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Forever && Always

Guest MizzyBee123

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Story Title: **Forever && Always**

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Geoff & Nicole

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, mysterious happenings

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Mild sexual content

Summary: Picking up from the ending of 4830, Nicole loves Geoff. Geoff loves Nicole. Will they ever find their way back to each other? And who is it that’s lurking in the shadows?

Chapter 1

And just like that he walked out of her life, with Claudia the farm girl. With Roman in hospital, clinging onto life, and her mum in the city, the only person she had left to rely on was Geoff, the love of her life, and he was walking in the opposite direction.

Geoff meant the world to Nicole but for some reason, in the 7 months that they dated, she could never express to him just how much he meant to her. Were all the kisses and cuddles that they shared ever enough to tell him ‘I love you’? If there was one thing she regretted it was the ‘twig’ chat with Aden. If only she could turn back time.

Rewind, back to the Island, that very first time. The emotions that curdled her inside, fear, hope and, most important, love. Bible boy and Princess stranded on an island. A crazy combination, but yet the most beautiful outcome. The first kiss – fireworks. Nicole knew that her feelings for Geoff were real from that moment on when he kissed her so softly and she ran her fingers through his hair. They fit together like a jigsaw. He gently lowered her down onto the sand, in the warmest embrace.

‘Geoff, its okay, trust me’.


As Nicole watched Geoff walk into the distance with Claudia, jealousy consumed her. Who was this girl? And why was she so close to Geoff? They only broke up last week. Surely he hadn’t moved on so quickly, or had he?

She went back to the hospital to check on Roman. No change. Her mind soon changed back to Geoff. She needed to confront him, tell him how she was feeling, about Roman, about her and especially about him. One problem. She’d tried speaking to him before, offered to go for a coffee but he made his excuses and made a quick exit. The only option left was to send a letter. Or at least attempt to write a letter even if she didn’t send it. She needed to be alone so she picked up her bag, kissed her dad gently on the head then made her way home.

When she got home, Aden was there. ‘Hey, what’s wrong, is Roman okay?’ he asked with concern. ‘Um, yeah there’s no change. Rachel said we just have to talk to him, though I’m not even sure if he can hear me. I’ve promised to be less selfish and stuck up if he woke up’, Nicole replied.

‘Well, if anything is going to get him out of that coma, I’m sure that will!’ he gave half a smile. Nicole smiled back. ‘Hey, I’m just heading upstairs for a bit, need some time to think’. And with that Nicole went upstairs to her room.

She lay on her bed looking up at the ceiling. Thoughts of everything rushed through her mind. She turned to the side and spotted the photo of her and Geoff at the formal. He looked so cute with his cheeky grin and in his tux. Her boyfriend...Geoff Campbell...Bible boy....HER Geoff. She smiled as she remembered that night, well, before the disastrous crash and fire. All of those feelings she’s felt over the past year are still going strong, stronger than ever and she needed him to know it. But writing her feelings down hasn’t exactly been one of her strong points in the past. Then she thought of Geoff again. Should she write a letter or not?

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Nicole took her pen, put it to the paper and paused. How should she start? She was lost in what to say so many things but didn’t even know where to start...

Dear Geoff,

I know that a lot has happened in the past, and a lot is happening right now in fact. With my dad, the farm, and Belles drug problem, our minds have been occupied for the past few weeks. When I saw you yesterday and we talked I realised that I missed that. We haven’t spoken like that in a while and well I guess what I’m trying to say is, I miss you. I know why we broke up and I know that I had a lot to do with that, but it still doesn’t change the fact that one, I love you and I’ve always loved you. I’m writing this down because somehow when I see you and speak to you, I always manage to stuff it up. When I hugged you yesterday, all the feelings I’ve had for you, and still have for you all came rushing back. And I like that feeling. You’re always so kind and considerate, and know matter what i know you’ll always be there for me. Well i feel the same way too. I care about you and will always care about you. Anyway, I just needed you to know and I hope that one day you will find your way back to me.

All my love

forever and always


She folded the letter and wrote Geoff’s name on the front. Now what should she do? Deliver it herself? Get Aden to give it to him or even Belle? Or maybe Annie? No it would be best coming from herself. A quick look in the mirror, a bit of lip gloss and she was ready. Now she just needed to find Geoff. ‘He should be home right about now’ Nicole thought and headed back downstairs. She got her iPod out of her bag and plugged herself in.

“Hey Aden, I’m going over to see if I can find Geoff, I don’t think I’ll be long. Afterwards I’m going back to the hospital so I’ll see you later!” Nicole shouted into the kitchen.

“Okay, well I was planning on going too so I’ll meet you there’ Aden replied.

Nicole was walking down the road when she took out her iPod to change the song. Every song reminded her of Geoff. They used to listen to some of them nonstop so there were flashbacks that went through her mind every time she heard their intros. Nicole smiled to herself. The sexy photo shoot they did, laughing and joking to tunes of different kinds and the cat walk impression she did on the island. They all had songs attached that allowed good memories to come flooding back. Nicole walked to the edge of the road, took one step and THUD!

Aden was at the hospital when they rushed an unconscious Nicole through the corridor.

“What the...whats going on?.. what happened?” Aden frantically asked Rachel.

Rachel was doing everything she could in order to help Nicole as Aden was told to wait outside. Nicole’s bag and jacket were handed to Aden as the doors were closed behind the trolley. Who was he to call? Roman was already in here and her mums away for the week in Europe. What would he say anyway he didn’t even know what happened our what was wrong! He looked in Nicole’s bag for her phone. As he searched through each compartment he came across the letter. He looked at it and resisted the temptation to read it.

“What happened? Is she okay? Can I see her?” Aden exclaimed.

“She’s been hit by a car, She’s got head injuries and a broken leg”, Rachel came bounding out of the hospital room that Nicole was in. “She’s stable and we’re performing routine tests in order to make sure she’s treated properly but I need you to let her next of kin know about what has happened.”

“Well, Roman can’t exactly do anything and I don’t know who else to call” Aden replied.

“Okay, I’ll see what I can find out, in the mean time I need you to stay calm and maybe let Geoff know what’s going on. I know they aren’t together anymore but I’m pretty sure he’d like to know. I’ll let you know when you can see her but right now that’s not possible” Rachel told Aden.

“Okay then, will do; I’ll go find him now, just make sure you look after her”. With that Aden left.

Geoff had just got out of the shower when there was a continuous bang on the door.

“Alright, I’m coming” Geoff Shouted, slightly annoyed. He made his way over to the door and opened it to find Aden stood there looking slightly worked up.

“Geoff, where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling you for the past 30 minutes!”

“Well, i’ve been up the farm all day so i had to have shower, why whats wrong?!”

“It’s Nicole. There’s been an accident and shes in hospital”

Geoff was shell shocked, “What? Is she okay?”

“She’s having tests done but she’s stable. Rachel told me to tell you ‘cos she thought you’d want to know...c’mon we got to go!”

“Okay, I just got to get a shirt” Geoff got ready and both he and Aden rushed back to the hospital.

Geoff stared at Nicole through the glass window of the room. He didn’t know what to feel. Since they broke up he’d tried his hardest to wish away his feelings and move on. Now that he’d done that, he was faced with having to deal with those feelings all over again. Aden stood beside Geoff, also looking at Nicole. He turned and put his hand on Geoff’s shoulder.

“Rachel said the next 24 hours are crucial, but they are hoping for a full recovery”

Geoff just nodded.

”Oh and another thing, before Nicole was hit by the car....she was on her way to see you. I think she was planning on giving this to you.” Aden took the letter from his back pocket and gave it to Geoff.

“I have no idea what it says but it’s got your name on it” Geoff looked confused and taken aback “Okay, thanks” he walked over to the nearest seat in the corridor and sat down, continuously looking at the letter wondering whether to open it or not.

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He continued to stare at the folded letter. He couldn't open it. Something inside wouldn't let him. He looked over towards the window and stood up. He could see her laying there, her body almost lifeless, tubes coming from all angles. Somehow, to him, she still remained so beautiful. What was he doing; he can't say that anymore, he has no right. She wasn't his girlfriend. He stuffed the letter into his pocket.

"I need to go for a walk and clear my head", he told Aden as he rushed along the corridor and out of sight. Aden just watched, having no time to reply.

Geoff burst out of the main doors and leaned on the fencing outside. He looked over towards the trees and slowly made his way towards them, thoughts of Nicole bombarding his brain. He sat down and leaned against the trunk of the tree. He took the letter from his pocket and began to read.

He didnt know how he felt. Though, Confused seemed to cover it. Here he had a girl telling him that she loved him and will always love him, and at this exact same time she was lying in a hospital bed clinging onto life. His beautiful ex girlfriend. But that was the problem - 'ex'. He'd moved on, or thought he'd moved on. Claudia was a nice girl, had always been nice since they met way back in primary school. But then there's Nicole...

His eyes filled as he thought about all of the good times they'd had. The stupid photo shoot, the first day of their return to Jackson Island and that day when they FINALLY got together...it was perfect. But that still didn't cancel out the differences they have. Geoff didn't know if he still loved Nicole or whether it was just an old habit. He still cared about her; he'd told her that but was it love? He didn't know. He had Claudia to think about now too. He'd kissed her only a few hours ago but never got the chance to tell Nicole about it. He didn't know what he was feeling anymore.

He put the letter back in his pocket and made his way back into the hospital, back to Nicole. As he moved through the double doors of the corridor he heard Rachel shout...

"Can I get some help in her please?!"she beamed.

Through the commotion Geoff could hear a continuous beeping sound and as he peered around the corner he saw Rachel manically moving the pillows from under Nicole's head, and a number of doctor’s rushing in.

"We need to move quickly, we"re losing her!"Rachel exclaimed.

Geoff just stared, mouth open. What was going on? They said she was stable. His heart began to beat faster and faster as he glanced over at Aden standing at the opening of the room. A tear flowed down his cheek as he stood very still, watching. Geoff walked over to the window and placed his fingertips on the surface. "C'mon Nicole, don't give up now, c'mon don't give up"he thought to himself. He had flashback of the island when he had to bring nicole back himself. how still she was as he battled to bring her back to him. Rachel continued to resuscitate Nicole as Geoff reached into his pocket for the letter and stared at the words on the paper. Forever and always. He looked at Nicole as his eyes filled with tears.

"Forever and always" he whispered.

Suddenly, the beeping stopped and the doctors cleared the room. Rachel walked out through the door, over towards both Geoff and Aden.

"We got her back" Rachel sighed with relief.

Aden smiled.

"Can we see her?", he asked eagerly.

"Yes but one at a time" she replied.

Aden turned and looked at Geoff.

"Go on mate, you first" Aden told Geoff. Geoff still looked shell shocked. He couldnt believe she was so close to leaving him again, leaving Roman, leaving Aden and everyone else that loved her.

He slowly walked up to the bed. Should he hold her hand? Kiss her cheek? Stand? Sit down? Why did he always have to over analyse things. That’s one thing Nicole always got mad at him about. She always said he needed to relax and act natural. Come to think about it that was one of the reasons they always argued. Okay, so he tried it, he did what he thought was natural. He looked at her bruised face and slowly leant forward and gently kissed her forehead. He slowly moved the bit of hair covering her face, to the side. The words forever and always echoed in his head.

He sat with her for what seemed like hours, though in actual fact it was only 30 minutes. Aden peered around the door.

"Hey, mate, why don't you go home get some sleep or something. I'll stop with her til you get back"”

Geoff hesitated and turned to look at Nicole.

In that moment, he knew what he had to do and he had to do it now.

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Chapter 4

As Geoff made his way up to the farm, it was getting pretty dark. He saw Claudia in the distance. She had night light and was fixing the wire on one of the fences.

“Hey, what you doing here? I thought you went home ages ago?” Claudia questioned Geoff with a smile. She walked towards in and kissed him. He moved away as if to avoid the kiss.

“Oh yeah I had to come and talk to you” he replied

“Sounds serious “

“Erm, Nicole’s been in an accident, she was hit by a car” Geoff said as he moved past Claudia and turned to face her.

“Nicole? Is that the girl that was here earlier, that you were talking to? Is she okay?” Claudia questioned.

“Yeah, and we don’t know yet she’s in the hospital”

Claudia moved in to give Geoff a hug but he distanced himself from her.

“I can’t do this, whatever it is, not until this stuff with Nicole is sorted” Geoff looked Claudia in the eye.

“What stuff?” Claudia asked.

“Until she’s alright, I’m sorry” Geoff muttered.

“Geoff, you told me earlier there was nothing there anymore. You said you liked me “

“I did...I do, but I’ve got to look out for Nic...Roman’s still in a coma, i’m all she has”

“You’re not her boyfriend anymore, Geoff”

Claudia looked Geoff in the eye.

“...but you still love her don’t you?”

Geoff didn’t answer, he just walked away

“I’ve got to go, I’ll see you later”

Claudia grew more and more annoyed as she watched Geoff walk off into the darkness.

When Geoff got back to the hospital Aden was waiting for him.

“Geoff, its good news...she woke up”, Geoff was stunned.

“She’s asking for you”. They both went into the hospital.

As Geoff approached Nicole’s room, he stopped and took a deep breath. As he moved towards the door his heart began to beat faster again. And then he saw her laying there, her eyes open but body as still as can be. As he moved closer Nicole turned her head and smiled.

“Hey” she said

“Hey, how are you feeling?”

“..Like someone just hit me with their car” Nicole said softly as she looked at Geoff with a smirk.

Geoff gave a smile back. Nicole tried to move her body so she was half sat up.

“Hey careful, you’ll still be pretty weak”

“Geoff, I’m fine”

“Tell that to Rachel”

“I did and she said I have to stop in for a few more days, I suppose it’s expected, I did nearly die!” she smiled.

“Nic, don’t joke about it, we thought we’d lost you” they both awkwardly looked at each other. “How’s my dad?”

“There’s no change”

Nicole just nodded. She stared into space

“What if he doesn’t wake up...” Nicole said with sadness

“...he will he’s just taking his time..He’s a fighter...look at what he went through to save you from Elliot, he’s not going to give up now”

Geoff’s hand found its way to Nicole’s and it stayed there for a few minutes until Rachel came in and interrupted. She told them Nicole needed rest as her body was still recovering.

“See ya” they exchanged with smiles, and Geoff left.

Geoff thought it was best he stayed away for a couple of days. He didn’t want to overcrowd her. Ironically, Geoff was the one person Nicole wanted to see. She’d forgotten about the letter until Aden reminded her.

“I gave him it, when they first brought you in, I found it in your bag”

So Geoff knew how she felt. Why didn’t he say anything the other night? Maybe he just didn’t feel the same way anymore. She’d made a fool out of herself.

In that instant, Geoff appeared. He smiled as he entered her room.

“Hey, how you doing?”

“I’m better, loads better thanks. Rachel said I can go home soon” Nicole said sweetly.

“Good, that’s good” he smiled again.

“Hey can I talk to you? Aden do you mind?” Nicole asked

“No, no I’ll go get us some coffees” and with that Aden left the room.

“What’s up?” Geoff questioned.

“Erm, it’s about my letter....forget what it said..i was upset and i needed you..but i know that its not fair. We aren’t together no more soo....”

“soo you didn’t mean it?”

“No..Yes I meant it but I understand that we’re broken up...why how do you feel?”

“I don’t know I’ve been trying to work that out for a few days now. When I saw you lying there, not moving, I was scared Nic, I was really scared. I kept thinking back to when we were on the island and I couldn’t get you breathing and it just brought back memories”.

“I know” she reached out and he hugged her.

As they broke away their cheeks touched. They continued to move slowly until they were looking into each other’s eyes. Geoff then moved closer and as their lips touched, they closed their eyes and lost themselves. So soft and gentle. Feelings rushed back, those types of feelings that give you butterflies. Geoff’s hand moved up towards Nicole’s face as he gently brushed his thumb across her cheek. She touched his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. The magic was still there.

Aden came bounding in and Geoff and Nicole immediately broke away from each other. Geoff stood up and nervously smiled at Aden.

“Ermm i’ve got to go i’ll call you later”

He made a quick exit leaving Nicole gutted and confused. Did he regret it? Should she not have let them kiss? But there was no denying it, the feelings were strong, very strong, from both of them. Geoff couldn’t deny that.

Later, Nicole was alone in the room listening to her iPod. Amazingly, it had survived the accident. She looked through the photos on it. Her and Ruby. Her and Roman. Her and Aden and Belle. Her and Geoff. And then just Geoff. Good times. There was knock at the door. And peering around the corner was Claudia.

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Just a short update this time. Will hopefully have more time to update in the next few days! =]


“Claudia, isn’t it?” Nicole questioned.

“Err, yeah I saw you back up at the farm a few days ago”

“Yeah, I remember. What you doing here? If you’re looking for Geoff he left a while ago.”

“Oh, no it was you I wanted to see actually”

“Oh okay” Nicole said felling pretty confused. Why did farm girl want to talk to her? And why was she even here. They hadn’t even spoken before.

“It’s about Geoff. Well, erm how should I put this...”

“Put what?!” asked Nicole still very confused. This girl made no sense.

“...We kissed...well he kissed me...the other day, the day you got hurt” Claudia said with a blank look on her face, nervous as to what Nicole’s reaction would be.

“Why are you telling me this?!” Nicole asked abruptly, feeling the sharp pain in her heart when she resounded the words ‘we kissed’ over and over in her head.

“ cos I think you should know. He’s confused and he doesn’t know what he’s feeling. But i like him and think he likes me. I think I deserve a shot with him. You’ve had yours.”

“Claudia, it’s not a game. We can’t just take turns”

“I know, I didn’t mean it like but until you’re accident things were going well for us and then...”

“and then I ruined it all! Claudia would you please leave” Nicole snapped and turned away, putting her earphones back in and staring into space. Claudia walked out back into the corridor, satisfied that she’d told Nicole about the kiss, and that somehow she may just have worked things into her favour. Maybe now she had caused a rift between Geoff and Nicole.

Later that afternoon, Rachel bound into the room with a smile on her face.

“Well, Nic, it looks like you’re free to go, few more days rest and taking it easy and you should be as good as new”

Nicole forced a smile, trying to hide the fact that Claudia had managed to get through that tough exterior of hers and hit a nerve. Many things didn’t hurt Nicole Franklin, people could think and say what they liked, she didn’t care, but her one weakness was Geoff. She cared about him a lot more than all the others before. The thought of him kissing someone else made her stomach churn.

“I’m going to go see my dad first then I promise I’ll head home for rest” and with that she gave a faint smile and slowly hobbled out of the room.

As she approached Roman’s room, she saw him lying there as still as can. Still no change. She walked over to his bed and gently took hold of his hand. Aden entered the room.

“Hey you ready to go home?” he asked with a smile.

Nicole turned to look at him.

“Yeah, two minutes”

She turned back around and leaned forward as if to whisper something into Roman’s ear.

“Hey dad, I’m going home for a bit but I promise I’ll be back soon. Love you” she kissed his forehead and they left.

As they reached the front door, Nicole phone rang. She took it out of her pocket and noticed it was Geoff. She couldn’t talk to him. How could she, after what Claudia had said? She needed space. Call cancelled.

“I’m going to go in the bath for a bit” she told Aden and headed upstairs.

“Nic, you okay, you’re pretty quiet?” Aden asked with worry

“Yeah, fine just needed to be home” Nicole smiled and continued up the stairs.

As Nicole lay in the bath she wondered how she would react the next time she saw Geoff. Technically she can’t be angry, because when he and Claudia kissed they weren’t together, but it still didn’t stop the aching in her heart. She loved him. End of. And to hear the one you love has been with someone else is the most hurtful feeling in the world. Well it was to Nicole at this time anyway. But was it even really a surprise to hear they’d kissed. They looked pretty friendly when she’d seen them together before so it was to be expected really. She glanced over at her phone. 4 missed calls.

“Nic!”, Aden shouted up the stairs. Nicole struggled to put her top on and, annoyed, shouted back.

“What?!” she snapped.

“It’s the hospital. There’s been a change in your dad’s condition. I think he’s woken up!”

Nicole quickly grabbed her shoes and bag and ran downstairs. The missed calls, they weren’t all from Geoff. One was from the hospital. It was good news or so she thought.

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When they reached the hospital, Rachel was there to greet them.

“Hey guys” she turned and looked towards Nicole

“You’re dad’s came out of the coma, but there’s been a complication. I’m afraid he’s got amnesia...”Nicole gasped in disbelief, her eyes beginning to fill up with tears “At this stage we can’t tell whether the damage is permanent or temporary but we have got a specialist that is on his way to assess your father’s condition”

“Can I see him?” Nicole asked abruptly.

“Of course, but I must warn you he is very confused and it is highly unlikely that he will recognise everyone so be gentle and understanding”

Nicole was still trying to take the news in. She hadn’t known her dad that long, and the year she’d spent with him, getting to know him was loads better compared to the waste of sixteen years shes spent with her mum and all of her mums different boyfriends. Choosing to leave her life in the city and to move to Summer bay was one of the best decisions she made. She got to leave her rubbish life and start a new with her dad. Well it wasn’t like her mum ever wanted her around and Roman welcomed her with open arms. He was her dad - wise tough strong - good old Roman. But would he still be the Roman they all knew? Would he still be the dad she knew? There was only one way to find out.

Nicole crept into the room, Aden following. Roman immediately looked at them with a slight confused look on his face.

“Hey” Nicole said sweetly.

“Who are you?” Roman replied quite sharply.

“Erm, I’m Nicole, your daughter”

“My daughter? I don’t have a daughter” There was no emotion in his voice. To him, he was talking to a complete stranger.

“Okay” she smiled though it was clear that comment hit her like a gunshot. Adn put his hand on her shoulder as if to reassure her it would be okay.

“erm I’m sorry I’ve got to go” her eyes filling up as she quickly turned and hurried out of the room the best she could. She needed some air. Aden rushed out to see her.

“I’m okay. I just need some time. I’m going to go home get some off his things, maybe grab so photos, see if it can jog his memory or something”

“Alright, call me when you get home. I’ll stay for a bit longer” Aden smiled. Nicole agreed and left, tears streaming down her face.

As she hobbled out of her Roman’s bedroom and into hers, she dropped the pile of clothes she was carrying.

“Great. Well that’s just fantastic!” she snorted as she angrily picked up the clothes from the floor. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It made her jump. She was too busy thinking that she was oblivious as to what was going on around her.

“Coming!” she shouted down the stairs, as she put the clothes down and closed the doors. As she made her way downstairs, she wondered who it was this time. She’d had so many visitors over the last few days that there was probably only a few in the bay she hadn’t seen! She grabbed hold of the handle and to her surprise saw Geoff standing nervously in the doorway.

“Geoff...” Nicole said with a surprised tone in her voice.

“Hey” he said quietly.

“What you doing here?” She asked politely

“Aden called me. He was worried about you. He told me what happened with your dad at the hospital. So I came to see if you’re alright... but if it’s a problem I understand... I can go” he said though desperately hoping she’d say it was okay. Nicole looked him in the eyes.

“Come in” she said.

Geoff made his way through and Nicole signalled for him to sit down and then proceeded to sit next to him, fluffing and moving a cushion onto her lap.

“So how are you?” he asked

“Erm honestly, not too good Geoff...” she said with sadness, looking down at the cushion, “he doesn’t even recognise me” and as she said that, a tear streamed down her face. Geoff moved his hand towards hers but she pulled it away and stood up. Geoff moved to the edge of his seat, sort of startled.

“We can’t do this...not again” Nicole snapped.

Geoff was confused, why had she just pulled away from him? He only wanted to show her that he cared.

“What’s wrong, Nic?” he questioned.

“I had a visitor before...erm..it was Claudia” she looked at him.

“Claudia? When? Why was she here?”

“Yes and it wasn’t here, it was at the hospital, just after...we kissed”

Geoff was shocked. Why had Claudia gone to the trouble of visiting Nicole when they hardly knew eachother? And when she knew he was feeling confused about his feelings. It didn’t make sense.

“She told me you kissed her the other day, the day I had the accident” Nicole admitted.

Suddenly the penny dropped. Geoff realised that Claudia obviously couldn’t accept that he wanted space. How could she do that when she knew Nicole was weak and was probably w=very fragile at that point. He thought it was a bit heartless considering the situation.

“Look, I admit we did kiss and at the time, yeah it did feel right”

Nicole’s heart sank to hear him admit it, it was crucifying her. Just the image made her sick to the stomach.

“...but then you had that awful accident, and well I dunno.. I just... I felt different about it. You were all that was going through my mind and suddenly the kiss with Claudia didn’t mean anything, but then I didn’t know how I felt about you and I was confused, then when we kissed earlier, that made me feel so good but I panicked and that’s why I left so quick. I guess I was just scared, scared about my feelings for you again, because it didn’t work out last time. And then when I told Claudia, she wasn’t happy and now it just feels like I’ve stuffed it all up and I didn’t mean to!” Geoff exclaimed.

Nicole looked him in the eyes as he continued.

“ And you’re letter, what you wrote, it took a lot of time for me to think it over but in the end I think it made me realise that...”

Geoff barely had time to finish his sentence when Nicole suddenly placed her lips on his and cupped her hand around his face. Geoff wrapped his arms around her waist holding tightly. Slowly she pulled away, an inch from his face and smiled. Geoff smiled back and they both closed their eyes and kissed again. As they broke away they made eye contact, intense eye contact.

“... I love you” Geoff finished off his sentence. Nicole smiled and lost herself in his eyes.

“I love you too....forever and always” they both smiled at each other.

**to be continued**

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They lay on the couch, Nicole’s head resting on Geoff’s chest. Geoff ran his fingers through her soft, blonde hair, while he interlinked his other hand with Nicole’s.

“So what do we do now? I mean, are we back together or do we need more time to sort ourselves out, you think? Nicole asked nervously, secretly hoping he’d say they were together.

“I think we’ve wasted enough time now don’t you? I mean with your accident and now with what’s happening with your dad, life’s too short”

Nicole lifted her head from his chest, smiled and gently placed her lips on Geoff’s.

“I think you’re right...” she replied, resting her chin on his chest, “speaking of my dad, I felt awful leaving earlier but I really couldn’t be there, I’m not sure how I’m going to cope..”

“Hey don’t worry; you have me, Aden, Annie and Ruby. We’ll get through it one step at a time, day by day” Geoff reassured her. She cuddled back into his warm soft torso and closed her eyes.

“I missed this” she muttered. Geoff smiled to himself then gently kissed Nicole on the top of her head.

“Me too”.

It was late when Aden arrived home to find both Geoff and Nicole asleep on the couch. They looked so peaceful and natural as they lay still. Geoff had his arm firmly wrapped around Nicole’s shoulders and back, holding her close and she was snuggled right into the shape of Geoff’s body. They fitted together just like a jigsaw. Aden turned out the lights and smiled then made his way up to bed.

It was 2am when Geoff stirred and woke to a darkened room, lying in the same position. He could feel Nicole’s body moving up and down as she breathed in and out. He smiled to himself and gently kissed her head. He knew he should probably be heading back home because Annie would be worried if he wasn’t there when she woke in the morning. He carefully slid himself out from under Nicole the best he could, without waking her. As he lifted himself up off the couch, Nicole flinched and woke.

“Hey, where you going?” she said softly as her eyelids flickered, trying to focus on Geoff. It was total darkness and she could just about make out the outline of his body.

“I’m just going to go home; Annie will wonder where I’m at”. He leaned over to the lamp and turned it on.

“You could always stay just a bit longer, we don’t have to do anything, just cuddle. I’ll set an alarm and that way you’ll be back before she wakes”

Nicole always had a way to persuade Geoff round to her way of thinking. It was as if everything she said made some kinda sense to him, or so he thought.

“Okay, but no later than 5am, just to make sure”

“Okay” she replied as she grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him in towards her. She kissed him and then cuddled into his neck. As she rested her head, she could smell him and it gave her butterflies. Everything about him she loved. Yeah, she got annoyed at him for being so uptight all the time, but that was the way he was and she wouldn’t want him any other way.

“You know, when that car hit me the other day, that split second before I stepped off the road, I was thinking of you, and how much I love you. When I was lying there in pain, I promised myself that I would fight through it just so I could just see you one more time...You were all that was going through my head”

Geoff looked at her, gazing into her eyes, thinking how much loved her right at this moment, and it made him smile. Now was the time for him to act natural. He’d spent such a long time trying to fight his physical attraction to this girl, and although his faith was still very important to him, he needed to act on the feelings he had inside. Right now, right at this second, he wanted to be closer to her, more than ever. He slowly leaned in and passionately kissed her on the lips, his hands moving in and out of her soft hair. He pushed her back, further and further until he was almost horizontally on top of her, her head resting on the palm of his hand. His other hand made its way down to the opening of her top.

“Geoff, we don’t have to do this, I never meant...”

“I know but I really want to..you know I love you...forever and always we said” Geoff said sweetly.

“Yeah, forever and always” Nicole replied, whilst kissing him tenderly on the mouth then taking his hand and leading him towards the stairs.

“Are you sure?” she asked

“Never been more sure about anything” and with that they turned out the light and moved their way up the stairs.

As they burst through the door, Nicole pulled Geoff towards her continuously kissing him, running her hands through his hair and cupping his face in her hands. Geoff ran his hands up and down her back, feeling every crease and curve. She reached down to the bottom of his T shirt and pulled it up over his head. As she removed her top, leaving only her bra, Geoff’s eyes lit up. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before, but he seemed quite surprised. Nicole giggled and turned around, pushing Geoff onto the bed. She climbed on top of him and kissed his neck. His body was so strong and fit, she had been waiting for this for so long, and it felt even better now she knew her feelings for him were even stronger. She loved him more than anything in the world, and it felt so right. They interlinked their fingers with one another and rolled side to side, kissing passionately and every now and again looking one another in the eyes. Geoff couldn’t believe how natural it felt just being with her, everything about her made him smile, the little wrinkle in her nose when she tries to be cute, the little twitch her lip makes when she confused, and the way her eyes light up a room whenever she’s there. Everything. He lay on top of her as he moved her right arm up above their heads and he kissed her body from shoulder to shoulder. As he made his way up, kissing her neck, he stopped and looked her straight in the eye.

“I love you” they said together. Their lips touched and then... Magic.

When it came to 5am, Nicole reached over to hit the alarm. She resumed her position and turned over to face Geoff. He laid so peacefully, his arms wrapped around Nicole’s waist, both their bodies bare. She kissed his soft lips.

“Wake up its 5am” She whispered in his ear. Geoff stirred and squinted as he gradually opened his eyes.

“Hey” he muttered as he leaned forward to kiss Nicole. He pulled her body close to him and kissed her neck, then moved the hair that had fallen onto her face.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?” Geoff commented.

“You may have told me once or twice before” Nicole giggled as she moved herself on top of his chest and kissed him.

“You better go soon or I don’t think I’ll be able to let you leave!” she said she lay back down beside him.”

“Okay, I’ll grab some water and then head out is that alright?!”

“Sure, will I see you later?”

“Yeah, course. I’ll call back after you’ve been to the hospital or do you want me to come with you?”

“Would you? I don’t know how to face him” Nicole asked.

“Yeah course, I’ll call back around ten then” and with that he kissed her lightly on the nose. He grabbed his clothes, put them on then smiled as he left her room and disappeared out of sight.

Nicole grinned at herself. Last night was amazing. Geoff was amazing.

As she closed her eyes and tried to drift off back to sleep she heard the sound of Aden’s bedroom door opening then a creek at the top of the stairs. Then there was silence. Suddenly she heard a loud bang and a shout. She jumped out of bed and quickly made her way downstairs. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, she could see and outline of a body on the floor.

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As she crept forward towards the opening of the kitchen she reached for the light switch and flicked it upwards.

“Geoff!” she screamed as she ran over to him lying still on the kitchen floor. He was conscious but only just.

“What happened?” she quizzed, very confused.

“I dunno, I was getting water then this person came from nowhere and hit me over the head. I fell into the chair and then blacked out I think”

“Person? Which person... I heard Aden come downstairs but...”

“It wasn’t Aden...they left as soon as I shouted” Geoff spluttered as he tried to focus his eyes on Nicole’s face. She placed her hand under his head and then pulled it away. There was blood coming from the back of his head. She stroked his face, kissed him softly on the lips and then helped him to his feet.

“We need to get you looked over at the hospital” Nicole told Geoff as she helped him sit on the chair.

“I know but Nic can we just think about this for a sec...if the person wasn’t Aden...then where is Aden?”

At that second Aden walked through the back door.

“Hey guys...God, what the hell happened to you, Geoff? You okay mate?” Aden asked concerned.

“There was someone in the house and well I heard someone come out of your room, and so thought it was you...then I heard Geoff shout and then a big noise. So I came downstairs and I found Geoff on the floor, head bleeding and no one there to be seen.”

“What? Someone’s been in the house? Who?

“Well Aden if I knew that I’d have told you by now.... right now I’m more bothered about Geoff’s head” she snapped then turned and looked at Geoff stroking his arm.

“It was dark, I couldn’t see who it was but I’m pretty sure they came from inside the living room” Geoff said quietly.

“Well I heard someone come out of your room, and I thought it was you. Obviously it wasn’t” Nicole added.

“My room? Well, have you checked it out....”Aden asked

“No...” Nicole replied

Aden made his way up the stairs and disappeared for a good few minutes. When he came back down, Nicole had already rang Miles to ask if he could come over and take Geoff to the hospital.

“We’re just waiting for Miles to get here then we’re gonna get Geoff’s head seen to. Is there anything missing?”

“No but it’s weird, there’s a picture missing, one of you guys and me and Belle...of all four of us together. I keep it on the window sill and it’s not there”

“Are you sure that’s it? Why would anyone want a dumb picture, out of everything in the house?” Nicole questioned. Aden shrugged then suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Miles. Nicole quickly ran up to get some clothes then bound back down the stairs.

“I’ll call Charlie when we get to the hospital” Nicole told Aden as she helped Geoff through the door and then they disappeared.

Geoff had to have stitches but other than that, he was in pretty good shape to say he’d been so violently attacked. Rachel left the room, leaving Geoff and Nicole alone in the treatment room.

“I bet you’re sick of this place” Geoff said looking at Nicole.

“Pretty much, I’m glad you’re okay though. If anything bad happened to you, I don’t know how I’d cope.”

She kissed him tenderly on the forehead then wrapped her arms around him, squeezing tightly.

“In a way though, I’m glad it was me that went downstairs. It doesn’t bear to think about what could have happened if you were there alone. I’d happily take a crack on the head if it meant you were okay”

“Let’s just forget about what could have been and move on, okay?” she told Geoff and smiled.

“Okay, but I am still wondering why the photo went missing though” Geoff responded with worry

“Yeah me too, and more to the point, why one with all four of us on it?” Nicole replied really confused “I called Charlie and she said she’d check it out”

Geoff nodded.

“Should we go see your dad now? I mean it makes more sense to go now that we’re here” Geoff questioned Nicole.

“Erm yeah we could do” she took a deep breath.

“Hey don’t worry I’ll come with you, one day at a time remember” and he raised her hand up to his mouth and kissed it softly.

“You look pretty hot with your cute little bandage on your head, you know” she cheekily smirked, crinkling her nose and leaning forward to kiss her boyfriend on the lips.

As they approached Roman’s hospital room, Nicole stopped and looked at Geoff. He gave her a reassuring smile and they headed into the room together.

“Hey, it’s Nicole isn’t it?” Roman asked softly. This was a hell of a lot different to the Roman she spoke to yesterday. The man she saw yesterday was sharp and blunt.

“ erm yeah it is” Nicole replied, slightly taken aback.

“..and this is Geoff. How are you?” she asked sweetly.

“I’m okay,” he nodded, ”Well I’m getting there. Everything is a bit hazy at the moment though. But I’ll get there. Look, I was really rude to you yesterday, and I’m sorry. Aden, I think his name was, he showed me these.”

Roman reached over to the draw that was placed beside his bed and took out some photos.

“Now, I may not be able to remember much, but I do know that I feel differently towards you compared to other people. When I saw you yesterday, I did feel a certain connection or familiarity and I didn’t know why that was until Aden explained, and told me about you. I’m sorry for the way I was with you yesterday but I hope you understand that everything is just a little bit confusing right now. Just give me time and we’ll get there, I promise” he smiled as he looked at his daughter.

“It’s okay, it was just the shock. I promise I’ll help you the best I can, all of us will” Nicole said with a tear running down her face. She turned her body so that she could bring Geoff closer to her.

Roman held out his hand and gestured towards Nicole. Nicole took his hand and smiled.

Roman looked up at Geoff.

“And what happened to you mate?” he questioned.

“Oh, he just got into a bit of trouble...” Nicole quickly replied, not giving Geoff the chance to reply himself.

“Yeah, you should see the other guy” Geoff joked. Roman laughed and Nicole rolled her eyes and smiled. It seemed as if the ice between the three of them was finally broken.

After a while they left the hospital and made their way to the beach house. As they made their way through the kitchen door, Annie stood up, still in her pyjamas.

“Geoff, what happened?” she exclaimed

“I’m okay, someone decided to hit me across the head in the dark. I don’t know who but Charlie’s looking into it!” he said with a slight smirk.

“Where was this?!” she asked

“At mine” Nicole answered

“Wait, what were you doing at....”

Nicole and Geoff looked at each other both looking a little embarrassed.

“...oh right” Annie went a little red, then without saying a word she walked off into Belle’s room.

“Annie, wait...” Geoff followed her into the room.

“Geoff, I thought you said that you weren’t going to...you know...again until you were married!” Annie looked at Geoff then looked down at the floor.

“I know I did Annie, and I am taking it very seriously, but my feelings for Nicole are so strong, and although I do still believe it’s better to wait until you’re married, I believe in Nicole, so much and I need to be close to her right now. This has nothing to do with betraying God, it’s just Nicole is so important to me and I love her so much, more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my whole life, apart from you that is. And well, there’s never really been anyone else who comes close to her”

“What about Melody?” Annie asked

“Melody was different. I did love her but not in the way I love Nicole. She makes me feel happy and confident but at the same time she makes me want to look after her and want to wake up next to her every morning, and I can see myself being with her forever!”

Unknown to both Geoff and Annie, Nicole was hidden round beside the door frame, she heard every word they said and she smiled to herself and she carefully crept back into the living room.

Shortly after, Geoff emerged from Belle’s room and walked straight into the arms of Nicole.

“Is she okay?” Nicole asked with concern.

“Yeah, I think so. I explained it to her the best I could”

“I’d understand if you regretted it you know, I know how hard it is” Nicole said in a sense of understanding.

“No, that’s the thing, I feel like I should be but I really don’t. Last night was one of the most amazing and beautiful things to happen to me, and I’m not going to feel guilty about it”

“I heard you say you could be with me forever...Did you mean it?!”

“Of course I did, and it still wouldn’t be long enough”

Geoff took both of his hands, placed one under Nicole’s chin, and the other moved her hair back away from her face. He closed his eyes and kissed her gently and slowly.

Geoff decided it would be best if Nicole stayed with him that night, especially after the previous. Aden had agreed it would be best and that he’d watch out for anything unusual going on. Although, she wouldn’t admit it, Nicole had been pretty freaked out about the unknown person being in the house and she secretly was glad the boys had made her stay with Geoff. As Nicole climbed into bed next to Geoff, he opened up his arms so that she could cuddle into him.

“You okay?” he asked, concerned that she seemed to be a little on edge. Nicole nodded and cuddled into him tightly and closed her eyes.

“I’ll be fine. I just need some sleep, by the way, have I ever told you that you smell soooo good!” she smiled. Geoff laughed and kissed her on the head.

“Good night, Nic”


The clock read 03.00 and it was dark as the wind blew outside. Nicole stirred and turned over to face the door way. As she slightly opened her eyes, she saw a dark figure half in, half out of the door.

“Geoff!” Nicole shouted, and Geoff immediately woke up. As she shouted, the figure suddenly disappeared.

“What...what’s up?” he quizzed as he sat up

“There was someone at your door, looking in on us”

Geoff’s face showed the shock he was feeling, but he was also a little confused. Was this the same person as last night? He wasn’t sure what to do. He looked around his room and grabbed the cricket bat he had in the corner, under his school bag.

“Wait here”

“No, Geoff. Please don’t. They might still be out there.” Nicole stuttered as she grew even more scared.

“I know but Annie’s upstairs, and Belle’s only in the other room.”, he leaned over and kissed her then crept his way out of the door and disappeared.

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As Geoff moved into the living room, he trembled as he tried his best to grip the bat tightly.

“Who’s there?” he called out, flicking the light switch on the lamp as he made his way past the stairs. Silence.

“I know that someone’s there, I saw you” Still only silence then he heard a creek from behind. He raised the bat in the air and got ready to swing it behind him. The split second before he swung it, he glanced behind and saw Nicole.

“Nic...oh it’s you, you scared the hell outta me” Geoff gasped in relief.

“Sorry but did you see anyone?” Nicole said as she walked over to him and hugged him tightly.

“No there’s no one here, are you sure you saw somebody?”

“Yeah...well..almost..it was dark but there was something there”

“Maybe last night just freaked you out too much” Geoff offered as an explanation.

“Noo..well maybe”

“I’ll check in the kitchen and upstairs” Geoff walked over to the entrance and peered in. It was clear, there was no one. He made his way over to the stairs and climbed to the top. Soon after he came back down.

“Nothing, we might as well just go back to bed” he said as he looked and walked over to Nicole, switching the light back off.

“I think that’s a good idea” Nicole agreed. A sneaky smile appeared on her face as she took his hand and led him back towards the bedroom door. When they got to the door, she turned around and wrapped her arms around Geoff’s neck. He lifted her up off the floor and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed passionately as Geoff moved them through the door and he laid her down on the bed, closing the door slightly with his foot. Nicole pulled her vest top up over her head and threw it on the floor. Geoff was lying on top of her running his hands up and down her waist. She pulled back.

“Hey, you looked pretty hot holding that bat, ready to pounce” she giggled. “You can be pretty sexy when you want to be”

Geoff laughed as he leaned forward to kiss her neck.

Back in the living room, the figure emerged from the doorway of the bathroom and made their way over to Geoff’s bedroom door. They crept closer to the opening and peered through the gap, managing to get a clear view of Geoff and Nicole making love to each other.

When morning came, Geoff and Nicole were the last ones up. As Nicole got dressed, she smiled at Geoff as he walked over and kissed her nose.

“You want some breakfast?” he asked as he walked towards the door.

“No it’s okay, I’ll grab something at the diner before I go to the hospital” she replied

Geoff walked into the living room, closing the door behind him. Aden was standing in the kitchen with Belle. They both suddenly went quiet and turned to look at Geoff.

“Hey” Belle said, forcing a smile

“What’s wrong Belle? Geoff questioned.

“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong, why you ask?”

“If it’s because Nic stopped over I’m sorry it was just for one night until she felt comfortable going back home”

Belle turned to look at Aden and he raised his eye brows in response. Belle turned back to look at Geoff.

“No it’s not that, erm last night, it seems both Aden and I had a visitor...” Belle told Geoff

“What do you mean?” Geoff was confused.

“..the person that was in the house the other night...they came back but this time they went to Roman’s house and our house”

“..so there WAS someone here last night?! I thought Nicole was seeing things”

“What?.. Nicole knows there was someone here last night?!”Aden interrupted

“Yeah she woke me up and I came to check it out but I couldn’t see anyone so we just went back to bed” Geoff explained.

Aden looked at both Belle and Geoff. Belle glared at Aden

“Go on.. tell him” Belle told Aden.

“Tell me what..what’s happened?” Geoff questioned, still very confused.

“Well, the photo that was taken from my room the other night, it showed up this morning when I went into the kitchen...and someone had scratched Nicole’s face out on the picture. Nobody else’s just Nicole’s. It wasn’t there last night so somebody must have taken it and brought it back. But do I hell know why.” Aden explained. He stared at Geoff waiting for a response. Geoff was so taken aback he couldn’t respond. Whoever this person was they were sick. Why would you do something like that and why would they target Nicole?!

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“Whatever we do, we can’t tell Nic..not yet anyway”

“Tell Nic what?” Nicole emerged from the opening of Geoff’s bedroom door

“Ermm...” Geoff struggled to think of something, he turned and looked at both Aden and Belle. They stared back, not knowing what to say.

“Erm tell Nic there isn’t any bread for toast!” Aden said quickly.

“Hmm nice try Aden...” Nicole began as she made her way over to the kitchen where Geoff Belle and Aden were still stood,”...but I already told Geoff I didn’t want any brekkie” she sneered with a smile.

“Geoff, tell me, I know when you’re lying so go on..” she said getting slightly annoyed at all three of them for keeping her in suspense.

“Well, you see the thing is...”


“Okay, you were right... last night, there was someone here”

“What? who?”

“We don’t know but they were at your house too..”

“Jeez someone had a busy night...” Nicole said sarcastically, trying to hide the concern and fear she was really feeling.

“Nicole, they left this...” Aden held out the crumpled photo that the mystery person had left.

“Oh my God” she gasped as she took hold of the photo and lifted it into her sight. The reality of someone being in the house and defacing the photo of her face sank in. Emotions wiped over her in an instant as she tried hard to fight back tears. Geoff moved closer to her and arched his body around her pulling her into him tightly.

“It’ll be okay, we’ll tell Charlie. She’ll find out who is doing this. No one’s going to hurt you, I won’t let them”, He kissed the top of her head as Aden and Belle looked at each other, clearly concerned about the mystery that was behind the photo and night time visits.

“Claudia! It must be her she’s the only one I can think of that could want to do this” Nicole exclaimed as she shot a look towards both Charlie and Geoff.

“Nic, it won’t be Claudia, she’s not like that, she wouldn’t be that vicious” Geoff responded. Nicole glared at him, wondering why he would defend her. Did he still have feelings for her? Of all people she knew that it was hard to switch your feelings off in an instant. ‘Or maybe Geoff was in on it?’ She thought as she looked at his beautiful face, his strong jaw twitched as clasped his back teeth together, very serious. ‘No’ what was she thinking, he was Geoff, he’d never do that to her. he wouldn’t do that to anyone. Paranoia was definitely setting in.

“It’s a possibility that I will have to check out; at this stage we only have the witness statements from both of you from the other night, and last night and the photograph. Hopefully the photo will give us some indication as to who this person is, all I can say at this point is make sure you double check the locks and if theres any problems call us. Don’t worry Nicole I’ll try my best to find out who it is” Charlie told them both as she began to stand, indicating she’d be going soon.

“Thanks Charlie” Geoff said as he stood up and guided her towards the door.

“Yeah, thanks “Nicole said half heartedly staring into space.

Geoff closed the door once Charlie was out of sight. He turned and walked over to where Nicole was sitting. He crouched down and placed his hands on her legs.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe we should all stay in the same house tonight, either here or at your house, either way we should all be together, you, me, Aden, Belle and Annie”

“Yeah, that’s probably best until this damn hillbilly freak is caught. um do you mind if we go to mine cos I would prefer to sleep in my own bed, it’d be my only comfort whilst this nightmares going on” Nicole answered quietly.

“Okay, I’ll call Aden, let him know the plan. Try not to worry” he smiled with concern and kissed her on the cheek before making his way over to the phone and dialling. Nicole threw her head back against the sofa and sighed.

They all gathered at Aden and Nicole’s. They’d ordered pizza and were settling down to watch another DVD in the living room. Aden and Belle were on one sofa cuddling into each other, whilst Geoff and Nicole were doing the same on the other. Annie sat on the floor in front of Geoff and Nicole’s sofa, facing the television. They had the duvets and pillows scattered around them. The girls were in their PJs, the boys just in their usual lounge clothes.

“Hey this is just like a big sleep over” Annie exclaimed slightly excited. Aden, Geoff, and Belle all looked at each other and laughed.

“What?!” Annie asked with a slight embarrassed look on her face. Belle sympathised with her, she didn’t really know the reason why they were all together, and Geoff decided it was best she didn’t know, it would only freak her out.

“Nothing, hey you want some more pizza” Belle offered, leaning forward to pass the box to Annie.

“thanks” Annie said sweetly.

Geoff noticed Nicole was still very quiet, she had been all day. Understandable really, it freaked him out what was going on, never mind Nicole. He didn’t really know what to say though, he’d told her how he’d be there and reassured her best he could but there was always that slight tinge of fear in him that something could go wrong. He tried to be positive though.

“How you doing?” he whispered as he shuffled himself into a comfier position. He was lying with Nicole cuddle into him watching the TV. He had his arm wrapped around the top half of her body, holding her close to him.

“I’m OK I guess” she sighed as she lifted her head up to look into his eyes.

“You want to talk about it or...?” Geoff asked with sensitivity.

“No, I’m okay for now” she smiled as Geoff smiled back at her and turned his head back towards the TV. Nicole continued to look at him, at his face, at his hair, at his eyes. Could this boy be any more perfect?!

“Geoff...” Nicole whispered. Geoff slowly turned his head back towards Nicole.

“...thanks” She said as she leaned in to kiss him gently and slowly on the lips. She pulled back and looked into his eyes once again.

“For what?” he asked slightly confused.

“For being you” and then they leaned in towards each other and kissed again, this time for a little longer until they both felt something soft hit their heads, a cushion in fact.

“Give it a rest you two!” Aden shouted laughing. Geoff turned and laughed whilst Nicole smiled and placed her head on Geoff’s shoulder. Geoff looked at Aden and they both knew that there was still something up with Nicole. Aden half smiled at Geoff, and Geoff did the same back.

" This movie's rubbish, I don’t know about you lot, but I’m shattered so I’m going to hit the sack” Aden announced, standing up. He turned and stretched his arms out, grabbing hold of Belle’s hands.

“Yeah, we should probably try and get some sleep” Geoff said as he gently sat up moving Nicole aside. He took hold of her hand and helped pull her up to her feet.

“Annie, are you okay staying in Roman’s room?” Aden asked.

“Yeah, fine, uh can one of you help me carry my stuff up?” she said as she stood up and began collecting her things.

“Course” Aden replied walking over to her to help.

As the others got ready to head upstairs, Nicole walked off into the kitchen. Geoff followed her, finding her stood the edge of the sink.

“Hey, come on lets go get some sleep” he said as he walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders, moving his body closer to hers.

“I don’t know if I can, I mean what if they’re waiting outside to see when the lights go off. They could come in at any minute” she said softly as she slowly turned around and faced Geoff. He placed his hands on her neck, his thumbs brushing her cheeks in a sweeping motion.

“Then we’ll deal with it but I promise, I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you. You’re not alone. I’m here, Aden’s only in the next room and hey, if the worst comes to the worst, I’ll get Annie to kick their ass!” he smiled. Nicole let out a small laugh.

“Thanks” she said softly. They both got a glass of water then headed upstairs, turning the lights off on their way.

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