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It's so frustrating. Charlie was out fixing tables with Angelo while Ruby was practically falling apart in the store room. She was literally one room away from having the opportunity of being a proper mother and showing she cared for someone other than Angelo.

Ever notice that when Angelo has a problem and says that he's fine, Charlie will keep pushing it until he finally tells her what's up. Although usually she doesn't have to try very hard because he just dumps his problems in her lap anyways.

But when something's botheriing Ruby she'll ask her once, maybe twice if she's bored and can't find lover boy, and if Ruby says she's fine, Charlie just seems to accept that and then walks away. Leaving Nicole or Irene to console the poor girl.

There is a real imbalance in Charlie's personal life at the moment. While things are going well for her and Angelo, her relationship with Ruby is really starting to suffer. She's focusing so hard on not stuffing up things with Angelo that she's completely lost any focus she had on being a good mum to Ruby.

And you know it's bad when Ruby has to have a full on emotional meltdown before Charlie starts care enough to want to help her. If Charlie is so concerned for Ruby and really wanted to know what was up with her, she could have asked Nicole or even Xavier.

But she didn't even bother. I know that the writers are probably doing it for storyline purposes to make it so that when Ruby finally does confess everything to Charlie it becomes a big thing. But do they really have to make Charlie look like the worst mother/sister ever in order to do so?

We need to see Charlie try more. From what I saw from the preview at the end of last notes episode, it looks like we'll finally get to see the Charlie/Ruby beach scene we've discussed before. Although I'm not sure, I think it could be from Monday nights episode. If not Monday then it's definitely Tuesday nights.

I just hope Charlie puts up more of a fight in the beach scene. It's not right the way she keeps just letting the issue go as if it will solve itself. And I can't imagine she'll be very happy with herself when she finds out second hand that Ruby has been drinking to numb her pain rather than feeling like she can talk to Charlie.

I hope that when Charlie see's this she realises just how bad things are for Ruby and she'll start to play a much stronger role in her life and be present more often. Unlike the ususal cup of coffee and quick chat at the diner that's been going on now for the last six months.

Charlie kicked up such a fuss when Ruby ran away, saying how she wanted her home and how much she loved her. Even going as far as telling her own father she would never speak to him again if Ruby didn't return. But where has this gone? She has Ruby back but yet she has done nothing to bridge the gap between them.

Yes they are back on speasking terms, but the fact that Ruby feels like she can't move home obviously means that there are still issues they need to work through. And while Charlie has been good about giving Ruby that space, she's made no effort to to try and correct things between them.

I pointed this out on the H&A Message Board but I'll point it out again. Charlie went through months of therapy to try and and work through her issues so she could make a commitment to Angelo and tell him that she loves him. Why the hell can she do that for a man, but she can't be bothered to do the same to fix things with Ruby? I mean surely her relationship with her daughter is much more important than a relationship with yet another man, who she probably won't even be with for the rest of her life.

I love the Charlie character. But somethimes she just does things that I don't get. She treats her boyfriend with more care and support than she does Ruby and Ruby's her flesh and blood. No wonder the poor girl is having a meltdown. She has no mother to take care of her. I think Charlie needs to set Angelo aside for a while. Let him deal with his own problems and dramas, and for once pay some attention to Ruby.

Wow. Amen to that! I couldnt have said it better myself :rolleyes:

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I thought Charlie's maternal side showed when she spoke to Ruby on the beach after Ruby told her about Liam. It was really sweet to watch, and when Charlie said what she said before 'police officer' (I don't want to give too much away) I was like, NAWWWW!!! ><

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I loved yesterdays interaction between Charlie and Ruby (episode 5180) It was so sweet and funny. Just like they used to be when they first arrived in the bay. I hope they have more scenes together like this, its was great to watch and I think these two can have such a great relationship again.

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Yay looks like there's gonna be more Charlie/Ruby scenes tomorrow night in Australia! :D

http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/galle...-november-2010/ (Awww protective Charlie!! :D I bet she rips into Alex for treating her daughter like crap and probably tells him to stay away from Ruby)

http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/galle...-november-2010/ (Awww mother/daughter moment! :D)

I enjoyed watching the Charlie/Ruby scenes last night (Episode 5177) :) It was lovely.

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i want ruby to start calling Charlie mum she kown thats shes her mum for over a year now was there any point to that at this rate be better if they stayed sisters

I agree with this.I remember there was a scene just before Ruby went into rehab where she and Charlie were talking on the beach and hugged and I thought "If she's ever going to call her 'Mum', it should have been there."

It's hard to tell what's been planned in advance and what only makes sense in retrospect but it seems like they spent most of 2009 semi-avoiding each other, getting on okay but not really dealing with the issue.The last few weeks of the year it did seem like Ruby in particular wanted to deal with the new situation and become a family so I'm hoping they'll continue that way next year and we'll see them reach the point where Ruby can call her "Mum".I hope that's what happens but I'm afraid there's just as much chance that they either won't bother or they'll turn what should be an important development into a meaningless throwaway remark that they don't need to follow up on.

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