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Having Faith

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Hey guys!! Here's my latest fan fic! It's something completely new, so let me know what you think!

Story Title: Having Faith

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden & Belle.

Other characters: Roman, Nicole, Irene, Faith, Max

BTTB rating: Rated G/T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary: After having being away travelling and working, Aden returns to the bay after thirteen years. He hasn't seen anyone but most importantly, he hasn't seen Belle, with whom he broke up with before he left....but, Belle has a secret which will blow Aden's world apart.

Chapter 1

After deciding not to listen to his Ipod, Aden stuffed it into his pocket and rested his head against the headrest. Looking out the window, he watched the luggage cart driving across the runway, trying to escape from the soon-to-take-off airplane.

He sighed, thinking of what was in store for him when he would be back in Summer Bay.

At least Nicole and Roman would be happy to see him. Nicole will probably be ecstatic, thought Aden, shaking his head.

Then she’ll be demanding her presents from Paris, New York and London, he thought, remembering the flaws of his irritating ‘sister’.

“She’ll get a shock when she realises I aint got any,” Aden said to himself, laughing under his bed.

He relaxed further into his economy class seat as the plane began to move down the runaway. Closing his eyes, he felt the plane’s speed grow faster and faster, and then they were in the air, soaring over the homes in the beautiful city of Paris.

“This is going to be a long day,” said Aden, pulling his baseball cap down over his eyes, and quickly went to sleep.


After grabbing his solitary suitcase quickly off the luggage cart, Aden called a taxi. After giving direction to the Pier Diner, he sat back in the rather uncomfortable car seat.

Looking out the window, he smiled appreciatively. London had been freezing. Paris had been roasting. New York had been just ok, but nothing compared to the feeling of being home.

He was startled when he felt his phone vibrating in his jeans pocket. Pulling it out, he was surprised to see it was a text from Justin.

You got back all right? It read.

Aden smiled and typed in his reply. I’m on my way to the Diner now. Wish me luck. No one here has seen me for thirteen years!

The next text came soon after. Sheesh, that’s a lot time! Well, good luck anyway bro! Call you and me next time you come to the US of A! You can stay at mine again!

Cheers bro, texted Aden. Talk soon.

“Here’s your stop man,” said the driver.

“Cheers,” said Aden, chucking him a twenty through the cap in the glass window. “Keep the change.”

After pulling his suitcase out from the trunk of the car, Aden stopped to look at the Pier Diner. It had not changed much since he’d left the bay. The hundreds of times he and Belle had gone in there for lunch all came flooding back.

He shook his head, and tried to think of something else. Thinking of Belle was too hard. Seeing her everyday was going to be even harder.

He took in a deep breath and then walked in the door. Three seconds later all he heard was a gasp and a scream and then two pairs of arms flung themselves around his neck tightly.

“I knew you’d come back one day, I just knew it!”

Aden chuckled. “It’s good to see you too Nicole.”

She giggled and pulled away from him. After looking him up and down, she beamed at him. “Oh Aden, you’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you! Home’s not the same with just me and Dad.”

Aden laughed. “Well it looks like your stuck with me for a while.”

While Nicole grinned with excitement, Aden looked at who was standing behind her. He was surprised and overjoyed to see familiar faces.

Irene had not changed much in the thirteen years he was away. A few new wrinkles maybe but the gentle face he remembered had not changed. And here was the same smile, smiling up at him.

“It’s good to see you darl,” she said, giving him a one armed hug. “The big wide world wasn’t good enough for you then? Didn’t we tell you you’d come crawling back here one day?”

Aden laughed. “Seems you were right Irene! Nowhere’s as nice as Summer Bay. They’re either too hold or too cold, too expensive or just downright unpleasant!”

Irene chuckled. “Well we’re chuffed to have you back darl!”

“Well I’m chuffed to be back!”

“Long gone are the days when you use to work in my kitchen, hey Jefferies,” said a familiar voice from behind him.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” said Aden, turning to face his almost-dad. “You might catch me looking for the extra cash!”

“Like fat chance you will,” said Roman Harris, smacking him on the shoulder. “High class solicitors don’t need to be doing dishes!”

“Fine with me,” said Aden, grinning at him.

“It’s good to see you mate,” said Roman, pulling him into a tight embrace.

Aden patted him on the back. “You haven’t changed much.”

“You think so!” said Roman, looking surprised.

“Your anti – wrinkle cream must be working Nicole,” he said, turning to his daughter.

Everybody laughed as Nicole glared at her father. “You won’t be making fun of it in a few years when all you 50 yr all mates are unable to get dates and you still are!”

“No wait,” she said. “My dad dating at 50?? Ewwwww!!”

Everybody laughed even harder as Nicole squirmed at her idea.

“C’mon let’s get you home,” said Roman, lifting Aden’s suitcase. “You must be jetlagged after your flight from Paris.”

“Yeah, I’m alright,” said Aden, rubbing his head. He did have a pretty bad headache but he ignored it. “If it’s ok, I’m going to go down to the beach. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile.”

Roman nodded understandingly, and he walked in the direction of his place, Nicole following him.

Aden walked down slowly to the beach, keen to take his time, not being in any hurry. He hadn’t seen this beach in thirteen years.

Nothing in the world compare to the beauty, which stretched out for miles in front of him. Determined to soak it all in, he carefully slipped out of his sandals, and walked barefoot onto the warm, smooth sand.

Heading straight for the ocean, he inhaled a deep breath, smelling the glorious sea air. He hadn’t felt this relaxed in so long.

He smiled as he felt the cool water run through his toes. He stood there for a few moments, staring out into the glorious sun while the water lapped gently against his toes.

Having realised how tired he was, he walked further up the beach and sat down on the sand. Staring out at the glorious sun, which shone bright in front of him, for the first time since he had arrived in the bay, he felt glad to be home.

Looking around the beach, he smiled as he saw children building sandcastles, couples stretched across sunloungers, soaking up the sun. He watched as the odd jogger or over fit teenager ran past him, sweat poring off their faces and into their shirts. He watched, as they became no more than little dots, dancing in the sun.

But then as he was about to turn away, he caught sight of something. Someone.

However they were so far away he couldn’t recognise them.

But as the person came closer and closer he realised who it was.

Before he knew it, he was on his feet and walking directly towards the person. Like everybody else in the bay, he hadn’t seen her for thirteen years.

But being away from her had been worse than anything. He had missed her more than everyone else in the town combined.

He watched as she looked up. She stared at him for a few minutes, then her eyes widened in shock as she realised who it was.

They both stopped suddenly, only a few feet between them.

Aden sighed heavily, and then looked her straight in the eyes.

“Hi Belle”

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i love this sounds interesting.. You still going with first love though??

nah, i've decided to leave that for the moment

its too much doing two fan fics at once!

Oh thats a shame I was looking forward to it never mind guess ill have this 1. :)

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Here's the next chapter!

Thanks for all your comments!

Chapter 2

“Faith, get up now! Your going to be late for school,” shouted Belle from the landing.

Belle heard her daughter groan from behind the door. Convincing herself that the girl was getting out of bed, she walked into her room.

“Babe, could you shout any louder?” croaked Max from underneath the duvet.

Belle chuckled and patted looked like the shape of a leg underneath the duvet.

“I’m sorry, sweety,” she said. Just Faith takes forever to get up so I thought I’d arouse her earlier. She won’t be able to get back to sleep this way!”

“What time is it?” asked Max, still not resurfacing.

“Seven, I think.”

“Shoot!” said Max, throwing back the duvet and jumping out of bed. “I’ve got an important meeting today, in the city, at 8! I’m never going to make it on time!”

“Hey look, you’ll be ok,” reassured Belle. “You get dressed, and when you get downstairs, I’ll have breakfast ready for you.”

Max smiled and leaned over and pecked her on the cheek. “Thanks babe, you’re a sound lass!”

Belle chuckled. “’Lass’? Where’d they teacher you that, the farmers stag night?”

“Hey don’t make fun of Andy,” said Max, pulling on a pair of jeans over his boxers. “He’s been my best friend since I was six!”

Belle chuckled. “Ok, I’ll be nice! So…does Andy actually work on a farm?”


“Ok I’m kiddin’, I’m kiddin’,” said Belle, getting up and walking to the door. “I’ll have brekkie ready in 10!”

Briskly, she got to work down in the kitchen. The smell of bacon and sausages must have smelt appealing to Faith, because she came down earlier than usual.

“Smells great Mum,” she said. “Any for me?”

“Sorry love, this is all for you Dad,” said Belle.

Faith frowned at her, but went and got her cereal. She ate it in silence, watching her Mum with venomous eyes as she served Max’s fry on a plate with bread.

“Oh by the way,” said Faith, pointing her spoon in her Mum’s direction, and splattering her with milk.

“Faith, my new top!”

“Sorry didn’t mean to!” she said, throwing her Mum a towel. “Anyway, back to my story, I’m going over to Heidi’s today after school to work on our Physics project. I should be home around six.”

“Yeah that’s fine love, no problem,” said Belle, hanging up her apron behind the kitchen door. “Tell Heidi’s Mum thanks for having you!”

“Ok,” said Faith, grabbing her school bag.

“See you later!” she said, pecking her Mum on the cheek.

“Your breakfast is on the table,” said Belle, when Max came rushing down the stairs like a herd of elephants.

“Thanks babe,” he said, snarling down the eggs and bacon.

“Be careful,” she said, as she watched him. “You’ll get indigestion if you carry on like that!”

Max chuckled. “I’ll go through worse if it’ll help me get to work on time.”

After put his plate beside the sink, he grabbed his briefcase and jacket.

“See you later babe,” he said, blowing her a kiss.

She smiled and blew one back.

After clearing up the breakfast plates, Belle laid out her work sheets on the dining room table and began going through them.

Her mobile buzzed beside her several times and each time she jumped as it ran. Snapping it to her ear, she answered each of her clients’ problems.

“Now Mrs Waters, I’m sure your husband didn’t really mean that,” reassured Belle. “He doesn’t have the means to clear out your bank account!”

Seconds later.

“Now Mr Masen, I need you to calm down for me! It was an accident, you didn’t mean to knock over your wife’s cat….she’s angry with you, oh well I’m sure she’ll calm down in a few minutes.

And again.

“Ok, by the sounds of it your just having menstrual cramps darling so I want you to go into your Mum and ask her for some aspirin, ok? Ok, bye darling.”

Belle collapsed against the back of her chair as she put the phone down. Her head was buzzing.

“I have to go for a walk,” she said to herself, getting up, purposely leaving her mobile behind her.

She was immediately grateful as she set off on her walk through the town. The beach was turning out to be her destination, so she just went with it.

She didn’t notice the taxi pulling away from outside the pier diner; she didn’t notice the gulls flying over her head.

Belle collapsed on the sand as soon as her feet hit the beach. Pulling off her top to reveal her bikini, she lay back and closed her eyes, the sun hovering overhead.

For over half an hour she lay there, soaking up the gorgeous Australian sun. Only when it got too hot did she get up and throw on her top and continue her walk down the beach.

Heading for the water, she stared out into the ocean. It sparkled like diamonds as the sun shone bright in the sky. It looked never ending.

She looked up briefly to see a tall man heading in her direction. She was about to look away before she realised that she knew this man.

She couldn’t believe who she was seeing, it was almost unreal. After all these years he had finally returned to the bay, as Belle knew deep down he would.

They stopped about a foot apart from each. Belle looked up to see Aden Jefferies standing in front of her.

“Hi Belle,” he said.

And as soon as she heard that voice, all the feelings she had felt for him all those years ago came rushing back.

He hadn’t changed much at all. His face looked older maybe, but he still had the same tousled blonde hair, and Belle thought, even through his narrowed eyes, she could still see his baby blue eyes.

The same eyes, the same person she had fallen in love with was now standing in front of her, and at this one moment in her life, she couldn't love him. She was 'already taken' as Aden had once put it.

Let me know what you think


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