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anyone know the episode numbers of ruby getting drunk please

Well, there's the one after Ruby kisses Liam and the gets drunk after Bianca has a go on her that's 5127. It's when she gets drunk the first time, she gets it sold from a boy at the beach. In 5155 Ruby starts drinking again; Ruby gets heavily drunk with Wodka that Penn bought her. Nicole later(in 5156) finds her and brings her to Liam's place. In 5157 Charlie finds out when Liam gets her home and Ruby then gets to a clinic after an emtional scene with Charlie. If there are any more questions, just ask.

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It's one of the things I will miss most on the show-their mother-daughter relationship and I miss seeing them together on the show, so now Charlie's gone :(

I always enjoyed watching their mother-daughter scenes together on the show since it was revealed they are mother-daughter. The Charlie/Ruby storyline on the show back in 2009 had made a impression on me. And that's why I had decided I wanted to write Charlie/Ruby fanfictions about them and their mother-daughter relationship, their lives.

The reason why I liked to write Charlie/Ruby fanfictions as I wanted to show my appreciation for Charlie and her relationship with Ruby. their mother-daughter relationship on the show because there will be no more scenes between them this year so now Charlie's gone. To show my appreciation for Charlie and Ruby, their mother-daughter relationship because they are my favourite characters. The links to my Charlie/Ruby fanfictions are in my signature :)

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