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Jess Tovey - her next move: "RESCUE Special Ops" Prem Ch 9 A

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RESCUE Special Ops Premieres On Nine

Channel Nine will take audiences on a thrilling ride in the high adventure new drama series RESCUE Special Ops.

Premiering Sunday, August 2 at 8.30pm, RESCUE Special Ops stars an acclaimed ensemble cast including Les Hill, Peter Phelps, Libby Tanner, Gigi Edgley, Daniel Amalm, Andrew Lees and Katherine Hicks.

They are the elite of the elite. Experienced paramedics in peak physical condition, the team at RESCUE Special Ops are called in for complex search and rescue operations. With the latest in tools and training, they can access anyone, anywhere, under any conditions.

Dean (Les Hill) and Chase Gallagher (Andrew Lees) are brothers. Highly competitive, they argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what.

Their boss Michelle (Libby Tanner) and logistics manager Vince (Peter Phelps) are the best in the business, highly professional and cool under pressure. The rest of the elite unit includes Lara (Gigi Edgley), Jordan (Daniel Amalm), and Heidi (Katherine Hicks)

The job brings them face to face with life and death situations every day, which they endure with their training and a fair dose of humour. Deep down they’re just like anyone else, juggling love, life and career.

Jo Horsburgh, Head of Drama for the Nine Network said:

“With the series about to make its debut, it’s been exciting and rewarding to receive such positive feedback on RESCUE Special Ops, confirming what we always believed about the series, it has great stories, a talented cast and is a terrific Aussie drama that audiences will enjoy.”

RESCUE Special Ops will also feature outstanding guest stars including Sacha Horler, Damian Walshe Howling, Gyton Grantley, Emma Lung, Wil Traval, Gary Sweet, Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Martin Dingle Wall, Tim McCunn, Jessica Tovey and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

Join these heroes who risk their lives to rescue others when RESCUE Special Ops debuts Sunday, August 2 at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

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Most ex-h&a actors are not seen for a long while after leaving. She's still going to be on air on h&a and seen on this new show too. Depending on when her episode as guest comes on ofcourse. Will be weird seeing her in a different role, hope it surfaces on youtube after airing too. Sounds like an interesting show.

Great news for Jess. :D

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I have a feeling this show is going to flop - from the promos it looks like we have seen it all before with MRU in All Saints and Rush on Ten and it is reminding me of that Canal Road series that was axed a few episodes in. But see how it goes I guess..

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^I'm kinda thinking the same thing.The change to MRU did AS no favours and then there's Rush.Having said that,i don't think this is supposed to be AS in the beginning or Rush. It sounds like it has a strong cast so lets wait and see.

Thanks for posting.

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