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Tues, 9 Jun 09 – Episode # 4872

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ So That’s What Awkward Feels Like “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues, 9 Jun 09 – Episode # 4872 ]


Adelle talk bout Irene. Belle will be picking her up in time for when Annie & co arrive home form school. When Belle tells Aden that Irene is still Drinking, he suggests tat she should tell esp. Annie. Belle says tat Irene doesn’t want them to know, and belle concurs that it’s Irene’s call.


Hugo enters and comments that house is a mess. Xavuer reminds Hugo tat some of the mess is Hugo’s as well.

Hugo asks Xavier to give Martha her mail – which leads to Xavier ”suggesting”| to Hugo that he should really sort things out with Martha.


In the storeroom, Martha tells Alf that several local businesses are interested in Martha’s farm supplying them with produce when the business is truly up and running. Martha then wonders if Alf can help her on the farm today. He tells her tat he should he rearrange his schedules he can so.


Belle comments tat maybe the big bunch flowers that Annie has put in the langue room might be a little too much – but Annie that tat Irene’s release is worth it.

Just before Annie & Geoff head off to school, georef makes a comment bout Claudia lazing bout the house. She responds by saying that she will be busy making their baby [or something like that].

Donna arrives and tells Adelle that although Irene has fooled the authorities, she doesn’t fool Dona. Adelle “suggest” to Dona that she should bail – and she does.


Trey & Nic kiss as they descend the stairs. There’s a knock at door – its Charlie. Wondering if they’ve seen Roman. Nic is worried that Grady has done sonneting to Roman – esp. since Charlie asks Nic to accompany her to the station.


Grady is ken to do the robbery to keen to now, but roman suggest tat they wait to al the workers are gone.


Irene is please to be home – and Annie, Geoff etc are glad tat she is too. Geoff introduces Irene to Claudia – and Irene says that she knows Claudia’s circumstances and can satty as long as she needs to. All tee while, anni is esp,. Bubbly that Irene is home.


Leah and Martha are talking in the kitchen when Charlie approaches. She wonders if they have seen roman or Grady, which they haven’t. Charlie tells tat to contact her as son as they see either of them.

Martha is a litre worried bout leaving Leah alone like this, but Leah insists tat she will be fine.

When Martha goes into main area, and encounters Xavier & Ruby. Xavier hands Martha her mail and they have an uneasy chat. When Martha is gone, Ruby commenet how awkward that was [i.e. her line is my ep title].


Xavier insists to Hugo that he has to sort tings out with Martha. Xavier also commit on how he & Hugo don’t ever rally do things together – like normal brothers do.


Charlie talks to several officers’ bout the Grady & roman situation.

Nic is worried bout Roman, but when Trey offers to stay at the station with Nic, she “suggests” that he should go – which he does.


After Roman tell Grady that killing/.wounding inncocnbet civilians would be WAAAAAAY crossing the line, Grady tells roman tat there IS no such line for Gardy [soldiers, civilians – they are all for game to gardy]


Leah is very pleased to see Irene, and commit tat it will be great when irene is working here again – since it’s been sooo busy. Leah tells Irene bout how Belle’s been a big help latterly here.


Belle “suggest” to irene tat she should tell Annie that she was drinking in prion. Irene insists stat she will – tomorrow. After belle bails, Irene takes an alcohol bottle out of her bag.


After Alf tell Hugo that the supplies he wanted [incl sharkcages] have come in, Hugo & Martha has an uneasy chat. When Hugo is gone, Alf comments bout what’s just happened. Marsha insists that she will sort things out twen her & Hugo.


Hugo admits to Xavier tat he is in love with Martha – and tats why thnkjhs are so uneasy. Xavier eagerly then agrees to help Hugo pick oup the supplies [shark cage, harpoon guns etc].


There’s still no word/.sign of roman. Charlie suggests that Miles should take Nic home with hum. Nic isn't bta keen on leaving the station, but she eventually agrees to.


Donna approaches Irene – insting tat although irene has fooled everyone, there is no way tat she is getting a cent of Lou's money. Irene walks way.


Irene enters and starts drinking. Although she is reviled by the taste, she keeps on drinking. Annie descends the satrisr and sees ire doing so. Annie quickly goes back upstairs – without Irene having seen her.


Roman & gardy [balaclavas on] entry the building and there are still ppl inside. Roman says that he will take care of them. He locks them is a storeroom, but when he returns to where gardy is, Grady wishes he’d have shot the ppl. Roman tells Grady tat this has to end, and roman goes to shoot Grady, but he can't – as Grady has removed the firing pin. Gardy then shoots Roman!!!!!



Xavier gives Hugo ‘ship advice

Gardy takes Xavier as his hostage

Belle confronts Irene bout her drinking

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: Black [2 hot pink X’s] singlet top/denim short skirt


Annie: white thin strap knee length dress


Claudia: apple green singlet top/denim jeans


Aden: black [silhouette of a man plying guitar on a grey background] t/dark long pants

Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: light blue police shirt

Donna: black & white horiz stripe top/white long pants

Gardy: dark jacket/dark t/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t/

Hugo: aqua t/khaki shorts

Irene: light blue hoddie/dark top/dark long pants

Leah: red wide strap top

Martha: white singlet top/dark long pants

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: dark jacket/grey t/denim jeans

Ruby: SBH uniform

Trey: SBH uniform

Xavier: blue [light blue surfy motifs] t

Xavier: SBH uniform

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