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Story Title: - Unforeseen

Type of story: SHORT fic

Main Characters: Aden/Belle

BTTB rating: G

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Summary: Belle's secret is out. Will Aden find out?

Part one

Hey Rach, what's up Belle let her in, acting as though everything was perfectly fine.

Well I've just come from the diner, Irene told me you and Aden are engaged and are planning on marrying within two weeks. That's a little....fast don't you think?

No, I don't. Did you want something else? Belle said making it obvious she wanted her gone.

Rachel wasn't ready to back down, Do you really think its okay to push Aden so quickly?

I'm not pushing Aden to do anything; he's the one who wanted to propose in the first place.

And now you've found out you have cancer you are wasting no time in making preparations for your future together. Rachel lectured.

Exactly, life is short. That's why I want to marry him as soon as possible.

Belle, please you need to tell Aden the truth. He has the right to know too. This affects him as well. Rachel pushed Belle encouraging her to reveal to Aden she had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

I can't, I don't want to burden him. We're been through so much Rach, I can't do this to him – it will destroy him. I love him and I'm not going to put him through that.

I understand you want to protect him, but Belle come on your marrying him in less than two weeks. Sweetheart you really need to tell him, I understand this must be incredibly difficult for you to get your head around but Aden would want to know and when he does there's no doubt in my mind he'll support you through this. Rachel smiles another signal of encouragement.

If you know Aden like I do Rach, which you don't! Belle snapped, you'd know how devastated he'd be. Yes relationships are built on honestly, yes I know it's wrong for me to lie to him – I just want to protect him Rach, that's all I want. Rachel felt as if she was defeated, there was nothing else she could say to change the way Belle felt.

Okay if that's the way you feel. Rachel sighed.

It is, Belle said in a vicious tone. Okay I'm going to go now, take care of yourself. Rachel left the house wanting to say more but knew it was best to say nothing.

Thanks for stopping bye.... Belle said sarcastically slamming the door behind her. God why can't she just keep her nose out of everyone's business Belle said irritably heading upstairs for a refreshing shower.

Aden! Nicole nearly jumped with a fright as Aden walked up from behind her.

Hey Nic, hey so have you decided whether you want to be my best man? Aden flashed a cheeky grin at the thought of marrying Belle.

Ah yeah, I'd love too. Nicole said uneasily. Aden's face lit up with happiness, Thank you so much Nic, I really want you to be a part of this.

Aden! Nicole said as Aden was about to walk off after purchasing his lunch from the diner. Yeah? Aden questioned. Pausing Nicole thought back to the conversation they had when he had just told her that he was planning on proposing. Nothing. Cya later Nicole faked a smile, little did Aden know Nicole had caught Belle taking a white circular substance which meant one thing – Belle was back on the drugs.

Ahh, I so needed that Belle had gotten changed walking down the stairs there was a knock at the door.

Oh hey Nicole Belle was towel dying her hair.

Can I come in?

It's your place isn't it? Belle joked. Well technically it's not.

Aden's not here, if you're looking for him.

Actually I was looking for you. Belle looked surprised but had a bad feeling in her stomach. Okay, what need you need me for?

There's no easy way to say this and believe me if you ever hurt my best friend again, I'll never forgive you Belle.

What are you talking about?

I wish you wouldn't lie Belle, because I know what's going on. Belle began to panic, how did Nicole know her secret? Had Rachel let it slip? Did she over hear a conversation at the hospital whilst visiting Jai who had suffered blood poisoning on the school trek.

I...I don't know what you're talking about.

I saw it.

Saw what?

The drugs, you were going so well Belle, why are you still taking them? I thought rehab cured your addiction. Belle's mouth nearly dropped open with shock, Nic I'm not a junkie anymore! How could you even think that.

Well then explain to me why you're not sleeping? Why you're so angry all the time.

I'm not angry all the time! Belle snapped. If you don't tell Aden I will! Nicole threatened, Belle could see Nicole was dead serious. If Aden thought Belle was back on drugs he would walk away from her, jeopardizing any chance of her becoming Aden's wife. Nic, I swear to you. I am not taking drugs anymore!

Then explain to me why I saw you swallowing two pills today at the diner. Belle's heart sank.

What...are you spying on me! Belle shouted angrily. I'm just worried that's all Belle, you can tell me. Maybe it's not too late – you can still get help!

I swear on Aden's life I'm not taking illegal drugs.

But you are taking drugs? You didn't get doctors to prescribe you drugs again, Belle doctor shopping. It's wrong okay.

I know that! Stop lecturing me! Everyone stop lecturing me! Belle screamed. Okay now I'm really worried, something's wrong. You can tell me.

No I can't

Why not?

Because you'll tell Aden, I can't let you do that – I just can't. Belle was now in tears; Nicole could see it was something big. Okay, if I swear not to tell Aden, will you tell me? Whatever it is, you need to tell something. Obviously it's troubling you.

I...I....have cancer. Cancer! Me! I have cancer! Belle said unable to believe the words she was speaking. Oh my god....

Yes, are you happy now? Belle's tears continued to flow. Belle forced a very small smile.

No...Belle, oh, my, god. I don't know what to say. Nicole looked and sounded shocked.

Say nothing, nothing - because I don't wanna hear it. Belle was tired of talking about it, she was tired of being treated differently, and she was tired of the sympathetic looks. She just wanted to feel normal again.

Okay, for the first time in my life I will shut up, because...at this very moment I have no words.

Well I'm glad something positive came out of this. Belle let out a chuckle quietly.

I'm sorry. Nicole said after a long pause. I know. Belle smiled offering some emotional comfort.

There was a long pause again, How are you going to tell Aden?

I have no idea Belle burst in hysterics. It's okay! Nicole quickly pulled Belle close and hugged her tightly. Shh, you're going to be okay. Shh.... Nicole rubbed her back comfortingly this gradually calmed Belle down.

Belle Nicole and Belle separated, You're not still going to marry Aden without telling him.

It's better if he doesn't know. Belle sniffed. Belle, I'll keep you're secret for now, but you mustn't marry Aden without telling him that you have cancer, and if you do go ahead I'm sorry but I'll have to tell Aden.

I promise I'll tell him, but when the time's right. I just want to protect him for as long as I can

Well then, you have to postpone the wedding for ever how long it takes you to tell him.

But I wanna marry him. Belle broke down in tears again.

I know – but that's the agreement – end of discussion.

Please let me know what you thought.

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Good start. Poor Belle though! I can't believe Nicole would be so harsh, thought I guess I can understand it as she's looking out for Aden. Bless them all.

I really hope that Belle gets to tell Aden, and not Nicole nor Rachel. It would be even sadder if he found out from someone else.

Can't wait for more!

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Part two

Nicole spotted Belle in the diner sitting alone; as she passed Nicole politely greeted her, Hey

Hey Belle responded acting as if they hadn’t had ‘that’ conversation the previous day. What ya readin? Nicole asked again using a very polite tone. What is this some kind of small talk? Time is precious and I don’t intend on wasting it on pathetic conversations. Now that you know I have cancer I don’t need your sympathy.

Before Belle was diagnosed with cancer, Nicole and Belle were getting a long fine. You could almost call them ‘friends’. Nicole replied trying not to sound too harsh. Well if I was you I’d probably keep my voice down and would think very, very carefully about you say especially around Colleen. Belle looked around her checking to see if Aden was near. Don’t worry I haven’t told Aden yet, but like I said he’s my best friend and I plan to tell him if you go ahead with the wedding day.

I’ve got to go, Belle stood up quickly remembering Aden wanted her home. See you around Obviously the news of Belle’s illness was getting to her, keeping a secret from Aden wasn’t as easy as she had predicted.

Honey! I’m home. Belle waltzed in like she was the queen of England. Hey babe. Aden’s eyes lit up with happiness, I’ve got a surprise for you.

Well just as long as it’s not a dog. Belle joked.

Aden stopped and looked at her seriously, What’s wrong with a dog? Why can’t we get a dog? But even though Aden looked serious a small smile creeped up.

Ahh...nothing, I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment with you sweetheart. Aden pretended to believe her faking an unimpressed reaction. I’m kidding baby. So what did you want to show me?

This...! Aden led her to the back. Oh my god, Aden. Aden had organised a candlelight dinner with rose petals in the middle of the table. This is...unbelievable, it’s so beautiful. A delicious meal was prepared all ready to eat. Belle sat down taking in the beauty of the night; unable to hold back the pressure of the day, Belle began to cry. Hey...What’s wrong? Aden was quick to be a shoulder to cry on, nothing, it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Aden breathed a sigh of relief, Good he smiled. They sat down, Belle scanned the food. Aden looked at her for a moment, he could see something was troubling her.

You know lately you’ve been a bit distant Belle, are you sure there’s nothing wrong? Aden walked over and got down on his knees.

Belle smiled, Yeah, of course everything’s fine. There’s no need to worry.

Aden put his hand on her leg rubbing it comfortingly, Because if there was something wrong, you know you can talk to me, I’m here. Always, babe.

Belle’s eyes were beginning to water, I know, you’re so good to me. I don’t deserve you. I’ve treated you so badly these past months.

What no.. you haven’t...well you did lie to me a couple of times, but Belle you’ve never stop loving me. Well at least I hope not, but what I’m getting at is you’ve always cared for me, you were there for me when I needed you. You showed me love, you gave me love – but most of all you taught me to love, Belle.

A burning tear was unable to resist escaping, sliding down her cheek...I’ve never, ever stop loving you. I have and will always love you, no matter what. I never want to leave you.

Belle, nothing can stop us, nothing can ever come between us. You know that right? So there’s no need to worry, we’re gonna get married, settle down and hopefully they’ll be the pitier patter of little miniature adelle feet, okay?

Belle got herself together, wiping away her tears. Okay? Aden asked making sure she was hearing him loud and clear. Okay Belle laughed knowing her future with Aden was nearly over. Aden, I am yours, forever, always. Belle cried again, come here Aden whispered pulling her close. Shh Aden whispered using his thumb to wipe away a tear.

I’m being silly. Belle wiped away a tiny bit of snot escaping her nose.

Aden held her tightly calming her down saying all the right things, No you’re not. I think it’s just overwhelming, so much has happened baby. It’s happening finally, we’re together and nothing will get in the way of that ever again. We’ve taken a lot of wrong turns to get here – but we’re here and I’m ready for the future.

I’m not, Belle sobbed. Well you should be, because I’m gonna be there for you - always. That’s a promise.

Belle pulled away looking for a change of subject, You know it’s really cruel that we’ve left this brilliantly cooked food on the table for nearly six minutes.

Yeah, I think it’s time to dig in.

Me too, Belle giggled. And just wait you see what we have for dessert.

Belle sighed with anger, Aden, I get you have just got your job back but is it really necessary to spend heaps of money just on food.

Who said dessert what gonna be food? Aden winked, Belle’s smiled widened, well in that case- I can’t wait.

What did you think this time. :wink:In the next chapter I'm gonna incorporate Kelly Clarkson's song - Already gone.

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