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Type of story: one shot

Rating: T - just kissing.

Main Characters: Aden, Belle and Nicole.

Genre: Romance.

Warnings: Mentions kissing.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Aden is happily married but that doesn't stop him from having an Affair.

He was married and sleeping with her was wrong, but she brought out a passion in him, a passion he had long since given up on. Aden Jeffries was married, happily he might add, to a woman who was far too good for him. Yet he couldn’t stop sneaking out the house, night after night, to meet up with another woman. A woman who he loved but would never leave his wife for.

“Hey baby, it’s me”, he whispered as he snuck into a hotel room. This was dirty, dirty and wrong, but he couldn’t stop.

“I didn’t think you would sneak out tonight. You said something about a family dinner”

He smiled. She always remembered everything that was going on in his life. Sometimes it made him feel guilty, but other times it made him feel special and important. Tonight was

one of the nights he felt special.

“It went on for a while but I had to see you tonight. I’ve missed you”

She smiled. She loved Aden Jeffries and she could see he loved her but it wasn’t enough. He would never leave his wife for her. They were too much in love. He couldn’t breathe without her.

“I’ve missed you too”, she whispered quietly, knowing what was coming next.

He leaned over her and kissed her passionately, as sparks flew through her body.

It was good, always good, but not good enough. She held no hopes, no illusions. As soon as they were finished, Aden kissed her on the forehead and left.

“I love you Aden Jeffries”, she whispered, as the door swung shut behind him. “I just wish it was enough”

As soon as Aden got home, he threw his clothes into the wash. He didn’t want his wife to smell the perfume or see the lipstick on the collar. He jumped straight into the shower, as if trying to wash away the sins. It never worked though. When he was satisfied that he no longer smelt like another woman, he changed into his pyjamas and walked up the stairs, straight into his wife’s arms, not giving a second thought to the lady he had just left.

As usual, his wife rolled straight into him, snuggling her head into his chest.

“Where did you go honey? I missed you”

“I just went for a walk babe. I needed to clear my head after that extremely long family dinner.”

“Be nice about my Mum. You know we hardly ever see her”

“I know sweetheart. I’m just messing with you. I just wanted some air”

She smiled up at him. Aden Jeffries was hers, forever and ever. Till death do us part. The road to love had not been easy, but it never was. Other people had had to be discarded along the way, but they all lay forgotten. All that mattered now was Aden and his beautiful wife.

Across Summer Bay, left in the dingy hotel room, tears poured down her face. She was nothing to Aden Jeffries, no matter how much she gave to him, they were never going to happen, but it was getting harder and harder to wrap her head around it. He came back to her every single night, yet he was still happy with his wife. Why did he come back?

It was a question Aden asked himself countless times. Why did he go back again and again? It had all started as an innocent mistake, so why had he gone back? He had the beautiful wife, the loving family. Everyone in Summer Bay loved Aden Jeffries. He had grown so much from the troubled teen that had tried to kill his father. He was a respectable young man, who did community service around the bay, and assisted everyone who needed it. On the outside, he was perfect but on the inside, he was demolishing himself, his wife, and his mistress.

The cycle repeated itself over and over again. Aden would wake up every morning and play happy families with his wife. They would get up, walk to the diner, hand in hand, and be all lovey dovey. Then at night, when his wife went to bed, he would get up, get into his car and drive to the hotel. He would meet the same woman again and again. It was a vicious cycle but he couldn’t get out of it. He was stuck.

His wife was the best thing that ever happened to him, yet he couldn’t let go of that other woman.

He loved Nicole with all his heart, he had married her, and those words were still true: Till Death Do Us Part.

Yet, he went back every single night and slept with Belle, stringing her along because he loved her and couldn’t let her go.

It would never be enough though. At the end of the day, all Belle was, was an affair.

An affair.

If this is well reviewed, and you guys want me to, I'm thinking of writing another one shot, explaining how Aden and Nicole ended up married and Belle ended up left behind. Let me know what you think.


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