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Help with watching the megaupload daily episodes

Guest Cloud9

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I've been watching YT to keep up to date with Oz pace until late but has been more and more difficult and now seems to have stopped all together. Have tried to watch via the megaupload links on this board but once downloaded and it opens in windows media player - there is only the sound but no visual ( apart from the moving squiggles you get when playing music). Any ideas what's wrong.

I did download by usual the regular option (not premium) and I did not sign up either, so would that make a difference ?


C9 x

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It works for me so I think it's Windows Media Player's fault. Somehow the old version of it only plays the sound unless you download some sort of program (search it up on Google and you'll find the program you need). I had the same problem before but it worked perfectly fine after I downloaded the newest version of Media Player. Try that and that'll fix your problem. :)

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Hello there :) I had the same problem when I got my new pc, but what you need is the something called codec for Windows Media Player. How to get it?

Well here's the site http://www.divxmovies.com/software/ and you just download it and install it on your computer. When you have done that you should just play of the file like you used to and the picture should come up ;)

Let me know if you try it and how it worked out :)

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