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I'll friggen well try AGAIN

Story Title: Fear

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Includes almost every character in the Bay plus Matilda, Lucas, beth and some older characters

BTTB rating: T/A just to be safe

Genre: Violence, rape, drugs, abuse, death, depression, pregnancy, suicide

Does story include spoilers: Not that I know of, if it does will warn at the beginning

Any warnings: Contains rape, drug taking, assualt, abuse, death, depression, pregnancy, excessive drinking

Summary: Someone is attacking the woman of Summer Bay, who is it? when they find out, it will send shockwaves through the Bay, girls being raped, assualted, abused, some cant handle what has happened and turn to drugs, alcohol, someone is pregnant from the rape, or is it more than one person, and some commits suicide because of it.

Who is it?

I have also made a trailer for it.


Belle Taylor: is Best friends with Aden Jeffereies and Matilda Hunter. Is 18 years old and is attending year 12 of Summer Bay high School.

Has been dating local boy David Summers for two years, but after David cheated on her, she doesn’t know if she can trust him anymore and has been spending more time with Aden.

Aden Jefferies: Also 18 years old and attending SBH with Belle. Is secretly in love with Belle taylor but hasn’t said or shown it because of her relationship with David, who he doesn’t trust at all after catching him cheating on Belle with some girl.

Matilda Hunter: 18 years of age, goes to an all girls school in Yabbie Creek but has a wild side to her that her parents dont know about. Is dating Lucas Holden and they are going steady.

Lucas Holden: Dating Matilda Hunter, is best friends with Aden Jefferies, works part time at the Pier Diner and attends SBH.

Nicole Franklin: Has no friends in the Bay, thinks she doesn’t need any. Especially hates Matilda and Belle, secretly has a crush on Geoff Campbell.

Geoff and Annie Campbell: Live with Irene Roberts and Belle Taylor. Geoff is in love with Nicole but thinks he will be judged for going out with her. Annie is dating Jai Fernandez and still values her christian ways.

Irene Roberts: Owns the Pier Diner with Roman Harris and Leah Patterson-Baker, is a foster mother to Geoff and Annie Campbell and Belle Taylor, does not trust David with his attitude.

Alf Stewart: Owns Noah’s Bar, is highly regarded in the SES and is often called on to too help solve crime. Thinks young kids have no manner for society these days.

Martha & Jack Holden: Happily married and have been for four years, are expecting their first child. Martha is 4 months pregnant and Jack is still a police officer but is now Chief of Police and looking forward to being a father.

Tony & Rachel Holden: Own house in the city but visit the Bay regularly to check on the gym that has been left to Lucas. Tony is a silent partner and they have baby Harry and a little girl on the way. Are due to come back to the Bay for a month where Rachel will return to work at the hospital.

Chapter 1

"What's happened?' The doctor asked as he came rushing over to the woman who had just been bought in, terrified, scratches all over her face and hands and she was crying.

"She was attacked out in the grounds, she clawed her way free but she's pretty terrified, I thinkg she also scratched him,' an orderly explained as he stood next to a security guard with the brunette woman in the wheel chair.

"Ok, get her into triage and I'll get Julie to give the cops a call,' the doctor explained as he turned and called out to Nurse Julie, watching as she strolled over and stopped in her tracks.

"Martha!' she said stopping in her tracks.

"This is Martha, Martha Holden. Get onto Jack. She's just been attacked!'


“What do you mean you have to go away on business David? Why cant you just stay and spend some time with me, remember... your girlfriend!’ Belle moaned as she followed her boyfriend out to his van, staying right behind him as he sighed and placed his bag in the back before closing the door, turning and placing his hands gently around her waist.

“Babe, you know what my work entails, I have to go to the city for a couple of weeks, it shouldn’t be any longer than that I promise and I will call you... every day,’

Belle pouted her lip and moaned again as she stomped her feet in frustration before looking at him.

“Fine!’ she grumbled as she leant into him. “But no more girls!’ she pointed her forefinger at him threateningly.

“Babe... I nearly lost you once... not gunna happen again I swear,’ he said as he placed his left hand on her cheek, brushing it gently.

“You swear?’

“On my life!’ he repeated, pressing a tender kiss on her forhead. “So I’ll see you when I get back, love you,’ he said as he moved away, climbing in his vane, starting the engine and pulling out of the drive way and waved to Belle as he drove off down the road and out of sight.

AN: stupid bloody rules. anyway... just a small chapter to start off with, an apology to the librarian I kind of had a go at and comments?

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wow I didn't think I'd have so many comments for this fic, and people are commenting who haven't read my fic's in a while :D

Wow... thankyou

I hope you like this chapter

Chapter 2

“Hey!’ He walked through the back door which led to the kitchen as she stood there making a coffee, gently punching her on the arm as she smiled back and whacked him on his torso.

“Hey yourself!’ she replied as she handed him the cup of hot coffee and picked up another cup, starting to make herself another drink.

“Where’s Davey boy?’ he mocked as Belle gave him ‘that look’ as he held his hands in the air in defeat. “Sorry, where’s David?’

“He had some job in the city to do so will be gone a couple of weeks,’ Belle replied, sounding a little unhappy about it all.

“You don’t believe him?’ Aden asked as Belle shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know.’ She replied as she poured hot water into her cup and began to stir. “I know I should but...’

“No you shouldn’t...’ Aden cut in as Belle gave him another glare. “Sorry!’

“But how can I trust him after what he did, I don’t know if I can again,’ she sighed as she picked up her cup of coffee and headed into the lounge room where she took a seat on the couch, Aden following close behind.

“Belle, what kind of a relationship will you have if there isn’t trust, not much of one hey. Trust and honesty are the key pointers in any relationship,’ Aden told her as he held onto his hot cup, watching Belle take a small sip from her cup before nodding.

“I just... I don’t know anymore,’


Bursting through the Hospital doors, he came rushing over to the nurses station and saw Nurse Julie filling out some papers.

“Julie, where’s Martha?’ Jack asked, worried about his wife and their unborn baby.

“Through here,’ Julie said pointing to a room before heading there herself with Jack right behind her. “She is physically fine, he didn’t get to hurt her and the baby is fine but she is quiet traumatized,’

“Do you know who did this?’ Jack asked as Julie looked at him and shook her head.

“No, but your wife scratched whoever it was, there is skin and blood underneath her nails,’ Julie explained as she entered a room along with Jack to see Martha sitting on the hospital bed, shakily drinking a glass of water.

“Oh god babe,’ Jack said, instantly rushing to her side, cupping her face with his hands and kissing her delicately on her moist pink lips. “Are you ok?’

Martha nodded but quickly wrapped her arms around Jack’s waist. “I’m ok... now I’m ok,’ she said, resting her head into her husbands chest. “Now your here,’

“I’m just glad you and the baby are ok,’ he replied, gently pressing a tender kiss to the top of her hair.


“Come onnnnnn,’ Matilda moaned as she jumped up and down while holding her boyfriends hand. “Pleeeeeease Lucas?’

Lucas laughed before shaking his head. “No Mattie, definitely not,’ Lucas grinned as they walked along the path towards Matilda’s house. “If your mum found out I was busting you from school and taking you back to my place when you should be, well at school then I’d be dead,’ he told her as she giggled before spinning around and pushing herself against him.

“Baby I am sooo... I want you, now’ she told him seductively, wrapping her arms around his neck, placing tender kisses on his neck.

“Babe, you know I always want you, but if your not home in the next...5 minutes your mum is going to have my, meat for breakfast,’ Lucas kissed her gently before continuing to walk forward as Matilda followed, turning back around and taking his hand back into hers.

Turning the corner, Lucas stopped in his tracks as Matilda kept walking, feeling a tug from Lucas as he pulled her back.

“Luc wha....’ Matilda started, she too stopped as she saw a girl lying on the ground. Pulling away from Lucas she ran over to the girl, seeing a head of blonde hair and a bruised and beaten face. The girls arms were also bruised, along with the insides of her thighs.

“Luc, call an ambulance,’ Matilda yelled as Lucas rushed forward, pulling his mobile phone from his pocket as he leant down beside the blonde girl and Matilda who had ripped her jacket off and slipped it over her chest where her top was also ripped.

Dialling 000, Lucas waited and then heard the voice.

“Ambulance please, yes hello we need an ambulance on the corner of Frank and James street please, a girls been attacked, please hurry she’s bad,’ he yelled before hanging up the phone as Matilda pushed some hair away from the girls face as she finally came into view.

“Luc...’ Mattie started. “That’s Nicole Franklin, Roman’s daughter.

“Oh god,’ Luc replied, quickly picking up his phone and dialling the Pier Diner’s number, whilst Matilda began stroking the girls hair and whispering as the blonde began to sob.

“It’s gunna be ok Nicole, your safe now, your going to be ok!’

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Thank you for all your amazing comments, it means so much to me..

Finally, another chapter :D

Chapter 3

“Nicole Franklin, 17 years of age, found badly beaten and possibly raped, has been in and out of consciousness,’ two ambulance drivers rushed her through to emergency as Matilda and Lucas came rushing in behind them.

“Ok get her into triage 1, I want the police called now, and get a rape kit in here, also were going to need a camera to photograph the extent of her bruises,’ Rachel screamed as doctors and nurses rushed all around the room doing as Rachel said.

Matilda and Lucas rushed into the room, looking at Rachel as Rachel saw them. “Did you find her?’

Both teens nodded and Rachel looked back at Nicole. “Ok you two will have to wait outside and I’ll let you know how she is as soon as possible.

Nurse Julie handed the rape kit to Rachel before walking over to Matilda and Lucas. “Come and wait out in the hall, the police will want to talk to you both when they get here,’

“Ok,’ Matilda whispered as Nurse Julie escorted both of them out of the room.


Walking into Noah’s bar, Tony looked around the place where he used to work every day, a smile spreading across his face as all the memories flooded back, him and Jack coming in for a drink, meeting up with Lucas to go for a surf, coming here and relaxing with Rachel.

But along with the good memories were also bad ones. Rachel had told Tony about her being held captive here at one point with one of Kym’s clients became obsessed with him and tried to get rid of her, where Martha had found out about her cancer.

“Tony... MATE...’ Alf yelled as he walked out of the store room and saw Tony standing at the bar, looking around the place. “How are you, how is Rachel?’

“Pregnant, actually, but very good mate, and yourself?’ Tony asked back. He had missed sitting at the bar with Alf, having them talk about Alf’s fishing or just having a beer with each other.

“Well congrats mate, and how is lil Harry these days?’ Alf laughed as both Tony and Alf shook hands.

“Started crawling, is being a little bugger too but great, were happy,’ Ton grinned, pleased with the family he had built with Rachel.

“Well sit down because I’m shouting you a welcome back drink,’ Alf stated as Tony laughed and nodded.

“Well I wont disagree, Rachel’s at work and we have a baby sitter for the night so why not!’ Tony agreed as he took a seat in front of the bar as Alf handed him a beer.


“How is she?’ Matilda stood up as Rachel walked out of triage and toward the two teens who had already been interviewed by police.

“She’s stable and sleeping but deeply traumatized. We had to sedate her and we have called her father in. The police have taken swabs, and photographs and a rape test has been done but apart from that we cant tell you anymore for now I’m sorry.’ Rachel explained as Matilda sighed in relief that Nicole was ok for now.

Matilda and Nicole had never gotten on, ever. When Nicole first moved to the Bay she tried to split Lucas and Matilda up, which ended up in a huge cat fight and leaving both girls with more bruises and loss of hair then either of them could have intended to have.

But even Matilda knew that nobody deserved what had happened to Nicole tonight, not even Nicole. “Thank you, Rachel thanks so much,’

Rachel nodded sincerely. “It’s fine, you two saved her life tonight so I have a feeling she’ll be thanking you, now go home and get some sleep!’


“Well I’ better get going, you look like you need a good nights beauty sleep,’ Aden joked as Belle gave him a shocked look before playfully hitting him on the arm before laughing.

“Yeah I should get some sleep I have to work at the Diner tomorrow,’ Belle sighed as she and Aden got off the couch and Belle walked him to the door. “So... do you wanna hang tomorrow night, dinner, well take away dinner and a movie sound good?’ she asked as Aden nodded.

“Sure, but no chick flicks!’ He pointed sternly as Belle giggled.

“Fine, okay, you pick the dvd and me the food!’

“Deal, bye gorgeous,’ he said as Belle waved him bye before shutting the door and proceeding to make herself a hot chocolate before bed.

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Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy his chapter

Chapter 4

“Well I’m just glad it wasn’t you who was attacked!’ Beth hugged her daughter so tight as Matilda hugged her mother back, Lucas standing behind Matilda. “And Lucas, thank you for ringing me and bringing her home safely, you’re a real gentleman,’

“It’s my pleasure, really,’ Lucas replied as Matilda pulled away from her mother and turned wrapping her arms around Lucas’s neck.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?’ she asked as Lucas nodded and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“You sure will, love you, bye Mrs Hunter,’ he waved as he left the house, Matilda waving before closing the door and turning back to her mother.

“So how is Nicole?’ Beth asked as Matilda sighed, shaking her head, trying to get the images of what she saw out.

“You should have seen her mum, if was… who would do something like that?’ Matilda looked scared as she took another breath. “And Martha was also attacked today as well, they think someone might be attacking people in the Bay,’


He raced through the emergency doors and ran over to the nurses station. “Um, excuse me I’m looking for my daughter Nicole Franklin,’

“Roman,’ a woman’s voice behind him spoke as he turned around and saw a pregnant Rachel standing there.

“Rach, how is she, is she ok?’ he asked as Rachel walked over to him.

“She’s doing ok considering, we’ve had to do a rape kit and police have taken photographs, she was beaten, and has a concussion but is doing alright now, she was sleeping,’

Roman sighed and rubbed his temple with his thumb and forefinger. “Do the police know who did this?’

Rachel shook her head. “Not yet, I tell you Nicole is very lucky Lucas and Matilda found her,’

“Lucas and Matilda found her… where?’

“Not far from where Matilda lives, come on and I’ll take you to her room!’ Rachel explained as Roman nodded, following Rachel as she directed him toward his daughters room.


The sun shone brightly through the curtains, the open window blowing a gale that sent the purple curtains into the room as the sun brightened the room immensely. She yawned, rolling over into the middle of the bed just as her phone started ringing loudly.

She moaned, leaning over to retrieve her phone, keeping her eyes closed she pressed a button and bought it up to her ear.

“Hello,’ she croaked.

“Woah, babe what are you still doing in bed, its after ten in the morning,’

“David I’m aloud to sleep in if I want, just because your not here doesn’t mean I have to get up at nine and go for a jog, have a healthy breakfast and all that like you do,’ Belle moaned into the phone as she finally opened her eyes and pushed herself up in the bed.

“Belle, babe we made a deal, to be beautiful and skinny, you have to do these things. Listen I have to go, you go for a run and I’ll call just before you start work, I love you,’

“Love you too, bye,’ Belle said, pressing the end call button and chucking her phone on her bed in frustration. “GODDDDDDDDDD’


Getting out of the shower, half an hour later, she dried herself and picked a nice outfit for work today before scrunching her hair into nice, loose curls. She had just walked out of the bathroom when her phone started ringing again.

Walking casually into her bedroom, she picked the phone up.


“Hey babe, how was your run?’ Davids voice sounded on the other end as Belle rolled her eyes.

“Yeah fine, sweaty as usual,’ she lied as she heard David chuckle.

“See babe, told you you’d feel much better, listen gotta go, I’ll try and ring you tonight k, love you,’ He spoke down the phone before the line went dead and Belle mimicked him. “You’ll feel much better,’

Walking out into the kitchen, she sighed before looking at the coffee pot and smiling. “Coffee,’ she said sounding almost ecstatic.

“Don’t sound too excited girl,’ came a male voice from the back door as Belle turned and saw Aden standing there, grinning.

“Well it’s the first time of a morning since David hasn’t been here that I can drink coffee, he reckons its bad for the liver so wont let me,’ she rolled her eyes again as Aden chuckled and let himself in.

“Belle, why do you let him control you, you never used to let anyone tell you what to do but now…’ Aden said as Belle gave him the ‘evils’ and he lifted his hands in defeat. “Just saying,’

“Please don’t start now, I have to drink this and get to work,’ Belle moaned as Aden nodded.

“Ok but I’m walking you…’

Belle looked at him, raised eye brows. “What am I a child now…’

“So you didn’t hear,’ Aden cut her off as she then creased her brows.

“Hear what?’


“Hey, what are you doing here, aren’t you kids mean to be at school?’ Irene pointed at her two foster children as they entered the Diner.

“Yeah were on the way there but have you heard about Martha and Nicole?’ the blonde boy named Geoff Campbell asked as Irene nodded and handed a couple their coffee’s as they exited the Diner.

“Yes I did, Roman rang just before and said he would be spending the day at the hospital with Nicole, I tell ya, I don’t want you two out after 6pm if someone is attacking people in the Bay,’ Irene told them sternly as Annie nodded in agreement. “Now off to school the both of you,’ she said, shooing them out the door so they wouldn’t be late for school that day.

Just as they were about to exit the Diner, Belle and Aden entered, Belle stopping Annie and Geoff before calling out to Irene.

“School’s been cancelled, the police just found a dead body at the school!’

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Thank you all so much for your comments, I just hope this fic is living up to its expectations


Chapter 5

The Diner was completely busy that day, with school being canceled for the day most of the teenagers had come to the Diner for lunch. Irene even had to get Geoff and Annie to help waiter the tables whilst Colleen and Leah took the orders and Belle and Irene worked in the kitchen.

By the time the lunch rush was over, everyone was run off their feet, Colleen was sweating and was absolutely buggered, and grateful their were no customers for now, everyone took a seat.

“Well I think that’s the best day’s business we’ve done in a while,’ Irene nodded, satisfied but clearly beaten at a hard day’s work.

Belle was making herself another coffee, just so she could stay awake, yawning and feeling quite hungry as she worked through her lunch break. Walking over to the middle of the room she sat next to Geoff and sat her coffee down on the table, resting her head in her hands.

“What a day,’ she moaned as Geoff nodded, along with Annie.

“I’m going to make some lunch for everyone, what do you all want?’ Leah asked as everyone started shooting answers at her at all the same time before she held her hands up. “ONE... at a time,’ she yelled over the top of them.


“A Vegie burger and chips would be awesome Leah,’ Belle replied as Annie nodded.


Everyone looked at Annie and then Belle spoke up. “Since when do you eat vegie burgers?’

“Since I’ve decided to go vegetarian and I’m fighting for the rights of animals,’ Annie crossed her arms in defence.

“Um, ok then,’ Belle said as she picked up her coffee and took a sip from it, and sighing as the hot contents travelled down her throat, warming her up again.

“I’ll just have a burger with the lot and chips,’ Geoff replied as both Irene and Colleen nodded at the same time and said. “Me too thanks,’


He stroked his daughters hair whilst sitting in the seat beside her bed. She had a black eye and split lip and the left side of her cheek was the size of an apple. She had whole hand bruises on each side of her upper arm.

He watched as she finally began to gain consciousness, slowly groaning and fluttering her eyes open.

“Daddy,’ She whispered as Roman quickly stood up, leaning over her and smiling as he gently touched her cheek.

“Hey baby girl,’ he replied as Nicole lay there for a moment before her bottom lip quivered and tears started flowing down her cheeks as she began to sob loudly as Roman stroked her cheek and then her hair.

“Ssshhh Nic, your going to be ok, your going to be ok,’ he soothed her as she wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into the crook of his neck as he hugged his daughter back tightly, never wanting to let her go again.


“So who is she?’ Jack asked as Charlie walked back up to him.

“A year nine student, moved here six months ago, Charlene Stevens,’ Charlie replied as she and Jack looked over at the other police officers trying to keep the press behind the yellow police line. “The press are waiting for me to speak to them, but I want to call a town meeting, we need to put a curfew on, we have no other choice.’

“I think a curfew is a good idea, and I also think we should have officers patroling half an hour before curfew and after dark for an hour just in case, just to let everyone know we are doing what we can to catch this guy,’ Jack replied as Charlie nodded in agreement.

“How is Martha doing?’ Charlie asked as Jack nodded.

“She’s doing ok, the doctors want to keep her in for another couple of days just in case there could be a slow internal bleed or distress from the baby,’ jack told her as Charlie listened carefully. Charlie could see the way he talked about Martha and the baby, the glint he got in his eyes said everything.

“Well give her my love ok,’ Charlie replied as Jack nodded, watching as she headed voer to where the press were waiting to give them a statement.


“Hey guys,’ Matilda and Lucas walked into the Diner later that day, hand in hand as Belle, Geoff and Annie sat on the couch.

“Hey... Mattie, Luc,’ Belle replied as Matild and Lucas walked over to join them. “What’s happening?’

“Oh not much, school, boring,’ Mattie replied as she looked at Belle, Annie and Geoff who weren’t in their school uniforms. “Where’s your uniforms?’

“School’s been canceled due to a dead body being found there this morning,’ Belle replied as Matilda’s mouth dropped open in shock.

“What? Who?’

“Dont know,’ Annie replied as Irene came walking over with a strawberry milkshake that Annie had ordered. “Were waiting for the news to come on so we can see if it’s on there, aparently there’s a town meeting in an hour about all the attacks!’

“Yeah... well thank god, after finding Nicole the way she was last night...’

Belle looked up, as did Geoff as Geoff bet Belle to what she was going to say. “You found Nicole?’

“Yeah,’ Matilda and Lucas nodded as Lucas took Mattie’s hand in his. “She was pretty badly beaten but is doing ok now from what I’ve heard,’

“Did she say who did this?’ Geoff asked as Matilda shook her head.

“No, she couldn’t say anything, she was in and out of it the whole time we were looking after her, anyway, we’ve gotta go, Lucas has something special planned for dinner,’ Matilda grinned as Belle giggled and waved them goodbye.

“Ummm, you know what, I’ll meet you guys at home… I… I’m… bye,’ Geoff quickly spoke as he jumped up from the seat and just as quickly exited the Diner.


He walked into the hospital and found his way to reception as the woman behind the desk looked up. “How may I help you?’ she asked casually as Geoff smiled sincerely at her.

“I’d like to know what room Nicole Franklin is in please, I’m a good friend!’

He stood, looking at the blue door, with the number 15 plastered on the door; no sound was coming from inside the room. Gently, he knocked on the door and waited as a small ‘come in’ came from the other side. Grabbing the handle, he entered the room as Nicole looked up to see that it was Geoff as her eyes widened and she quickly pulled her hair down over her bruises.

“Geoff,’ she said, a little shocked. “What are you doing here?’

“I came to see how you are doing?’ Geoff replied as he sat on the edge of her bed, watching as she slowly craned her head to one side so her couldn’t see. “Nic… you can look at me, I’m not going o think your revolting, trust me… you cant be revolting.’

Nicole slowly lifted her head, looking into his big brown eyes as tears slowly appeared in hers. “I wouldn’t be so sure Geoff,’ she said, dropping her head down in shame once more. “I’m dirty, and filthy and I let him do those things to me… and I couldn’t stop hi…’

“Hey!’ Geoff cut her off. “You are not filthy Nicole. You are the bravest person I know, telling the cops what you know, willing to testify if they find him. Jesus I wish I was as strong as you,’ Geoff told her matter of factly, lifting his hand and stroking her hair out of her face that she had put there.

“I don’t feel strong,’ she whispered as tears started trickling down her cheeks. “And I don’t feel strong. I… I let him rape me and now I feel so dirty, like I deserved this…’

“NO… no one deserves this… NO ONE!’ Geoff said as she started sobbing, leaning in as she fell into his chest, wrapping her arms around him tightly as he stroked her hair, trying to sooth the clearly broken girl in front of him.

Chapter 6

Someone else is attacked... who?

Just as Martha is let out of hospital, she collapses

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Bec why aren't you updating as much as you use to anymore :( I really wanna read more scenes with Belle and David's relationship, and of course have protective Aden :wub:

How do I say this nicely.... :lol: HURRY UP AND UPDATE!!

I'm sorry, I have so many things going on, I've just become a partlite consultant selling candles so that takes up a bit of my time, plus looking for jobs I dont have much time which is why I try as hard as I can

anyway, an update

Chapter 6


The whispering behind her back made her feel uncomfortable as she pushed her way through the party. She had been the talk of the town for the last week and all because she became friends with Aden Jefferies.

Everyone was talking about when he would hook up with her and how long it would take for him to get her into bed. She could hear them all giggling and sniggering at Belle, so much that Belle didn’t even see the guy she walked straight into.

“Oh… god I’m… so sorry… I’m such a clutz,’ Belle apologized as she watched the guy look at her, amused that she was mumbling.

Belle began to blush and the guy who seemed only about a few inches taller than her, dark brown hair and a nicely tanned body smiled back at her. “David,’ he greeted, extending one hand as Belle took it and shook gently.

“Belle,’ she replied as she tilted her head smiled, smiling sweetly at the good looking guy before her.

“Beautiful name, would you like to dance?’ he asked casually, Belle felt kind of giggly and she could feel the looks she was getting around the room, so she nodded and took his hand that he was holding out as they headed toward the dance floor.

*End Flashback*

Belle sighed as she read the text message over and over again, she had read it correctly but she was beginning to wonder what had held him up. He was supposed to call, he was supposed to be her boyfriend and he promised he’d call her every night.

She waited, she had received a message from Aden also saying he was on his way with the dvd and to order the food, what ever she decided she felt like that night. In the end, Belle had called domino’s and ordered two pizza’s.

Double bacon and cheese for Aden.

And a vegie pizza for Belle.

A tap on the door made Belle look up as Aden grinned, walking in and holding up two dvd’s in his hand. “Hey gorgeous,’

“Bout time you got here,’ Belle laughed as Aden pouted before jumping on the couch next to her.

“Awww miss me did ya?’ Aden joked. Well Belle thought he was joking but Aden really did hope she was missing him.

“How can I not miss you, you’re my best friend!’ she told him truthfully as a sincere smile crossed his lips. “So what movies did you get?’ Belle then proceeded to ask.

Ahhh!’ Aden grinned broadly.


“Martha, how are you feeling today?’ The doctor walked in as she looked up, fully dressed and waiting with her bag packed for Jack to turn up and get her.

“A little off actually, and my stomach is very tight,’ Martha replied as she had to sit fully upright so the cramps wouldn’t over take her body.

“Oh I’m sure its just from being cramped up in a bed for the last couple of days. Just walk around and you’ll be fine,’ the doctor replied as Jack entered the room.

“Hey there beautiful, you ready to go?’ he asked as Martha looked uncomfortably at him and then the doctor before nodding.

“Yeah,’ she finally replied, pushing herself up from the bed as a wave of dizziness overtook her and she had to grab onto the side of the bed to hold herself up.

“Martha, you ok?’ Jack asked concerned as he looked at the doctor.

“Martha’s stomach is a little tight, mostly likely from being cooped up in a bed for two days, as I said just walk it off,’ the doctor replied, throwing Martha’s chart onto the made bed and exiting the room as Martha looked at Jack.

“Jack I don’t feel good,’ she replied, tears welling up in her eyes as Jack looked very concerned at her wife.

“Ok, lets go and see Rachel,’ Jack replied as he picked up Martha’s bag, taking one arm and placing it around the back of his neck so he could support her as they began to walk out of the room.

Making it, very slowly around to reception Jack asked Julie if she could page Rachel and explained about Martha to Julie.

“Ok, I’ll get you a wheel chair and well do an ultra sound on your stomach,’ Julie had replied, racing off to get a wheel chair.

Another wave of dizziness overtook Martha as she finally blacked out, feeling herself falling away from Jack’s grasp. The last thing she heard was Jack screaming out her name.


“So why don’t you call him?’ Aden asked as he and Belle both sat, cross legged, facing each other on the couch.

Neither had gotten round to watching the movies which Aden had bought around, they sat on the coffee table with the two box’s of pizza’s sitting on top of them.

“I’ve tried, his phone is turned off and now I’m beginning to wonder if…’ Belle’s voice trailed off as she heard a rustle coming from outside. “Did you hear that?’

Aden looked at Belle before shaking his head. “No… what?’

Belle sighed, before smiling and shaking her head. “Nothing, I think I was hearing things,’ she replied.

“Aden what if he’s cheating on me again?’ Belle then asked, lowering her head.

Aden looked at his best friend, and felt sorry for her, because to him Belle deserved much better than what David had given her. “Belle I know you want me to tell you he’s a good guy and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, but I cant and he’s already been caught out once before and… no offense but you deserve better than the way he treats you. He’s manipulative, controlling, and he hates it when I’m near you or when another guy, even Geoff talks to you or even looks at you the wrong way and… well I’m sorry but, no one likes the guy and if you think he’s cheating then he probably is,’

“I just… what can I do?’ Belle didn’t know what she was thinking, she didn’t know what to do or think, she didn’t even know what she was feeling anymore, and that scared her more than anything in the world.

More rustling coming from outside made both Belle and Aden turn and look before turning back to one another.

“Stay here!’ He whispered, climbing to his feet and following the sound outside the double French doors before closing it behind him. Jumping up from her seat Belle raced to the back door and slammed it shut before flicking the dead bolt.

Walking back over to the couch she sat down and picked up another piece of her pizza before taking a small bite out of it. She waited, listening as she heard footsteps coming back up the path and the door finally open and close.

Turning her head she didn’t even get the chance to look before she was hit so hard she flew back, falling through the glass coffee table before her and being knocked unconscious.

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thanks so much for all your amazing comments :)

I hope your all enjoying this, and I hope it lives up to its expectations :lol:

Chapter 7

Aden stopped as he heard a smashing of glass, before turning back around and heading back to the house to make sure Belle was ok. Just as he got onto the stone path, a smashing of the French door glass shattered as a body was flung through the air, landing with a thud and a crack on the concrete.

“BELLE! Aden screamed as he bolted over to the still body, skidding to a halt as he leant down beside her. Grabbing his phone out of his pocket he dialed ‘000’ and waited for the proper questions before answering his response.

“Hello, I need an ambulance to 28 Delecta Avenue a.s.a.p, my friend has just been thrown through a glass door and she’s bleeding out!’ he screamed down into the phone before hanging up and gripping Belle’s face with his hands.

“Belle… Belle can you hear me!’ he yelled at her before looking up and seeing a figure disappear past the window out the back door. Turning back to Belle, he once again resumed his yelling to try and get her to wake up.


“Who gave her the clear to go home?’ Rachel demanded as she finished doing the ultrasound on a clearly distressed Martha.

Tears streaming down her cheeks as she scrunched herself up into a ball and instinctively cradling her swollen bump as she sobbed at the pain she was in.

“Some doctor Mathews why?’ Jack asked as Rachel sighed and rested her own hand on her growing bump.

“Because Martha has internal bleeding, its only been a small bleed that’s why we couldn’t detect it before and that is whats causing the tightness around her stomach, the doctor should have known better,’ Rachel’s anger was getting the better or her as she ran her hand through her curly waves.


A moment later, Julie came racing in and stopped when she saw the state Martha was in. “Theatre?’ Julie asked as Rachel nodded.

“Yes, tell them she is four months pregnant and has a slow internal bleed and she needs t be operated on now’

Julie nodded before making her exit from the room as Jack turned to Rachel, distress clear in his face. “Is Martha going to be ok, what about the baby?’

“If we get them to theater now, both will be fine but we must hurry,’ Rachel replied before excusing herself from the room to go and find the original doctor that discharged her.


“Irene,’ Annie came skipping into the kitchen of the Diner as Irene and Colleen were finishing clearing up the area to go home.

“Yeah darl,’ Irene turned and looked at her foster daughter whilst wiping up a plate and sitting it on the bench.

“I’ve tried ringing home and no one is answering, and Geoff isn’t answering his mobile either and...’ Annie was cut off as the Diner phone started ringing and Irene lifted her finger before answering the phone.

“Pier Diner Irene Rob...’ her voice trailed off as her eyes widened in horror and she gasped, slapping her hand over her mouth in shock.

“What Geoff is she ok... okay stay with her and I’ll be right there!’ Irene was panicking as she hung up the phone and raced over to the shelf and grabbed her bag. “Colleen can you close up here, Belle’s just been attacked?’


Geoff hung up the phone and raced back into triage where Belle was being treated as Aden stood at the door watching doctors and nurse do many things to try and save her life.

“Geoff!’ a voice yelled from behind him, Geoff quickly turned and saw Nicole being wheeled toward him with Roman pushing her from behind.

“Nic what are you doing out of bed, you should be resting!’

“Thats what I tried to tell her mate,’ Roman rolled his eyes as Nicole shook her head.

“No, I just heard, is Belle ok?’ she tried to peer into the room past Geoff, Aden and the many doctors and nurses gathered around her but with no avail.

“We dont know, there not telling us anything,’ Geoff stated as Rachel came rushing toward them. “I just heard, have you been told anything?’ Rachel asked as Geoff shook his head and Aden just stood there, staring at Belle’s limp, unconscious body.

“Ok I’ll see what’s going on and come back and fill you in,’ Rachel told them as she raced into triage and started helping.


Moments passed by which had felt like hours, Nicole had refused to go back to her room and sat next to Geoff along with Irene and Annie. Rom was sitting with Aden trying to get him to say something but he was just sick of not hearing anything about Belle.

Suddenly everyone looked up as Rachel came around the corner. Irene instantly getting to her feet and approaching Rachel. “Hows Belle, is she ok?’

“We’ve managed to get the bleeding under control for now, but they are preparing theatre as we speak. Belle has a serious concussion and a broken rib. She also has some nerve damage to her back from being thrown through the french doors and landing on the pavement so will need physiotherapy once she is starting to feel better. Also she has deep cuts in her face along with shards of glass from the table which will be removed once she will be taken to theater,’ Rachel explained as tears were running down Irene’s cheeks and Annie was sobbing uncontrollably.

“To be completely honest Irene,’ Rachel said as Irene looked at her. “Belle is very lucky to still be alive!’

“Thanks love,’ Irene explained as Rachel nodded before excusing herself to go and check on Jack and Martha.

Walking into Martha’s room, she saw Jack sleeping peacefully with his hand linked through his wifes. Picking up Martha’s chart from the end of her bed, she checked it over before she heard her name whispered. Looking up, she saw Martha looking at her, Rachel smiled and walked around the other side of the bed, sitting gently on the edge. “Hey, how are you feeling?’

“Like I’ve been chopped up,’ Martha choked as Rachel nodded.

“That’s understandable, Martha you’ve just come out of surgery, you had a slow bleed in your stomach due to a tear. The tightness was because of the bleed which has been repaired and both you and baby are now fine, you will need to stay in hospital for another two or so days so we can keep an eye on you and especially the baby as the anesthetic wears off, but just try and get some sleep, looks like Jack is pretty well out of it,’ Rachel smiled as Marhta nodded and closed her eyes, slowly drifting off into a deep slumber once more.

Chapter 8

Nicole is finally allowed home

The race is on to find the connection

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Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments guys, you seriously dont know how much you all mean to me :)

Chapter 8

Hours had passed, the hospital was silent, the only sound coming from the beeping machines in the different rooms and the shuffling of tired doctors feet and the scratching of pens. Annie had fallen asleep on Irene’s shoulder and Geoff had fallen asleep across from Annie, arms crossed and slight drool creeping down the left side of his chin.

No knews had been heard about Belle, of course Rachel was keeping them updated but the details were very vague. Eventually Rachel had gone home to Tony and baby Harry so everyone was left just waiting.

Nicole had been sent back to her room after sitting and waiting with Geoff until she had also started to fall asleep, by which time Julie was about to do her rounds, starting with Nicole so ordered her back to bed, whilst checking up on everything.

Aden had been pacing the room, back and forth over and over again. He couldn’t calm down, he couldn’t stop worrying and he couldn’t rest. Images of Belle flying through the french doors were haunting every second of his brain.

What if’s were running through him. What if I wasn’t there? What is I had stayed inside with her? What if I had gone further?


The sun began to rise, the birds began to chirp. Sleeping forms sat on the hard plastic chairs whilst Aden slept on the floor after tiring himself out. Annie was the first to awake, yawning and moaning as her neck was sore from the way she had slept.

Pushing herself to her feet, she felt her back crack and her legs feel like jelly. Suddenly she saw a bed being wheeled their way and into the room near Aden’s head. “Belle!’ she yelled as she startled everyone awake, every form jumping up their feet and watching the badly black and purple bruised girl being wheeled into the room by the orderlies, followed by a doctor, and everyone else piling in behind.

“How, how is she?’ Irene asked as the doctor checked her chart before turning to her.

“It was touch and go for a while, she had two small internal bleeds in her stomach, we got the the shards of glass out of her face, she may have some scaring but she may not, she is still young so may fully recover without any scaring.

Belle also has some nerve damage to her back so will have to have pshyio when she is well enough, and her broken rib will recover. But I am going to suggest a councillor for belle because she has been through a terribly truamatic experience. But for now, she is doing ok, the next 12 hours will tell if she has any damage to her brain considering she hit her head pretty hard when she hit the concrete but, she is one very, very lucky girl,’ the doctor said as happy sighs and small gasps were sounded throughout the room.

“Thank you, so much doc, thank you!’ Irene exclaimed, tired but clearly happy that her foster daughter was going to be alright.


She awoke with a fright, sweat pouring off her face and tears running down her cheeks as she struggled to control herself. Everything that had happened to her, she had dreamed about, like it was happening all over again.

Tears rolled down her cheeks freely before a gentle knocking on the door made her jump, quickly wiping away her tears before squeakily shouting ‘come in’

She turned and watched the door open, as he smiled before coming in and closing it behind him. He turned to say something to her but stopped as he noticed that she was sweating and had been crying.

“What’s wrong?’ he asked as Nicole shook her head.

“Nothing Geoff, I’m ok,’ Geoff creased his brows before sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at her as the tears welled up in her eyes once more.

“Your not ok, what’s wrong?’ Geoff asked as Nicole lowered her head before slowly lifting it up to look at him.

“It wont stop Geoff. It just wont stop, i can’t get it out of my head. I dont want to remember what happened to me, I dont want to dream about it every night,’ she began to sob as Geoff’s heart broke for her. Pulling her into his chest as she began to shake as his white shirt slowly seeped up her tears.

“Hey, you’ve been through so much already and your so much stronger than I am. I’m proud of you and...’ Geoff trailed off as Nicole slowly pulled back and looked at him as he then lowered his head.

“And what?’ She quickly asked as she felt her heart skip a beat.

“And I like you Nic, I really like you’ he said as Nicole felt her whole world spinning around her. Geoff Campbell, the Geoff Campbell, the one person she has had a crush on since as long as she can remember, likes Nicole.

“You like me?’

“Yes, and I also came here to tell you that Belle is going to be ok, she’s pretty black and blue but she will be ok,’ Geoff said as Nicole hadn’t even realized she had stopped breathing.

“Breathe Nic,’ Geoff told her as Nicole slowly smiled let let her breath out before looking back up at him. Her own bruises had changed to a lightish purple color and were beginning to fade.

“I like you too Geoff,’ she told him as he looked at her, a smile playing his lips before he bought her back into his chest and hugged her gently, never wanting to let her go, or get hurt ever again.


“Ok I want posters up all around the Bay about the meeting, anyone not attending like the victims we will fill them in. I want patrol’s at 5:30 pm sharp from now on, two teams, change over will be at 8 pm seeing as this guy is now attacking women in their own home.

Head office is sending up another full team to help with the investigation because it has also been happening in the city as well so we need to find some sort of connection between the girls, go!’ Charlie ordered as all uniformed police nodded and grabbed their partners and exited the station.

Looking over at Jack who was clearly staring at the computer screen and what ever was on it, she walked over to him and leant on his desk as he looked up at her.

“I think I may have found a possible connection, but we need to speak to the girl who was attacked in the city!’

“Well get going, I’ll go and let Martha know and just be back before the town meeting ok,’ Charlie told him as Jack looked at her, hesitant before finally nodding.

“See you in a couple of hours,’ he said, jumping off the chair, grabbing his jacket and a set of police car keys and heading out the door.

Sitting in Jack’s seat, Charlie looked at the computer screen before her eyes lit up. Bringing up a new search page, she typed in the murdered victims name into the database and clicked on the search button, waiting for the page to load before a picture and a heap of details appeared on the screen.

Reading over all the details, Charlie’s eyes lit up even more at the shock revelation she had just uncovered about the murdered victim.

“Oh.my.god!’ she said as her hand shot over her mouth in complete and utter shock.

“This isn’t good!’

what is the connection?

someone else is attacked, but gets away, who?

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Thank you so much RR1, tessalove, Dotti, H&Aaddict, Barbara for all your amazing comments, I love you guys!

Have you figured out who it is yet?

Next chapter

Chapter 9

She paced back and forth across the room with the paper in her hand, her eyes scanning across every line written on the paper in front of her. The connection all pointing to one person, and making every bit of sense.

She didn’t know how long she had been pacing for, it must have been a while because someone bought her out of the trance she was in.

Looking up she saw Jack sit the car keys on the front counter and turn to Charlie. “We know the connection,’ Jack said as Charlie looked back at the paper she was still holding in her hands.

“Let me guess, Belle Taylor!’


Pouring a glass of water, Aden went and sat back the Belle’s side. Irene had taken Geoff and Annie home so they could get some rest and were going to bring them back later on that day. Nicole had finally been released and Roman had bought her by to see Belle before having to go home and rest, still feeling rather sick by the whole lot of events.

Belle still hadn’t woken as the doctors were giving her sedatives until such time they were sure she wouldn’t be in too much pain from her injuries. Belle’s face was like a balloon, one side of her face was so swallon that the doctors said when she woke, she wouldn’t be able to open one eye properly.

Her face was almost black from where she must have been beaten, and she had a split lip which was puffed out and she had a bandage wrapped around her head.

But yet, even with all the injuries Belle had sustained, Aden still thought she was gorgeous. He smiled gently, brushing a piece of hair from her face just as a doctor walked back in with Nurse Julie tailing right behind him.

“What’s going on?’ Aden asked as the doctor picked up her chart and looked at it as Julie filled a syringe full of something clear.

“We have to wake up Miss Taylor, the police are on their way, she is the connection to what has been happening to the women around the Bay.’ Julie said as the doctor scribbled something down on the chart before looking at Julie and nodding.

Walking over to one line traveling into Belle’s arm, Julie pushed the syringe into an exit line before turning it and pushing the end in, watching her watch as the contents slowly traveled up the line and into Belle’s arm.

Seconds later, Belle began to stir as Julie quickly pushed another syringe with a small contents into the line as it also traveled up into her arm. Tears were falling out the sides of her eyes and down the edge of her cheeks as she finally began to wake up.

“Belle, Belle my name is Julie, can you open your eyes for me,’ Aden watched tediously as Belle’s breathing became heavier as the pain began to seer through her body.

“Belle the pain will go away in a minute of, I’ve given you some morphine, just open your eyes for me ok,’ Julie asked the teen as Belle’s left eye fluttered a couple of times before she finally opened it. Her right eye opened a fraction, but not much further as her swollen face was preventing much movement from that side of the face.


She was sitting in her back yard, drinking a cold cup of lemonade and sunbathing in her mini shorts and bikini top. Her blonde hair in a pony tail behind her. Sitting her cup down, she heard a ruffling from the bushes. Looking toward the back fence where there was a gate to get into the park they lived in front of, she saw nothing.

Turning her head the other way toward the front of the house, she heard more rustling in the bushes near the front gate. Climbing up from her banana lounge, she headed toward the noise without thinking for a second.

In a flash, she had been slammed up against the fence, his hand around her throat choking her, muffling out her screams as she instantly lifted her hands to try and fight him off. The next thing she knew she had been thrown onto the grass only centimeters away and he was on top of her, his eyes piercing into her’s through his balaclava, this time both hands around her throat as she began to lose the air from her lungs.

Face turning red as she tried to fight him off and tears springing into her eyes, she done the only thing she could think of.

Her knee connected with his groin as he toppled off beside her, and she screamed, a scream so piercing that who ever it was lifted his hands over his ears as not to be defend by the scream escaping her lips.

Color returning to her face, she scrambled to her feet as fast as she could and turned, kicking him, over and over again in his stomach as he curled into a ball, she kept kicking and screaming, more angry now before then next thing she new, she was back on the ground and his arm was coming back toward her, she could hear he was in pain as he moved, and then she done it, grabbing his arm mid way toward her, she scratched him so hard that he whimpered in pain and blood started seeping through the scrape she had left.

Crawling centimeters away from her attacker, she screamed out to the one person she knew was home.


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hehe thanks so much guys, there is a twist :)

Chapter 10

They burst through the emergency doors and toward the nurses station holding Matilda around the waist as she had one arm around his neck. “We need some help here!’ Lucas bellowed as Jack came around the corner, seeing Lucas with a clearly traumatized Matilda.

“What’s happened?’ Jack asked as tears were streaming down Matilda’s cheeks.

“Mattie was attacked, but she fought him off, she hurt him,’ Lucas said as Jack looked at Matilda, seeing the distinct red hand mark across Mattie’s throat and the bruises starting to form up her arms, but what caught Jack’s attention was the blood underneath her finger nails.

“Did you scratch him Mattie?’ Jack asked as Matilda slowly looked down, lifting her hands up to look at them before looking back at Jack.

“I think so yeah!’


“She is severely traumatized so I dont want many questions, if at any time she begins to panic then the interview is over, what Belle needs now more than anything is rest!’ her doctor told Charlie and Jack as both officers nodded, watching as the doctor moved away from the door to let them enter.

Jack was the first to enter the room, followed by Charlie and the doctor as Aden was sitting next to Belle’s bed, holding her hand as tears rolled down the left side of her face.

“Belle...’ Jack stated as she slowly craned her head over to look at him. Jack didn’t make any facial expressions but inside, whoever had done this had been brutal, from side on, the swollen side, she didn’t even look like Belle.

Belle however got the confirmation she needed as soon as she saw Charlie’s face. Eyes creased and nose shot up, her mouth dropped open before she quickly met Belle’s gaze and turned away.

“Belle I need to ask you a couple of questions,’ Jack said as he walked to the end of the bed, but Charlie stayed near the door.

“Belle when you were attacked, what can you remember?’ Jack asked as the monitor connected to Belle’s chest sped up instantly and Aden was suddenly standing ‘shushing her and telling her everything is ok now’

“Take you time,’ Jack finally stated as Aden smowly calmed down the terrified teen lying in between the white sheets.

“I... I c-can only.......... re-remember the d-door open-ning,’ Belle struggled to talk as the extent of her injuries were stopping her from talking, seeing and breathing properly.

“Ok, did you see who did this?’ Jack then asked as Belle felt Aden gently squeeze her hand.

Before Belle could say another word the door flung open and David walked, looked at everyone and then he saw Belle. “Oh god babe!’ he said as he instantly went toward her, pushing past Aden and and stroking her cheek as she suddenly flinched at him.


“Well Mattie I’ll tell you how lucky you are but I’m sure you dont feel that way right now,’ Rachel told Matilda as the blonde sat on one of the hospital beds wearing a pink gown, Lucas sitting next to her holding her hand tightly.

“Now we’ve taken some samples from underneath your nails, and there doesn’t seem to be any tissue damage to your throat and the bruises should disappear in a couple of days, your very lucky to have fought him off,’ Rachel explained as she excused herself and left.

Her bottom lip quivered and she sniffled a couple of times before Lucas quietly got to his feet and wrapped his arms around his now sobbing girlfriend. Wrapping her arms tightly around Lucas as sobs began to wrack her body.

He whispered softly in her ear, trying to calm her down, but he was just glad that nothing worse had happened to her, because he didn’t know what he would do without her.

“I love you,’ he whispered softly in her ear as she sobbed an quiet ‘I love you too,’


She sat in the lounge whilst her father unpacked her stuff upstairs, the empty room made things seem so loud. The ticking of the clock behind her made all the thoughts of the last couple of nights flashing back through her head in a buzz.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she just sat there, her bruised face a lot lighter then when she had first been found. A gentle knock on the front door made her jump, her heart racing a million miles an hour as she quickly wiped away her tear stained face. Climging to her feet she walked around the couch and to the front door, pulling it open as he stood in the door way, his blonde spied hair all over the place.

“Geoff,’ she choked, sniffling as Geoff’s smile faded and he saw she had been crying.

“Hey, are you ok?’ he asked as Nicole looked down, and finally back up with a fake smile. “No, I’m not okay Geoff,’ she choked back another sob as like an instinct both moved forward and wrapped each other’s arms around the other.

“I dont know how I’m going to get through this Geoff,’ she sobbed into her crush’s chest, closing her eyes tightly, not wanting to let go.

“You’ll get there Nic, I’m going to help you, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere!’ He told her soothingly as he began to stroke her hair.

He was falling hard for her!


The police had collected everything they could from Belle, after David came rushing in and had gone to get a drink and something to eat, Aden was pouring himself a drink as he turned to Belle and saw that tears were streaming out of the corner of her eyes.

“Hey, Hey Belle whats wrong?’ he asked as he left his glass on the bench and walked towards her as her whole body began to shake violently.

“I just want you to stay, I dont want to be alone,’ she finally broke down as she held her arms up to her chest as a defense mechanismn.

Aden sighed as his heart broke and he sat on the edge of the bed, stroking her hair gently and placing a soft kiss on her bandaged forehead.

“It’s ok,’ he whispered to her as she closed her eyes tightly and choked back sobs. “I’m not going anywhere!’

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