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You Are Not Alone

Guest jdoddy

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Story Title: You Are Not Alone

Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction

Main Characters: Nicole & Geoff + some General Cast

BTTB rating: G (any other ratings/warnings will be clearly marked at the start of the chapter)

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content: None .Violence: Nothing that wouldn't see broadcast Language: <<

Summary: Story starts with a Niff Marriage then some stuff happens that rocks the boat a bit.

A/N: Italics are real time but alot of the narrative happens in flashbacks which are denoted with ***

ps. first fic.. please be nice.. constructive feedback is welcome :)

You are Not Alone.

A Geoff & Nicole Short Story

Chapter One

Although Summer Bay was drenched in warm sunshine, It was as if she could only see in monochrome – everything washed over her like the sea lapping at the edges of the beach . She was in utter shock.. in a flash.. he had saved her – but had it cost him his life?.


'I have never felt this way about anyone else Nic, It has always been you – I love everything about you. And when I'm around you nothing else matters – my heart skips a beat and the world stops spinning.. Nicole 'Princess' Campbell.. I Love You!'.

Throughout this entire outburst.. Nicole had remained silent – she could feel herself reddening at every word.. and she didn't care, she stood up.. her eyes watering and planted a passionate kiss onto the lips of her groom.. the reception room erupted and over the din Nicole could just hear Aden shout 'Campbell you soft..' she never did catch the end of the sentence as Geoff had hoisted her into his arms but she had no doubt that some form of insult or expletive had been carried away by the atmosphere – as they left the room behind she whispered in his ear 'you know I hate surprises.. where are we going.. the bedroom?' she had tacked that question on the end in the hope that now they where married they could release all the physical feelings they had bottled up.. she was disappointed when Geoff replied with a smirk 'You can wait a little longer for that can't you.. I've got something better planned' 'What could be better than se..', she never finished the sentence as they entered the large plain at the front of The Sands and she saw the sleek black helicopter awaiting them.. 'Mrs Campbell.. we are going on honeymoon'..

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Chapter Two


The view from the helicopter was like nothing they had ever seen before. Australia by air held some sort of mesmerising quality, Geoff and Nicole had been sitting holding hands and admiring the view – Nicole had even tried to sit in his lap at one point.. but 'Honeymoon or No Honeymoon – it's a health and safety risk' were the words of the pilot when he had caught her shuffling around, and when Nicole had pushed her tongue out in response all Geoff could do was laugh.

After what seemed like hours in the air – the new Mr & Mrs Campbell landed at their destination.. it wasn't until they had reached the arrivals door to the airport – which was adorned with a large 'Welcome to Mauritius' sign that Nicole realised where he had taken her.

'Oh My God.. this is amazing!.. Thank you, Thank you.. but how did you know that I wanted to come here? - Geoff chuckled and replied 'Well.. remember the time we both went to that religious retreat a couple of years back?'.. Nicole looked confused 'Well' he continued 'we left early because you couldn't hack being separated from me..' Nicole interjected, seeming to get the jist of the conversation 'yeah.. well it's not the best place to take your girlfriend on a first holiday.. and we left cause I didn't like the food...' Nicole's voice faded out as she remembered he was right. 'Excuses, Excuses Princess, anyway on the way home you decided you wanted to choose our next holiday.. and you were terrible at being subtle when it came to booking this..'

'And.. That is why you love me!' Nicole interrupted, she placed a small kiss onto his cheek.. 'you'll get your reward later!' .. 'I'm beginning to think that's all you think of Nic'.. 'not always.. sometimes I think about babies'.

'WHOA..' Nicole had anticipated this reaction, and erupted into peals of laughter – she was laughing so hard that Geoff had to help her get into the car which would take them to the hotel.

This was going to be some holiday he thought as the car pulled away..

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A/N: Thanks for your comments everybody, hope you enjoy this chapter!.. its a little longer as I fear I might've got a bit carried away..

Also.. this contains a tiny bit of graphic content... just a smidge.. you might not even think its that bad.

Chapter Three


Geoff couldn't think of a better place to be at that moment, or a person he would rather be with.. nobody could say that their relationship had been easy but he would tell anybody it was worth every second.. this thought was only reinforced when he caught Nicole's eye as the car pulled up to a secluded little beach.. complete with a beach hut and resting on the rock was an ice bucket – inside was Nicole's favorite champagne.

Geoff made to uncork the bottle – but Nicole had other ideas.. 'that'll keep Mr, we've got some catching up to do..'. She pulled him into the shade of the hut and that was that.

Nicole awoke first.. she couldn't believe how amazing these past forty-eight hours had been.. it seemed only five seconds ago she was awaking on her wedding day.. and now she was Mrs Campbell.. and couldn't be happier. Geoff stirred next to her and she turned to face him – and almost as if they had been reading each others minds they both whispered 'I Love You'.


It had been three or four days since that moment, neither could be certain – minutes, hours, seconds and days had all melted into one – but one thing Geoff did know was he couldn't take Nicole anywhere without her needing to buy something.. he was never one for shopping. Annie had always bought the presents for Pop.. but even he had to say some of the things for sale on the stalls were bridging on the sublime.

The encounter was punctuated by the 'Oooh's' and 'Aaahs' of Nicole.. who frequently summoned Geoff to carry her bags.. he was beginning to wonder if he was her carthorse not her husband.

It was beginning to get dark when the pair stopped for a juice under the shade of a palm tree.. Nicole's bags the reminders of what had been a blissful day....

Geoff knew something was up when he heard the squeal of tyres on the dirt track – he looked around to see a shining white sporty car (he noted that it looked severely out of place in this climate) it was coming up fast.. who was that in the road.. it was silly to be picking that rock up.. however pretty it looked.. when a car was coming up so fast... wait, it was....Nicole.

He acted fast, she must've moved when he was distracted.. his heart was beating out a bit of a samba.. as he sprinted towards his love.. he was just quick enough to throw her out of the way – but the same couldn't be said for himself.. the shining white bonnet connected with his ribs.. he must've lost conciousness cause all went black.

Nicole had hit the ground with a light thud.. she was just turning around to give the jumped up idiot who had pushed her a piece of her mind 'Do you MIND.. you..' the remaining words had caught at the back of her throat as she realised what had happened.. and she let out a blood-curdling scream as she saw the figure of Geoff crumple against the car like one of those crash-test dummies.. she whimpered as his lifeless body was thrown over the roof and landed with a thud behind the car which skidded and hit the tree where they had been standing only seconds earlier..

Burning, salty tears clouded her vision as she scrambled towards the shape of her beloved

it didn't look good

she only just managed to call for help before she had to stumble away and vomit into one of the decorative pots near one of the stalls..

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Chapter Four

'Ow.. that hurt'... Geoff felt his head throb as he tried to open his eyes..

Finally he managed to focus.. and the first thing he thought of was Nicole.. he needed to see her.. it was almost as if she had sensed his need - she entered his hospital room, she was carrying a hot drink.. he assumed it was a latte – she always drank latte when she was stressed.. although it soon hit the floor when she realised he was awake..

'Thank you God.. Oh Thank you!' She screeched.. moving quickly to his bedside and draping herself across his bed.. 'I thought I'd lost you'.. Slap 'Oww Nic' 'Never do that to me again you! - I was so worried.. you always have to be heroic.. you selfish… didn't think about what it would do to me if you died!.. 'Err Nic.. don't you think my willingness to take a speeding car for you proves that I love you?' 'Well I suppose.. I'm so glad your O.K' she kissed his forehead and looped her hand with his..

'Dad and Aden are waiting outside'.. 'Eh?.. how? We are on Honeymoon'... Nicole smiled lovingly and stroked his face 'Geoff, you've been out of it for about a week.. they brought us back home'

'Oh...um..a week.. really?', 'Yeah, and me being the devoted wife that I am I was here nearly twenty-four hours a day and I can't begin to tell you how much you owe me for wasted mascara'.. with that Geoff looked down and noticed that one of the sleeves of his hospital gown was smeared with said mascara.. Nicole laughed at the facial expression the discovery was partnered with and squeezed his leg gently.. 'I'm going to tell Roman you're O.K.. Don't you go anywhere.. she laughed at her own joke as she left the room.

Geoff wasn't listening.. he had suddenly broken out in a cold sweat.. throughout the whole conversation he hadn't noticed – but when she squeezed his leg.. he realised.

'Err Nic..' he managed to stammer


'I can't feel my legs'.

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A/N: I hope you enjoy this chapter, in my opinion its my weakest writing performance so far but thats for you to judge.

Chapter Five

Although Summer Bay was drenched in warm sunshine, It was as if she could only see in monochrome – everything washed over her like the sea lapping at the edges of the beach . She was in utter shock.. in a flash.. he had saved her – but had it cost him his life?.

Nicole had left the hospital about an hour or so after Geoff's revelation in utter shock, as soon as he raised the alarm the Doctor's started testing, poking and prodding to try and find out what had caused him to loose feeling in his legs – and for the first time in a long time, she could see he was properly scared – He had always been the strong one, always been her hero.. but now she knew she needed to do the same for him.


Geoff couldn't believe it.. The doctors had the preliminary tests back.. it looked – for now anyway that he was going to be confined to a wheelchair.. how long – nobody could estimate, but Geoff knew that his life could well be over.. no more Football.. he wouldn't be able to walk or drive or enjoy the company of his wife in the way he had been used to..and things were going so well – now she would move on.. find someone new and he would have to watch her be happy – without him.


Nicole walked down the hospital corridor.. she hadn't really slept – she kept thinking of Geoff, she couldn't imagine what he was going through, she couldn't wait to see him. To hold him and tell him it was alright.. as she entered the room her greeting caught in the back of her throat.. there he was downcast and really a shadow of the man she knew.. sitting in that chair.. she moved towards him and they embraced.. the warmth of the hug rejuvenated Geoff and he smiled.

'I thought you'd left me; I doubted you'd want to be with someone like me' he whispered.

'Are you crazy?, I Love You – your the best thing that has ever happened to me'..

'You taught me something when we were stuck on that island... and now I need to remind you'..

You are Not Alone.


A/N: That was the last chapter, but I hope to write a sequel depicting how Niff live after the events of this fic. - that'll be a bit longer :)


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