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i've just found this thread and there are so many i like it would take forever to name them all. i think my favourite was the one of the wedding, where belle was in black and white, and aden in colour. the caption was so beautiful: she may be cold as ice but their love still burns like fire.

would i be able to request my very own adelle one that i can use straight away, without having to wait for the episodes to air in england ? your avatars are so great



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Thanks Lise, Matticus01, mbi615, moniqueee. and H&Aaddict for the comments :D

Georgia, yes i will make some adelle avatars that you will be able to use straight away, i will probably have them up later today :D

if you use any please credit me :)

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do you know where i can download that program from ?

also, if ur starting an artwork thread with links from photo bucket, which of the many links do you use ?

No i dont sorry, my uncle got it for me

You use the direct link, just copy it into the window that appears when you press insert image

Quick Update -


Will update with Adelle avatars later when i have finished making and uploading them :D

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