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She Left With My Heart

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Story Title: She Left With My Heart.

Type of story: One shot.

Main Characters: Aden, Nicole, Roman.

Other characters: Belle, Lydia, Robbie.

BTTB rating: Rated G/T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: No

Summary: Aden has the difficult job of telling his children that their mother has died.

She Left With My Heart

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.

Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.

I say love, it is a flower, and you it's only seed.

"The Rose" sung by Westlife.

As Aden felt his heart pounding against his rib cage, he tried to clear his head. The kids would be home soon. How would he tell them? How do you tell your nine year old children that they're Mother is dead?

He was briefly aware of Nicole sitting next to him. He could feel her eyes on his face, trying to read his expression. She wouldn't find much. Aden didn't have an expression that mirrored his feelings.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard the backdoor open. Aden looked up to see Roman coming in the door, Robert and Lydia skipping in behind him.

"Daddy!" cried Lydia, running over to him, jumping into his lap.

"Hey sweetheart," said Aden, his voice barely a whisper.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" asked Robert, looking at Aden's red face. "Why are you eyes all wet?"

Aden smiled weakly and then wrapped his arm around Robert's waist and pulled him towards him. "Robbie, Lydia, something happened to Mummy today, something bad..."

Robbie and Lydia looked at Aden, completely bemused. "Did Mummy fall over?" asked Lydia, giggling. "Did she get a Barbie sticker?"

"No Lydia, Action Man sticker's are cooler" said Robbie, showing him the plaster on his knee. "Mummy likes Action Man better!"

"No she doesn't!" cried Lydia.

"Guys, Mummy did fall over," said Aden slowly. "She was on she way to the shop...and a car bumped into her. She hit her head quite hard."

"Did you kiss it and make it all better Daddy like you did with Robbie's knee?" asked Lydia.

"I did sweety," said Aden, smiling at her sadly. "But it didn't work. Mummy got worse?"

Robbie frowned. "What does wurss mean Daddy?"

"Worse Robbie means that Mummy didn't get better," explained Aden.

"Did she have to go on the nee - naw?" asked Lydia, looking at Aden imperiously.

"Yes she did have to go in the ambulance darling!" said Aden.

"Did the doctor's make her all better?" asked Robbie.

"No sweetheart, that's the worse part," said Aden slowly. "Darlings, Mummy won't be with us anymore."

Robbie frowned, while Lydia looked at her Dad sadly. "Where she go Daddy?"

"Mummy gone to spend some time with the angels," said Aden, a few tears trickling down his cheeks. Behind him he heard a faint sob; Nicole's tears breaking through

"Do you remember what I told you about the angels?"

"Yeah," said Lydia, quietly, still looking confused. "They're baby Jesus' best friends, and they're taking care of Granny Irene...when's Mummy going to come home Daddy?"

Aden's heart broke as he saw his daughter's eyes filled with worry and upset. "Sweetheart, Mummy's not coming back."

"But Mummy has to come back Daddy!!" cried Lydia, as tears began to pour from her blue eyes. "Who's going to read me my bedtime story?"

"And Daddy who's going to put my cereal in my bowl in the morning?" cried Robbie, his voice beginning to shake.

"And Daddy, who's - "

"Darlings, darlings, listen to me please," said Aden, desperately. "Daddy's very upset about Mummy leaving too. But Aunty Nicole, and Grandad Roman are going to stay to help us, ok!"

"But Daddy," cried Lydia, tears streaming down her red cheeks. "I want Mummy."

Aden burst into tears as he two children collapsed in tears against his chest. He wrapped his arms around them and hugged them tightly, his own tears breaking through.

Nicole looked up at Roman, her face stained with tears. As they eyes met, Roman smiled at her sadly.

Unable to hide her tears Nicole got up and walked into the kitchen, where she finally lost it and burst into tears. Leaving Aden in the living room with the twins, Roman went into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his daughters shaking body.

"Shh, it's ok," said Roman, rubbing his arms up and down his daughters back.

"No it's not ok," cried Nicole, tears running fluently down her face. "Aden loved Belle so much, and now she's gone! Those kids...their Mum is gone. They have to go through life now without her, and Belle...she loved those two so much!"

"Shh darling, its gona be ok," said Roman, rocking her gently.

"I've got to stop this," said Nicole, pulling out of the hug, wiping her tears away. "Aden's going to need our help over the next few days. Let's get a start on dinner."

As Roman went off to get an apron, Robbie came into the kitchen. "Aunty Nicole," he said quietly.

"Aw, sweety, hey," said Nicole, turning to face him, stretching her arms out to him. He walked into them slowly.

"Hey it's going to be ok," she whispered in his ear, his he burst into tears. "Everythings going to be ok."

"No, Aunty Nicole it isn't," he cried. "I know it isn't. Daddy's just saying that.

Nicole nodded sadly. "Daddy's just very upset sweety. He doesn't know what else to say."

"I want to see Mummy. I want to see her Aunty Nicole!"

"Ok sweety, would you go help your Grandad Roman while I take to your Daddy?" asked Nicole, nicely.

"Ok," said Robbie, sadly, walking over to Roman.

Nicole's heart broke as she walked into the living room to find Aden cradling a sleeping Lydia to his chest. Her face was red from crying, her eyes were puffy and wet.

"Hey," she whispered quietly. "How you holding up?"

Aden shrugged. "Telling them was harder than I expected."

Nicole smiled supportively. "You did really well Aden, considering it only happened today."

Aden nodded. "I had to tell them though."

Nicole smiled in agreement. "Um Aden, Robbie mentioned to me that he wanted to see Belle..."

Nicole stopped talking as Aden raised his head to look at her. "He actually said that?"

Nicole nodded. "He seemed pretty serious about it."

Aden sighed. "Well, maybe they should. They might understand better that way. I was going to go see her myself this evening...I want to tell Rachel to turn off her life support."

Nicole winced at his words but managed to smile. "I'll come with you."

Aden smiled gratefully. "Thanks Nic, you've no idea how much that means to me."

"After dinner?"

Aden sighed heavily and nodded. "After dinner."



My ears were buzzing as I walked through the revolving doors. I felt Lydia grip my hand tighter, she seemed nervous. I squeezed her hand supportively, and lead her, Nicole and Robbie to the reception desk.

Luckily Rachel was there so we didn't have to say anything for her to know why we were there. She realised immeediatly. Smiling sadly at the kids, she pointing down the corridor.

"Right this way guys."

Lydia pulled on my arm. I turned and lifted her up, hugging her tightly to my chest. "It's alright baby, don't worry, I'm here."

Slowly we followed Rachel down the corridor. She stopped outside the same green double doors she had lead me through earlier that day. As our eyes met, she smiled and me.

Holding Lydia tightly with one arm, I reached out and pushed the door open.

For half a second I felt my heart lift as I saw Belle lying on the bed. It took less than a minute for it to drop again, as I remembered the girl I loved was long gone. Only her body, her beautiful, sleek body was left behind. Her spirit, her soul was gone.

Lowering Lydia down carefully on the ground, I took both her's and Robbie's hand and lead them over to the bed. I felt hovering behind me. I smiled to myself realising she was giving us some private time.

I zoned in on my kids almost immediatly, afraid that they would find them disturbing. I froze as I watched Robbie reach out and touch Belle's face.

"Mummy," he whispered.

He looked back at me, and I smiled at him. I knew now he understood.

As I watched Lydia, it would have appeared she had frozen. She had not moved an inch from when I had lead them over to the bed. Then, slowly, she climbed up onto the bed and layed her head beside Belle's arm. I watched as she closed her eyes.

"I love you Mummy," I heard her whisper.

I sighed in relief as I knew that both my kids were at peace with what had happened to Belle. I carefully went to sit on the other side of the bed. Reaching out, I carefully took her hand.

A shiver ran up my spine as my brain registered that her hand was fairly cold. I tried to ignore this. Instead I focused on her face. Her beautiful mesmerising face.

The girl I loved with all my heart and soul...was gone. I knew this. My heart however did not want to believe it.

But the longer I sat there, the more I felt it hit me. I nodded to Nicole, and she left to call Rachel in. It was time. It was the right time.

Rachel came in slowly and came to stand beside the life support machine, her finger on the small black button.

"Ready?" she asked quietly.

Quickly I glanced over at my two children. My reason for living. Robbie had buried his face in Belle's lap, Lydia, her head still rested beside Belle's arm.

I looked up at Rachel and slowly nodded. I jumped as I felt the switch click under the pressure.

The buzzing began to slow down, the flow of oxygen began to decrease. And with every beep that echoed out of the machine, I felt my heart going away with it.

And then after the machine's final beep, I realised something. My heart, which I had given to Belle all those years ago was now gone.

The woman my world have revolved around was now gone, and with it my heart.

She had left with my heart...

Thanks for reading!!



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