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Tues 30 Jun 09 – Episode # 4887

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Charlie, You Are EXTREMELY Hopeless “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 30 Jun 09 – Episode # 4887 ]

Charlie wakes up in Angelo’s bed – its clear from the way her clothes are strewn nearby tat she is naked. Angelo is already out of bed btw – indeed, he’s made her breakfast but Charlie doesn’t have time of that.

In the diner, Colleen takes offence to Adele getting all kissy in the kitchen. Aden’s phone ring s- but he switches it off when he sees that it is Clint.

Ruby teals Charlie bout how great a night she had – incl not sleeping with Xavier. When Ruby asks, Charlie says tat she got up early this morn [before ruby got up] and went of a swim at the beach.

At the station, Angelo talks to Charlie bout lat night – and insist tat he has more feelings for Charlie that he does for May. Charlie insists tat they [Angelo/Charlie] can’t happen.

After May collects a hamper for a picnic form Colleen, Aden tells Belle tat he has a bit to do before he goes to the game today. Not long after he bails, Belle is in pain and the diner – but she insists to colleen that she isn’t pregnant.

Deb meets with Clint -0 but suggest tat they should talk letter, as Geoff is nearby.

Geoff & Lochie encounter each other at the gym – they verbally clash.

Belle is in kitchen of diner when she doubles over once more. She phone Rachel for an appointment at the hospital.

May arrive at the station with the picnic hamper. Charlie goes with Angelo’s story tat they got called into work last night to find some supposed missing fisherman [who were rally just at home drink on the couch].

Claudia's worried bout Geoff – and how he’s been threatened by Lochie. Claudia wants to come to the game today – but Geoff suggests tat that will probably encourage Lochie to act even more aggressive.

After Aden sees Clint talking some bets on today’s game, they talk. Clint wants Aden to give way to 1st penalty – as there are pal who’ve bet on the other tem giving way 1st penalty by hurting of one of the SB team. Aden agrees tog do it – as long as he gets THAT ruing [that Clint now is in possession of] back.

Ruby can't believe it when Charlie tells her that she slept with Angelo last night. Charlie insists that it’s a complicated situation - which Ruby waaaaaaaay agrees with [thinks of Jarlie]. Ruby tells Charley that she has her support no mater what.

The rugby match starts and although Aden is ken top give away that penalty, he can’t immediately as his team are going well., but then when Geoff gets the ball, Lochie way tackles him. Aden concedes a penalty by kiunda starting a fight with Lochie.

At the diner, belle heads off – because of her illness. Angelo tells may tat he liked lunch, but she realises that he’s not so keen on public displays of affection.

When Angelo gets back top the station, he insists to charley that they need to talk. She says that she is too busy, but Angelo’s all “make time – as this is killing me”. She agrees.

As the rugby match continue, Lochie & Geoff both noti8ce tat Claudia has arrived. Indeed, when Geoff gets the ball, Lochie tackles Geoff even more fiercely than lat time.

At Noah’s, Charlie & Angelo talk bout what's going on. Charlie amidst tat she is very confused – AND very worried bout what ppl will say if she & Angelo do get together.

At the rugby game, Aden kicks the ball and moments after Lochie catches it, Geoff waaaaaaay crunch tackles him. All are worried when Lochie doesn’t get up. He says that he can’t move!!!!!



Lochie mates vow to harm Geoff

Belle tells Aden that she’s definitely not preggers

Jai & others throw things at Trey when he makes his public apology to Nicole

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


May: purple mosaic like [with black on bust] halter dress


Colleen: light blue [green leafy] blouse/pink top


Belle: red [ramones] scoop t


Aden: dark [white "Plymouth Regional”] t/tan shorts

Aden: green & white rugby jersey/dark shorts

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/

Angelo: white singlet/dark shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark long pants/dark jacket

Claudia: white [red check] blouse/denim shorts

Clint: dark long sleeve top

Geoff: green & white rugby jersey/dark shorts.

Geoff: red [Henley’s] t

Geoff: white singlet/dark longpnats

Lochie: light blue rugby jersey/white shorts

Lochie: white singlet

Ruby: brown [grey dots] top

Tony: blue t/khaki shorts

Tony: white [sB rugby logo] t

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