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Everything Changes (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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I'm glad she told the truth, and it was good that he forgave her.. after all you can sort of see where she was coming from - even if she did come up with a solution that was a bit odd.

Unfortunately the little romantic encounter is going to have to be cut short now that Melody is in labour.. that's a shame

it's always the H&A way to have someone supposed to be away for a week and the problems happen on the first day!..

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Lots of chapters to catch up with here. This review is for chapter 16 and the ones after.

Good couple of chapters. Although the fic is starting to feel like one of those 40 minute long shows where you have a great 35 minute buildup to the issues, angst and whatever crisis that is going and the dynamic between all the characters involved and then everything falls into place and resolved just like that in the last five mintues. And it feels like we are in that last 5 minutes here. I like the direction you're going in, Melody and Nicole coming to an understanding. It's the only way for them to move forward. Nic and Geoff sorting everything out. I don't care about them but them being together means less reading about their relationship issues. But not really sure about the way in which to chose to have that happen. It just feels like you're on some fastrack to resolve everything now instead of just letting it happen in way that it comes off more naturally, whether a slower pace or slight changes to the scenes could have made the difference, I'm not sure.

Anyways the writing is still good though. And Jai, Annie and Mel are still awesome together. BTW loved Annie's dig at Jai in the last chapter.

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