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Fri 21 Aug 09 – Episode # 4925

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Single Bed “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 21 Aug 09 – Episode # 4925 ]


Charlie tells Angelo tat she isn’t that pleased with herself for venting at Ross the way she did. Things get worse when Morag enters, she wonders where Ross is. Charlie tells her what happened, but she hasn’t seen her dad since.


The waves crashing against him wake Ross up. He tries to phone someone, but the wave knock the phone pout of his hands. He t to look for it but is knosked down buy more waves.


Xavier talk to Colleen bout how its Brendan’s 21’s birthday next week.

Charlie & Angelo entry looking for Ross – there’s no sign of him.


Alf &* Morag look for Ross. They call out his name etc. they find his mobile.


There’s a knosk at door and Rachel is surprises that roses is here – esp. this late. Rach tells Ross tat he didn’t wake her – at she’s just got Harry to sleep. Its clear tat Rachel has to remind Ross who Harry is. She tells Ross tat she will get him some of tony;s clothe to change into.

Later, Morag & charley are sitting withy Ross and Rachel. Before Morage & Charlie comment bout taking Ross home, they also comment that Ruby is on her way home form tee city.


NEXT DAY, its breakfast time, and Charlie & Morag arte tying to convince Ross to eat something. All are pleased when Ruby enters the room. She & Ross hug – as they do, ruby tells chalie tat they will talk later today.


Charlie is talking to Michelle on the phone. She thinks her aunt for her help, but its worried bout ruby. Michelle aures her tat ruby will come round in time.


Geoff arrives and Annie & Irene are VERY plaesed to see him. He has a favour to ask Irene.


Charlie is talking to Angelo bout Ruby. She wishes tat she’s handle things butter. He tries to reassure her etc, but they are interupted by Xavier, who is surprised that Ruby is back in town [as she hasn’t celled him].


Ruby is on tee phone with Geoff – sound like good news. When off the ozone, she speaks to Charlie in the inetervbiew room.

When Ruby tells Charlie tat Michele showed her THOSE photos albums, Charlie wished she hadn’t. Ruby however thinks its good tat she did, as it made her realise tat chalkie didn’t hate ruby – its just tat Charlie was in a VERY dark place back then.

Ruby tell Charlie that she is still angry and confused – so she is staying with Irene for the time being.


Jai asks Annie if she likes tat there are 2 boys tat really like her at the moment. Annie insist tat Dex doesn’t like her liken that. After Annie bails, Jia talk to Xavier bout ruby. Xavier doesn’t sound impressed bout the idea that ruby is stay at the beach house.


Anne, Ruby, Irene & Geoff have just finished eating when Xavier arrives. He is surprise tat he didn’t call her when she returned – or respond to any of his calls, texts with she was away. Xavier also “slightly” has an issue worth the fact tat Ruby & Geoff sometime shared a single [motel] bed when they were away. When ruby suggest tat xavieur should trust her, her tell her tat that’s a 2 way street [should have responded to his phon calls etc].

Later, Ruby tell Annie & Geoff tat she is annoyed that Xavier didn't trust here, but she can't talk to him now as has arranged to meet with Ross & Morag.


Annie sees Dex – and confronts him bout his feeling for her. Dex bails – Annie goes after him.

Xavier is annoyed when he sees Geoff near ruby. Indeed, he grab Geoff and when Ross sees this, he lashes out – but he ends up hitting Morag by accident when he tries to grab Xavier.


Annie catches up with Dex. He wonders if she is interested in him. She says that she doesn’t want a b/f at the minute. He tries to kiss but she back away. However, moments later, Annie kisses Dex.


Ross tell Alf tat when he saw Xavier & ruby today, he went like he died when he saw the together in Marsha’s bed recently – and both instances reminded him of what occurred thween Charlie & ruby’s father all those years ago.


Morag talk to Rach tout Ross. Rach reminds Morag tat things are only going to get worse – and that Morag should seriously start thinking bout putt8ing ross into full time care.


Ruby talk to Geoff. She knows tat all of this has been hard on her family, esp. Ross BUT she wants to fjnd her biological father. Geoff warns her tat once she's open tat door, ruby won’t be able to close it. Ruby tells Geoff tat she HAS to do this.



Morag moves in with Aden

Xavier continues to be jealous of Ruby & Geoff

Nic doesn’t believe Sid when he says that he doesn’t have feellings for her

Angelo continues his investigations into Hugo

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: apple green thiun strap top/denim jeans


Rachel: sky blue night dress


Ruby: brown [African tribal looking] singlet top – with bleu top neath


Alf: white [blue check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf “light button up shirt

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: grey [white trim] t

Charlie: dark v neck top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Collen: red [dark floral] dress

Dex: white long sleeve shirt/dark long paints

Geoff: grey hoodie/white t

Irene: white blouse/grey top

Jai: red t

Michelle: dark [white mosaics] top

Morag: off white long sleeve top

Morag: mottled grey top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Rachel: white & black sports singlet top

Ross: 2 tone blue dressing gown

Ross: dark green polo

Ross: grey dressing gown

Ross: grey [dark stripes] polo/bone long pants

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/

Xavier: white [multi colourised shield] t/dark shorts

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