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Great Acting - Esther and Rebecca - SPOILERS

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Esther and Rebecca  

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The storyline is great, although it was a bit obvious when Charlie was finally admitting the truth.

Rebecca exceeded my expectations, it really gave Rebecca a chance to shine.

I think Charlie could have done better on some of the scenes, but I really Esther's acting on some of the other scenes, so I'm 50/50 on Esther.

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I don't like this storyline. And I think they both are overrated as actresses. I don't believe in the carachters, their scenes seems forced.

I agree with you, in regards to Esther Anderson -

I laughed at the 'I will kill you' scene with Grant in the Diner

...not convincing at all. However, I think that Rebecca is quite good, though she can overact sometimes.

I think Esther is laughable at times. She never has any tears she just screws up her face and wails but nothing comes out of her eyes :rolleyes:

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I thought the acting was brilliant. Not a whole lot of actors would be able to pull off something so big.

Both Esther and Rebecca are ones to watch in the future. They are both wonderful actors!

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