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Friends or Soulmates?

Guest Georgia

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Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: T

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Nicole and Geoff

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Will inform at the start of each chapter

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Life had gotten complicated, that was for sure. It wasn’t so much a love triangle, as a square. Aden, Belle, Geoff and Nicole were all stuck in a tangled web of emotions, one that was impossible to get out of. Aden loves Belle; Belle loves Aden. Nicole loves Aden; Aden slept with Nicole. Geoff thinks he loves Nicole; Nicole has Geoff as a back-up guy. Life was definitely complicated for the teenage residents of Summer Bay.

NB: The chapters alternate between characters so at the start of each one I will let you know who is involved.

Chapter One: Aden (blue speech) and Nicole (pink speech)

Roman’s house was definitely too small for both Aden and Nicole. All Aden wanted was to get away from Nicole, to clear out his head but as soon as he turned around, there she was- again!

“Aden! Can you stop making such a racket in the kitchen?” Nicole screamed down the stairs.

How was he supposed to concentrate when she took no notice of boundaries?

“Sure sure princess. Whatever your heart desires”

Nicole’s footsteps came pounding down the stairs. For someone so small, she could make one hell of a racket.

“Whatever my heart desires huh? I can think of one thing I want for sure” Nicole whispered seductively, as she put a finger on Aden’s chest.

“God Nic! How many times have I told you that it was purely physical between us, and that it was a mistake? I want to make things work with Belle”

“Did you ever stop to think about how I feel Aden? I have wanted you ever since I came to the bay and instead you got involved with that druggie, and now you won’t even give us a chance”, Nicole screamed angrily before running back up the stairs.

It was getting more and more painful living with Nic, but Aden couldn’t afford to even rent a caravan. The prawn trawler was all but shut down and his income had come to a stand-still. Until he could afford to move out, he and Nicole would have to become friends again.

“Nicole, for the 1000th time, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I just wasn’t thinking” he yelled up the stairs.

“You were thinking Aden, just not with your head or your heart, if you know what I mean”, she yelled back.

This had to stop. It took both of them to make that stupid mistake but he was the one taking the blame for it.

“Aden,” she called more softly, “I know you think you love Belle but are you sure you’re not just holding onto a broken relationship? You guys have had a lot of relationship troubles; maybe you are just supposed to be friends. Give us a chance-“

Aden cut her off with the slamming of the front door. He was sick of her and her little speeches. Nicole tried to con him into a relationship about three times a day and the answer was still the same. When would she learn? Belle was the one he loved, and he would never stop trying to make up for his mistakes.

let me know what you think .. i will keep writing if you guys like it.

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Chapter Two: Belle (purple text) and Nicole (red text)

A hesitant knock came from the door of Roman’s house, as if the person knocking wasn’t sure whether they wanted to be there or not. Aden wasn’t home so Nicole ran down the stairs and yanked open the door, to reveal Belle, the last person she wanted to see.

“Aden isn’t here Belle, so I suggest you go and look somewhere else and stop bothering me.”

“Hi Nicole, it’s nice to see you again too. Actually I’m not looking for Aden; I need to talk to you”

“Me??” confusion and surprise registered on Nicole’s face, “Why do you want to talk to me?”

“We need to sort this out once and for all and I figured it might be easier if you and I sat down and had an adult conversation,” Belle explained slowly, as if she was talking to a toddler.

“Umm, yeah I suppose that would be OK. Do you want to just go through and I’ll be there in a minute,” Nicole murmured, still shocked, before closing the door and following Belle through to the kitchen.

“Belle, before you start talking, I just want to apologise. I know you and Aden weren’t together at the time but I could see that he still loved you. I feel really guilty because I have come between you guys but I was just looking for someone to be there for me”

“So that’s all there is too it? Comfort?”

“Well, I really like him Belle. I have ever since I came to Summer Bay but he isn’t interested in me.”

“He’s the love of my life Nicole. He’s funny, smart, interesting and cares for me. I never want to be without him and I thought he felt the same way but then he dumped me and slept with you. I guess I’m just struggling to adjust to the fact that our relationship might not be solid”

“Don’t you start moping Belle Taylor! I’ve had Aden doing that 24 hours a day since you went to rehab. He just slouches around the house, making a mess and then snapping at me whenever I talk to him”

"What on Earth have you been talking to him about?"

“Me and him, having a relationship. I may have said that he’s holding on to a broken relationship with you and that he should give us a chance but I can’t really remember the specifics.”

Belle chuckled. “What about Geoff, Nicole?”

“What about him?”

“You guys always used to be so close. He was like a puppy dog following his owner around.”

“He used to follow me around??”

“He adored you Nicole, you must have known that”

“I didn’t. He hung around with Melody so much and didn’t want to sleep with me. I thought he was in love with Melody”

“God Nicole! Everyone knew he loved you except you. The only reason he hung around Melody is because he’s such a nice guy who had to help out everyone. And thank you for the details of your private life, or lack of it, but the only reason Geoff didn’t want to sleep with you was because he believes in abstaining before marriage. He must have told you that!”

“Yeah Belle, I think he did but I thought it was an excuse”

“Well, I’m going to leave you to ponder this new information. If you see Aden, can you just ask him to call me?”

“Ah, so you did come here looking for Aden!”

“Of course I did Nicole, but when I saw you, I thought it was time for a heart to heart”

Belle smiled as she walked out the door, and strolled right into Aden.

as always, comments are appreciated. it lets me know if i should keep writing :rolleyes:

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Chapter Three: Belle (purple text) and Aden (blue text)

“Sorry Aden, I didn’t mean to, I was just leaving” Belle stammered. She had wanted to talk to Aden on the phone, so that she wouldn’t have to look into his eyes or see his expressions. This wasn’t part of the plan.

“Relax Belle, don’t rush off. Come in and I can make you a coffee or something.”

“Nicole already made me one”, Belle lied, not wanting to get into this conversation right now.

“Nicole couldn’t make a coffee if her life depended on it. All she can make is tea”, Aden chuckled at his own joke.

“I meant tea. Nicole already made me a tea” Belle muttered, still anxious to get out of there.

“She can’t have. I went to the shop to get tea bags, because we are all out. You’ve been busted Belle. Is it so hard to have a drink with me?”

She had to smile. Aden had well and truly caught her out.

“I suppose it is too late for me to act all cool and calm”

“Just a little bit babe”

Belle’s heart beat a little faster. It had been a while since he had called her babe. They had had so many problems, they had forgotten to concentrate on the main thing, their love for each other.

Aden interrupted her chain of thought.

“Sorry Belle, babe sounded casual in my head but out loud it sounds pathetic and desperate.”

“Don’t apologise Aden. I was just thinking.”

“That must have hurt!” Aden exclaimed, before getting hit.

“You should know better than to tease me Aden Jeffries. I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and don’t forget it!”

Suddenly, Aden got serious. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me Belle. I was stupid to ever let go of you. It just hurt me so much to see you hurting. I couldn’t get through it Belle. I was thinking of myself instead of you, and I will never forgive myself, even if I live to 101.”

“Aden”, Belle whispered softly, “it was my fault. Taking those pills was the stupidest thing I ever did, and if I could change the past I would. I just loved you so much and you weren’t there anymore. You were helping Joey out and I felt as if I was in a separate world. A world full of pain, neglect and hurt, and those drugs were my safety net. I wanted to give up so badly, but so much went wrong, and I found myself turning back to them again and again. I could see I was making everything worse, but I was powerless to stop it.”

“Belle, what you did was stupid. When I found out, I thought you were throwing your life away. I felt as though I was worthless, like I didn’t mean anything. I wanted to swoop in and be your knight in shining armour but I couldn’t”

“Why not? Why couldn’t you save me?”

“You didn’t want me there Belle. You pushed me away until I was barely there.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured softly

“Don’t apologise Belle. It will take more than that to push me away for good. I will always love you”

“I love you too”

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Chapter Four: Nicole (pink text) and Geoff (blue text)

“Hey Geoff, wait up!” Nicole yelled down the beach after him

“What is it Nic?” he said grumpily. He had had a long night looking after Olly and he wasn’t in the mood for any more drama.

“I came to talk to you, about us, but I didn’t realise it was a bad time”, she hesitated. She had been so excited to have this chat, to finally resolve things, but Geoff didn’t seem interested.

“Sorry, Nic, I was babysitting last night, and I’m just really tired. It wasn’t right to take things out on you”, he apologised.

“I was talking to Belle the other day,” she said, before stopping and laughing at the look on Geoff’s face. “What! Belle and I aren’t enemies; in fact, it was a ... enlightening conversation”

Geoff was still shocked so Nicole took it upon herself to keep up the conversation.

“Look, I realise that the way I treated you was wrong, and I just came to apologise and see if you wanted to work things out between us, but you don’t seem very enthusiastic”, she huffed, before turning and walking off.

“Hey Nic! Wait up! That’s not fair. You have to give me a chance to get all this through my head. Of course I want to talk about it, it’s just a surprise that you do. I thought you liked Aden”, he explained, still slightly confused about what was happening.

“I thought I did, but I realised I was just looking for someone to want me and he was there. Aden’s like a brother to me, and it was just a comfort thing”, she whispered quietly.

“What was just a comfort thing Nicole? Hanging around with Aden?”

“Belle didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“We slept together Geoff. Aden and I slept together”Geoff’s face went red; embarrassed that he hadn’t put it together but also angry at what Nicole had done and the fact Belle hadn't clued him in on the situation

“Geoff, he was just there. It didn’t mean anything to either of us. He’s intent on making it work with Belle so –“

“So you come back to me because Aden isn’t interested? Is that it?”

“No Geoff, I came here because I love you and I want to be with you.”

“Nicole, you change your mind so fast, I don’t know what to believe anymore”

“Believe that Geoff. Please.”

“I’ve got to go Nic. Can I call you later?”

“You can call me whenever you want Geoff.”

“I’ll speak to you later then. It’s just a lot to take in right now.”

“I love you Geoff”

“Love you too Nic.”

Geoff walked off, leaving Nicole standing on the beach, hoping that he would call her later.

comments would be appreciated, just to see if i should write the next chapter.

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Chapter Five: Geoff (blue text) and Aden (red text)

“Aden, I have to talk to you right now!”

“Chill bible boy, what is it?”

"Was it not enough that Belle’s in love with you? Did you have to go after Nicole too?”

“Calm down Geoff. Whatever Nic told you, I’m sure she blew it way out of proportion”

“So you didn’t sleep with her?”


“God Aden! Belle told me there was another side to you, one that was nice and kind but you never really changed did you?”

Before Aden could open his mouth to defend himself, Geoff swung round his fist and knocked Aden right in the face.

“Maybe that will teach you to keep your hands of off my girl”

“Your girl huh Geoff? The last time I checked, Nicole was a free agent, so technically I didn’t do anything wrong”

“Aden, I don’t know if that speech works on Belle but to me it sounds like rubbish”

“Don’t you dare bring Belle into this! We may have our problems but I love her and she loves me and we are trying here, which is more than I can say for you and Nicole.”

“What are you trying to say Aden?”

“Haven’t you noticed that Nicole only comes back to you when there isn’t a better offer? You were forgotten about when Elliot came to town, and when she set her sights on Trey, you weren’t even a blimp on her radar”

“Don’t cheapen what Nicole and I have between us. We may not be as heavy as you and Belle but not everyone meets their soul mate this young!”

“Wait ... you think Belle and I are soul mates?”

Geoff had to laugh at the shock in Aden’s voice.

“Pretty much everyone does. You guys are constantly there for each other, even when you aren’t dating. All I’m saying is that not everyone can have such a perfect relationship as you two”

“If only Belle saw it that way. You mind if I quote what you’re saying?”

“Hilarious Jeffries, truly hilarious.”

“Thanks, I thought it was some of my better work!” Aden smirked cheekily.

“Look”, Geoff sighed, “all I’m asking is that you keep your hands to yourself”

“Sure thing Campbell. I’ll keep my hands of off your perfect princess”

“Thanks Aden”

“No problem.”

comments please. i will post the next chapter as soon as its finished if this one is well liked.

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Chapter Six: Belle (purple text) and Geoff (red text)

“Hey Belle”, Geoff said, as Belle entered the kitchen. “Do you have work today?”

“Umm... no, I don’t,” she replied, somewhat grumpily, still regretting the decision to get out of bed

“Good, because I need to talk to you about Nicole and Aden”

That immediately put a smile on Belle’s face. Nicole obviously wanted to make it work with Geoff is she had told him about Aden.

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

“Have you really forgiven Aden, or is that just an act?”

“Geoff, of course I’ve forgiven Aden. It might take us a while to get back on track but I love him and it was partly my fault too”

“How can it be your fault? You didn’t force them to get together!” Geoff exclaimed angrily

“No, I didn’t but I didn’t make life easy. I pushed Aden away from me, and made him feel as though drugs were more important than our relationship. I may not have forced them together but I played my own role in this mess and I’m going to face up to it”

Geoff’s face went red. He hadn’t meant to bring up Belle’s drug addiction, it had just happened.

“Sorry Belle, it’s just that I want to be with Nicole but I don’t know if I can trust her anymore. What if we have a fight? Will she run straight back to Aden?”

“Geoff, you have to give these things a shot. You and Nicole may not end up together but you never know unless you try. Nicole could be your soul mate but if you don’t forgive her, you will never find out”

“Gosh Belle, when did you become Miss. Advice?”

She chuckled but still took the question seriously. “I screwed up my life big time, and I had to start from scratch. I know things now, about myself and the people around me”

“I never thought I would say this Belle, but I’m thankful that you took those drugs. It may have been a horrible time for you but you’ve come out of this so much stronger and you know what you want now”

“Thanks Geoff. That means a lot to me. I thought you and Annie would never forgive me”

“We were just worried that you wouldn’t forgive yourself”

“I’m working on it.”

“Thanks for the advice Belle. I have to go and call Nicole”, Geoff said, as he hurriedly ran out of the room

“Maybe I should take my own advice and go and see Aden.”

comments would be appreciated :lol:

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Chapter Seven: Nicole (pink text) and Geoff (blue text)

“Nic”, he cried, running after her. She was walking extraordinarily fast down the pathway to the beach. All of their major talks seemed to happen on the beach.

“What is it Geoff? I apologised and I haven’t heard a word from you. What else do I have to do? Get down on my knees and grovel?”

A small grin lit up Geoff’s face. “You don’t have to do anything Nic. I’m chasing after you”

She just stared at him, unsure if he was serious, or if he was stringing her along.

He stared back, just looking at her face.

“Geoff are you serious?” she started to ask but was silenced as he leaned forward and captured her lips with his own.

It was a perfect kiss, a perfect moment, but far too soon, Geoff pulled away.

“Sorry Nic, I just got caught up in the moment. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable”

It was just like Geoff to apologise for kissing her, but tonight, she didn’t want to hear it, so she leaned forward and gently kissed him again.

Eventually, they pulled away from each other, needing oxygen. Nicole knew it wouldn’t go any further. Geoff had beliefs and she respected him for that.

“Nicole, before we start this up again, I need you to know that I love you, and that I forgive you because it was my fault too. I wasn’t exactly the perfect boyfriend, and I understand that we have problems but I know that we have to sort them out Nic. What’s life without trying?”

It was unbelievable how fast he had managed to say that.

“Wow Geoff! You managed to say all that pretty fast!”

“Look Nic, I’m trying. I’m not good at this relationship stuff. I don't know where the perfect resturants are, and I don't know what counts as an acceptable date but I’m trying. I want to try, but I want you to want to try as well”

A smile spread across her face, making her look radiant. It took Geoff’s breath away.

“I want to try Geoff. I want to make this right” she whispered shyly, which was unusual for her.

They may have not been the perfect couple but right now, they both felt as if they had a future.

As the sun set behind them, they leant forward, and had another perfect kiss.

It was the stuff of fairytales.

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Chapter Eight: Aden (blue text) and Belle (pink text)

“Aden,” Belle called, as she walked into Roman’s place. “I really need to talk to you.” She abruptly stopped walking when she reached the kitchen. The room was lit up by a million candles, all vanilla scented, her favourite smell in the world. Flowers decorated the room, white lilies, which were arranged in tons of crystal vases.

“Oh Aden, I’m sorry,” Belle whispered, “I didn’t realise you were expecting someone. I’ll leave. It wasn’t that important anyway”

Her heart broke a little bit more. She had come here hoping to reconcile with Aden and he was getting ready to hook up with another girl.

“Belle Taylor, don’t you dare move another muscle. Like I would be entertaining any woman except you!”

A small, fragile smile graced her face, lighting up her eyes and making her face glow beautifully.

“It all looks so wonderful Aden”

“Yeah I know. I planned it didn’t I?”

Belle reached over and gently slapped him on the arm.

“What was that for babe?”

“You are so full of yourself Aden”

He just smiled; glad she had shown up in time. He had started to think that she would never arrive.

“How did you know I was going to show up anyway?”

“I have my sources”, he grinned cheekily.

“God, I’m going to kill Geoff!”

“Maybe you should concentrate on Nicole. Geoff told her and she told me.”

Belle chuckled lightly. Obviously something was going on between Nicole and Geoff otherwise Geoff wouldn’t have shared the news.

“So, I cooked!”

“You cooked?” Belle repeated

“Well, I ordered in pasta from the diner and chocolate mud cake, as well as buying wine!”

“You cooked” she repeated softly, before leaning in and kissing him lightly

“What was that for?” he asked stunned

“You cooked for me. No one has ever cooked for me before”

“Well, if that’s the reaction I’m going to get, I’ll cook for you every night.”

“Aden –“ Belle began, before she was cut off.

“Belle, don’t start. I didn’t do this for my health. I wanted you hear to tell you that I can’t breathe without you. I don’t want to breathe without you. I don’t want to wake up in the morning without you beside me, I don’t want to go to sleep without you beside me. I love you Belle Taylor”

“Aden Jeffries, this is pretty serious for a first date” she said sternly, her eyes glittering with love and laughter.

He rolled her eyes at her.

“I just bared my heart to you and all you can do is laugh at me?”

“Aden Jeffries, I love you too.”

“That’s better,” he whispered, before leaning in and kissing her again.

Belle pulled away slightly.

“So- about this mud cake” she asked, but her question never got answered, as Aden leaned in and kissed her again.

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Six months later: Nicole, Geoff, Aden and Belle

The last six months had flown past. Aden and Belle had moved in together and Nicole and Geoff were still dating. Tonight was Sunday, and time for their monthly dinner. Every four weeks, Nicole and Geoff would come over for pasta and mud cake. It was a tradition now.

“Aden, we’re here” Nicole called from the open doorway

Belle came rushing down the stairs and gave Nicole a hug. They would never be as close as Nicole and Aden, but they were still pretty good friends. Aden walked in from the kitchen, shook hands with Geoff, and kissed Nicole on the cheek. They were basically a family now.

“I made pasta!” Aden exclaimed, enthusiasm leaking into his voice.

Geoff and Nicole looked at each other with confusion clearly written on their faces.

Belle chuckled lightly. “He’s been trying for the last 6 months to make pasta instead of ordering in from the diner, and I have to admit it, it’s actually pretty good”

Aden pretended to look hurt, before leaning over and gently kissing Belle on the cheek.

“Break it up Aden. Nic and I came here to eat, not to watch your displays of affection” Geoff announced

Belle pulled away, blushing, but Aden merely chuckled.

“I made the mud cake!” Belle spoke shyly, trying to draw the conversation back to the food.

“I’m sure you did” Nicole spoke sarcastically, and both boys laughed, whereas Belle looked outraged.

“Well, I decorated the cake alright! I made icing!”

Aden patted her hand reassuringly before Belle stalked off into the kitchen to serve dinner.

“She didn’t really do anything”, Aden whispered “the cake’s from the diner and the icing is a packet mix!”

“Aden Jeffries, I can hear you!” Belle screamed from the kitchen

Nicole and Geoff both laughed.

“Anyways, dinner is served!” Belle called from the kitchen, and the other three quickly walked in.

“Mm Aden, your pasta smells really good” Geoff admitted after he had sat down

“You wouldn’t be saying that if the smell of pasta makes you sick”, Belle hissed from the corner of the kitchen

Nicole frowned, confused at Belle’s words.

“So wine Nic?”

She nodded, as did Geoff sitting next to her.

There were four wine glasses sitting on the table. Aden filled 3 with wine, and the last one with apple juice, and suddenly it all clicked.

“BELLE, YOU’RE PREGNANT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs

“What?” Geoff chorused.

Aden just chuckled at the mayhem, before standing up and putting his hands on Belle’s stomach.

“We’re going to be parents!”

Nicole and Geoff both erupted into cheers and it took a while to settle down again.

When the cake was finally served, Nicole started to speak.

“Geoff and I have bought a house, and we’re moving in next week!”

Once again, the room erupted into cheers.

Not one of them could have predicted that Belle would be pregnant, or that Nicole and Geoff would move in together, but at the end of the day, life is unexpected.

Especially for soul mates.



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