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i hate have changelo being stuffed down our throats!!!

it is killing charlie's character like as she is independent character and with goo goo eyed Angelo swanning around and i never liked him anyway, it is making it hard to watch like:(:( and they givbe us that instead of charlie/ruby scenes:( shame on them lol

but really apart from leah ruby is charlies only friend when you think about it, so we just need some scenes and it is also as if it never came out she was ruby's mother!!! soooo fustrating!! but looking forward to the scene next week:) and they havent even had charlie or ruby talk about their situation if you look back like how they will move forward with their relationship etc. again fustrating:(

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Charlie and Ruby were both in the same room at (I believe) the same time tonight and they didn't even acknowledge each other. Ridiculous. So much for Ruby being the most important person in Charlie's life :rolleyes:

Hmm.Having now seen that episode, I'm not sure if Charlie and Ruby were meant to be there at the same time or not.I get that it happened immediately after from the viewer's point of view but the way it cut to Irene, Geoff and Ruby, without the usual pan or background shot you normally get when action's meant to be taken place concurrently, suggested it was actually a new scene set some time later and Charlie had already left.But I agree, it was another missed opportunity to see some interaction between them.

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So happy that Charlie/Ruby are having a mother-daughter scene (bonding) at last :D

I agree, MeganSaturday. I remember last year, I used to find the rumours about them as mother/daughter weird and unbelievable for a while but I got used to them later on before the secret was revealed on the show.

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I did like the stuff between Charlie and Ruby in Tuesday's UK episode.There wasn't much of it and the fact it was about Angelo might have put a few people off but that's exactly how their relationship has always been:Charlie panicking about her latest relationship, Ruby seeming more mature and experienced and giving her good advice.It was good to see that aspect of their relationship again.

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