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That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Guest Georgia

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Story Title: Thats the way the cookie crumbles

Type of story: Medium to Long

Main Characters: Aden and Belle and a few others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst. General really

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will be posted at the start of each chapter

Summary: Aden decides to come back to Summer Bay, to fix the mess he made but not everyone is happy to see him.

It had been four years since Aden Jeffries had last been in Summer Bay. He had never been a claustrophobic person but the small town had a knack of scaring him. He had had to make a break for it, while he still had the chance, before things got too serious, and he was tied down. But it was time to make amends. It was wrong, the way he had left things. No one had deserved that. Roman had always helped him, but he had left without saying thank you. Nicole had been like a sister to him but he had left without saying goodbye. Leah had given him a job when no one else would, but he had left without giving her notice. Morag had helped him through everything but he hadn’t talked to her in over four years. And Belle Taylor had given him a reason to live, a reason to get up in the morning. She had shown him love, and friendship and respect and understanding and compassion but he had left, without an explanation, just a scrawled note pinned to the fridge. He hadn’t even called her, to check if she was ok, to explain himself or to just say that he had settled in. It was definitely time to make things right, but he would have to start small and work his way up. Aden Jeffries may have only just arrived back in Summer Bay but he was already feeling claustrophobic.


The caravan park was practically empty, so Aden got to choose the best caravan. It didn’t really matter to him which one he dumped his stuff in. He wasn’t planning on staying for long. He would go to Roman’s first thing in the morning and apologise and maybe, just maybe, Roman would take him back in. But it was late now, and Aden was tired. The flight from London had been a long one, but the first class seat was comfortable enough and the champagne acted as a numbing agent. The apologies would have to wait to the next day.


He woke early, the sun streaming through the blinds he had forgotten to shut the night before. First things first: breakfast. The diner always used to serve the best fried eggs, so Aden would head there first. As soon as he walked in the door, he could feel eyes burning into him.

“Morning everyone, don’t act so surprised, I’m just here for your eggs, not to rob the place” he smirked to himself.

“You have some nerve showing yourself in here young man, after all you’ve done”. Irene’s piercing voice carried all the way around the room and Aden cringed. She was right. What was he thinking? Four years without even saying hello to these people and he expected them all to forgive him?

“Irene, give him a break. He only wants breakfast. Besides, he can’t make amends if we all jump down his throat as soon as he walks into the door”. Aden sighed in relief. Roman was still the voice of reason.

“Well, if he wants us to cook for him, I’m afraid he will have to eat on the other side. Belle comes in here every morning and she won’t want to see him”. Colleen still had to pitch in her opinion but this time she was right and everyone seemed to agree with her, even Aden.

“Your right Colleen, after the way I treated Belle, she won’t want to see me whilst she’s drinking her morning coffee. I’ll just grab a takeaway and run.” Remorse flooded through Aden’s voice. In the last four years, he hadn’t even looked at another woman. Belle was his soul mate, the love of his life and without her, he was nothing. But he had still wronged her, and there was no way they would be able to jump straight back into things.

“Why don’t you guys let me decide whether or not I want to see Aden Jeffries by myself? I’m a grown woman and I understand that you guys want to protect me but this is a decision I need to make for myself”.

All eyes swivelled round, and Colleen gasped. This would be an interesting piece of gossip to dissect later. Aden gasped too, but for a different reason. The woman in the door way was even more beautiful than he remembered. Her hair had grown down, and now gently framed her face. She had a healthy tan, and a lovely complexion, but it wasn’t just that. She was glowing. Her face was alight with a joy, but her eyes looked sad and angry. They were a complete contrast.

“Welcome home Aden. It’s been a long time” Belle said softly, as a single tear rolled down her cheek. “I think we need to talk”.

I will write the next chapter if people like this one, so please comment.

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just a quick chapter before i head off to bed. please comment, because i only keep writing when people like my stories. oh and by the way, italics is a flashback to earlier that day.

Chapter Two:

So much for easing back into her life slowly. He had literally just arrived in Summer Bay and already he had upset her. What was wrong with him?

“Welcome home Aden. It’s been a long time” Belle said softly, as a single tear rolled down her cheek. “I think we need to talk”.

Aden itched to wipe the tear away, before anymore fell but he resisted. He had lost all rights to touch her when he left without even saying goodbye properly.

“I know we need to talk Belle. I didn’t want to do it like this but you deserve an explanation. I wanted to apologise to everyone else I hurt, so that I would have time to work up the courage to talk to you but you have waited four years. It’s time”.

It was such a soppy saying, a pathetic saying, a saying Aden Jeffries never thought he would use. It’s time was something cowards said, but it had come to that.

Can we go somewhere else to talk Aden? I don’t want to have this conversation at the diner”

Why would she ask that question? Couldn’t she see the look in his eyes? It had to be obvious that he still loved her, and would follow her anywhere, do anything she asked.

“Belle, we can go anywhere you want. I would follow you anywhere. Never forget that”

After four years the truth was finally coming out.

“My name is Susan, Susan Taylor. Belle is something only my close friends get to call me. You forfeited that right years ago.”

Pain surged through Aden, even though he was only relieving what had happened earlier that day.

“Sorry Be- I mean Susan. Obviously a lot has changed in the last few years. I didn’t mean to just assume that you were still the same just because you are still in Summer Bay”

He should have known better than to assume about Belle.

“Of course I’m not the same. The person that I was died four years ago, when I came home from work and you were gone. A scribbled note on the fridge telling me that this wasn’t what you wanted anymore ended me. It took me months to even leave the house after that. What did I ever do to deserve that?”

She was right. What did she ever do to deserve that?

“I can answer that for you Belle”

“All you ever did was love me”

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