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Everything Changes (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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Awesome chapter :-)

I can't wait to find out what has happened to make Geoff forget something that seemed so important to him.. I'm also glad that Nicole is beginning to see that even though Geoff has this connection with Melody - it's her he wants to be with.

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Great chapter!!

Wonder why Geoff didn't go? Im kinda glad he didn't LOL,

Update soon. x

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that

although it all looks a bit serious.. loved the bit when Nicole stood up to Melody for him. :P

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I didn't enjoy this chapter nearly as much as the last one but it was alright.

Nicole and Geoff lost me again. It doesn't bother me that their relationship is back on track, I'm guessing it is anyway, I was just dissappointed in how they got there. They talked yet didn't seem to cover any new ground, the whole scene basically consisted of an "I'm sorry""I'm sorry too" and "you're so understanding""you're so great". I wasn't happy that Geoff didn't feel the need to talk to her about the slap. Melody may not have been seriously hurt but thats just good luck that she wasn't standing someone else. What if she had fell and hit herself on something? For someone who's become this passionate about being a father it surprises me that he wasn't sitting there with those thoughts running through his head about what could have happened to the baby.

Loved the scene between Miles and Melody. Miles is great in this fic. I love how supportive he is of her but also the way he has been like the voice of reason throughout this fic. And I'm glad that Melody realised that Geoff or no Geoff she isn't alone in this.

She saw the realisation in his face as he looked back at her."Oh, Mel, I'm sorry, I completely forgot."

Melody couldn't help shooting a glance at Nicole."What, did you get distracted?"

Nicole took a step forward."You can't talk to him like that,"she began.

I'm not surprised that Nicole tried to defend Geoff but I do think she's going to need to realise that's it's going to take a while before she, after her recent behaviour, gets to make statements like that especially when it comes to situations where the the way someone is talking to him is completely justified considering the circumstances. With Mel giving him so many chances to not be involved and that she can do this on her own only for him to insist on being apart of this and then not showing for the first thing he had to be there for. Then giving him the benefit of the doubt only to walk in and see him there with Nicole and saying he forgot, I wouldn't blame her for flying of the handle in normal circumstances let alone when her hormones are all over the place (not to mention having to deal with what happened in the last chapter). The last thing she needs to is all this stress. It'll be interesting to find out why Geoff missed the appointment. Did he really just forget or did something happen?

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has it ever occured to you that you might be reading into a bit too much? :lol:

:rolleyes: I'm well aware of that fact. And I think it should be fairly obvious by now to anyone who reads my comments, in almost any fic, that I prefer to comment by writing down all my thoughts about the characters and plot in detail. For me it's a good thing when a fic leaves me feeling strongly about the characters, enough so that I have all these thoughts going through my head about them, if it didn't then I wouldn't bother reading it.

Nice enough talk between Nicole and Mel. As for Geoff's reason for forgetting, I was holding out hope that it would be something understandable, not because I wanted to believe the best in him, but because I didn't want this to turn into a case of all talk and no follow through with Geoff. So I'm glad that doesn't look to be the case here. I still stand by what I said about Mel's reaction though in the last chapter. While it's clear that she was of the mark but I can still see things from her POV as well. Off course knowing the reasons for Geoff forgetting makes him doing so understandable and I'm glad she didn't hold it against him after she found out, not that I think she ever would... but looking at things from her POV before she did and taking into the fact that her hormones all over the place... I think it was realistic reaction.

It was sweet that Mel arranged another appointment so he could see the baby. I liked the way you wrote Geoff's part at the end. First his happiness over seeing the baby and then the sadness taking over when he thought about the fact Belle won't be here by the time the baby is born.

Small thing about the timescale - Considering you're following the show, does it mean since the time Aden and Mel had that small scene together, Aden found about her dying, they got married anyway, went away, and now came back and told everyone together? Seems like a lot to do in so little time, even for them. And theres the fact that their has been no mention of the wedding by Mel, Nicole, Annie or Geoff. Or is it canon yet slightly different? It's not really important, just wondering.

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