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Thurs 6 Aug 09 – Episode # 4914

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Bye Mummy "

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 6 Aug 09 – Episode # 4914 ]

Ruby is in the lounge room making up a bed on the couch for herself. when charlie enters the room, ruby suggest ta its best the Charlie haves the room to herself tonight [they are sharing again now that morag & Ross are staying at Leah's].

Ruby comments tat she would have totally been more understanding towards Cahrlie's stance bout Ruby not sleeping with Xavier if she had known what happened to charlie. however, when Ruby tries to enquire further, Charlie says tat the baby is in the past bay and tat she wants to keep it that way. both of them, head off to bed.

next day, kirsty is way stressing bout her 1st day at university - and is totally rambling on/forgettimng things like her books to the point where Oly says goodbye to her about a million times before she actually bails.

Tony tells Rach tat he is going to talk Harry out for a walk. Rach is ken to go to - but Tony suggest that he wants to do this on his won. Rach is anxious but agrees.

Rach talk to Leah at the diner, who think tat Rachel's attitude is totally norm - as Rach is used to tings being orderly etc and now its so not.

nearby, Ruby is talking to Morag & Ross. Morag apologises for speaking bout Booby last night,m whilst Ruby comments that its not only that baby stuff that is troubling Charlie [ie the break up with Angelo is also a factor].

At Leah's house, Charlie tells Angelo tat ruby doesn't kw the full story bout her baby. Angelo is shocked when Charlie tell him that she was raped [which resulted in her pregnancy].

Charlie also tells Angelo tat charges were never pressed against the person who did this - as Charlie only told her dad 4 months after it happened. she adds tat Ross didn't want her dragged through the courts. Charlie then tells Angelo tat there;s somet8ing else bout the baby that only a few ppl know.

Tony talk to Alf bout the 2 of them, going fishing before Rach approaches. although tony thinks tat she will to take Harry home right now, she say at she;'s talk to Leah and gained some new perspective. indeed, she comments tat they should all be outdoors for a while before heading back home.

at diner, Ruby tells Morag & Ross tat she plans to cook a special diner for Charlie tonight.

as Ruby bails, Kirsty and some new mates [Justin, Lazza & Kelly] enter. they begin to tal;k bout their 1st assignment - to come up with a lesson based on a visual stimulus [eg a poster or a website].

nearby. after Morag comments bout Charlie;'s situation, she is quite surprise to hear4 Ross comet bout how good the adoption agency was - and that Morag is mistaken with her comments tat Charlie;s baby died.

Angelo assures Charlie that her secret is safe with him. he is also VERY please tat she has FINALLY opened up top him. Charlie looks fwd to Angelo coming to the house later on tonight.

Kirsty and her new friends are getting nowhere with their assignment [too much noise at diner] - so kirsty suggests that they can all go back to her place and work on it.

after Kirsty introduces Kelly & co to Miles, they comment at its totally god tat Miles is a teacher and that Kirsty is a coooool young mum

Rach, Tony & harry are in their back yard - talking bout the 2 fish that were caught today - 1on of them big, the other not so big. all the while, Jane is watching them.

Its night time now, and kirsty convinces Miles to read Oly a story whilst she continue to study etc wit her friends,. she say ta they won't be mush longer tonight.

Ruby, Charlie, Ross & Morag have just finished dinner when Angelo arrives. Ruby, Morag & Ross quickly bail form the room.

when they are alone, Angelo talks charlie that loves it tat, despite everytihng that she has been through, Charlie is still Very strong and that he wasn't lying at all when he said recently the he loves Charlie. the kiss.

its ever later, and Miles has had enough of the loud-ish music tat kirsty & her friends are listening to. he turns it off -= and suggests ta the others should bail, kirsty isn't impressed.

Charlie & Angelo agree for her to stay at his place tonight, since Morag & Ross are staying her whilst they are here. when Angelo has gone, Charlie talks to Morag - who tells her that, in light of recent revelations, she isn't so worried about Charlie/Angelo any more. Morag adds that she just wants what's best for Ross - and that's having his daughters in his life.

Rachel is at the car outside her house when she sees Jane - who accuses Rach of totally being in the wrong,. when Rach insist tat the board cleared her of any wrong doing, Jane accuses Rach of being a bad mother, ie Jane thinks tat Rachel is over protective & overbeaing and shouldn't be treating Tony the way she does. Rach "suggest" tat Jane should leave - and that Rach will call tat police if she sees Jane will around like this again. after Jane runs away, you can see that Rachel is still very shaken by what's occurred



Miles is worried tat kirsty is doing everything but studying with her new friends

Belle tel Nic that she has less time to live than Nic thinks she does

looks like Gibsy is te one whose involved in the dodgy abalone business

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel : grey cardy/violet low cut full length dress


Ruby : ivory knee legth dress


Charlie : dark blue singlet top/dark long pants


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Angelo : powder blue shirt/daernim jeans

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: silver satin like nightgown

Harry: white [blue trim] beanie

Jane : dark scoop top

Justin :blue t/dark shirt/dark lonmg pants

Kelly : grey t/dark sleeveles jasket/dark long pants

Kirsty : white long slleeve top/dark long pants

Lazza : dark jacket/red knee dress

Leah : blask singlet top

Miles: blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/dark long pants/tan-ish shirt

Morag : brown dressinhg gown.silver PJ shirt

Morag : white elbow sleeve sleeves top/denim jeans

Oliver : red [whiytte iunkopwn logo] long sleev top/dark long pants

Rachel " white long sleeve dress

Ross : blue [white horiz stripes] polo.dark brown long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white singlet top/white & orange PJ long pants

Tony : red t/denim jeans

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