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Out Of The Question

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Story Title: Out of the question

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Aden Jefferies and Belle Taylor

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Spoilers: Kinda...

Any warnings: No

Summary: Set at the present time of home and away, Aden plans to propose to his girlfriend, Belle. He goes to extraordinary lengths to find and buy the perfect ring. Aden takes Belle to the beach ready to make it a moment she’ll never forget.

Belle and Aden strolled down to the beach holding hands “So why did you bring me here?” Belle and Aden stood still staring out to the ocean.

Aden took a deep breath in preparing himself for what he was about to do, he knew Belle loved him. But the fear of rejection was depleting his confidence at a rapid rate. Belle watched him the nervousness was written all over his face, “Aden...Are you ok?” Belle question with a worried look, fearing she was about to be presented with horrible news.

“Yeah, I’m fine babe”, Aden let out a nervous laugh which seemed to have given him a sense of relief. “I...I love you Belle” This was the first thing that came to mind, he hadn’t actually prepared a speech. But he knew what he felt in his heart and hoped when the time arrived he could express his feelings as honest and true as possible. “And I love you Aden” Belle laughed again, she could still see Aden’s vulnerability.

“You’re such an amazing girl, although I’ve known you for nearly two years I’m still trying to figure you out and I plan to spend my life doing so. You are the most interesting girl I’ve ever met” Aden revealed, this struck a chord in Belle which forced two tears to escape from her left eye.

“You gave me a chance to become a better person, you helped me recover from my sickening childhood and I love you for that” Belle managed to give him a little smile of thanks. “Ok” Belle whispered quietly.

“Climbing through your window was the smartest thing I’ve probably ever done, it allowed me to grow closer to you...”

“Now that’s probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever said” Belle said proudly.

“Gee thanks, I’m trying to be serious here you know”

“I can tell, Aden the reason I fell for you in the first place was because I saw something good in you. I saw this guy who had a bad boy outer layer but on the inside had a good guy layer. I was determined to meet the guy Summer Bay never knew, not because you got drunk and climb through my window then made his way into my bed and then in the morning demanded a kiss.”

“Well when you put it like that it doesn’t sound romantic”

“You think that was a romantic gesture?” Belle retaliated.

“Yeah like Romeo and Juliet, I thought all girls liked that movie. You don’t find having an incredibly handsome man climbing through your window romantic?” Aden had forgotten about his initial proposing fears.

“Alright Aden...” Belle crossed her arms defensively, smirking.

“Come on admit you love it”

“Whatever makes you feel better about yourself baby, keep tellin’ yourself that”

“Just say it” Aden stood closely using a sexy tone.

“Fine....I love it....I love it when you climb through my window, are you happy now?” Belle said withholding a smile from showing on her face; Belle wanted to throttle him but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“Very” Aden smirked staring closely at her lips.

“So you brought me here because....” Aden snapped back to reality, his nerves suddenly made a appearance once again. “Ahh...umm” Aden was taken by surprise.

“Well..?” Belle waited for an explanation.

“You know...” Aden smiled thinking about why he wanted to marry her in the first place – because he loved her. “Sometimes I wake up before you do”

“WOW, that’s something I haven’t heard before” Belle joked not realising what Aden was trying to do. Aden had always slept in, Belle was an early riser.

“Belle...Sh” Aden said carefully. Aden paused with Belle in silence. Aden continued his sentence, “Some days I wake up and I watch you sleep. You look so peaceful...and beautiful” Belle looked at him strangely. “And I’m overwhelmed because you’re so amazing, and I wake up every single day wondering why the hell I’m lucky enough to have you in my life to begin with”

Belle could feel more tears on the way, her lips trembling, taking a quite deep breath in Belle continued to listen.

“I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me. So I’m just going to come right out and say this....Belle Taylor”

Belle waited in silence still having no idea what he was going on about.

“Will you marry me?” Aden asked unaware he was showing Belle his “puppy dog eyes”.

Belle’s eyes widened with shock, “Aden..” Belle managed to say.

“Will you” Aden insisted.

“I don’t...think I can” Aden froze with shock, “What!”

“Aden marrying me, it’s a mistake” Belle said knowing her answer was the right one.

Aden snapped, “What do you mean it’s a mistake? I’m the one who’s not good enough for you”

“No, I’m not good enough for you!” Belle snapped back. Aden laughed in disbelief, “You’ve got to be joking right”

“I’m serious Aden, you deserve better than me I’m nothing but a liar, junkie, and a skank” Belle said tearfully.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Aden don’t pretend like you don’t know. You know I’m not good enough, there’s a girl out there, a girl you’re gonna marry one day but she’s not me” Belle’s mind was made up.

“But I wanna marry you” Aden choked as tears stung his eyes.

Belle was ready to back down, “Look babe I know you may have lied in the past everyone makes mistakes and you’re not a junkie anymore, you’ve dealt with that and I know you don’t sleep around. Belle you are the sweetest, trusting, loving and forgiving person I know”

“I’m sorry Aden..”

“I love you Belle, I love you!” Aden said trying to get the message through to her.

“I know that...”

“You think you’re not good enough for me, are you serious..I’m the one who isn’t good enough for you. You know how much sleep I lost last night over this, I felt like throwing up before I left the house with you this morning”

“I do love you Aden..” Belle cried tears sliding down her cheeks.

“Yeah that’s great...real great...but you don’t wanna marry me....” Aden said defensively the anger could be heard in his voice.

“Do we really need a piece of paper to state that we love each other and will never be apart?”

“Yea-no, but don’t you want to be Mrs. Jefferies?” The words Mrs. Jefferies made her re-think the situation.

“...Mrs. Aden Jefferies......” Belle thought about it for a moment, having his last name brought a smile to her face but the fear still remained.

“ I’m just not sure I can do this”

“You can Belle, we can. I want to make you my wife”

Belle then began to cry hysterically, “I wanna be Mrs. Jefferies”

“Then marry me Belle, all you have to do is say yes, say it Belle” Aden begged.

“Y....y...” Belle struggled.

“Wait look” Aden reached from his pocket pulling out the blue velvet box containing her engagement ring. “Aden..” Belle smiled. “It’s so beautiful”

“Just like my future wife is...beautiful” Aden was so certain of his future with Belle.

“Can I try it on?” Belle’s voice shook.

“Yes” Aden said quickly. Belle slid the ring on her finger, “Oh my god...”

“Fits you perfectly” Aden smiled once again.

“It’s perfect...” Belle looked at her ring, “You’re perfect” Belle looked at Aden.

Belle observed the ring for a moment, “Yes...”

“Yeah?” Aden said as his face lit up.

“Yes, I wanna marry you” As soon as Belle agreed Aden caught her as she jumped on him wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it” Aden flashed a massive satisfied smile.

“No, but just you wait until the wedding. That will be an absolute nightmare” Belle joked.

“It won’t if we avoid having it at the dreaded Campbell church” Aden joked.

“Yeah that’s something know is NOT gonna happen” Belle and Aden stared loving into each other’s eyes.

“This is gonna be so awesome” Aden said before kissing his fiancé passionately.


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