopefully we’ll see you back in the bay”

“Okay Charlie” I sighed. “I’ll call you” I said before hanging up.

“Mummy...what’s going on?” Nadia was wake, damn. “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to wake up. What’s wrong” She could see that I had been crying. “Well....Aunty Charlie said that we are allowed to go back to Summer Bay” She stared at me a smile forming. “You mean!” She said excitedly almost screaming, “We can see daddy!!” Nadia knew that her father lived in Summer Bay. “Um yeah, if we’re lucky” I smiled.

“YES! YES! YES! YES!” Nadia skipped around, loving the idea of meeting her father for the first time. “Anyway missy... back to bed now!” I ordered. “Okay, mummy. I love you” She smiled again. At least she would be able to fall back to sleep unlike me. “I love you too sweetie” I called out.

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Thank you so much to all those of you who are reading this. Warning: This chapter is long!

Part three

Did you hear Belle’s decided to come to the bay, Charlie informed for fiancé. Yeah.... which leaves us to explain to the whole town that Belle Taylor, who supposedly died from cancer five years ago is actually alive, Angelo said sarcastically. I know I’m not completely thrilled either but still we have a job to job. Charlie said professionally. Do you think the town will want to kill me again? Angelo asked nervously. What Charlie shook her head, she wasn’t in the mood for stupid questions. Well after Jack dead...everyone wanted me dead. Is this going to be the same thing?

Charlie was stunned, “ah no baby, because unlike the Jack situation you didn’t kill Belle and Belle is coming back from the dead....in a sense”

“Yeah but...I lied. They’re gonna be out for my blood” Angelo said worriedly.

“Mine too, come on we’re in this together. We’re not the only ones who knew.”

“Yeah but we know Irene...Aden...we see them everyday...they’re gonna be pissed.”

“At first yes, but in time they have to forgive us and its not like we had a choice. We were under strict orders”.

“Right.”. Angelo said before taking a deep breath in. Alright let’s go and round up the troops.

I was on my way to Summer Bay; I didn’t want to be there was the truth was revealed. So I left a bit later. I didn’t want to see the fallout.

“Hello...everyone..” Charlie said nervously, everyone looked curiously at her. Angelo touched her back supportively. “Oh like that’s gonna help..” Charlie hissed looking at him who was standing behind her. “Ahh...there’s no easy way to tell you think, believe me I’ve been racking my brains trying to find the words to tell you all this...umm... five years ago Summer Bay lost a well loved resident Belle Taylor. She was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died from the illness. However....” Charlie took a deep breath in. “Belle Taylor did not die five years ago..” The audience gasped loudly.

“She was ill, but it was not cancer. Belle was infected with Swine Flu which portrayed cancer symptoms in a sense....umm...” The audience didn’t look as if they believed the story. “Belle... was in trouble... and she was advised to go into a witness protection program for her own safety. Leaving Summer Bay and live under a new identity in a new country. Belle wasn’t keen on the idea, believe me.... but eventually she knew in her heart she needed to do this to protect her family....friends...and the man she loved....” Charlie paused. Aden sighed with tears in his eyes.

“I’m telling you this because Belle...is able to come out of hiding; she’s safe from what brought her there to begin with. She has a beautiful daughter named Nadia, who is five years old. I ask that you make her feel welcome...and try and keep your cool around her as she’s sensitive about returning to the bay. I’m not going to deny it and neither is Angelo but we were aware that Belle was been alive this whole time and for that I apologize” The audience was silent. Irene was nearly in tears as she realised her daughter was back in her life once again. “That’s all for tonight, thank you for listening” Everyone stood up and slowly left the building. Aden of course was in shock.

Well that’s something you don’t hear everyday day, Colleen piped up.

Shut your trap Colleen, Alf snapped.

Oh love...I can’t believe this is happening. Irene said as Alf, Colleen and Leah watched her. They stood in silence. There were no words. There were no words to say goodbye, because there really was no goodbye.

It was morning and we had finally arrived in Summer Bay. This is it. Irene would most likely be working in the diner. I had a debate with myself in the car. Nadia was bored to death waiting in silence. Mummy! She finally whined. I know baby, we’re going now. I said finding the courage to get out of the car.

Oh my goodness, Irene dropped a coffee cup, smashing to the ground. Irene, what’s going on. Leah came out of the kitchen hearing the smash. Belle.... Irene shook with her hands to her face.

Irene..! I ran up to her throwing my arms around her. I’ve missed you so much I cried, gasping for air.

Ohh love....ohh....don’t ever leave me again, you understand me girlie! Irene had never hugged me so tightly. I could tell she never wanted to let me go again, and neither did I. I then hugged Leah and Colleen. I stayed for lunch, and then made my way around the town, seeing Rachel...Tony...Alf...Annie...Geoff. It was the greatest feeling knowing I was home once again. I had my little sister back, my mother, and my brother. All I needed was my husband. But I wasn’t counting on it as I walked along the pathway I could see the beach. Three shadows were in the distance playing on the beach. I walked forward to make a clear picture of them. Oh. my .god.

It was

Aden....and Nicole...and a little girl I didn’t recognise. I knew straight away it was their daughter. Aden and Nicole’s daughter. I felt sick in my stomach. Who’s that mummy? Nadia asked as I watched. That’s Nicole..... I really didn’t like the idea of my daughter referring to her father as Aden but I didn’t have a choice for now. I knew if I told Nadia the truth she would have ran as fast as she could to Aden, throwing her arms around him. That’s Aden....and I don’t know the little girl’s name.... I smiled. Aden was tickling the little girl, laughing, having a good ol time. Guess he didn’t need me... “Come on time to go home”. I said. Where is home? She asked looking confused, follow me. Irene said it was okay to stay with her again until I was back on my feet. Luckily my old room was empty and free to use. YES!

Later that night, I decided to pay Aden a visit. He and Nicole were the only ones who hadn’t seen me yet. I was also fired up about seeing him and Nicole so happy together. I was ready to unleash the angry inside of me. Which was not a good idea.

I banged on the door, continuously. “Yeah alright, I’m coming” I heard Aden say angrily before opening the door. “Surprise” I said sarcastically. “What....what are you doing here” Aden struggled to say looking upset. “What can’t I pay my husband a visit” I said in a mocking voice. I was being rude and I knew it, stupid me. That’s all I need to do, is push the people I love away. Good on ya Taylor!

“Yeah...it’s just....a shock to see you...you know...” Aden said quietly comprehending my presence. “Sorry” I finally apologized to him, feeling guilty. “Co...come in” He managed to say.

“I see you and Nicole have hooked up...” I couldn’t help myself. I needed to get straight to the point. Yes I wanted to see Aden, but I also wanted answers. “Y..yeah...we’re together now” Aden said quietly, almost whispering. “Nicole here, I’d really love to see her” I said sarcastically again. “Ah no, Tennille and Nicole have go to a birthday party” I didn’t recognise the name Tennille but knew it was their daughter’s name. “Tennille” I repeated. “Nice name...” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah and so is....”

“Nadia” I said feeling irritated he’d forgotten. “Well I see you and Nicole are perfectly happy together... I must say I don’t regret leaving otherwise it wouldn’t have given you the opportunity to create such a perfect life” I laughed, hiding my true feelings.

“Why do I get the feeling your upset about me and Nicole... you’re the one who left....you’re the one who lied to me!” Aden raised the tone of his voice.

“True...” I nodded fighting back tears. “But I saw on the beach today and I couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy for you and not remorseful at all for leaving...” I lied again. “Well great” My sarcasm and anger was being absorbed by Aden.

“Well I just wanted to say g’day and that I’m really happy for you...”

“Well good...thanks for that” Aden’s eyes were fuming with anger. “Wait, I’ve got a question for you” I was about to leave. “Where the hell have you been for five years huh? Seems like you’ve no trouble taking care of yourself”

I sighed, not knowing what to say. “Well I have a question for you” I hissed.

“Well I asked you first”

“What was the name of the woman you slept with within a week of my passing” I snapped Aden was silent. “Yeah...exactly....amazing how quickly you managed to move on. Wish I couldn’t have done the same” Then I walked out of the door slamming it shut behind. Idiot! Stupid idiot! I yelled out loud. Why did I bother wasting sleepless nights worrying and thinking about him. It was pointless, absolutely pointless! I don’t know why I had a little bit of hope that I’d get back together with him. It’s not like he’d welcome me with open arms and make love to me then and there. Belle Taylor, you’re pathetic!

I walked back home in the dark, it was time for Nadia to go to bed....great. It wasn’t fun putting up with her tantrums at night.

Okay, time for bed missy. I ordered not in the mood for a debate. Aww, just a little longer, Nadia whined. But I gave her a moody look.

Fine, she agreed walking into the room.

No, mummy. What are you doing keep the window open.

Baby it’s a cold night, you’ll get a chill. I said closing the window feeling exhausted.

But how will daddy get back in. You need to leave it open! Nadia whined looking at me with a horrified expression.

It’s staying closed! It’s a cold night. Now got to bed! I raised my voice.

No! No! You have to keep it open....for daddy!! She screamed.

Hey back in bed! I shouted back at her, luckily no one else was in the house.

No! I hate you! Nadia screamed not regretting her words.

Nadia I mean it! I said strongly.

Noooo! Leave it open! Leave it open! Leave it open! Nadia chanted.

NADIA! And then I did it... a sinful act. I hit her, she immediately burst into tears.

I....I’m sorry, baby, wait. But she was gone in a flash running out the door and then eventually out of the house. She was gone.

Nadia!! I called scared for her. God what have I done I placed my hands over my eyes crying and collapsing to the floor. I smacked her hard, on her backside. But it was still wrong. I am I ever gonna face my daughter again.

I went in search for Nadia, it was eight o’clock. I decided to check the Surf Club first. Nadia liked the strawberry milkshakes there. No, not here... So I went to the diner, not here...

Belle! Hi. Leah greeted me.

Hey Leah, I responded not really in the mood for small chat. I just wanted to find my daughter.

Hey are you alright, you look like you’ve been crying Leah was quick to notice my red eyes.

Y..yeah.. I struggled to lie and I could tell Leah was gonna believe me for one second.

How about you sit down and tell me what’s wrong.

I can’t find Nadia..she....ran away. I burst into tears.

Oh no, why would she ran away. Leah was sympathetic.

Because...I......hit her I cried even more.

Oh...I see....what happened... Leah didn’t know how to react.

I...I’ve had such a bad day and I was stressed. I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t control myself...control my emotions.

Where did you hit her, Leah asked.

On the bottom.... I sniffed.

Oh, well that’s perfectly normal Belle. You have to discipline your kids every now and then if they’re misbehaving of course...she was misbehaving.. Leah asked carefully.

Y..yeah... I chocked.

Well then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Leah gave me a smile.

No you don’t understand...I hit her...I hit her hard....God, I’m a terrible mother. I squeezed my eyes closed taking a few deep breaths.

Belle you’re not, really you’re not.

I...I don’t deserve Nadia. All my insecurities were escaping from my mouth.

Belle...come on, you need to calm down.

No, you know what I’ve got to go....and find her. I’ll see you later. I got up and left. I didn’t want to face Nadia, but I didn’t want her to be out in the dark by herself.

I returned home after looking high and low for her and there she was. Hey Belle, Geoff smiled at me as he played with Nadia.

N...ad... I couldn’t say her name. I’m just glad you’re okay I directed my words at her, I could tell she heard me.

Ah Geoff could I talk to you in the kitchen for a moment.

Sure, he got up looking at Nadia and laughing about what they had been talking about earlier.

What’s up, he asked casually obviously he couldn’t sense something was wrong.

Ah not much, but I was wondering could you babysit Nadia tomorrow for me. I wasn’t ready to confront her, I wasn’t even sure if Nadia wanted to be with me. But she was home and that was good enough for me.

Yeah, no probs. Geoff said with a smile. I didn’t look thrilled by his answer even though I wanted him to babysit. Now he knew something was up. Hey what’s the matter? I started to hyperventilating, I...I... I struggled to speak, Hey come here Geoff hugged me tightly. It was the best feeling I’ve had since arriving in Summer Bay. The warm, loving, comforting feeling of a hug. Thanks Geoff, I really needed that

You’re welcome, he smiled at me and went back to playing with Nadia.

It was the next day; I got up before Nadia which was usual for me. I didn’t want to have to face her, but I kissed her goodbye. So Geoff looked after Nadia while I had lunch with Irene at the diner, I took a relaxing walk on the beach breathing in the fresh salty air. I can’t believe I ever left this place. I loved the beach, I missed it. I loved walking along the beach holding Aden’s hand, glancing at him every now and then. Those moments in life were unbelievably perfect.

It was three o’clock and I was getting tired. I guess it was time to face the music, but then my phone rang. Hello? I answered it. Belle.. Belle, Geoff said breathlessly. I was in the bathroom for like a second and then I went to check on Nadia...and.. Geoff stopped, he continued to speak breathlessly. Now I started to panicked, what’s wrong? My voice shook.

She’s gone....Belle...she’s gone. I don’t know where, I don’t know how but she’s gone.

Well....maybe she went to find me.... or went....I don’t know Geoff...

Belle, there’s a chair tipped on the floor and there’s spilt fruit juice on the floor. It looks like someone’s taken her.

What! What do you mean someone’s taken her! I shouted on the phone, my hands shaking.

I....I’m sorry... you should come here now. Geoff said in a very serious tone. How could this happen, how could she just vanish.

I went straight home, but it wasn’t long before we headed to the police station. It turns out Geoff had rang Nicole first for advice, when I arrived at the police station Aden was waiting there. Why was he here, what did he want.

Belle.. he said sympathetically.

Not now Aden.. I turned away.

I just thought you could use a friend. I know I’d lose it if Tennille went missing.

Seriously Aden, you don’t need to be here. I finally said before heading to the front counter.

Hi, I’d like to report my missing daughter.

Okay, when did she go missing? He asked busily typing on the computer.

Around three Geoff spoke up.

Okay, and where was she taken?

At my house...Well Irene Roberts. The officer immediately knew what address I meant.

Okay, now what’s your child’s name? He asked with sympathetic eyes.

Nadia....Taylor... I said, as he searched for her record.

I’m sorry there’s no record of Nadia Taylor. I began to panic as Aden was standing near me.

Miss? What’s your child’s name? He asked concernedly.

Nadia.... Jefferies... I said trying to control the shakiness of my voice. I could see in the corner of my eye Aden’s shocked expression.

You registered Nadia under the names under your husband’s name? The officer asked for clarity.

Y..yeah...my husband and I aren’t together anymore.

Is he the father or the child, maybe your daughter is with him?

I looked down but I could still see Aden in the corner of my eye, his eyes fixed on me.

Y..yes, he’s the father and no she’s not with him. Tears filled my eyes.

Oh my god.... Aden gasped looking at me in shock.

Angry was starting to build up inside of me; I wasn’t ready to deal with this. I didn’t want to have to think about the lie I kept from Aden. Like you didn’t already know! I snapped back at him. But he truly looked horrified as if he hadn’t even considered that Nadia was his daughter.

Belle, trust me I didn’t. Why didn’t...why didn’t you tell me!! Aden raised his voice. I didn’t think that it would matter to him.

Why should I ... you’ve already got the perfect little family...perfect life....perfect girlfriend....perfect, perfect, perfect!! I shouted at him almost screaming. God, what was his problem. He did really need to know, what good would it have done telling him. He already had a daughter. I’m not willing for Nadia to suffer more disappointment. I took a deep breath, why don’t you worry about your daughter and I’ll worry about mine.

Belle I am worried about my daughter. That’s why I’m here...

That makes no sense at all. He didn’t even know until now that he even had a second daughter. I didn’t understand why Aden was so concerned for Nadia in the first place. I gave him a serious look, not our daughter, the other one...

Aden stopped for a moment looking at me deeply, trying to figure out what on earth I was talking about, until it hit him. But I was too upset to reason with him shouting with tears in my eyes,

Oh for goodness sakes Aden, Tennille! Why are you still here! I don’t need you here. Just like I didn’t need you for the five years of parenting I went through by myself!

Aden backed away a little, his eyes started to water. He raised a hand as if he was trying to push the air away. Fine there, I’ll go then if that will make you happy.

I looked away crossing my arms; I couldn’t look at him anymore. It just reminded me of my loss – losing Aden was hard enough but losing the gift Aden had given me was too pain to think about. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, but I managed to hold myself together. I wanted to hold Aden close, because I knew he could ease the pain. But at the same time I didn’t want to be near him. It just made me angry thinking about how much has changed between us.

We finished our heated argument, the officers were all staring at us, but I didn’t care. Surprisingly they didn’t break it up or ask us to leave the premises. As if they didn’t have enough drama on their plate already.

“I’m sorry” I looked up and apologised for my behaviour. The look on the officer’s face was exploratory, he had accepted my apology.

We’ll find her miss. The officer said comfortingly.

Yeah well you better; she’s my daughter for god sakes! Aden shouted angrily at him.

Sorry if its confusing and makes no sense...

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Only a small update, I've been really busy at the moment (Reading the Twilight Series lol & working). Thanks to the previous comments and readers, you rock!

I sat pondering, trying my very hardest not to panic. Keep it together....just keep it together, Belle. She'll come back to you....it's not your fault, not my fault! God, who am I kidding!

I looked up at the desk, Angelo was busily typing away on the computer. Then Charlie came out of her office. I had been here for hours, waiting for any sign or lead on my daughter's case. Aden hadn't come back. I wanted him to be here, but at the same time I couldn't bare to look at him. To think of him with Nicole, him with his perfect little daughter, it made me wanna gag. Ugh!

"Angelo, what are you doing this is not the time to be wasting it on Hugo Austin" Charlie said crossly, glancing over his shoulder.

"But babe, I'm just about to make a breakthrough" Angelo said innocently.

"Yeah something will be breaking through your head, now stop this and help me with finding Nadia" Charlie quickly switched the computer screen off, grinning over at me for reassurance. I wasn't about to give up.

"Fine... you are mighty hot when you're angry I might add" Angelo defeated got up and began to search through files.

Charlie clearly wasn't the mood, and I knew she would hate to let me down. We had become close friends over the past couple of years. "Shut up and get to work!" she yelled back at him as Charlie's boss walked in.

"Sexy!" Angelo whispered so Charlie could hear. Charlie tried to hide her smile rolling her eyes.

I couldn't take this any longer, it was one in the afternoon. I waited and waited. Charlie began to hesitate as I watched her work. "Belle... Why don't you go and grab something to eat?" She smiled politely. "Will you come with me" Feeling insecure I asked, knowing she'd turn me down anyway.

"Maybe another time" Charlie winked at me. "Come on, if anything happens you'll be the first to know..." I got up and walked to the door slowly. "And Aden too" Charlie smiled. "Sure, thanks" I flashed a fake smile, which she didn't believe for a second.

I finished up at the diner, after many sympathetic looks from Colleen, Leah and Irene. I'd had it, I decided to leave quietly. "Belle!" I'd bumped into Aden on the way out, "Hey.. did you hear anything" He asked almost in a whisper. But it was a sexy one. "No" I looked down almost in tears. I'd lost my daughter and I'm certain I'd let Aden down too. What a wonderful job, I'd done raising and protecting our daughter, way a go Belle!

"Hey it's gonna be okay...look I just wanted to apologised about before you know. I understand if you're mad at me. That's fine, I just want you to know I've thought about it and...well I'm not angry with you. Sure I don't fully understand why you left me but I'm pretty sure if was for a good reason"

"Yeah it was....I was protecting you....protecting the people I love....but mostly you....you're the only one I really cared about" I couldn't believe what I was telling him, what was I a lovesick teenager. Get it together Belle, really. Even though years had past, it still felt like as if everything was back the way they were before I had left. Aden was still my husband, we were still in love.... well I knew I was"

"Well, I just wanted to let you know if you need anything I'll be here, anything you want I'll give"

"Unless of course, it's something you don't wanna give" I added, looking down.

"Like what..." Aden chuckled nervously. "Like kissing me until I tell you to stop" I said not caring if he was with Nicole.

Aden was silent; I knew he didn't know the "right" thing to say. Aden never wanted to hurt me intentionally, but no matter how much the truth sucked I would prefer to hear it. If my daughter wasn't coming home I wanted to hear it from Charlie or Angelo, it was better to know sooner rather than later.

"You should probably get back to your daughter and Nicole" I said about to make my escape from this incredibly awkward situation.

"My...daughter? What?" Aden looked at me. "Please Aden, this isn't the time for games" I said impatiently taking a deep breath in. I was about to make a run for it, "No wait, what do you mean" Aden grabbed my arm, gently of course.

"Tennille, Aden!" I said trying not to snap at him. "Tennille....daughter.....wait, you think Tennille is my daughter? Is that why you had a go at me"

"I didn't have a go...." Aden gave me a disbelieving look. "Yes...that's why I...'snapped'" I rolled my eyes.

"Belle....Taylor....Jefferies, Tennille isn't my daughter" When Aden was serious and wanted to get a message drummed into me he would spell my full name out, but using "Jefferies" gave me Goosebumps. "Really" I wanted to scream with joy. "Yeah, she's not mine....Nicole well... you know Nic, she slept with someone else"

"Wow..that's unexpected....now I feel like an idiot" I admitted, trying not to blush. Inside I was very relieved that Tennille wasn't Aden's daughter.

"Well at least, I'm a daddy for real" Aden smiled. "Yeah and I'm a .... mummy..." I started to choke thinking of Nadia and never seeing her again, tears filled my eyes, I was breathless. "Belle...hey...shh" It was almost like an instinct not a requirement that Aden held me close, swaying me gently calming me down. It worked, it was worked. "I...I..." I tried to speak, but that's all I managed to say. "Shhh" Aden whispered. I closed my eyes, I was in heaven again.

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Thank you again to those who read and commented on this fic :)Hope you like this one. I'm not sure when I'll update as I have work for the next few days.

The next day after my encounter with Aden, I sat wretchedly at the diner twirling a straw around my coffee. “Aw, don’t worry love. I’m sure Nadia’s safe. Who knows the girl could have wondered out of the house and got lost. Maybe no one has taken her” I looked up at those optimistic eyes; I knew someone had taken her that was the reality. They were after me, this had absolutely nothing to do with Nadia or Aden, but they would get to them in order to get to me. To make me pay for what I’d done.

I was about to say something when my phone rang, “Sorry” Irene smiled, acknowledging it was alright for me to be dismissed from the conversation. I left the diner, “Hello?” I answered I didn’t realise the number. “Don’t speak....just listen” The voice whispered in a dangerous tone. I swallowed nervously, trying to keep a straight face. “We have your daughter...and we do intend to do whatever it takes to find you....and finish this for good...” He whispered again, his voice sounded like he was breathless yet he didn’t stop to take a breath. “I....I’m listening...” I chocked, I didn’t care if I was putting myself in danger I wanted her back.

“Goood....you’re smarter than I thought....or maybe dummier than I thought....you’ll get your daughter back once we have you...you are to go to development site, which has been closed on account of your hard work Belle Taylor or should I call you Mrs. Jefferies now?”

“Shut up!” I snapped, trying not to cry. “Now,...now, be a good little girl, you wouldn’t want Isabella...or should I say Nadia to get hurt” He said smugly.

“O..okay” My voice shook. “Go to the development site, a-l-o-n-e. You are to meet at 8pm. If you burn us, we’ll know. Remember we are always watching, we’re waited for this moment for a very, long, long time and we will complete the deed. We will complete the task we were assigned to” He hung up. I could hear the anger in his voice. The task..The deed he wanted to complete was to kill....me. I knew I couldn’t go to Angelo or Charlie, I trusted them, but I didn’t trust Tim’s followers are you might call them. I didn’t to follow his instructions; I knew they didn’t want to hurt Nadia, only me. I took a deep breath holding for a few seconds I released the pressure that had been building up inside of me. For the first time in a long time, I was afraid. I knew I couldn’t go alone...it would be too risky to even consider brining Charlie or Angelo with me. There was only one other person I’d consider, however what if something went wrong? What if they got him too? I didn’t want to put the one man I ever truly loved in danger, because of me. But I had no choice. I needed his help, and despite everything in this crazy mixed up situation I knew Aden would have wanted to be a part of getting our daughter back. I called him –

“Hello...” Aden sounded tired. “Hi..I’m sorry to intrude..” I said slowly.

“No, it’s cool. Hey have they had any leads on Nadia’s case” He asked in a anxious voice.

“N-o... but listen...um, are you alone?” I asked waiting for his reply. “Yeah, why” He was surprised by my question, obviously not a booty call Aden, be serious here! I thought to myself. He couldn’t honestly think I’d ring him after several years and demand to have sex with him then and there. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby. Yeah right! Aden, as if I’d say that too you. I was thinking silently.

“Belle” Aden said wondering if I was still there, I had been silent for a little longer than I’d suspected.

“Oh sorry, was....daydreaming...” That’s the best I’d come up with “daydreaming” way a go Belle.

“About me obviously...” Aden snickered. “Shut up, this is no time for messing around” I hissed.

“Oh damn it, cuz you know I was actually planning....” I cut him off, “Aden, shut up and listen. For real this time” Aden was silent. “Okay, I need your help...I need you to come with me tonight”

“Where?” Aden asked in a normal tone. “To the development site, a got a tip off about Nadia and the only way to get her back is if I meet some guy at 8”

“You’re serious? Have you called Charlie or Angelo about this”

“No exactly...but Aden please, I need your help. I can’t exactly tell the police about this” I said cautiously.

“Why not?” he asked stunned. “Because they said they’d hurt her if I didn’t come alone”

“Then...why do you want me to come” Aden asked. “Because....I... need.. you....I said slowly and in a embarrassed tone. “Oh!” I knew this would boost his ego. “Please” I said sweetly. “Oh babe, if you need me” I could hear the laughter and picture the smirk on his face. “Aden, it wasn’t easy for me to make this decision, I don’t want to endanger you”

“Belle, I get it okay” I could still hear the laughter in his voice. “Aden! This is serious, you could seriously get hurt” I warned with tears welling up in my eyes.

“Okay” He continued not to take this as serious as me. “I love you too much to see you get hurt....I would kill me, if anything happened to you....or to Nadia” The tears stung my eyes, I couldn’t see clearly. Aden was silent. “Belle...it killed me too” he said, before ending the call.

It was almost one thirty in the afternoon, I anxiously waited for time to go faster. No luck, of course. I sat at a table watching Xaiver and Ruby played pool together. Aden walked in, I was about to greet him with a huge smile on my face of course. It was great having him around again, but then the princess walked in with Tennille. “Aden, baby, where have you been” She said in a childish voice.

“Ah yeah, I’ve been busy sorry.”

“No worries, you can always make it up tonight” Nicole winked. “Ah, I can’t sorry. I’ve got plans....with the guys you know” Aden lied. “Oh no Aden, Tennille was gonna perform a little play for you. She’s been working on it all day” Nicole whinged as I watched they didn’t seem to notice me. “Nic, I’m sorry I’ve got things to do”

“More important than your daughter” Nicole hissed. Aden made a strange face. “Nic, you know she’s not my daughter and besides I’ve busy looking for my real daughter” Aden whispered his words usually a sarcastic and angry tone. Nicole was not impressed, “Not your daughter! Not your daughter! Well then who’s your real daughter Aden” Nicole hissed at him. “Nadia” Aden said without hesitation. “What” Nicole was unimpressed and stunned. “Yeah...so if you’ll excuse me I’ve got more important things to take care of”. Aden walked away.

It didn’t look like this was the only argument Nicole would get into. “That’s Nicole Franklin, there!” Geoff pointed as he lead a lady to where Nicole had been. “Oh, so nice to finally meet you” The lady with blonde hair and fake nails, big boobs, and several plastic surgery jobs on her face walked over to Nicole. “And you are...” Nicole didn’t look threatened. “Vanessa, we finally meet” She held out her hand. Geoff had left for a moment but came back with two children, “Mummy....I’m hungry...” The little girl whined, the children ages 7 and 5 stood behind their mother. “Shh, kids mummy’ talking” She said in a high pitched tone, with a huge grin on her face.

“So what do you want” Nicole asked. “Well I’m Liam’s wife...and I just wanted to meet the girl he had been screwing behind my back”

Nicole’s mouth nearly dropped open. “Oh..well it’s nice to meet you. Five years later....” Nicole rolled her eyes. “Well I was back in town for a photo shoot with my two adorable children and I just wanted to meet this slag”

“Well I can see this has been a great introduction, but I’ve got to go” Nicole was about to make a ran for it.

“So tell me, how does it feel to be Summer Bay’s biggest slut” The woman didn’t seem to care that her two children were present as well as Tennille.

“Ahh Tennille come here sweetie” I piped up. Tennille skipped over to me, “here have some of my yummy strawberry milkshake” Tennille began to drink some. I nodded at Nicole for reassurance, not that I cared. She deserve what she got, but I did feel sorry for Tennille.

“Oi, you didn’t answer my question” I could see the word “*****” was hanging off her tongue.

“Liam wasn’t interested in you before he died and even if he was still alive I’d doubt he would want to be with you” Vanessa was ready to attack.

“Listen to me, you little.....” She paused, “You cheated with my husband and now I hear you’ve been screwing another widower. So I’ve come to tell you to keep your paws off married woman’s husband, you got it! Because I swear I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done. You brainwashed Liam into thinking he loves you and you took away any chance I had of being with him before he died”

“Liam was unhappy with his life, and I’m not going to apologise for loving the man I do now. Your marriage failed and Liam was depressed. You couldn’t satisfy him, but I could. That must hurt I get it, but he’d dead now and he’d been dead for ages – so why dwell on the past hey” Nicole said smugly. This earned her a slap, and before Vanessa could reason with herself her hand swiped Nicole across the face. “HEY!” Nicole yelled. Her face was red, “You deserved that – now there’s something no to apologise for, later!” She waved and left the building, her two children eyes were widen with fear.

Luckily I kept Tennille occupied, “Nic, are you okay” I asked politely, why did I care, she was right and I hated seeing Nicole with Aden. “Fine...” She rubbed her face angrily, “Come Tennille. Let’s go home!” Nicole grabbed her hand and she left in a hurry.

After all that drama it was finally time to meet Aden and drive to the development site. “Thanks for coming” I whispered as he got into the car. We were a little early; I had parked the car behind and under a tree. It was very dark, I could hardly see Aden, but I could imagine his face and there was the possibly of feeling him. “Okay” Aden took a deep breath in and let it out. This was it, it was time to face them after five years old running and hiding, this was it.

“You have no idea, what this means to me. You...being here” I could see Aden in the light now, “I think I do” he whispered again.

“Anyway, it’s not like much has changed over the years...” He smiled. “Like” I added clearly not thinking about what I was saying. I wanted to hear more.

“Like....you’re still as beautiful as ever” He took my hand circling his thumb smoothing against my hand. I smiled back. I let out a breath, it was impossible not to kiss him then and there. I had to resist.

“Well you certainly haven’t changed....well maybe your taste in woman, but we won’t go into that” I joked. “Like what” He whispered in a sexy tone. “You still bug me to death” I giggled looking out the window of my side of the car.

“Yeah and you still drive me crazy...” He said using a serious tone. I laughed. “And it’s pretty obviously you still want me baby” He winked, “Like I said....you bug me to death!”

“Oh, so that’s why you left! Because I was so irritating to be around that it killed you” He mocked. “Mmm” I smiled. “The constant kisses, the snuggling at night, picturing my whole future with you...it was all just....too much” I gasped with a laugh.

“Yeah I should have really laid off the spooning at night...” He continued to drag the joke on.

“And after all these years for some strange reason, not once did I miss it” I said making it clearly I was being sarcastic. Then I stopped and looked down at my lap, with a sad face.

“Maybe we should stop this...” Aden said quietly. “Yeah” I whispered back. “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this” He rephrased his sentence slightly. “Yeah, you’re probably right” I added.

“No, not us. This, Belle” I turned to face him, surprised. “Maybe you should go and I’ll stay”

“But Aden, that wasn’t the deal. They want me, not you”

“Exactly” Aden said strongly. “You should go, I’ll get Nadia myself”

“Aden, they’re not going to just give you Nadia for nothing. The deal was I come alone and I trade...Nadia for me”

“NO!” Aden snapped. “Aden this isn’t your decision, it’s Nadia or me”

“Well why can’t I have you both!” Aden snapped angrily, and then went quiet. “What...” I asked tears forming once again. “Nothing” Aden turned away. “No, you said you wanted me and Nadia, for yourself....”

“Just forget I said anything” He hissed, looking away from me.

“Aden, I’m sorry. But I couldn’t careless about me. I just need to know Nadia is going to be safe, and I know she’ll be safe with you”

“Then why did you take her away from me!!” He snapped angrily, almost yelling. “I...I didn’t take her away from...you...I didn’t even plan on this happening”

“Oh great, so you’re saying you didn’t plan on having a baby with me and she’s a mistake”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying at all!!” I yelled at him.

“Whatever” Aden shrugged.

“Aden, I meant I didn’t expect to fall pregnant so suddenly, I didn’t even consider pregnancy as I made love to you the last night we were together”

“I said forget it!!” Aden shouted, still not looking at me. “Keep your voice down!” I said tears finally falling down my cheeks.

It was silent for a minute, “I never, ever, regret having Nadia. She was a gift from you to me. She’s one of the most precious thing I’ve ever been given” I cried. Aden finally looked at me, with sympathetic eyes, he hadn’t realised I’d been crying. I took a deep breath in, you could hear my breath shaking with fear and worry.

“Belle..” Aden said before stopping, he looked at me and then used the tip of his thumb to wipe away a tear. “I’m...sorry....” Aden said before turning silent again.

“Sometimes, I don’t know when to stop and think about what I’m saying...” I chuckled quietly. “You got that right....but after we fight, I kinda enjoy it, in a weird kind of way”

“It’s our way of communicating I guess. Bickering, we’re taking a step forward into solving the argument, instead of taking a step back and making it worse”

I smiled, agreeing with him, “You’re right...I guess we just get so worked up about what we’re saying because we believe in our side of the story, but our stubbornness can really take effect in those situations”

“Yeah...I can’t help it sometimes...but I push you away, I know I’m doing it, I...I just can’t help it. I’d rather push you away in the heat of the moment, rather than dealing with it there when my emotions are raw and painful”

“I know what you mean” I smiled again, we were communicating again, just like old times.

“I hate it when you do that....push me away, because all I want to do is help you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, is help you move forward in life. Become a better person”

“Belle, because you were in the world I am a better person, that’s one hundred percent true. I’m so grateful for the time I’d spent with you; every moment was like I was experiencing a glimpse of what heaven looked like”

“You can’t seriously mean that..” I couldn’t believe his words, even though he said it with a straight face.

“I do..” He whispered looking deep in my eyes. “I know” I whispered back, without even thinking about my response before I responded.

“Nadia...she’s....” Aden began to say before I cut him off. “A little Aden”

“Well I was gonna say mini...but yeah” He laughed I soon joined in. “No...um, she’s beautiful. Just like her mother, of course” He smiled.

“Are you kidding, she looks more like you than me! Just wait until you get to know her, on the inside she’s like you even more, bloody hell it’s annoying. Where’s my contribution to the kid”

“Ha-ha....don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a little part of Belle in there somewhere” He smiled again, this time it was a proud smile.

“Let’s hope so” I giggled. “She’s the second best thing that ever happened to me” Aden gave me another meaningful look. “Really” I asked in a whisper. “Really”

“What’s the first?” I asked scared I didn’t want the answer. Aden didn’t speak, letting out a small sigh, he looked up at me again “You”

I was about to say “Aden” when a car pulled up in the distance. I turned and looked with a fright “That’s them” I said seriously. “This is it” Aden undid his seatbelt.

“Aden wait – remember, they want to see me. Not you, keep yourself hidden” I got out.

“Wait” Aden grabbed my hand as I walked along his side of the car. “I...love you” Aden whispered so low I could hardly hear him. I knew he felt bad for confessing this while he was still with Nicole. Aden was such a loyal man. “Me too” I smiled, my hand shaking.

“Be careful, I’ll be watching” Aden finally said. I looked back at him. “You’re always watching over me” Then I was off, walking in the darkness, the sound of leaves being crushed on the ground by my shoe scared me. I can do this, I can do this, and Aden was right behind me. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt me...who am I kidding, I’m gonna die.

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Part 6 - Thanks once again, for all your comments.

As I walked towards him my heart beating at an impossible rate I couldn’t stop thinking of Aden. The man standing in front of me was a fair distance away. My mind was racing a million miles an hour, thoughts ranging from Nadia to Aden to the weather to Charlie and Angelo’s wedding. Then the memory of my first kiss with Aden came to mind.


My stomach grumbled in pain, I knew it would be any second before I’d barf. Despite being sick and being at a party I couldn’t help but focus my energy on Aden. He looked gorgeous as usual. Every now and then we locked eyes and then he’d simply turn away. I tried not to blush. Irene decided to throw a party at the Pier Diner in celebration of Summer Bay itself and the popularity of the Caravan Park with tourists.

Even though I was feeling completely rotten I tagged along, despite my sister Annie ranting on about how I should be in bed. I also wanted to see him, well it wasn’t exactly the best idea to come out in public while I looked hideous but maybe that would be an excuse for him to come over and talk to me.

It was two hours into the party and he still hadn’t spoken to me, did I smell bad? Every ten to fifteen minutes Aden would glance at me, I could see he was fighting a smile though. It was 8:30pm, the party was l.a.m.e, two hours of listening to Colleen ramble on about the town’s history was doing my head in! So I wondered back into the kitchen, for a glass of water my stomach wasn’t feeling too great.

Filling my glass with water I headed back to the food store room behind the kitchen and sat on a crate, sipping my water slowly. I then heard footsteps approaching, “Hey...I thought I’d never get alone time with you” Aden laughed talking usually quiet. “Hi” I smiled back and then returned to my miserable looking expression.

“Hey you ok?” Aden immediately recognised something wasn’t right with me. I looked up my eyes burning, “Yeah, I’m fine...” I croaked then looked back down at the ground, Aden then got another crate and sat down beside me. “You sure, you don’t look good” Aden said but suddenly regretted his words, “I mean....not that you don’t look good, I mean you do...but now I mean you look...bad...I mean...”

“Aden.....shut...up” I cut him off rolling my eyes. It seemed as if he was trying to impress me, but this time it seemed genuine. “What I meant to say is...when you’re not sick, you look...pretty and today well you look...sick...and not that makes you ugly or anything you just look....really pale”

I laughed under my breath, I still felt like crap but at least he was making me feel a bit better. “I get it Aden..it’s okay” I said, as he let of a breath of relief. “That dress really suits you, you look great in it”

“Aden..what do you want, cut the crap because I’m sick and tired...”

“I...I just wanted to see if you were alright. But obviously you’re not because you know, not having me to look after you it must have been really tough on you, I mean look at you if I was taking care of you. You wouldn’t look as sick as you do now”

“Aden, shut up! Stop talking about how bad I look!” I hissed. “Hey, I said you were beautiful didn’t I?”

“You said I was pretty” I corrected him. “Belle, you’re beautiful and pretty” I rolled my eyes; I wasn’t in the mood for mockery. “You don’t believe me do you” He asked.

“I don’t care to be honest....now can you leave me alone” I had finished my glass of water. I felt nauseated. Aden was silent so I looked directly into his eyes, we were inches apart until I realised how beautiful his eyes were, “Aden....” I whispered still looking at those gorgeous pair of eyes, “You’re eyes....they are so blue”

Aden laughed at me, “Well duh, they’ve always been blue gorgeous”

“Yeah I know...but they are just so....beautiful. They’d have to be the most incredible eyes I’ve ever seen” I was dead serious and by the tone of my voice Aden could tell I was serious too.

“Well, so do you” He replied in a quiet tone again, it was almost as if he was embarrassed to express his true feelings, as if he was scared of showing what a kind person he was at heart. I had been seeing glimpses of the new Aden for the past few weeks, I really liked it, but what was even weirder was I liked Aden. Aden Jefferies! How on earth did I come from Lucas, Drew, Dom, Angelo to liking Aden!

“Thanks” I quickly said remembering he had complemented my eyes. “Belle..There’s something I want to tell you” Aden quickly looked down at my lips. My hand was starting to shake, but I swiftly stopped it. “W....what” I replied, feeling my face burning as well as my eyes. “I wanna try something” He whispered, which I found extremely sexy.

And before I knew it Aden’s eyes were closed, and then mine too. I felt his lips on mine and that was it, my self-control was out of control! He cupped my chin and kissed my bottom lip, I had never experienced such a passionate, soft kiss before. He was so gentle. We broke apart, and I didn’t even notice Aden had been holding my hand until he rubbed it with his thumb in circles.

“Belle...” Aden smiled, still whispering. Oh god....my stomach, no not now, and it happened. My dinner was on the ground, “I’m so....sorry...I’m sorry” I began to cry in shame. “Hey....shh..It’s okay” Aden rubbed my back calming me down, he didn’t seem to care at all that I’d just vomited in front of him. Seriously, where was this guy from planet Mc Dreamy! “You did warn me that you couldn’t trust yourself with me, and that you might vomit”

I cried even harder “No....no...no I didn’t mean this to happened, I...I really liked it...” My lips shook and my cheeks were soaking.

“Sweetheart, I was only kidding” he whispered in my ear. My breathing was almost hyperventilating. “Shhh...just calm down...everything’s okay.”

“Sorry..sorry” I whispered as he pulled me closer so my head was against his chest, I’d never felt so warm in my entire life.

- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - -

“Where’s my daughter!” I demanded angrily. “She’s safe....for now...all you have to do is do as we say”

“O-okay” I agreed.

“It’s Nadia’s birthday in a few days isn’t it? I’d hate for her mother not to be there....but then again, I really don’t care” The man spat and then laughed evilly.

“Please...Nadia needs me!” I pleaded as Aden watched from the car. “So tell me what it like is to be responsible for arrest and murder of Murray”

“I wasn’t responsible for any murder!” I snapped. “Maybe that’s true...but you were certainly responsible for the imprisonment of Tim”

“And no doubt you’ll be next, for the kidnapping of - ” I was cut off. “Isabella De Lorme?” He questioned with a smirk on his face.

“No! Just shut up” I had to control myself anything could happen, Nadia’s life depended on it. “So tell me Layla what it is like being back in Summer Bay”

“You know that’s not my real name, so stop it!” It had taken five years, but they’d finally figured out my alias I’d been using.

“Oh it’s not such a shame...I do prefer Layla than Belle. After all I despite Belle, my assignment is to eliminate her. So I can’t get too emotionally attached to that name you know..”

“You are sick, you know that!” I yelled.

“Careful, you should watch what you say....for the sake of your little Belle....” He laughed grinning.

“Just tell me what I have to do, Nadia doesn’t deserve this. She’s just an innocent little girl!”

“In my experience....no one is innocent.....no one....not even you”

“I’ve done nothing wrong” I said holding back tears of anger and fear. “That’s what you think”

“Innocent lives were being at risk! You put their lives at risk, I had to stop that!”

“So you locked him up....that’s hardly gonna stop this from happening again. No one gets in our way, no one and no one will ever stop us from committing the same crime again, and after all they haven’t caught all of us yet have they? I bet you haven’t even told your precious little copper friends about this meeting” He laughed again, which made me sick to my stomach.

“What is this about, why do you take pride in this! Don’t you think you can make money another way!”

“Ha-Ha! You really are a piece of work Belle Taylor! You are such a pathetic fighter, always wanting to do the right thing, but sometimes you’ve just got to accept there’s nothing you can do to stop us”

“That doesn’t mean I won’t try” I hissed, biting my lip down.

“Like I said – pathetic”

“Look, this isn’t why I’m here. I want her back now!” I demanded, not taking no for an answer.

“You want her back....” I nodded. “Well...then, there’s something we want from you and then you can have her back”

“And what’s that” I asked. “YOU” The next thing I heard a loud screeching of brakes, “GET HER” I was blind folded my hands forced behind my back then I heard the slamming on a car boot. “Let me go....let me go....let me go” I banged as hard as I could upwards I tried to get out, but I knew the car was already moving an incredible speed. I flung back, side to side, forward, I couldn’t manage to keep myself still as the car turned from corner to corner, round-a-bouts were the worst.

I began to cry, “Nadia....Aden....Nadia....” I sobbed.

“They will be no more Belle Taylor!!!” I heard a man’s voice roar.

This reminded me of the time I’d been told my room had been redecorated, Belle Taylor in Summer Bay was no longer part of existence. “My room has what..” I struggled to gasp the news.


“I’m sorry Belle” Charlie said sympathetically. “How....why was my room redecorated and who would do that. Irene couldn’t have suggested such a thing”

“I’m sorry Belle, but Ruby needed a place to stay and Irene thought it was time to redecorated, I’m sure it was just a way to deal with her grief and move on”

“By redecorating my room! Are kidding me, seriously how long have I supposedly been dead for! First my husband starts drinking his face off and then jumps into the sack with a girl within a week of my passing and now this!” I was god smacked. “I’m sorry Belle, but it’s their way of coping. I’m sure it doesn’t mean “let’s forget Belle”

“How could they do this, that room....I made love to Aden for the first time in that room, that’s where he lost his virginity and that’s where he told me he was sexually abused, that’s where he climbed through my window! That’s where it all began for us” I began to cry. “Belle, it’s just a room”

“I don’t care...why did this have to happened...why did I have to leave...why Charlie, it’s not fair!”

“To protect Aden and the people you love, to protect yourself and then after Nadia was born, it was to protect her”

“I should have never testified against Tim in the first place...”

“Belle, you did the right thing!” Charlie insisted. “I had to sacrifice my whole life for this!”

“Just think about all those people who lost their lives and who have closure knowing Tim is locked away”

“But that doesn’t mean his followers won’t do it again!”

“I know...but you can’t beat yourself up over this. What’s done is done, there’s no going back”

“So I’ve never going to see my husband again, my soul mate, the father of my daughter....that’s just great” I rolled my eyes and then closed then as I felt the tears forming again.


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I apologise in advance if this makes no sense! Enjoy....

Warning: Reference to Suicide.

Part seven

My heart pounded fast and harder against my chest. I honestly thought it was going to explode. This was it, the war was over. I had lost the battle; my daughter would pay the price of my stupid need to shut the development site down. Nadia would pay the price of me testifying against Tim. They were after me and they had achieved their goal of catching me. As the car slowed, I felt anger and sadness remembering how I had gotten to this point.


“You want me to what!” I cried as I heard Angelo’s plan to keep me safe. “You need to fake your death otherwise Tim’s followers will kill you”

“I..how...why do they want me dead....they can’t do this....” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I”m sorry Belle, but testifying against Tim, providing evidence that put him away. His mates want you to pay for what you’ve done. You stopped an illegal toxic dumping cult. Obviously they aren’t very happy, millions of dollars have been lost because of you”

“Angelo...what...what do I do...they want to kill me!” I asked in horror. “You’ll do what I told you, you’ll pretend you have cancer then we’ll stage your death and you’ll go into hiding, just until we can destroy this alliance”

“And...you’re serious? What about Aden? I’ve just married him for goodness sakes, we’re going to have a family together, a baby....you’re completely insane, I’m not leaving!” I protested, but I knew the seriousness of the situation.

“Yes you have too. You took photos of the removal of toxic wastes, you witnessed the murder of Murray, you’ve seen too much. They want to shut you up”

“They...meaning Deano...and the rest of them who worked alongside my....husband” I took a deep breath.

“Yes Deano is after you....and the others, after we located another toxic wasteland which was situated in Newcastle, you know they’d be pissed off”

“But the closure of the development site in Newcastle had nothing to do with me....well”

“If you hadn’t of discovered that the development site in Summer Bay was toxic, we would have never thought to look into other sites that they’d been assigned to. So yes in a way, you’re the reason it was shut down.....”

I looked ashamed, “But there’s no reason to feel guilty, it was a good thing” Angelo said trying to make me feel better.

“A good thing! A good thing! How the hell was me getting involved a good thing, now I have psycho killers after me and I have to left the only good thing in my life”

“Aden...” Angelo mouthed his name. “YES ADEN!” I shouted with tears of anger in my eyes.


Tears began to form once again, as I entered an unfamiliar room, hands behind my back I heard Angelo’s voice in my ear “It’s been five years....you’re safe now. You can be Belle again” My head fell to the ground, defeated. This wasn’t meant to be happening, Angelo had said it was safe for me to return but he was wrong. There were still members of the cult out there.

They sat me down in a chair the room was empty, two guys in their twenties watched me closely. “Welcome Miss Taylor, we’ve waited a very long time for this” The man with blonde hair cracked all his knuckles, making a snapping sound that made me want to throw up.

“Where’s my daughter!!!!!” I screamed so loudly it nearly deafened me. “She’ll be here soon” The man smirked at me.

“If you hurt her I swear I’ll kill you” I threatened. “I’m shaking” He mocked.

“So what are you waiting for, do what you’ve always wanted to do for the past five years. Kill me, kill me now” I didn’t know why I was saying this, maybe if they killed me without any inference with the police maybe they would spare Nadia’s life.

He sighed, “Well I did want to kill you myself but Tim so longed to kill you himself, it would be dishonourable if I had the honour of killing you myself”

“What are you talking about...” I was so confused; he wasn’t going to kill me, then who would? Would they simply drown me or set a fire to the room?

“I heard a rumour that you’re allergic to bee stings...just a rumour....so I thought we’ll we ought test this rumour and see if it’s actually true”

I shook nervously, “You...can’t....lots of people are allergic to bee stings, that would be too easy why don’t you try doing it in a more creative way....”

“Let’s see....how about...no....see this way you die a slow painful death...”

“Yeah but you die slowly if you’re drowning or....being suffocated by smoke....this is so bizarre”

He sighed again, almost as if he was getting impatient with my rambling. “Is stinger with us?” The man looked at his friend, he nodded. “Stinger...”

“That’s what we’ve named the honourable bee who gets to sting the life out of Belle Taylor”

“You’re sick do you know that!” I shouted. The bee was in a jar buzzing around eager to get out. Maybe when they released it there was no guarantee it would sting me before Angelo and Charlie would arrive, I’d make it out of here alive. As I looked to my left I realised there was a glass screen another room was attached to this room. “We’ll be watching...” The man threw the jar towards me as it smashed to the ground, the two men hurried through the door entering the room next door. Sitting in front of the glass they watched and waited for the bee to take my life.

“Buzz...buzz” the man laughed as he crossed his arms with a huge smile of his face. They were enjoying this, my expression of horror encouraged them even more.

“Go away....go away...go away” I chanted in a whisper. “The bee hovered the room, looking for a escape just like me. Then my mind no longer cared about the bee as I remembered Nadia hadn’t arrived yet, “Wait....where’s my daughter?” I asked frightened.

“Mummy....mummy.....” I heard a cry coming from the room they were in. “Nadia...Nadia!” I said almost begging. “Mummy...” She cried in a soft voice. The man looked down at his feet which I couldn’t see, I could only see up to his waist, “Shh!” He hissed, Nadia was under his feet, but it sounded like she was in something her voice wasn’t as clear as their voices.

“Let me out of here!” She begged. “Just let her go! Let her go!” I screamed with distress. Suddenly something was in the corner of my eye, the sound of buzzing was immediately louder as it flew by my ear. “No.....................no................” I couldn’t free my hands or move to dodge the bee. Then I felt it, the prick stung my neck.

“Ohhhhhh godddddd........Oooooo.....owww” I screamed in pain, I didn’t want Nadia to hear me, but I couldn’t stop.

“Owwwwwwwwwww” Then the capacity of oxygen I could inhale was restricted, I began to chock, I stuck my tongue out desperate for air. “H.....e..................l..........p” I managed to say as I chocked. It was two mintues it and my face was burning, I was sweaty, panicking didn’t help either....stay calm....stay calm....you’re going to make it.....and then I began to black out....slipping into and out of consciousness.

“Belle....Belle!” I heard my name in an unclear tone, as the tone grew louder and softer. “BELLE!!” Charlie screamed as she untied me. I wanted to ask where Angelo was, but then I looked to my side he was in the other room with three other men. I wanted to tell Charlie to get Nadia, but I couldn’t.

“Belle...what’s wrong, what’s happening!” Then Charlie looked around the room determined to find out what they had done to me, and then she spotted the bee. “Watch out!” She said in a loud tone directly it at another co-worker. “She’s been stung; we need to shoot her with adrenalin now!”

Then I blacked out.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

As I woke I heard mumbling of voices outside my door, surprisingly no one was in the room with me. “Oh dear....have you heard.....oh no.....this is terrible.....how could she do such a horrible thing....yes that’s Dr Armstrong, she works here.......oh that poor woman.....her husband must be going through hell right now.....”

The door creaked open, “Oh Miss Taylor. I didn’t realise you were awake”.

“Hi...yeah...” My voice croaked, “Um where’s Nadia is she alright?”

“You’re daughter’s fine she’s with....Mr Jefferies....her father I believe?”

“Ah yeah, that’s her father....can I see her...”

“In a little while, we just need to run a few tests and then you’ll be able to see friends and family”

“I heard....has something happened with Rachel Armstrong?” The nurse looked uneasy, as if she was going to be sick.

“Ahh....it’s important you get some rest. You vitals are normal...” She changed the topic. “You didn’t answer my question.....what happened to Rach?”

“I’m sorry...I don’t think this is the best time to tell you...” She was about to head out the door. “What...now you’re scaring me! What’s going on?”

“Dr Armstrong killed herself....last night....” My mouth was wide open with shock, I wanted to say something but I couldn’t speak.

“I know this must come to a shock to you, we all loved Rachel. But you need to get some rest”

“No....what happened!!!!” I demanded to know. “Did they get her too?”

“Miss Taylor, please. Go to sleep” and she left.

Eventually I fell asleep after an hour of worrying about her. Then I woke to Aden staring at me, “Aden.....Aden....!” I cried so happy to see him. “I’m so sorry...”

“Shh it’s okay....you and Nadia are safe now, I’m never going to let them hurt you ever again” He held me tightly.

“I love you so much” I cried knowing it was wrong to confess my feelings when Aden was in another relationship. He paused and gazed at me, he then sighed with a smile whispering “I love you too, I always will...” Aden then leaned over and kissed my forehead. “But...but....you’re with Nicole” I sobbed, tears falling down my cheek. “Shh.....let’s not talk about this now...” He stroked my cheek with his right thumb. “Okay” I whispered closing my eyes, leaning my head back against the pillow. “We’re got happier things to think about now”

I opened my eyes back up, “What”

“Nadia’s birthday, bab-, Belle” What he just about to call me ‘babe’, “Oh....I forgot.....I’m such a terrible mother...”

“Stop, don’t you ever say that or think that way. Do you understand me!” He almost looked furious, “Oh...Okay...”

“You are the most amazing mother, I’ve seen you with her. You’re perfect”

“Almost perfect” I corrected.

He sighed again, “Belle....don’t ever think that you’re a bad mother, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy”

“No I won’t....”

“Maybe not you....but once you get out of here we’re gonna discuss party details, that’s if you’re up to it. I know I am” He laughed.

“Yeah...we’ll have a fairy party and I’ll dress up as Tinker Belle...” I rolled my eyes smiling.

“Perfect, awesome idea!” He was serious, I was not! “Aden...I was joking, I’m not seriously going to dress up as Tinker Belle”

“Oh yes you are!” He teased. “Excuse me! There’s no way you’re forcing me in a fairy costume”

“We’ll see about that!” He smiled. “I hate you...!”

“You love me and hey you’re the one who suggested it, you know I was gonna go with he glam girls party where we can give the girls and even the guys a make-over but hey if you wanna dress as Tinker Belle, go for it...you’d look totally hot for the record”

“I never agreed to this! Hey this isn’t fair...and you can’t say I’m HOT!”

“And why the hell not? It’s a fact, deal with it”

“Do you wanna get in trouble with Nic?”

“Hmm...put it this way I’d rather be ‘punished’ by you” He smirked at me. “You’re really cheeky you know that!”

“You love it”

“I do love it” We both smiled it wasn’t awkward at all. I felt warm inside again. We both stared at each other for a minute I looked down at his lip and his eyes followed mine, then he flinched back. “Um yeah, I’ve got to go. I have to pick Tennille up from dance lessons and then Geoff and I are going to take the girls home...and babysit them....I’ll see you tomorrow”. He got up quickly, no kiss, no hug, he just left.

“Bye” I whispered after the door closed.

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Part eight

Thank you to all those who are reading this fic and commenting. I love you all


“Hey sweetie, we’ve you been?” Aden mocked Geoff as he arrived with Tennille. “Shut up, I was trying to get Tennille dressed; it was a nightmare she couldn’t decide what to wear”

“They get worse as they get older” Aden smirked playing with Nadia’s hair. “Tell me about it....” Geoff slouched on the couch. “Uncle Geoffrey, can we watch a movie....please...pretty please” Tennille gave Geoff the ‘puppy eyes’ look. “Oh alright....as long as it is alright with your uncle Aden” Geoff’s eyes floated over to Aden.

“Oh yeah....so girlies what would you like to watch? Batman returns...Spiderman......Transformers...”

“Eww daddy....those are bad movies....” Nadia said in a sweet voice. “No they’re not, they’re awesome!”

“Are not..” Nadia argued. “Are too” Aden kissed the back of her head as she sat in his lap, Aden continued to play with her hair.

“How about we...watch...um.....um......Jungle Book” Tennille suggested. “No....No!” Nadia whined.

“Well then what do you wanna watch” Tennille whispered irritated. “Ummm.....umm.....Little Mermaid”

“Oh man” Geoff complained. “Noo....” Tennille disagreed. “What about....Peter Pan!” Nadia said with joy. “No!No!” Tennille replied. “Okay, sweetie...” Aden whispered into Nadia’s eyes. “What about...beauty and the beast....that’s a good one....even got mummy in it”

“Her mummy isn’t in beauty and the beast!!!” Tennille said to Aden. “Is too” Aden teased. “Is mummy in the movie daddy?” Nadia asked looking confused. “Yes baby, remember Belle. That’s your mummy’s name”

“Oh yeah...” Nadia giggled. “And....well the name is Beauty and the beast, beauty being Belle your mummy and the big bad beast is your daddy...”

“Ha!” Geoff laughed. “What” Aden stared at Geoff. “Nothing....nothing...” Geoff wasn’t exactly enjoying babysitting. “Look Geoff just because you’re not Tennille’s real father doesn’t mean you don’t have to at least try and have fun with her”

“What’s the point.....Nic is with you anyway.....not like it’s going to impress her....”

“What....what are you talking about now bible boy...oh I get it you still have the hots for Nic, don’t you” Aden smirked.

“Shut up no I don’t, I just....I suck at playing daddy”

“Well maybe you need more practice, which is exactly what we’re doing now. So shut up sit back and watch Beauty and the beast”

“I thought it was Belle and the Aden”

“What no.....come on...” Aden lowered his voice so the girl’s couldn’t hear him, “that’s the dumbest name of a movie I’ve ever heard”

“Yeah well you’re life isn’t a movie is it”

“Daddy, hurry up!” Nadia whinged as she waited for Aden to play the movie. “Alrighty....” Aden got up and put the DVD in. Aden sat up on the couch Nadia’s head lying on his lap with her legs spread out and Tennille on the other side of Aden sitting upright. Aden had his left hand on Nadia’s head stroking it and his other hand on the back of Tennille’s occasionally giving her a comforting rub.

“Tale as old as time.....” The movie played, Geoff had fallen asleep on the floor. “Look daddy it’s sleeping beauty” Nadia giggled with one finger in her mouth. “Shh” Aden whispered taking her finger out of her mouth and then giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Watch the movie” he whispered again, Aden closed his eyes but stroked Nadia’s hair until he fell asleep.

It was two hours later, I got out of a car I had rented until I had enough money to buy a new one. I walked into the house, Aden and Geoff were both sound a sleep. “Mummy!!!” Nadia jumped up out of Aden’s lap and in the process woke him up. “Aww, sweetie you woke daddy up” Nadia jumped up and into my arms, I hugged her tightly placing her so she was sitting on the side of my hip. “Oops, sorry daddy”

“That’s okay; I shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the first place. Please forgive me” Aden said yawning.

“Okay, but just this once”

“Oh! Someone’s cheeky” I said astounded she could say something like that to Aden. “You love it mummy” she giggled. “You’re a cheeky little bugger aren’t ya” I tickled her. “Like someone I know...” I rolled my eyes and quickly gave Aden a smile.

I sighed, still feeling tired “Actually Aden there’s something I need to talk to you about in the kitchen please....”

“What do you think you’re doing” Nadia followed, “Coming with you?”

“Ah no, inside please. Adults only” Nadia stomped her foot and then returned into the longue room. “Ha-ha” Aden laughed. “Now, tell me what happened with Rachel” I demanded to know. “Ah...Belle....”

“Come on something has happened I need to know, please no one will tell me” I begged. “No one has told you?”

“Please Aden” I said in a gentle voice. Aden sighed giving up, “Okay...she...she killed herself”

“Why” I asked trying not to show my shakiness of my body. “She...she had Post Natal Depression and it just got to much for her, I had she was sick and tired of being a mother, she couldn’t take the pressure anymore. She didn’t want to be a mother anymore Belle, she punished herself. She could never be that perfect mother or the perfect wife, her standards.....they were too high.....she couldn’t take the guilt or shame anymore. She hated Harry, she hated herself, she hated the sound of Harry constantly crying reminding her of her failures”

“Aden that’s terrible...”

“That’s why when you said those things in the hospital about being a terrible mother Belle, I never want you to think that way because I’ve seen you with Nadia....you’re amazing Belle. You’re as close as a perfect mother can be”

“That’s rubbish”

“It’s true Belle, you were made to be a mother and that’s a fact”

“It was hard....trust me it was no walk in the park...getting up early in the morning, being woken by my screaming baby. It wasn’t pleasant at times, but it was to be expected”

“See, you’re amazing” Aden looked at me with a loving smile. “I thought I couldn’t do it.....without you....it was so hard without you being here Aden...I really needed you....when I didn’t know how to handle things I needed you, I needed you to tell me what to do, because I wasn’t coping. I wanted you there when I saw the baby for the first time, I wanted you there when she kicked me....I wanted you there when she was born....” I began to cry.

“Hey....shh...I just think you’ve been way too hard on yourself, just look at how she’s turned out”

“Yeah....exactly like you...” I chuckled crying, “There is hardly any of me in there...”

“Oh course there is Belle, I see plenty of you in Nadia” Aden tried to make me feel better.

“Mummy...I’m hungry....” Nadia moaned. “See what I mean....exactly like you”

“How’s that like me?” Aden tried to sound offended.

“You always complain you’re hungry” I teased.

“I do not....”

“Do so”

The next day Nadia and I had run into Aden at the Surf Club he suggested that we could organise Nadia’s birthday at his house (aka Roman’s). “I’m going upstairs” Nadia told me before heading upstairs. “Okay, please don’t break anything” I pleaded.

“Okay so we’ll have it at Irene’s at say 7....” Aden went through the details, we organised the design of the cake and what it would be made out of – chocolate of course. The party invitations would have to be sent out, Nadia had made a few friends at a day care. Tennille and Nicole would be there, I will admit I’m not too thrilled about Nic being there but if Tennille was going to be there then her mother had to be there as well. Oh well, Aden had confessed that he still loved me, but so he should I mean we’re husband and wife for goodness sakes. It was no secret I loved him back and I’m positive Nicole knew that too.

“Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow about six and we can start setting up for the party, I’m sure Annie will be thrilled to hear about this”

“Yeah Annie loved cakes....and decorations” Aden and I laughed together.

“Thanks Aden...”

“No problem, I told you I wanted to be involved in Nadia’s life as much as possible. I want to be there for my daughter....and my wife, always. If there’s anything you need I’ll give”

“So if I demand a booty call say around eleven tonight, you’re cool with that” I joked. “Oh totally, just say the word and I’ll be there” He smirked, we knew we were not being serious but there was a part of me that wanted to make love to him then and there, bit of a problem when you’re daughter is in the house and could catch you out at any moment. I wasn’t about to teach her about the birds and the bees just yet.

“Nadia, it’s time to go....” I called out to her. “Coming mummy” Nadia skipped down stairs, but something was stuffed under her shirt. “What’s that” I asked. “Nothing mummy”

“Come on, if you’ve taken something that’s not yours that’s not a good thing to do”

“But it was yours mummy...”

“Show me” I demanded. Nadia hesitated, “Now”

“Okay” Nadia pulled out underneath her shirt a blanket and not just any blanket, it was the blanket I had ‘died’ in.

“Oh” Aden and I both gasped. “Oh that’s cool, if you want to take it you can”

“But it wasn’t okay to steal it, was it missy”

“No mummy....”

“It’s not ours, so you’re going to put it back no”’

“But...but....why, I want it, I want it” Nadia cuddled the blanket. “Sweetheart, put the blanket back where you found it”

“NO!” Nadia yelled. “Nadia” I gasped in anger. “Back up....Nadia...baby....you know it’s not right to take things that don’t belong to you, yes?” Nadia nodded in agreed. “And you’re sorry for doing the wrong thing, yes?” Nadia nodded again. “I’m sorry daddy, but can I please have it.....”

“Of course you can, it’s yours...take it” Aden whispered smiling at her for reassurance. “Unbelievable” I said in disgust. “What she said she was sorry, it’s yours anyway, if she wants it she can have it”


“What? What’s the big deal Belle?”

“Why do you even want it” I asked in a disapproving voice. “Cause....cause...it smells like daddy and mummy....It is really soft, I like it, I do, I do”

“Well you can have it, don’t listen to mummy, okay”

“Hey, don’t say that”


“You’re deliberately telling her not to listen to her own mother” I was worked up now. “Belle, I didn’t mean it like that...”

“Just forget it Aden....”

“Look you’ll always be Nadia’s favourite if this is what its about”


“Belle...Nadia will always listen to what you have to say, you’re the voice of reason”

“Nadia listens to you more than me”

“Yeah right”

“I told you, she’s just like you...!” I hissed.

“Mummy....I’m tired....” Nadia yawned. “Me too...time for go anyway”

“Belle come on, you’re not seriously angry at me over this are you”

“No...whatever, it’s over now. I don’t care anymore....if you’re okay with Nadia having the blanket then...then that’s it...”

“I am....it’s all hers” Aden smiled.


“Good night, sweetie” Aden hugged Nadia; she gave him a peck on the cheek.

“I love you daddy...” She stared into his eyes. “I...I love you too”

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Thank you so much to everyone who has read this fic from start to finish. This is the last chapter! Enjoy!

Finding Happiness.

After hours of decorating the house with Aden while Geoff and Nadia played in the longue room, the house was finally ready. Aden wanted to go home and change his clothes before the party begun.

Geoff and I were in the kitchen. “I’m telling you Geoff, Nadia is so attached to that damn blanket!” I said crossly at Geoff, insisting I was overreacting. “Belle, Aden was too when you...well when we thought you were dead”

“What do you mean...” What did he mean Aden was attached to it, it was only a blanket.

“Well, nothing, just Aden was always holding it, sleeping with it, it was always....near him. So I’m sure it’s safe to say he was attached to it”

“But why?” I questioned. “Because maybe....maybe the blanket made him feel closer to you, or maybe it smells like you”

“And what do I smell like Geoff” I said in a way that was threatening. “Um....oh no, I don’t mean you sink or anything, I just mean.....well you smell like.....rose oil....which smells good....you smell good....ahh....anyway” Geoff was blushing, his cheeks turning pink.

Nadia was watching the television silently, occasionally laughing at Sarah and Little Foot on the screen, cuddling the blanket. “Awww, so cute” An ad for the RSPCA came on. I watched as Nadia smiled, rocking her arms from side to side with the blanket in it. She smiled and giggled watching the cute little animals on the screen. She turned at me, I got a little bit of a fright not expecting she knew I was watching her.

“Can we get a puppy, I want a puppy!” Nadia skipped and danced in a circle. So I guess she must not have known I was watching her.

“We’re not getting a puppy” I replied trying to keep a straight face as the question was a typical response of watching the commercial.

“Aww why not, I want a puppy...puppy, puppy, puppy!” Nadia chanted. “No, No, No, No!” I said in the same rhythm as my daughter.

“Awww, you’re mean” Nadia frowned. “Nadia, baby, please go and get ready your father will be here soon”

“Yay! Daddy, daddy, daddy” Nadia jumped up and down excitedly. “Hey, what did I just say? Go and get dressed”

“You said, go and get ready. Not go and get dressed” Nadia said cheekily. “Excuse me, Tinkerbelle. Are you being cheeky?”

“No....” Nadia smiled with a huge grin on her face. “I think you are missy, now scoot!” I pointed to my room. Thankfully, it was restored to its old self, although I’d much rather be living with my husband. I loved that house.

“Ahh they grow up so fast” Geoff rolled his eyes. “Mm..that’s for organising the birthday cake. I was so busy with everything else - ” Geoff cut me off, “Belle, don’t worry about it. It was my pleasure.”

“Thanks Geoff”

“So what’s going on with Aden....” Geoff asked causally. “Ah...nothing why”

“Oh come on, this is me you’re talking to Belle”

“Ahh...I really miss him, what else is there to say? I’ve missed him for five years. All I want to do is.....kiss him, tell him how much I love him.....need him....”

“I’m sure he already knows that”

“Really, because Aden is still sleeping with that....sl.....Nicole” It would have been cruel to name Nicole a slut, but she was really getting on my nerves. Aden was my husband, not hers. I hate seeing them together, it drove me insane.” it’s driving me insane” I said out loud. “What is”

“Seeing them together!”

“Oh yeah....well if you want to be with Aden, why don’t you do something about it”

“Why are you even giving me advice Geoff?” I had been seeing flickers of interest from Geoff ever sine I came back, it was like he was excited that he might actually get a chance to be with me, now that I was in fact alive and well and my husband was with another girl.

“What....what are you talking about”

“I’m talking about the fact that you wouldn’t give a damn whether or not I went back to Aden”

“Don’t be silly Belle, I want you to be happy”

“Geoff....be honest with me....do you still have feelings for me?”

“What.....no...of course not....” Geoff deny it, but I could see right through him. “Liar”

“Fine....you caught me....yes I love you, I will always love you Belle. You’re one of my closet friends, we’ve been through a lot together”

“But if...if I wanted us to be more than friends you wouldn’t hesitate to take the offer would you, because that’s what you want. You want to be more than friends right?”

“Where is this coming from?”

“Geoff I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me for the past couple of weeks. I need to know....I need to know if I do go back to Aden, somehow.....you’ll be okay with that”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay, you’re married to him for goodness sakes....”

“But you weren’t okay with that....it killed you seeing me chose him over you. But you came to the ceremony anyway, you put aside your feelings, you tried to convince yourself that you were into Nicole....when....when I was the was the one you wanted, correct?”

“Listen, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, it’s in the past now..”

“No it’s not Geoff, I can’t stand hurting you. I need to know if you’ll be okay with this. You know if we both wanted too we could have a second chance at us..you know”

“But you’re not reading for that, you decided a long time ago that it was Aden you wanted and not me. You chose Aden and I accepted that”

“Did you?”

“Y....yeah....yes it sucks, yes it hurts, but if you want to be with Aden no matter what you say is going to change how I feel about you, it won’t stop me from hurting inside”

“I don’t want to hurt you Geoff”

“It’s okay, really. I’m fine. I love you and I’m fine”

“I love you too” Right at that moment Aden walked in, looking at both of us with curiously. “Hey” I smiled, trying to sound genuine.

“Yeah hi....Where’s Nadia?”

“Right here daddy!” Nadia was dressed in her birthday outfit. Nadia wore a pretty pink and purple dress with black tights underneath. Nadia ran up to Aden and jumped into his arms, “Ah there’s my girl” Aden and Nadia embraced. Aden kissed Nadia’s hair stroking it, “Ahhhhh...this is going to be the best birthday ever daddy”

“And why’s that, beautiful” Nadia gazed into her father’s eyes, “Because you’re here”

“Oh daddy, can we get a puppy” Aden put Nadia down, he was taken by surprise. “You want a puppy”

“Yes a puppy, but mummy said no”

“Oh well you see it was either a choice between you and a puppy. I chose you” Aden smiled, pushing back a strand of hair behind her ear. “Ohh..”

“Anyway, shouldn’t you be getting ready now. The guests will be here soon” Aden insisted. “Yeeeeahhh mummy!” Nadia crossed her arms. “What do you mean I am ready”

“Ahhh no, you haven’t transformed into you know who”

“No I don’t know who” I rolled my eyes, turning my back on him. “Ooo...I know, I know” Nadia raised her hand. “Tell me” Aden smiled at Nadia. “Tinker Belle! Tinker Belle!”

“You aren’t seriously gonna make mummy dress up” I asked Nadia. Nadia nodded with an evil look on her face smiling, “Yep”

“I hate you so much” I said in a tone that conveyed that I was only joking. “You love me mummy”

“She does” Aden reassured with a smile. “Well hurry up” Aden bossed. “Shut up” I mumbled making my way to the room, this was so unfair. It started with a joke and now I have to dress up as freakin Tinker Belle.

I came out with a pissed off look on my face, “Oh wow. You look great mummy!”

“Yeah what she said” Aden burst into hysterics. “You’re going to pay for this”

“Oh is daddy gonna be punished” I stopped and stared at him, that was wrong on so many levels. “I...I mean....you hate me for this....you’ll have your revenge later...” Aden turned away. I couldn’t help but laugh under my breath. That joke would have worked when we were together and when he was a daddy...but now that just sounded wrong.

“Ooo pretty balloons” Nadia touched a cluster of balloons hanging by the staircase. “Oh boy...”

“What?” Geoff asked me, tidying up the longue room. “Memories of Nadia as a baby are coming flooding back” I smiled. “What do you mean” Aden asked very interested in the matter. “Um...well when Nadia was a tiny little baby, she loved balloons. This one time I had a balloon and she was crawling across the floor I rolled the balloon towards her it bounced occasionally she found it hilarious!” I smiled at Nadia she was now listening to. “You love balloons too” Geoff pointed out.

“I do....” I looked at Aden. “That’s why I sent those balloons to my....” I stopped and then whispered “funeral”. I paused, “I thought it would make you guys smile” Aden now looked a bit down, “Anyway..I was playing around with the balloon kicking it very gently towards her, she had the cutest laugh, giggling away. Some babies are amused by the smallest things”

“Yeah when Tennille was a baby, ripping the newspaper made her go into a fit of laughter” Now I was the one looking sad, I hated knowing he was raising Tennille from a baby rather than his own daughter.

“Hello?” Nicole and Tennille were the first to arrive. “Aww hey!” I put on a fake act. Then the guests started to arrive. Everyone complemented by fairy wings and wand, so I guess that was a good thing. I didn’t look completely like an idiot. The girls arrived wearing their fairy dresses and wings. Ollie came too, but dressed as a pirate. The girls danced, eat as much junk food as they could get in and then played pass the parcel. Tennille won and another girl began to sulk that she didn’t win anything.

While the girls were scattered around the room, some with each other others with their parents, I grabbed the video camera and found Nadia who not surprised was around Aden the whole time.

“Hey baby” I had the camera on, filming her. “Hi mummy, hello everyone” she waved at the camera.

“Nadia...what day is it today” I asked holding the camera steady. She was sitting on Aden’s lap on the couch. “It’s my birthday...” She said sweetly, smiling proudly. “Yes and how old are you today...?”

“Six” Nadia showed me with her fingers. “That’s right!”

“I got a lot of presents...!” Nadia pointed to a huge pile of presents on the floor. “What else did you get?”


“Cards ... wow....” I said in a high pitched tone. “Oh, oh....you know what I think it’s time for the CAKE!

Everyone gathered around the table, Geoff, Aden, Irene, Ollie, Kirsty, Nicole, Tennille and the other guests. “Happy Birthday too you, Happy Birthday too you” Everyone sang. “Happy birthday....ohh!” Nadia giggled as everyone had stopped singing, the song was already over. “Blow out the candles baby” Aden whispered as he was by her side, I continued to film. Nadia took a deep breath in and let it out, Aden helped. “Aww well done” Everyone clapped.

“Oh! Oh! Hang on, you need to cut the cake....and whoever is the closest boy you have to kiss” I said. “Mummm!” Nadia whined.

“Ready...” Nadia held the knife with guidance of Aden, she sliced the cake down the middle touching the bottom. “OOOHHH!!” Everyone chanted. “No....!” Nadia smiled. “Who’s the closest boy?” Nicole asked laughing.

“I am!” Aden answered. “Hey that’s not fair, it’s got to be a real boy”

“I am a real boy!” Aden mocked. “I mean a boy, not a man!”

“Give me a kiss” Aden whispered and then Nadia kissed him. “Good girl, now who’s the closest boy...ahhh I think it’s Ollie!”

“Nooo!” Ollie giggled blushing. He was seven now. “Aw, come on baby, go give Ollie and kiss!” I said, I could see Nadia wasn’t enjoying this but she was still smiling. “Kiss him, kiss him!” Nicole repeated. “Aww” Nadia pecked Ollie on the cheek and gave him a hug. “There, happy now...” Nadia went back to her seat, rolling her eyes.

After the kids ate their cake it was time to open the presents.

Nadia grabbed the first present, it was wrapped tightly. “Daddy, I can’t open it” Nadia struggled. “Here” Aden whispered with a smile on his face, they opened the present together. Nadia chucked the paper to her side. I was filming, again. Nadia gasped with surprised, “WOW!”

“What is it” Everyone was watching her. “It’s a bratz doll....” Nadia was over the moon. “Coool!”

“Hey...hey, let’s read the card” Aden picked the card then Nadia wanted to ignore. Aden began to read it, “Happy Birthday Nadia, you’re six. Woohoo! I hope you have a great day and enjoy your presents. Love Nicole and Tennille”

“Thank you!” Nadia got up and hugged Tennille and then Nicole. Nadia opened her other presents, receiving money, a Nemo toy, a collection of books, a few more Barbies. ‘Thank you so much everybody!” Nadia got up and hugged everyone. “Now for a special present.....” Aden handed her a gift. “Thanks daddy” she giggled sitting down beside him. “Oh my god!” Nadia squealed so loud and so high pitch it hurt my ears. “Wii! Wii! Wii!” At first I thought she needed to go to the toilet, but I remembered Nadia didn’t say wee wee anymore. She was to grown up for that. “Oh you didn’t....” Aden had bought a playstation in 2008, he was constantly playing it when he wasn’t at work or spending time with me. “Oooh you lucky girl!” I smiled, pretending to be happy about it. I didn’t want Aden to spoil Nadia and I didn’t want Nadia growing up with too many materialistic things. Otherwise she would want more and more as she grew older. I wanted her to learn what was important, saving her money instead of spending it on the latest gadgets. “I’m gonna kill you” I whispered in Aden’s ear. “Stuck it up” Aden replied and then helped Nadia open it. “Wow, I love you daddy”

“I love you too sweetie.”

We put away the gifts and Nadia played with her friends in front of television while Happy Feet played. I went into my room to spray some more deodorant I was starting to perspire. “Hey” I heard a voice from behind, they shut the room. “Aden...hi” I wasn’t expecting him in here. “Look I know you hate me for buying the Wii, but she won’t be the only one playing it. I will too” Aden smirked.

“Yes I know....it will be all out war with you two. I’ll have to smash the damn thing”

Aden gasped, “You don’t mean that”

“Oh yes I do” I teased. “Don’t kill my baby”

“Oh I won’t ever hurt Nadia, but I can’t guarantee the safety of the Wii”

I sighed, “God, boys and their toys. Unbelievable”

“You love it” Aden smirked again. “Shut up....now you’ve apologised you can leave go on”

“Actually....there’s something I want to tell you”

“Please don’t....I’ve had enough teasing from you about the outfit”

“I’m not here to tease you about that....”

“Then what”

“I....” Aden took my hand and we sat at the end of the bed. “I wanted to tell you.....I miss you...I really do”

“Oh....” I wasn’t surprised or relieved. “I miss you too”

“Nicole and I well....we’ve had a long conversation...well more like a fight the other night and ....”

“And?” I couldn’t see what he was getting at. “We...broke up, it’s over. I can’t be with her anymore Belle”

“Why” I said in a quiet voice. “Because I don’t love her....and she’s not you....”

“I see”

“Belle, I’m really sorry for moving on so quickly, for sleeping with some random in three days of grieving. I was dumb”

“You’re right it was....such a stupid mistake giving you that letter...”

“I..it hurt so much Belle and the lights were on, but no one was home. I wasn’t thinking straight. I was dead inside”

“Mm” I replied. “I...I thought you would have been happy knowing I had moved on with my life and was happy..”

“I wanted you to be happy....but .... I wasn’t dead, I just.....yes it’s okay for you to move on.....if you wanted to be with Nicole that’s fine Aden really it is, I just can’t stand seeing you two together. When I was in hiding I knew you were together and that was a kick in the guts. If I was dead, well I would be dead I wouldn’t have had to see you with Nicole or think about what the two of you would be doing at night”

“Yeah....but I guess you could always look down from heaven and see me and Nicole together...”

“You’ve full of surprises you know that, first you suggest we should get married in a church and now you believe in heaven....worst you believe I’d actually get in there”

“Of course you would, you look like an angel”

“Yeah but I’ve done some stupid things”

“God would have forgiven all that”

“Wow Geoff has really had a big impact on you, now you’re religious too”

“Shut up”

“Make me” Oops, did I just say that out loud. Crap.

“Okay” Aden whispered. I didn’t look at him. I could feel him watching over me. I looked down.

“Belle” He whispered again. “You know Nadia will probably be wondering where we are” But before I could get up Aden turned my cheek and touched my lips with his. At first I hesitated but then I kissed him back. I let go, “I shouldn’t have done that”

“Why were husband and wife remember?” Aden smiled and then I smiled back at him. “Yeah you’re right” Then we began to kiss again.

“Mummy - ” Nadia opened the door. “EW!” She screamed slamming the door shut. Aden and I laughed. “Ahhh....I’ve really missed you”

“I don’t want to ever leave you.....again”

“I know” Aden brushed my hair behind my ear. “Nothing will ever tear us apart again, do you hear me. So no getting yourself involved with development sites” We laughed together. “I promise”

“Good, one more thing. I love you Belle”

“I love you too Aden” We embraced kissing until I was lying on my back with him on top of me. “Please don’t tell me we’re going to do it at a children’s birthday party”

“Oh come on you know you want me” I giggled. “Hell yes” I pulled him by his shirt.


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