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The Letter He Needed

Guest whispered_envy

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Story Title: The Letter He Needed

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Aden Jefferies

BTTB rating: T (to be safe)

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Aden finds a letter from his mother.

AN: So I haven’t been around the forum for awhile...but I bring fic! This is probably set some time after Aden gets out of the clinic. I hope you like it!

Aden clutched the piece of paper to his chest, breathing deeply as he tried to stop tears from flowing. The letter had fallen into his hands by accident, finding it buried at the bottom of one of the boxes he had brought from his Dad’s house. The messy, scrawled writing of his name on the envelope was instantaneously recognisable as his mothers. He had taken it to his bedroom, reading it over and over again, wanting to imprint the words into his memory forever.

Dearest Aden,

As I write this letter, I’m watching you and your brothers on the trampoline, fighting over whose turn it is to do a back flip. Your father is watching you guys, laughing, shouting out encouragement. You’re all so happy- the perfect little family.

But things are soon going to change. I am dying, and I will no longer be in your lives. Our perfect family will be ruined. But you already know that- by the time your father passes on these letters, I will be long gone. And maybe you would have rebuilt yourselves by them. Maybe things won’t be as tough as they first will be. I don’t know. I will never know.

There are things that I wish I could say to you now, but you’re too young to understand. That’s why I am writing this letter. To help you to understand. Especially about your father, who is someone who will probably never talk about his feelings with you. When I met him, he was broken man, angry with the world. He never believed someone could love him, but I did. I loved him with all my heart. I saw through his hard exterior, and I knew there was a good person underneath it all. Our wedding almost didn’t happen- he was really scared of what I would think of him after I found out his secret. It was a horrible secret, Aden, and something that a person should never be put through. But I still loved him, our wedding went ahead, and over time, your father became a happier man.

I don’t know how your father is going to cope once I’m gone. I’m scared, Aden, scared and worried. I want my boys to stick together, to get through my death as a family. But I just don’t know if your father will be able to handle it...

Whatever he does, or has already done by the time you receive this letter, Aden, it’s because he loves you. He may not show it, but you kids are the most important things in his life. He will do anything for you; he will protect you till the end. Your father is a wonderful person, and he is so proud to have you. Please remember that Aden- no matter what happens. Please.

I, too, am proud of you. You’re going to feel some pain after I’m gone and it probably won’t be the last time, but I know you will get through it. You are so strong and brave- more than you probably ever will understand. You are so much like your father. I love you so much, Aden, and I know that whatever happens, you will make me proud. I am privileged enough, and lucky enough to be able to call you my son.

I am hoping that a lot of this letter won’t make sense. If it does, then it tears me to pieces knowing that you’re suffering and I can’t help you. But you can do it, my baby boy. Keep your chin up, your shoulders back, and you’ll be able to take on this world and everything it throws your way.

I love you so much.

Love, Mum.

It was like...she knew. She knew what the future held for her family. No, it wasn’t that she knew, she feared. And her worst fears had come true.

But Aden couldn’t feel angry towards his mother, for knowing, or fearing the future. It wasn’t her fault. By writing this letter, she was just trying to make everything better again. Even from beyond the grave, his mother was trying to help, to put the broken pieces together again. She had gone above and beyond Aden’s wildest expectations.

“You are amazing, Mum. I can’t thank you enough. I promise to make you proud.” Aden whispered, holding the letter close to his heart.

Maybe there was such a thing as faith after all.


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