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Mon 17 Aug 09 – Episode # 4921

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” You Have NO Idea How I’m Feeling “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 17 Aug 09 – Episode # 4921 ]

After Hugo & Marsha search without success for a bit near the house for the baby, they phone Rachel. Naturally she is VERY shocked

Meanwhile, Angelo & another officer aces tee boat shed and fins all that abalone. Angelo is keen to get a warrant n- after they take the key tat they “borrowed” back.

Charlie questions Marsha and Hugo bout what’s happened, wheels Rachel insets tat it was Jane & rec that have Harry. Marsha is looking very guilt ridden.

Charlie & Avery speak to Rex at his house. He is most enjoyed that they are suggesting tat he & his wife may be involved. When Jane comes hose, she is very calm – and seems very eager to help the police.

Colleen speaks to Aden at the diner. Aden has a brief flashback of Belle - whilst she say tat when Aden is ready to talk, there are lots of ppl who are her for him to lean on.

Aden then asked Gibsy is there is any work going on the trawler. Gibsy say that things aren’t so great, but he’ll see what be can do.

The distressed Rachel is lashing out as everyone – insisting that she shouldn’t have left Harry in Marsha’s care AND when Tony tell her that nothing will happen to their son, she throws it back in his face =- saying tat Tony wasn’t there to protect Jack !!!! Rachel apologises -0 and Tony hugs here.

Rex seem anxious when Charlie tells him tat they’ll be interviewing him& Jane separately.

When Charlie does interviews Jane, she insists tat she couldn’t do that [take another’s child] to another woman – esp. after her won loss.

When Reheel hears what Jane has had to say, she sooooooo isn’t convinced. Rachel also lashes out as Marsha & Hugo AGaIN. When Rachel leaves the room, Tony hugs Marsha, before Hugo & Marsha bail.

Marsha & Hugo talk to Alf at the surf club bout Harry’s disappearance. Alf assures Marsha tat Rcaeh will come down etc when Harry is returns to her – and not to take things personally.

After Alf goes into Noah’s, Gibsy approaches Hugo. She say tat he needs the mony today – or else. When Gibsy is gone, Hugo tells Marsha tat he's got to finish this once and for all.

After Rex & Jane leave the police station, Cahrelie tells Avery to keep an eye on their every movement.

Aden asks Alf for another beer at Noah’s. When Alf suggest tat he’s had too much and should go home, Aden sooooo doesn’t like that – and insist to Alf tat he has NO idea how Aden is feeing right now. Gibsy interruptus their “chat” - offering Aden some work on the trawler tonight. He accepts.

Marsha & Hugo appraosh the boat shed. Hugo is about to call the police bout all of this, but when he & Marsha enter, but Angelo is waiting in the shed. He arrests Hugo as soon as he opens the shed door.

It’s late at night and Tony is siting at et table at the Hunter house. Rachel enters the room. She is still mushy distressed and can’t believe tat Tony seem to be so calm bout this. He takes offence with being told how he should be feeling. He bands his fists on the table and storms of towards the bedroom.

Angelo questions Hugo & Marsha bout what’s going on. Hugo init stat the he was the one who provided the police with the anonymous tip off recently. Security cameras footage form the surf club backs up Hugo’s;’ version of events – and Alf “suggest” that Angelo should stoop harassing Hugo.

Aden approaches the trawler. Gibsy makes it clear tat what they are about to do is illegal – but Aden dent care, he just wants to be out there on the water etc.

Rachel isn’t impressed when Charlie tells her there’s no evidence to suggest tat Jane & rex are involved with Harry's disappearance. Charlie insists tat the investigation is continuing.

We then see Harry in an empty room of an unfamiliar looking house.



Rachel confronts Jane who has Harry – Jane insists that the baby belongs with her

Hugo tries to prevent Aden form getting into trouble with police

Aden seem to be pushing anyone else way, he and Indi seem to be getting VERY close

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: apple gene [dark floral] halter knee dress


Rachel: white shirtdress/dark top


Aden: black [white “cult” t


Aden: dark hoddie/denim jeans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Avery: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Colleen: red floral blouse/red top

Don Gibsy: red [partial blue] jacket/dark t/denim jeans

Harry: blue beanie.

Hugo: 2 tone brown check shirt/denim jeans

Jane: white top/grey [dark stripes] cardie/denim ajens

Marine Officer: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Rachel : white dressing gown

Rex: bone long sleeve button up shirt/denims

Tony: white [dark “23” and dark sleeves] t

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