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A Day To Remember...

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Story Title: A Day to Remember

Type of story: One shot.

Main Characters: Aden & Belle.

Other characters:

BTTB rating: Rated G/T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: YES! Worldwide spoilers.

Summary: My version of Belle dying. Belle and Aden have just got married. With only hours to live, Belle asks Aden to bring her down to the beach.

A Day To Remember

"I can't believe your making me do this!" said Aden, as he walked down the path towards the beach.

Belle, her head nestled against his chest, chuckled weakly. "Aden, it's our wedding day! Humor me please!"

Aden nodded and carried her down carefully. He smiled lightly as he felt the warm sand under his feet, getting stuck in between his toes.

"Where would you like me to stop?" he asked gently.

Belle leaned her head forward carefully, and pointed to sea. "There. I want to dip my feet in the water."

When they reached the place Belle had requested, Aden carefully sat down on the damp sand, and lowered Belle onto his lap. She gently stretched out her legs, searching for the cool ocean water.

She sighed heavily as the water lapped gently against her feet. "Today was beautiful."

Aden nodded. "It couldn't have been more perfect."

"When Geoff tried to open the champagne bottled, and then it burst open and sprayed everyone!" cried Belle. "That was so funny!"

Aden grinned. "That boy sure knows how to make a fool of himself."

Belle laughed and smacked Aden's arm lightly. "Be nice!".

Aden chuckled. "I'm sorry. I promise to be good now."

"Then when Colleen tried to - "

"Oh my God Belle look!"

Belle craned her head back to where Aden was looking and then gasped. Behind them were Geoff, Annie, Irene, Roman, Nicole and Mattie all carrying small candles.

"We wanted this to be a day to remember," said Mattie, as she walked towards them. "These are for you guys."

And very carefully, Mattie and the others placed the little candles on the water, and they all watched as they floated away into the ocean, until they were merely little golden littles in a sea of black.

"They represent the two of you," said Annie, softly. "And your every burning flame of love."

Aden caught Belle's eye and they both grinned.

"Thank you guys," said Belle, as they all sat in a small circle beside them. "They're beautiful."


Belle turned her head to see who called her. It was Mattie, her face glistening with the tears rolling down her face.

"Aw Mattie, c'mere, don't cry."

Mattie walked over and sat down beside Belle, and wrapped her arms around her best friend's shoulders. "I know we already said...goodbye earlier, it's just I....I'm going to miss you so much!"

As Mattie's sobs grew louder, Belle hugged her tighter. Behind them, Irene, Nicole and Annie were now quietly crying to. Geoff, who had one arm around Nicole's waist, put his other around Annie's shoulders and squeezed her supportively.

"You were the best friend and sister I could ever have, Belle," said Annie quietly, as Mattie pulled away. "None of us will ever forget you."

Belle smiled. She and Aden watched as all they're friends got up and brushed the sand off their suits and dresses. After more hugs, kisses and tears they walked back up the beach, leaving Belle and Aden together.

They didn't speak for a few moments, content with each others company. They simply watched as their little golden lights disappeared further into the night, the moon high over their heads.


Aden was shocked to hear how quiet her voice had become. A ripple of fear and dread flowed through his heart as he realised his time was almost up. All the things he wanted to say...he had to say them now.

"Babe, I love you so much, you know that right."

Belle smiled at him, weakly, her beautiful brown eyes barely sparkling. "I love you too."

"I always have, and I always will."

"Aden, when I'm gone," began Belle. She paced a hand gently on Aden's cheek as tears began to fall from his eyes. "I need...I want you to be strong. You've got to go on. You've got so much to offer."

"Belle," stuttered Aden, tears now rolling down his cheeks. "Belle, I'm nothing without you."

"You once told me you wanted to be a psychologist," said Belle softly, her voice growing even fainter. "Promise me, promise me you'll go on and help people the way they helped you."

Aden desperately hugged Belle tighter as if holding her would keep her from drifting away.

"Will you do it for me?" whispered Belle.

"No," said Aden, quietly. "I'll do it for us."

Belle smiled. "I love you."

Aden smiled and leaned down and kissed Belle lightly. As he pulled away, he saw that her eyes had closed. Pulling her now into a cradle on his lap, he held her tightly in his arms and whispered gently in her ear,

"I love you..."

Hope you liked it. That's how I imagined Belle dying when I first heard it was confirmed. Let me know what you think.




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