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All Location avatars have now been resized (and a couple replaced).

I know. On the picture I used to have, there was what looked like a solitary person walking along the beach. (Not sure if it was a person or not.) Anyway, I used to think (not that I've ever been to Australia) that kind of represented me strolling along thinking about whatever writing I was working on. :blush:

And now "I've" mysteriously disappeared from the picture. The plot thickens. Is it murder, accident, kidnapping, staging my fake death for some mysterious purpose, aliens, sharks, the Loch Ness Monster taken the wrong turning from Scotland...

Or maybe I just went for a swim... :lol:

Unfortunately that was 1 of about 2-3 for which I couldn't find the original, as they were presumably from an old screencap or suchlike.....I tried to make sure the replacements (pics I took myself) were as near as possible but guess I didn't take much notice of the person....

I'll keep looking though - you may return from your swim one day - or I could just Photoshop a distant figure into the new pic :P

Edit: Had a brainwave and found the original - the figure on the beach is Dani Sutherland

Actually, you know, that water was very, very cold :wink: and I am staying tight-lipped about why I went for a mysterious midnight swim and then re-emerged masquerading as Dani Sutherland... :ph34r:

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Can you please put some Nicole/Angelo avatars in the board gallery? I have been shown some Nic/Ange avatars but I've no idea how to put them on my avatar thingy wotsit, so can you put some in the normal gallery?

Thanks in advance :)

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