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Here's hoping we get a lot more Ruby/Charlie scenes.

Especially now since the only relationship between Angelo and Charlie is a working relationship. Which I'm hoping it will stay that way.

Either that or they completely get rid of Angelo, because I find it very sad that Charlie has more of a relationship with a cop killer than her own daughter, who for a while she desperatly wanted to have a strong relationship with. What happened to that??

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You know, aside from the fact they aren't living together, I think Charlie and Ruby have as strong a relationship as they had before Ruby found out about her being her mum.Hasn't really developed into a mother/daughter relationship yet, you get the odd bit where they're trying to move in that direction and I guess it's right that it would be a slow process.

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So the looks Ruby was giving Liam give us a hint that that storyline is going to go ahead and I cannot wait for Charlie's reation:):):) She is going to be mad as he can't be that much younger than her so.....she well may lose her top.

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