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Thurs 30 Jul 09 – Episode # 4909

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Tribute To A Mermaid ??? “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 30 Jul 09 – Episode # 4909 ]

The Walker family [dad Sid, mum Jody, teen daughter Indigo, teen son Dexter] appear to be lost near tat beach so they get out of the car and they ask Leah form directions to the hospital. She gives them the directions – and Sid points out that he is the Dr who is subbing for Rach when she is a maternitry levee.

After Leah walks way, Indi make in VERY clear that she doesn’t like this boring sleepy town [note – I’d LOVE to the tat Indigo is named as a kind of tribute to Indiana Evans, aka Matilda Hunter and now Bella in “h2o – just add water”]

Rachel is more than I tad worried about today – esp. since Dr Olivetti phone her 1st thing to talk about what’s happened. Tony tries to assure Rach at she did all she could for Jane, but Rach isn’t so convinced.

Sid & Jody are walking along [with their teens in the car] when Sid get another text msg. His wife sees it – and can’t belief tat Sid appear to be cheating on her AGAIN. He tries to tell her that the woman won't leave him alone but she isn’t buying it. The nearby Leah wonders of she can help Jody.

Jody talks to Leah at tee diner. She comments that she thought by coming here to the bay her & Sid’s marriage would get tee fresh start that it needed.

Indi & Dex are talking at tee surf club – and Indi is mouthing off bout teir dad. Also, Dex won’t let Indi borrow his phone [hers is confiscated as she ran up a huge bill]. Xavier wonders if they’ll like to paly pool. Indi & Dex are kinda bored so they agree.

Nurse Julie has Jesuit fisheye showing Sid round the hospital when Dr Olivetti approaches. Sid comet tat, since Rach has recently given birth, these accusations are the lat ting she needs.

Rachel ^& tony arrive, and Nurse Julie “suggest” tat Rachel must be absopuloput5ley precise when she tells the board what happened that day that Jane miscarried. Rachel is concerned by all of this. Dr Olivetti approaches and he and Rach head off to meet with tee hosp board.

When Rachel is talking to tee hop board, she tell them that she told nurse Julie to get Jane a bed pan on day that Jane was there [because if Jane had had that bed pan she wouldn’t have tried to go to the bathroom on her own and started giving birth alone]. Dr Olivetti tells Rachel at Julie has differing views of what; happened. All the while, we can hear Harry crying and its get too mush for Rachel who goes out of tea room to tend to her son.

Rachel tells Tony what Julie has said, and then when Tony goes to get a drink of water he encounters Rex and tries to talk to him. Rex however things tat tony is trying to get him & Jane to stop their accusations of negligence etc against Rach.

As Miles & Kirsty enter surf club, Kirsty seem very happy 0- and is looking fwd to tee nail coming today.

Meanwhile, Indi ask Xavier where a public phone is – he tells he tat there is one not far from surf club. Indi bails – but not before insisting that the Walkers won't be here in bay to9o long [because of what’s happened with her dad’s cheating ways].

Alf is by Trey’s dad’s bedside at tee hospital. Trey’s dad insists tat his mum should heavy been harder on trey and this mess wouldn't have happened.

A disguised Trey is on tee hone at the phone box when Indi approaches. When ne is off the phne, she asks if she can borrow his phone card. He give it o her – and runs away.

Rah is tending to harry a talking to Tony. She doesn’t think that it was the best of idea for him to talk to Rex like he did. Rach also comets that its sound likes Julie thoughts that Rach was indicating for her to take a bed pan to another patient [not Jane].

Sid tells Indi & Dex tat her mum has gone back to the bcity. Dex urges Sid to fix this, whilst Indi comments that she is please that their mum FINALLY showed some backbone for a change.

Kirsty enter tee VPH, and she is very pleased that she had got a letter. She seemed concerned about miles seeing it though so she opens it in tee laundry [he is at tee dining table].

Knurs Julie arrives at tee hunter house. She tells Rachel that she [Rach] was a liability the day that Jane miscarried – as Julie remembers that she corrected a meds dosage that Rachel prescribed. Nurse Julie insists that she is BOT taking the blame for what happened to Jane. Julie bails – and Rach is waaaaaaaaaaay worried about what’s going on.

Its night time, and tony talk to Alf bout how stressed that Rach is. Tony is pleased that when Alf says that Trey’s dad will be up and about soon [so tony won’t have to attend a surf club meeting in his place].

Trey makes another al at the public phone box. He calls the hospital and says that he is trey’s dad’s brother – wondering what room treys’ dad is in.



Trey gets into his dad’s hospital room =- and threatens him with a syringe

There’s a party on the beach – that tee like of Nic, Geoff, Annie, Jai, Indi & Dex attend

Alf tells Irene that he is concerned tat Gibsy is a tad ”fishy”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Indigo Walker: grey hat/tan [black horse] t/dark long pants


Rach: blue & black top/blue jacket/dark knee skirt


Jody Walker: coffee colored top/dark long pants


Alf: faded yellow [dark check] shirt/ bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Dexter Walker: white [yellow & blue logo] t/dark long pants

Dr Olivetti: dark suit/white shirt/2 tone blue dig tie

Jane: dark cardie/grey top/olive green long pants

Kirsty: red scoop knee dress

Leah: red halter top/dark trackpnats

Miles: olive green shirt/ white [yellow cowboy motif] t/denim jeans

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse/dark knee skirt/white jacket

Rach: white dressing gown/white night dress

Rex: powder blue shirt/denim jeans

Sid Walker: olive green button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: brown polo/dark long pants

Trey: dark cap/dark sunglasses/olive green jacket/denim jeans

Trey’s dad: grey long sleeve top

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/grey shorts

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