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Little Miracles

Guest adellejefferiesxox

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Story Title: Little miracles.

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Aden Jefferies and Belle Taylor

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: No

Summary: Drawing a link between Insecurity and Out of the question. Belle faces the challenges of being pregnant. She is also keeping a secret from her true love. Will it destroy her chances of having a future and will it push Aden away?


“Hey babe, you alright you sounded weird on the phone” Aden entered Irene’s house.

“Aden...there’s something I really have to tell you” Belle’s heart raced a million miles an hour, the pounding out her heart could be felt without placing her hand on her chest. “Yeah what’s up” Aden replied causally, not expecting the life changing news. “I....I’m pregnant” Belle came right out and said it.

I was suppose to tell him I was pregnant but there was something else I let’s say I “forgot” to tell him. The love of my life, Aden Jefferies – he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Well that was the plan.... until I was diagnosed with cancer by Dr. Rachel Armstrong. I discovered I was pregnant after the constant nagging from Colleen at work to take a pregnancy test, so I went to the doctors a second time this time I was indeed pregnant. The first time I visited Rachel was when I began to feel ill while working, luckily Colleen wasn’t rostered on for that shift. There was a tiny possibility that I was pregnant that day, but I just shrugged it off making my way to the hospital to know for sure. The test results came back and Rachel revealed to me using a heartbreaking look and a sympathetic tone “I’m so sorry Belle, but you’ve got cancer”. Cancer? I’ve got cancer, I couldn’t believe what Rachel was telling me.

So after two trips to the doctors I learnt my future – I was dying from cancer and was in the process of creating a human being. And if things couldn’t get any weirder Aden proposed. In my mind I was thinking, okay he’s only proposing on account of the baby but when he kept going on about how much he loved me I knew the baby wasn’t the reason. I was so frightened on saying yes because one I am so not worth it, I don’t deserve him. Then there was the cancer, I still hadn’t told Aden about it. I couldn’t I was scared – scared of losing him, scared of hurting him, but mostly scared of the impact my cancer would have on our child.

“Morning sleepy head” Belle was up already watching the early news. Yawning, “Hey babe...” Aden stumbled across the room and into the kitchen he’s eyes barely open. Aden reached into the fridge and pulled out some bacon, chucking five bacon pieces on the saucepan and turned up the heat, it wasn’t long until the smell of bacon could be smelt. Belle in the other room sniff for a second.... “Aden!” Belle screamed covering her mouth and then running up the stairs and into the bathroom. “Thanks a lot Aden” Belle flushed the toilet.

“Belle?” Aden called from the stairs, wondering what was going on. Belle way her way from the bathroom to the top of the stairs, “Just leave me alone, Aden!” Belle shouted. “What did I do now?” Aden questioned sounding fed up with being “in trouble”. “Just forget it!” Belle shouted back at him. “Belle” Aden said calmly, “What’s going on, just tell me what’s wrong” Belle folded her arms, “I’m sick of throwing up all the time! It’s all your fault! You’re the one who got me pregnant! You’re the one who had to go and cook bacon for breakfast! Without even considering the fact that it might make me wanna throw up” Belle screamed abuse at him, Aden however remained calm not taking it personally. “Well...are you going to say anything?” Belle said angrily. “I’m......sorry....” Aden wasn’t quite sure how to respond, but he knew whenever a man was in trouble with his woman the smartest thing to do was to apologise.

“You should be” Belle said using her regular tone. “Babe, look I didn’t think okay. I’ll let you know if I wanna cook something, okay?”

“Mm” Belle replied.

“Do you forgive me?” Belle was silent. “Come on, you can’t stay mad at this face right here” Belle’s lips were close to forming a smile. “Alright, I forgive you” Aden smiled “Good” he nodded. “But! Just this once” Belle informed cheekily. “Now I’ve got to go back to the bathroom, excuse me..” Belle said politely before running back.

“Colleen, will you stop gossiping about Belle and Aden’s wedding” Irene flung a tea towel at Colleen. “Well I’m just so happy that the two have realised that they belong together, if you ask me those two were made for each other” Colleen rambled. “Yes that’s all true, but there’s no need to tell strangers about it, you’re starting to stare the customers off!”

“Non-sense, people love hearing about love stories”

“Hi Irene...” Belle popped into the kitchen unannounced. Irene turned around, “Oh g’day love”

“I was just telling Irene, how happy I am for you and Aden. Not long til the wedding I hope”

“Ah yeah actually Aden and I have discussed it a lot and we’ve decided to have a commitment ceremony”

“Aww darl that sounds wonderful” Irene said grinning. “Yeah” Belle sighed. “Is everything alright love?” Irene noticed Belle looking a bit uneasy. “Yeah I’m fine, just tired. The hormones are killing me”, Irene laughed.

On the 3rd of July Aden and Belle exchanged vows at an intimate commitment ceremony. Belle and Aden’s closest friends and family were invited, Colleen as expected sobbed through the entire service. “I love you” Belle whispered as they danced together. “This day has been so perfect, nothing can ruined our chances of being together now” Aden smiled. Belle smiled back feeling guilty inside; she still hadn’t told him that she was sick. “Congratulations! Congratulations..... Congratulations!” Irene, Annie, Geoff, Nicole all came up to congratulate Aden and Belle.

“Haaa....Morning Mrs. Jefferies” Aden took a deep breath out, “Who said I’m changing my name!” Belle threaten jokingly although Aden for a moment took it seriously, “Baby I’m kidding” Aden laughed nervously, “Jefferies is way better than Taylor” This comment backfired on him receiving a pounding from Belle’s pillow.

“I think it’s time we got up” Belle tried to sit up but Aden pushed her back down, “Noo” Aden whined, “Stay in bed”

“Aden!” Belle giggled, “We have to get up” Aden shook his head holding her down making sure she couldn’t get out of bed. “Babe...”

“What?” Belle smiled her head looking to the right, “We haven’t discussed baby names yet” Aden said.

“You wanna talk about baby names” Belle was touched. “Yeah I do” Aden whispered. Belle thought back to her conversation with Rachel, “Ahh how about another time?” Aden was too excited about the baby to give up the opportunity of discussing baby names, leaning in for a kiss to convince her Belle pulled away “Aden I mean it, another time. I’m going to have a shower” Belle got up crossly and headed for the bathroom leaving Aden confused “Um ok”.

Belle washed her face as she stood under the shower head she begun to cry, “This isn’t fair! Why me!” Belle sobbed.

“Maybe it’s just hormones” Nicole said on the other side of the phone. “I dunno Nic, I just get this feeling she’s keeping something from me she’s been really distant lately, pulling away from me every time I try to hug or kiss her”

“Aden, you’re probably just over analysing the situation, Belle loves you. You’re having a baby together; maybe she’s just processing everything that’s happen in the past few weeks”

“I never understand woman, that’s why I have you, you know that right?”

“And Aden you never will understand” Nicole laughed.

“She was fine at the wedding you know, all touchy feely”

“No need to go into details” Nicole sounded grossed out. “Nic be serious here, I worried about Belle”

“Well then why don’t you go up to her and say baby what’s wrong, you want me to kiss it all better?” Nicole continued to joke. “Oh yeah, cuz that’s so easy”

“Good done, anyway I have to go now” Nicole this time sounded serious.

Aden let out a sigh, “Alright bye Nic, thanks” then he hung up.

--- Later that night ---

“Belle?” Aden approached her slowly. “Yes Aden” Belle said sounding irritable. “We need to talk” Aden said in a serious tone. “What about..” Belle looked behind her at Aden, she was sitting on the couch watching the six o’clock news. “Can we turn the TV off?” Belle immediately turned it off. “Happy now?” Belle rolled her eyes. Aden took a seat, pausing for a moment, “Why do you look so serious?” Belle asked raising an eye brow. “I need to know the reason behind your behaviour”

“What behaviour?” Belle asked sounded offended and angry. “See right there, you’re always snapping at me whenever I ask you something”

“Whatever Aden” Belle looked away. “Just tell me, why are acting like this”

“Like what!” Belle shouted. “Like you hate me, like we’re not married! Like we’re not having a child together”

“Excuse me!” Belle shouted again. “You didn’t even want to suggest baby names this morning”

“Aden I was tired and needed a shower”

“Oh so you don’t have time to even suggest one name...!” Aden was now using a raised tone.

“Fine you wanna know why I’ve been pulling away from you” Belle was fed up with Aden’s questions and accusations. “Yes I do!”

“Well I’m dying! Are you happy now?” Belle got up making her way to the front door. “Wait!” Aden stopped her, “What?” Aden paused for a moment taking it all in. “Yeah Aden, I’m dying.....”

“How...I don’t understand”

“I have..........cancer” Belle struggled to say it out loud wanting to burst into tears. “I don’t believe you....” Aden did believe her but he couldn’t bring himself to accept what she said was the actual truth.

“I didn’t know how to tell you...I am so, so sorry, Aden.” Aden began to cry, “Please don’t cry” Belle begged. Aden ignored her plea as he continued to cry, “Seriously stop.....you’re gonna.....you’re gonna....make me cry....” Belle wiped away her tears.

“You’re not gonna die, do you understand me!”

“I love you so much” Belle cried quickly accepting a comforting hug from her husband. “We’ll get through this, we always do” Aden held her swaying from side to side.

8 months later.....

“Well I’m pleased to tell you the cancer is all gone, there is no chance of it returning thankfully, oh and you’re baby is doing fine” Rachel informed Belle and Aden as they waited patiently in her office. “Oh my god...Rach....thank you so much” Belle cried smiling. “You guys have been so strong you should both be proud of yourselves”

“Thanks Rach” Aden smiled proudly rubbing his heavily pregnant wife’s belly.

Belle laughed, “The baby kicked”

“See she’s happy” Aden joined in laughing. “Who says its a girl!”

“I do”

“Sweetheart we’ve been over this, it’s going to be a boy” Belle tried to give him a threatening look but instead burst out laughing.

“You two couldn’t have a serious fight if people paid you these days” Rachel said putting the scan results back into Belle’s file. “Oh trust me we have our moments...” Aden replied. “And guess who wins” Belle pointed to herself. “Ahh I don’t think so, I’m the master of winning arguments using my charm to win you over”

“Excuse me, what charm?” Belle had a massive smile of her face rubbing her stomach. “You find me irresistible, we know Belle”

“Oh no, my dirty little secret is out” Belle covered her mouth in shock. “Come on what are you two doing here you should be out celebrating”

“Or love making!” Aden said cheekily earning him a slap on the shoulder. “I am way too tired to have sex with you”

“Who says you have to do anything” Aden’s eyes lit up.

“Ahhhhh alright, that’s enough, out you two!”Rachel covered her eyes, opening the door.

“Push!” Aden encouraged. “I am bloody pushing!!!!” Belle screamed. “Push harder”

“Do you wanna do this for me!!!! ARGGHHH”

“One more push Belle, that’s it” Rachel embraced herself for the baby, “Awww....it’s a girl!” Rachel announced.

“Yes! I was right!!!” Aden rubbed it in. “Congratulations Belle” Rachel passed the baby girl to Belle. “Awww, she’s so cute” Aden leaned over looking at her blue eyes.

“She’d wanna be for the pain just endured” Belle remarked.

So in the end everything worked out, luckily. I am so grateful to whoever is watching out for me, my husband and my daughter. I was saved and gave birth to a healthy baby despite going through chemotherapy. I never thought it was possible but Rachel had told me about other success stories. All I can say is I can’t wait to experience the adventure of motherhood, raising my little Latoya Lily Jefferies and growing old and grey with my husband Aden Jefferies.


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