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Tues 28 Jul 09 – Episode # 4907

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Since When “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 28 Jul 09 – Episode # 4907 ]

Belle tries to sneak bake into tee beach house bout Amanda and tee others see her. Belle quickly goes to her room. Amanda follows and although Belle insists stat a everything is ok, it’s a good thigh that Amanda can't se belle’s face [which is saying the exact opposite].

Later that night, we see Aden at belle’s window, but since he isn’t there seconds later, I’m not sure of that was just a dream tat belle was having.

Next day, Charlie ti talk to Angelo – she is worried bout how Morag & Ross will “take” their ’ship. Charlie suggests tat Angelo should bail before Morag gets here.

Nic tri to convince Aden to go through with tee wedding – as Belle, despite tee fact tat she is dying, still put adne's happiness 1st etc. and tell Nic tat he doesn’t know if he can be that strong. Nic give him the letter form Roman and tell Aden to phone her when he made a decision either way.

Everyone’s t5otally is wedding prep mode at tee beech house when Nic arrives. When she & Nic are alone, Nic tells Belle tat she doesn’t know if Aden is going to be there at tee wedding today. Belle [in teras] tells Nic tat she just wanted today to be perfect.

Many ppl are already at tee headland [where Shane died] for the wedding when Marsha & Hugo arrive and speak to9 Alf. They see that Hugo, Ross & ruby have arrived. Marsha is a tad wary of them [given how protective Morag is of Marsha] hut she foes over to speak to them all tee same.

Meanwhile, at roman’s place, Aden is dep iin tought it looks.

Belle has almost remove her engagemnt ring with Nic enters tee room. When Nic says that she feels like crying, belle suggests tat if Nic starts it will start belle off, who won’t be able to stop. Geoff enters tee room – he tell Belle tat she look amazing.

At tee headlined, Ruby is covering for Charlie [eg “she should be here soon”] as she peek to Morag, whilst all esp. Belle are concerned when Belle arrives and Aden isn’t there yet.

Aden reads out t6e letter form Roman – saying how proud he is off Aden, and how Adele will challenge love et each other even more when they are married that they have already [and that been thorough sooo mush already].

Thing aren’t looking good, and Nic wonder to Belle if she shod tell all tee guests tat there won’t be a wedding. Belle says that she will do that herself. Belle then does tell everyone that there’s not going be a weeding today …. bur moments later, Aden arrive and says “since when …… sorry I’m late” etc

Adelle then say their beautiful vows etc and get married. Geoff takes special notice of how tearty/emotyional tat Nic is during tee ceremony.

Everyone is gathered at tee surf club for tee reception. Ruby suggest to0 Charlie that Ross is in a god way these days [better then he has been of late] so maybe charley shouldn’t tell him bout Charlie/Angelo.

Morag approaches Hugo – and has a cagey chat with Hugo, which ends with him answering his mobile aklnd telling her tat he needs to take this call.

At tee headland, Aden is kinda keen to deal with what’s going on – telling ppl etc, but belle “suggest” tat they can deal with that morrow, as today is about them being waaaaaaaaaaay happy etc.

Elsewhere, Charlie is a tad intrigued/concerned when Angelo drives her to near tee wharf where Joey lived – indeed, tee car pulls up on tee opposite side of the street to Joey’s old house.

After they get out of tee car, charley & Angelo are talking – with Charlie slightly standing on tee rod. She is then hit by a car – and the driver is Joey’s brother Bret. Bret seems distraught, whilst Angelo tells him to stay back. Thais is after Angelo has called an ambulance




Morag tell Hugo to not hurt Marsha

Charlie tells Angelo bout Jarlie!!!


Are Charlie & Ruby something other than sisters?????

Lima Murphy is back in town – with a mate played by “h2o – just add water” series 3 star Luke Mitchell

Looks like Rachel’s bub Harry goes missing

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Amanda: white [purple swirls] thin strap dress


Belle: white [partly black] fluffy full length strapless wedding dress


Marsha: red, white & black low cut full length dress


Aden: dark long sleeve shirt/dark long pants

Aden: dark singlet

Alf: gold jacket/white shirt/dark [white diag stripes] tie/dark long points/wide brim hat

Amanda: white [dark swirls] billowy knee dress

Angelo: light blue shirt/white shorts

Angelo: white jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Annie: baby pink knee dress

Annie: light yellow [orange waist band] knee dress

Belle: black satin dressing gown

Belle: grey [green trees] t/Dark shorts

Brett: dark cap/black [white check] flannelette shirt/dark t/dark long oats

Celebrant [blood nut]: white jacket/dark top/dark long pants

Charlie: blue singlet top/white shorts

Charlie: dark jacket/white top/dark long pants

Colleen: black [purple floral] dress/purple scarf

Geoff: dark suit/white shirt

Geoff: white [prey diag stripes] t

Hugo: white shirt/dark vest/dark long pants

Irene: dark low cut knee dress

Irene: white [dark stripes] PJs

Miles: dark jacket/white shirt/dirk tie/.dark long pants

Morag: brown jacket/white [brown swirls] top

Nic: black & white mosaic strapless full length dress

Nic: yellow [green floral] low cut knee dress

Ross: dark jacket/white shirt/grey long pants

Ruby: red strapless knee dress

Ryan: white long sleeve short/dark long pants

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