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Thurs, 18 Jun 09 – Episode # 4879

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” LOVIN’ The Karma Of Kirsty Having Issues With Nicole And The Bad Boy That Is Seeing “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs, 18 Jun 09 – Episode # 4879 ]

Notes –

1 : due to unforseen circumstances [a power blackout wiped up the pre set that i had for this ep on my DVD recorder], i shall catch the ep on Youtube etc and will post this ep guide, incl IADL, tomorrow [20/06/09]

2 : due to a painful attempt [slow Net connection] to cathc this ep on Youtube, I’ve “borrowed” the guide to the ep form the bttb mian page, with my now tradmark IADL medals etc alos included.

It's the day of Lou's funeral and Irene has decided to attend. But when Donna arrives on Irene's doorstep, she convinces Irene that she has come to terms with the fact that Lou did love Irene and she wants Irene at the funeral to help celebrate Lou's life. Donna hopes to see Irene at the church at 2pm. But when Belle calls in on Irene later that day wondering where she is, Irene quickly realises that Donna has told her the wrong time for the service, and it actually started at 1pm. Irene has missed the whole thing. A furious Irene approaches Donna about it, and Donna is suddenly back to her old bitchy self saying that it's a shame Irene couldn't make the funeral because now she looks even more guilty of Lou's murder considering she didn't show up. Knowing Irene is disappointed that she hasn't said goodbye to Lou properly, Annie and Geoff organise for a small memorial to be held near the water. Irene finally gets some closure and gets to say goodbye to Lou herself.

Xavier can't hold in his secret any longer and lets Jai in on the fact that Ruby wants to have sex with him on her birthday. Meanwhile Ruby is confiding to Annie on the same topic, telling her that she feels like it's the right time and that they're ready. With Ruby and Xavier loved up and constantly joined at the lips, it highlights even further Jai and Annie's platonic relationship. Annie is making excuses to avoid Jai and when he confronts her about it she is quick to admit that she doesn't want to be like Ruby and Xavier. Jai knows that Annie's talking about their physical intimacy, assuring her that he is okay to wait, which is light relief for Annie.

Alf mentions to Geoff that the team Tony's coaching is looking for another player, and maybe he could play for them? Geoff talks to Aden later, confirming that Tony has given him a run with the team later in the week.

Things are still not good between Annie and Irene, and Annie is reluctant to try and make things better. Annie feels sorry for Irene missing Lou's funeral and discovers Irene has brought her a necklace - she knows it won't heal the rift, but wants to prove how muh she truly cares. It seems Annie may be coming round and later she admits to Irene that all along she's just wanted to be able to put it aside but hasn't known how to broach the subject - the matter is resolved.

Kirsty is furious after having discovered Trey and Nicole waking up together in Nicole's bed, and with Miles out of town she throws Trey straight out. Nicole in turn is appalled at Kirsty for humiliating her. Kirsty instantly grounds Nicole even though Nicole insists that Trey is what's keeping her going at the moment - without her dad around, he's been a great confidant. Kirsty understands that she's vulnerable but she tells Nicole that she honestly doesn't think Trey is the right person for her and that he might be taking advantage of her. Nicole is quick to set Kirsty straight - all Nicole and Trey did last night was sleep. But that's not what Kirsty overheard Trey saying at the Diner - he says he and Nicole have done it heaps of times. Nicole doesn't want to hear a bad word about Trey as she shuts the conversation down. Before long, Nicole is once again sneaking Trey into her bedroom. While Nicole is in the middle of recording her voice over for Jai's short film, Trey has other ideas as to what they can do with their time. As he leans into kiss her, things get hot and heavy between them, and it becomes clear that video camera is still recording. Every second of their love making is about to be caught on video!


Geoff struggles with the onset of fatherhood.

Irene discovers who was setting her up.

Jai is shocked to discover a sex tape of Nicole.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: violet v neck top/dark long pants


Donna: black strapless leather top


Ruby: SBH uniform


Aden: black [white vert stripes] shirt/dark long pants

Alf: “SBH tartan” button up shirt/

Annie: purple [green dots] knee dress

Annie: SBH uniform

Belle: black knee dress

Colleen: purple blouse/back & red top

Donna: black strapless woollen top

Geoff: red [black “Henley’s”] t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white button up shirt/dark long pants

Jai: dark [purple & peach squires] t

Jai: grey [dark check] t

Jai: light blue t

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: silver nightgown

Kirsty: yellow top/dark long pants

Leah: white low v neck top

Martin: dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Nicole: dark thin strap top

Nicole: dark top/dark shorts

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: white nightgown

Trey: black [white “sync Oil” and red horse motif] t

Trey: dark t

Trey: SBH uniform

Xavier: SBH uniform

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