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Not Enough Time

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Not Enough Time

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Aden/Belle

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Sadness, death and pain...

Does story include spoilers: Yes {Not sure if its Aussie spoilers}

Any warnings: None

Summary: Belle and Aden say their last tearful goodbye.

Never seeing eye to eye

Always willing for them to disappear

Watching their broken life evaporate before my eyes

Watching their resolve dissolve

Feeling pity and guilt for the life lost

Watching as my guilt and prejudice drives them away

My loveless exterior breaks

People stare and judge my broken exterior

I smile through the tears

And let my life evaporate away to nothing

Least I deserve after everything

Least I deserve

Walking out into the sunshine allowing the heat to radiate my face, I remember the life I could have had and everything that I gave up.

Watching the world pass me by and reminiscing about lost opportunities and new memories. A familiar face caught my attention as he failed to notice my presence. I walked away from the spot to the car.

Fumbling in my bag for my keys all the contents of my bag spill out, grumbling like an insane woman to myself. I bend over to see what I can get out.

He speaks to me, he must have noticed me after all 'Hey..' his voice sounded like velvet. I looked up to see his face smiling at me with no sign of hatred etched onto his face

'Hi' I finished putting everything back in my bag and opened the door to the car 'thanks for your help. I better be off. Irene will be wondering where I am'

'Sure' he held the door open for Belle. 'I will see you around?'

'You will' I replied... 'Hold on. Do you want a lift somewhere?' inside I was hoping he would accept but somehow knowing he would never accept.

'I'm fine thanks. I will see you around'

'Sure' i replied resigned to her fate, he wasn't going to talk me yet, but if I was brutally honest with myself, I deserved it, he loved me enough to realise that I needed to be alone to sort myself out.

As I drove away, my phone vibrated and I picked it up. It was him to my utmost surprise. I had to pull the car over just to regain control of my senses.

Will you meet me so we can talk tonight, when we are alone?' Aden x


I ended up meeting him and I wore something simple. I didn't want him to think that I was there for a reunion. To be completely honest I didn't want to confuse him but then I was already confused.

'Hey' 'Red wine if you have it otherwise just some juice'

He smiled evaporating my butterflies 'Wine coming up' he said almost joking.

He handed the 'wine' over to me and smiled before sitting down

'Is there even a chance for us?' I heard myself ask him.

'I hope so' he admitted but secretly he knew we could never be together. It just wasn't possible.

I tried to make myself feel neutral 'Listen. I just want to let you know that I am not ready for another relationship. It's been 2 years since I saw you last and while I still love you, I can't be with you' I wished I was telling him the truth but the truth was still too hard to face.

I watched his expression change in a matter of seconds and that was so heartbreaking but I had to do this for myself. If I didn't let him go now then I would be prolonging his pain and he didnt deserve that.

'Just answer me one thing. If you hadn't had got addicted to drugs would you have left Summer Bay?'

'No. Drugs were the reason' I replied. For some strange reason; I felt myself opening up to him about anything but that felt just like old times, not a spark between us. Maybe an hope for a better future for him.

He nodded 'If that's how you feel about us' he said with a dejected tone 'Then I will accept it because I don't want to hurt you'

I looked into his eyes and feeling overcome by the hurt and pain that he felt but didn't waver on how I felt because I had to do this actively for herself.

He stood up as a song came on the radio. 'Dance for the last time?'

'Aden. Its not the last time. I just can't be with you right now; jumping back into a relationship isn't what I want.

'I get that. A dance?' he asked again smiling

Some say love it is a river

That drowns the tender reed.

Some say love it is a razor

That leaves your soul to bleed.

'Ok' I agreed allowing Aden to pull her up into his arms. Feeling his biceps made her heart race and for a second she wasn't sure she had made the right decision but then she looked into his eyes and for a few moments, their rocky past melted away and all that mattered was that moment at that point in time together forever.

The song continued and I allowed myself to get lost in the tune; the tune was so mesmerising and I just wanted to allow it to take me to a world without any pain.

Pain is the only that I can feel but with Aden in my heart and soul it will quickly disappear. Love is a remedy for all pain or at least that it is what it is supposed to be.

Some say love it is a hunger

An endless, aching need

I say love it is a flower,

And you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking

That never learns to dance

It's the dream afraid of waking

That never takes the chance


I heard a voice come back to me as the song began to waver away and Aden slowly moved away from me but making sure I didn't fall.

'Time for the medication Miss Taylor'

I watched Aden wince as she said it. I knew how much he wanted me to be Mrs Jefferies, to be tied to him in every way possible.

'No. I don't need it'


I cut her off 'No... its over... no more'

The nurse was going to protest till I stared her down 'fine' she said as she left the room.

Aden placed me back on the bed and I could feel myself slipping away. Aden moved away ' I will let you sleep'

'No please don't, I wont wake up. Stay please. I want you to be here when I pass away. I want my last thought to be of you.'

Aden's breathing got more and more shallow as he took in what I was saying to him. I could feel my body slipping away and my grip on Aden's hand was waning. I whispered to him 'Promise me one thing?'

'Anything for you my darling' kissing my hand

'Find love again'

Aden sighed 'I will'

'I love you' I said for the final time before I slipped away with Aden's last words on my lips 'I love you'.


The poem at the beginning is written by me. The lyrics are from the song called; the rose by westlife. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment.


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