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Isabel Lucas to play a Wolverine.

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Isabel Lucas to undergo military tranining for Red Dawn remake



ISABEL Lucas's latest project is as a Wolverine.

The 24-year-old Australian will be thankful the part doesn't actually require her to wear any bodysuit and she's not in a new Hugh Jackman project.

She's signed on to star in MGM/UA's remake of the 1984 US war film, Red Dawn.

Lucas, who was in Transformers; The Revenge of the Fallen, will play a Wolverine, the name of the local football team that a group of US high school students who form an insurgency when their town is invaded - this time by Chinese and Russian soldiers - call themselves.

Josh Hutcherson, Tom Cruise's son Connor Cruise and Edwin Hodge have also signed on for the project, The Hollywood Reporter states. They join Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki.

Hutcherson will play Robert, originally played by C. Thomas Howell, and become the group's tech geek. Lucas is Erica, head cheerleader and the Peck character's girlfriend whom he desperately hopes to spring from an internment camp.

Lea Thompson played the character in the original.

The young cast heads off in a few weeks for military training in an undisclosed location, with filming scheduled to begin next month in Detroit for a September 2010 release.

How weird! to have a big Hollywood movie and not only be working with your ex boyfriend but 2 people from Home & Away in the same movie!

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What are the chances of them getting back together and becoming the latest Hollywood 'golden couple'? Not that I'm cynical or anything! :P I'm really glad they're doing well though.

That would be soo good, hehe :D Congrats to Isabel for landing another big role. I can't wait to see her and Chris together (on screen) again!

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