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Phew! I finally caught up.

All the chapters have been so intriguing and interesting to read, that in my mind I was piecing together my own bits of the investigation :P. At first I thought maybe the use of the "he" to describe the attacker was a red herring and possibly Martha had something to do with it, but then there were all those interdispersed comments from the attacker's point of view that I actually began to suspect Hugo! Yay for me! Or maybe that is an attribute to your awesome writing style. I really like how you separate out all the different scenes so we see what is going on with all the different characters. :)

My ultimate favourite line (from Chapter 2) “I’ll even make sure to treat you like a real lady and pick you up after work.” ^_^

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Dum dum dum... Another cliffhanger. I can't believe it is all going to end soon.

I really liked the scary interaction between Hugo and Joey. The likening of him to a child and a black and white view of the world was very poignant.

Can't wait to read the ending :).

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