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is this possible?

Guest tessalove

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i was wondering, on another forum, they have started a contest "battle fo the ships" would it be possible to have one here?

it is acontest involving couples, members sign up for differen teams, and there are challanges, it would be a great thing to do!!

just a thought :)

Elainea (tessalove)

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In some ways this has already been going on and has resulted in some members feeling hurt, and personally attacked. Other members have had to be warned about their unecessarily agressive behaviour toward other members. I'd be very wary of that. :wink:

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I just want to bump this thread to see if this could happen.

I know some people would say it would cause arguments and stuff, but if it's done right then it will be fine!

We could have a thread wiht seperate areas for each team, which are password protected.....

It doesn't have to be couples/ships it could just be characters or something.

There could be challenges such as, Fics, icons, Banners, Videos or any other things anyone can think of, Quizzes etc......

I think it would be a really good idea!

Hope someone can get back to me! :)

El x

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This isn't something we'd look to be doing on BTTB - mainly for the reason John has already stated, it would likely cause even more tension between people. Creating areas for opposing 'teams' to battle it out against each other would be counterproductive to all the measures we've taken to attempt to maintain a friendly atmosphere.

There are various other reasons though. And as it stands we also have plenty of contests running in the Creativity and Fiction forums.

Thanks for your suggestion though, we do take ideas into consideration and discuss them with other staff. :)

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