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Plain Sailing

Guest bradyell

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Ah Naomi - your prayers may just be answered :)

Enjoy :D

Chapter 41

After flicking through the TV channels for an hour Aden decided that Belle really had made her mind up so he turned off the TV and settled down to sleep. It took a while but he eventually drifted off to sleep.

He jumped awake an hour later sure he had heard a cry come from the bedroom. He sat up heart pounding and listened carefully. A moment later his fears were confirmed when he heard Belle cry out again.

He was at the bedroom door in an instant

“Belle what is it” he shouted through the door, rattling the handle

“Aden help” Belle cried back

“God babe! Open the door I can’t get in!” Aden was panicking and couldn’t even try to hide it

“I can’t” Belle replied from inside the room

Aden could hear the fear in her voice and within seconds had forced open the door pushing hard against it with his shoulder.

When he entered he found Belle sitting at the top of the bed her knees pulled into her chest and a look of absolute fear on her face.

“babe, what is it” he said rushing over to her and taking her in his arms “is it the baby?”

He felt Belle shake her head against his shoulder. He leaned back slightly so he could look at her face

“what is it sweetheart?”

“spider!” she whispered

“what?” Aden asked his voice raised slightly

“There is a huge spider on the floor” Belle replied her eyes quickly darting to the floor behind Aden and then back again

“Are you serious! You nearly gave me a heart attack and I broke down the door for a spider!”

“It’s a big spider, look!

Aden turned his head to look at where Belle had gestured and sure enough there was a spider on the floor the size of his fist.

“Ok so that is a big spider” he turned back to face Belle “but babe you scared the life out of me! I thought something bad had happened to you”

“I’m sorry! Look at it though! Do you think it’s dangerous?” her eyes kept flicking between Aden and the spider

He looked around again and stared at the spider for a few moments

“Nah I think it’s just a house spider”

“Get rid of it Aden” Belle pleaded

“Now you want me!” Aden replied turning to her with a glint in his eye

“Aden! Please!”

“ok, ok!”

He got up and made to leave the room

“Where are you going! Don’t leave me here alone!” Belle cried

“I’m just going to get a glass to catch it! It wont hurt you!” Aden laughed

“Can’t you just squish it?”

“No! just a second ok.” he quickly left the room and returned moments later with a glass and a piece of paper.

Belle curled up even tighter on the bed as he slowly approached the spider and carefully placed the glass over it. He laughed as Belle let out a squeal when it started moving around inside it’s trap.

“You wanna get the window babe?” he asked as he slid the piece of paper slowly under the glass.

She slowly climbed out of bed and made her way over to the window giving Aden and the glass as wide a birth as was possible. When the window was open she quickly made her way back to the bed and watched as Aden tipped up the glass releasing the spider outside.

“Am I a hero or what?” he asked as he pulled the window shut

Belle just stared at him but he could see her fighting the smile that was threatening to break out on her lips.

“I mean really” he continued “ I should get like some sort of lycra number and a cape you know with like a big SA on the front ‘Super Aden!”

Belle finally succumbed to laughter and Aden went to sit next to her on the bed. “Am I forgiven?” he asked looking at Belle with puppy dog eyes that he knew were almost guaranteed to secure his forgiveness.

“I don’t know” Belle replied biting her lip “I mean you can not have thought I’d be amused with that top!”

He began to laugh again and shook his head “I knew you’d hate it! I just couldn’t resist!”

“To be honest if it were on somebody else I’d probably find it funny! I just don’t think it’s funny for me!”

“ok babe. I don’t expect you to ever wear it!”

“good because you’d have been waiting a really really long time!”

“Seriously Belle you do know that I don’t care how big you get don’t you?” Aden placed a hand on her stomach as he spoke

“It’s really hard seeing my body change like this” she looked down at his hand as she spoke “I’m scared that it’s going to change so much you wont like it any more.” her voice had got quieter as the sentence wore on and Aden had to strain to hear her.

“baby! There is no way that is ever going to happen! What you are doing is the most amazing thing! You are carrying my child Belle. And seeing you grow just tells me what a wonderful job you are doing of looking after our baby. You have never looked more beautiful”

“Do you really think that though? Or are you just saying what you think I want to hear?”

“I swear to you! I mean every word with all of my heart Belle”

She looked up into his eyes and could see in them he really did mean what he was saying.

“I think that maybe we shouldn’t get rid of that t-shirt just yet” she told him as he leant in to place a gentle kiss against her lips.

“Really?” he said as he pulled away “You are going to wear it?”

“I need to wear something when bub makes an appearance, I think it would be perfect for that”

Aden laughed “yeah it would! Hey speaking about that is it too late to get into a discussion about what you said at lunch?”

“Erm kind of, I’m really sleepy and I think we need to talk about it properly. Can we do it tomorrow?”

“sure” Aden replied “So am I allowed back in bed?”

“Yeah I think so! In fact can I tell you a secret?” she asked as they settled themselves down into a comfortable position to sleep

“Fire away gorgeous” Aden replied as he leant over her to switch off the lamp

“I was coming to get you when I spotted the spider!”

“Is that so?” he asked with a grin that even though Belle couldn’t see she could sense

“Yeah! As much as it pains me to admit it I just can’t sleep without these big strong arms wrapped around me” she said pulling his arm around her waist

“Aww! Honey!” Aden cooed placing a kiss on the back of her neck “these big strong arms will always be here to hold you”

The next day they had a lazy morning not surfacing from bed until after eleven. Over a late breakfast of pancakes Aden broached the subject that Belle had put off talking about the night before.

“So about you wanting to have the baby at home?” he asked

“It was just an idea” Belle answered “I mean Annie had Meg at home and that turned out ok! She didn’t even have a doctor!”

“No she had super Aden!” he grinned

“you are too funny! And hey, I’d better have super Aden here too!”

“Of course I’ll be with you but I can’t guarantee how super I’ll be babe! Seeing Annie in that much pain was tough, I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like when it’s you”

“How would you feel about us staying here?”

“I suppose if we had like a midwife here or a doctor….. What about pain relief and stuff though?”

“Well I’m hoping to be able to manage it all naturally, I’ve been looking into different things online, you know breathing techniques and stuff!”

“you really think that will be enough?”

“I hope so! I don’t know and I guess I wont till it happens but I just think I’d be far more relaxed here than if I were in hospital and that’s gotta help right!”

“yeah it has! I’m happy with whatever you choose Belle, you are the most important one in this”

“Maybe I should have a chat with Rachel and see what she thinks” Belle suggested

“Yeah that’s a good idea” Aden replied “Actually we could invite the three of them over and I can twist Tony’s arm into helping me fix the door whilst you and Rachel have a chat”

“Good thinking batman” Belle laughed

“Super Aden Babe! Super Aden! Batman has nothing on me!”

“Except the car”

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Glad you all liked the spider bit but gotta apologise to Sally for the dream :(

Not much happening in this chap except for Fluff, fun, cuteness, racy fluff and a bit of naked Aden!! all thanks to Taniya and her inspirational list! I'll try for the uncle Aden next time Taniya :wink:

Chapter 42

Belle sighed for what felt like the tenth time in as many minutes. It was nearing lunch time and the temperature in the office was reaching a peak. She shut down the programme she was using and leant back in her chair fanning herself with a piece of paper.

“Everything ok Belle?” Her boss asked as he perched himself on the edge of her desk

“Robert hi! Erm everything ok? Well apart from being kicked every few minutes, as hot as hell and hungry enough to eat my own arm yeah I’m just fine!” she replied with a laugh.

“The joys of pregnancy!” he smiled “so how many weeks are you now?”

“Thirty. Only ten to go thank god!”

“That’s if baby comes on time” Robert joked

“Don’t!! if it isn’t here in ten weeks it will be grounded for life!” Belle said no hint of amusement in her voice.

“so have you thought about when you want to finish work?”

“Actually Aden and I were talking about that yesterday. Ideally I’d like to work as close to the arrival as possible so that I can take more time afterwards. I’m thinking another eight weeks maybe nine.”

“Wow! That’s cutting it fine Belle but as long as you think you can manage then that’s ok with me and if you change your mind and want to leave earlier just come and see me.”

“Thanks Robert”

“Right. Now, why don’t you call it a day. You look like you could do with a lazy afternoon!”

“Really? That would be really great thank you.”

Belle left work and headed straight for the diner

“Hello darl, shouldn’t you be at work?” Irene asked as she headed over to the table where Belle had seated herself.

“Boss gave me the arvo off and I’m not complaining” Belle answered

“Everything ok?”

“yep just hot and fed up of being kicked!”

“You’d be worried if it wasn’t kicking love” Irene stated

“I know” Belle replied placing a hand on her bump and rubbing it gently “I love it really!”

“so can I get you something to eat?”

Belle nodded with a smile “Yes!”

“I’m gonna need a little more than that darl” Irene laughed when Belle failed to expand on her answer

“Is Roman on today?”

“He is, he’s in the kitchen.”

“Well tell him to surprise me! Everything he cooks is delicious so I really don’t care!”

“Ok! Drink?”

“Anything cold!”

Irene laughed again “Someone is decisive today!”

“honestly Irene I can’t make any decisions so I’m not even going to try!”

“Alrighty! Well I’ll go and have a word with Roman see what he can come up with!” Irene left Belle and made her way to the kitchen.

Belle took her phone from her pocket and sent a txt to Aden

Hi babe? What time do you finish today?

He replied within minutes

Hey gorgeous! Should be done in an hour or so. Why’d you ask?

Belle decided that she wouldn’t tell him she was done with work and would surprise him by walking to the dock to meet him.

Just wondered if you’d have time to pick up something for dinner on your way home?

His next reply came quicker than the first

Sure thing sweetheart. I’ll even cook it! Love you heaps and bub too x x x

His reply made her stomach flip as his declarations of love always did. She keyed in a quick reply before putting her phone away

How did I get so lucky eh!? We love you too x x x x

“Roman that was seriously amazing” Belle said as she walked into the kitchen and handed over her clean plate

“It was just a chicken salad Belle! And you should have stayed in your seat we do clear the plates away!” Roman answered

“I needed to get up anyway” Belle told him “I’m going to meet Aden from work”

“he didn’t mention that when he just called”

“he doesn’t know” belle smiled “why did he call?”

“He was asking if I had anything in the freezer that he could pick up for you guys for dinner”

“He’s so dead! He said he was gonna cook! I bet he would have tried to pass it off as his own!

Roman laughed and nodded “he might have said something along those lines!”

“thanks Roman, he’s so in for it! I better leave now so I don’t miss him, I’ll see you soon and thanks again for lunch”

“Don’t hurt him too much! See you Belle!”

She strolled slowly to the dock and sat down on a bench near the jetty. She could see Aden’s boat but he was nowhere in sight. She quickly glanced to the car park and was relieved to see his car still there meaning he hadn’t already left as she had briefly feared. She leant back, closed her eyes and tilted her head towards the sunshine enjoying the chance to just relax quietly.

“Well aint that a sight for sore eyes”

She opened her eyes when a shadow fell over her and saw Aden standing there grinning down at her

“Hi babe, surprise!” She grinned back

He brought his hands to rest either side of her on the back of the bench and leant down so his lips could meet hers.

“why…aren’t…..you…..at…..work? He asked kissing her between each word.

“My boss let me go early!”

“Why? Is everything ok?” he asked as he twisted his body so he could sit down next to her

“Everything is fine! You worry to much Aden!”

“Only about you two!” he replied rubbing his hand against her stomach laughing when the baby responded by kicking against his hand. “so that’s what the txt was about?”

“Yeah, I wanted to surprise you, you can still cook dinner though” she smiled over at him sweetly “what were you thinking about doing?”

“I don’t know” he said shrugging “hadn’t really thought about it”

“Oh right, so you haven’t, I don’t know……called Roman?”

“ah!” Aden bit his lip “busted right?”

“Totally” Belle laughed

“You’re gonna make me actually cook aren’t you?” he asked

“Yep!” Belle replied with a giggle “And it better be good!”

“oh it’ll be good sweetheart, you can count on that!”

“Come on anyways!” she said standing up and grabbing hold of his hand

“Come on where?”

“Home obviously” Belle replied walking away

“Yeah that’s a great idea babe but the car is in the other direction”

“I thought we could walk”

“And my car?” he asked

“Will be perfectly fine here until tomorrow.” Belle replied turning round to take his hand “Come on!”

He reached out and took hold of the hand she offered “Lets go then!” he said.

It took over half an hour for them to get home. Belle flopped down onto the couch as soon as they arrived.

“babe would you get me a drink?” she asked Aden as he walked into the kitchen

“And your last slave died of….?”

“I buried him alive when he got smart with me!”

Aden laughed at the look on her face and took a bottle of water from the fridge. He took it into the lounge and handed it to Belle.

“there ya go gorgeous. I’m going to grab a quick shower, you ok out here?”

“I’m a big girl Aden!”

“ok ok!” he said walking backwards towards the bathroom “just letting you know I care!”

“I know” she called out to him as he shut the bathroom door.

She sat there for a few minutes listening to the muffled sounds of Aden’s clothes hitting the floor as he threw them off and then the shower starting up.

She sat for a few minutes absently playing with the lid from the bottle for want of something better to do. A grin crept across her face when she realised what she could do to relieve her boredom. She placed her water on the table and slowly made her way to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe hunting for a particular item.

She continued listening out for the sound of the shower turning off as she got ready.

When Aden left the bathroom he walked straight into the lounge expecting to find Belle in the place he had left her.

“babe?” he called out

“in here!” she called from the bedroom

He turned around and walked back towards their room tightening the towel that had begun slipping from his waist as he walked through the door.

“Oh I wouldn’t bother doing that!”

Aden’s eyes widened in shock when he saw his wife sitting on their bed wearing nothing but the t-shirt she had previously refused to wear.

“What…why….?” Aden seemed to be struggling to speak causing Belle to giggle

“Lost for words baby?” she said as she sat up onto her knees and began to crawl towards the end of the bed

Aden stepped closer to the bed and reached out a hand placing it on the back of Belle’s head applying gentle pressure to bring her closer to him and his eager lips.

“God Belle!” he moaned into her lips as her hands ran over his chest. “What’s this all about?” he managed to ask as they pulled apart for breath

“I was bored!” she said as her hands slowly travelled lower and lower down his perfectly toned stomach

“this is boredom? That’s it we are losing the TV!” Aden laughed before leaning in for another kiss as Belle’s hands finally reached the towel and pulled it from him in one swift movement.

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As promised...... it's uncle Aden time again :wub:

Chapter 43

Belle picked up her phone when it bleeped to signal the arrival of a txt message, a smile lit up her face when she read it.

Hey wifey! Got a surprise for you so hurry home x x x

She quickly sent a reply

Again with the wifey?! Will be home within an hour babe x x x

It was nearing four o clock and she just had a few more paragraphs to add to the article she was writing before she was finished work for the weekend.

Now even keener to get home than she had been previously her fingers flew over the keyboard and the article was finished in half the time she had predicted.

As she drove home she tried to put some thought into what Aden’s surprise may be but couldn’t come up with anything that was likely.

Unlocking the door she expected to find Aden waiting for her but the apartment appeared empty.

“Aden?” she called as she dropped her bag onto the dining table.

“Hey sweetheart” he walked out of the door that led to the bedrooms and straight over to Belle. “You ready for your surprise?” He wrapped his arms around her waist and leant down for a kiss which Belle responded to briefly before pushing him away

“Errr you’re all sweaty!” she said as she placed her hand on his chest and pushed him away slightly

“you didn’t complain last night” he replied with a wink

“last night I knew why you were sweaty!” she grinned back “and so was I so it wasn’t really a problem!”

“Well I can help if you wanna play catch up!” he stepped forward so he was pressed right up against her and leant down to place a string of kisses along her jaw.

“Aden!” she laughed as she pulled away from him “what about my surprise!”

“it’s not going anywhere” he responded as he pulled her back and began to nibble on her ear


“ok ok. Patience isn’t really your strong point is it?” he asked

“baby from where I’m standing you are the one with the patience issues!” Belle winked at him causing him to throw his head back with laughter.

“come on then, surprise time, shut your eyes” he manoeuvred himself so he was standing behind her and brought one hand up to cover her eyes, the other one rested comfortably next to hers on her ever expanding bump. He gently guided her towards the bedrooms and stopped at the door to the spare bedroom.

He pushed the door open and gently encouraged Belle inside stopping just as they crossed the threshold.

“Ready?” he asked

“Ready!” Belle nodded

He removed his hand from her eyes and brought it to rest alongside the other one. He lowered his head to rest his chin on her shoulder.

“Surprise!” he whispered into her ear.

Belle opened her eyes slowly and let out a gasp. Her eyes travelled around the room. The last time she had seen it it had been completely empty. They had spent the previous weekend moving all the furniture out of it and re-locating it in various other places around the apartment. It was now filled with the baby furniture that they had ordered on their trip to the city. It was all assembled and placed in position with the crib in pride of place at the centre of the room, made up with the blankets they had chosen. The pictures were on the wall and the curtains hung at the window. Even the light shade had been replaced with the one they had bought.

“oh my god!” she whispered

“do you like it?”

“like it? Aden I don’t know what to say! How did you….. When did this stuff even arrive?”

“The store called yesterday to say it was gonna be delivered today so I took the afternoon off work to get it all ready.”

“You did all this by yourself? Wasn’t it all flat packed?”

“Yeah it was! Don’t even ask about that, the instructions were in like some whole other language!”

“Yet you managed to get it done.” Belle turned her head to smile at him before walking over to the crib and running her hand along the sides “It’s not gonna all collapse is it?” she added with a laugh to let him know she was just teasing

“No cheeky it’s not going to collapse!” he replied as he walked over to join her next to the crib. “All it needs now is this little fella” he said as he reached out and rubbed her stomach

“Or lady!! And not for at least another eight weeks! As much as I’m looking forward to the moment when we are in here with our baby I don’t want him or her to arrive before they are good and ready”

“absolutely!” Aden replied “You hear that baby! You stay where you are with mommy for a little bit longer ok?” He grinned when the baby kicked against his hand “hey, you carry on listening to daddy like that bub and we are going to be ok aren’t we?” They both laughed when the baby kicked again against his hand.

“Guess we know who’s gonna be boss!” belle giggled

“We knew that already didn’t we?” he asked with a grin

“hmmm you wish! Seriously though babe this is really amazing, thank you!”

“Hey, you don’t need to thank me, it was my pleasure sweetheart” he said as he leant down and took her lips with his.

The next morning they walked over to the beach house. Annie had suggested they all meet up to go down to the beach for a picnic. When they arrived Annie and Irene were in the kitchen preparing the food. Meg was in the lounge sitting on a blanket surrounded by toys. At close to seven months old she was now able to sit up unaided and was starting to move herself around.

“Hey ladies” Aden said as he walked through the kitchen heading straight for Meg. “There’s my gorgeous princess! Hey baby girl” he said as he scooped her into his arms. She began to chuckle as he nuzzled her cheeks and her tiny hands grabbed at his face. “Oh it’s like that is it missy?” he said as he raised her up above his head and gently shook her causing her to squeal with delight.

“I’d be careful if I were you” Annie advised Aden “She’s just been fed!”

“Thanks for the warning!” he laughed as he lowered her back down and rested her against his chest “although you wouldn’t be sick on uncle Aden would you Nutmeg? We save that for Nicole don’t we?”

“Speaking of Nicole is she gracing us with her presence today?” Belle asked

“Why would she?” Aden replied “her and Geoff broke up remember”

“They got back together again, last week was it?”

“Something like that darl” Irene answered

“Nice of you to tell me!” Aden pouted

“Sorry babe, you know what my memory is like lately!” Belle apologised

“Baby brain?”

“like you wouldn’t believe Irene!” Belle exclaimed “it’s so bad! I was in the middle of an article at work the other day and I completely forgot what I was supposed to be writing about!”

“It’s one of the joys love! Along with the cravings and the mood swings…”

“And the clumsiness!” Aden butted in

“I am not Clumsy!” Belle insisted

“Tell that to my toes!” Aden laughed “and the three glasses you have broken in the last week!”

Irene and Annie laughed and Annie came to place an arm around Belles shoulder. “Don’t worry Belle - it will all be over in less than two months”

“Yeah but then she wont have any excuse! Aden laughed again

“Hey! When you’ve all finished laughing at me I asked a question! Is Nicole joining us?”

“yeah she is!” Irene answered “apparently her and Geoff have some announcement to make!”

“Please please please tell me they haven’t got engaged!” Belle cried looking from Annie to Irene

“No it’s not that! I asked Geoff the same thing! And insisted he told me if it was!” Irene explained

“And we can pretty much safely say that Nic can’t be pregnant!” Aden added “so what is it?”

“Your guess is as good as ours!” Annie said “I’ve been pestering Geoff all morning but he wont tell me anything.”

“You’re right I wont!” Geoff stated as he walked into the house followed by Nicole.

“You are just going to have to wait and see!”

“Wow Belle! Look at the size of you! You’re huge!” Nicole exclaimed walking over to Belle. “Can I touch?” She asked her hand hovering over Belles stomach

“You call me fat and then you want to touch me?! Not in this lifetime Nicole!”

She dropped her hand disappointment clearly etched on her face.

“oh! Go on then!” Belle cried and she smiled when she saw Nicole’s face light up “Damn hormones are making me soft!”

“hi baby, I’m your auntie Nicole” She said as she gently placed her hand against the bump “Are you going to give me a kick?” she kept her hand there for a few moments but the baby was unresponsive! “Huh! Must be asleep” she said as she moved her hand away.

Aden walked over to where they were standing and holding Meg in one arm he used his other hand to gently rub Belles stomach. Almost instantly Belle and he felt the baby kick in response to his touch and both of them burst out laughing.

“Nope not asleep” he told Nicole with a smile

“What! It just kicked?”

“Yeah!” Aden answered

“You are lying!” Nicole said with a pout

“He’s not” Belle answered “And please don’t call our child It!”

“Well can I have another turn?”

“No you can’t, my body is not an amusement arcade Nicole!

“Come on guys!” Irene interrupted them “let’s get a move on”

After half an hour they were settled on their blanket on the beach. Aden and Belle took Meg down to the water to play. She was wearing a special swimmer nappy that had fishes printed on it with a tiny pink rash vest and a matching pink hat

“She’s got sunscreen on right?” Aden asked

“yes babe!” Belle smiled at him loving that he was so protective of his god daughter.

“Right then gorgeous shall we get you swimming?” He walked until the water was over his ankles then sat down he held Meg out in front of him and slowly lowered her so that her feet were in the water between his outstretched legs.

“that’s it baby girl kick them feet” Meg was wriggling her feet up and down clearly enjoying the experience.

Belle sat herself down next to them. “Hey, I better not sit here too long” she said to Aden with a grin “People will be on the phone to Greenpeace to report a beached whale!”

Aden let out a laugh “I’ll get Geoff to come and help me pull you up as soon as your ready to move babe!”

“Funny!” she replied. She lowered her hand and cupped some water in it then raised it and let the water trickle over Megs legs.

“You like that don’t you honey?” She asked the little girl who was gurgling with delight.

They stayed in the water for a further ten minutes then headed back to the blanket were Irene had placed a large parasol to protect them from the sun. They dried off and sat down whilst Geoff poured them both a drink and Annie saw to Meg.

“So what’s this big announcement?” Aden asked


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Chapter 44

Belle turned over in bed and looked at the clock sighing when she saw it was still only six am. She had been awake for at least an hour and was coming to the conclusion that she wasn’t going to fall back to sleep as she had hoped. She slid from the bed as slowly and quietly as she could so as not to wake Aden who was still fast asleep. Rubbing her back which had been aching on and off all night she made her way to the kitchen and switched on the kettle so that she could make herself a drink. Whilst she was waiting for it to boil she took a cloth from next to the sink and began to wipe the counters down.

Two hours later Aden awoke to the sounds of clattering. He dragged himself out of bed and headed straight for the kitchen.

“God babe! What are you doing? Get down from there!”

Aden rushed into the kitchen and took hold of Belle who was standing on a chair reaching into one of the cupboards

“I’m just having a sort out Aden, it’s fine!” she answered as she tried to push his hands from her waist.

“Belle you are eight and a half months pregnant! It is no where near fine for you to be standing on a chair, now get down or I’ll lift you down!”

“Just let me….”

“Belle!” Aden interrupted

“Ok fine!” She turned around and with Aden’s help climbed down off the chair. “Happy now?” she asked

Aden nodded “yep”

“Good because you’ll have to put all that stuff back” Belle gestured with a nod of her own head to the counter which was covered with the contents of the cupboard.

“Not a problem” he replied “Why is it all out at…” he glanced over at the clock on the wall “eight am anyway?”

“I couldn’t sleep!” Belle answered simply

“You couldn’t sleep?”

“Yeah, I needed something to occupy myself with whilst I waited for my lazy husband to wake up!”

“it’s Sunday morning babe, eight am is way too early to be up on a Sunday!”

“I’ve been up since six”

“You’ve been at this for two hours?” Aden asked feeling quite sick at the fact that she must have spent some of that time perched on a chair as she was when he had entered.

“Yeah” Belle answered “I guess I must be nesting or something”

Aden smiled and pulled her towards him placing a delicate kiss on her lips “Nest away sweetheart” he whispered “Just stay away from the high cupboards ok!”

“Yes sir” she laughed

“I hope this doesn’t mean bubs is thinking of putting in an early arrival? Nic will never forgive us if we miss today!”

“I’m sure we’ll be fine” Belle said placing a hand against her stomach “although I’m still not too sold on the whole island thing!”

“It will be great babe, we’ll have loads of fun!


“So what’s this big announcement”

“Well….” Nicole began “…Do you remember when I got in trouble a while back for coming over to your place when you were supposed to be away?”

“When you brought that guy back when you and Geoff had broken up you mean?” Aden asked

Nicole shot him a dirty look “we don’t need all the details” she snapped “but yes that is what I meant. Anyway part of my punishment was to help Colleen out with fundraising for the hospital.”

Aden and Belle both let out a laugh

“Roman is a genius!” Aden said through his laughter

“Can I finish!” Nicole snapped again

“Sorry carry on” Aden replied

“So yeah, dad made me help Colleen and she asked me to come up with an idea for a fundraiser you know like you did the jeans for genes fashion parade Belle?”

“Yeah I remember that day really well” Belle said flashing Aden a grin which he returned instantly

“so what’s this got to do with Geoff?” Annie asked

“I helped Nic come up with the idea” Geoff answered “In fact it’s kind of what brought us back together.”

“Come on then, the suspense is killin me!” Irene stated

“We are having a beach barbeque”

“Wow!” Belle said with more than a hint of sarcasm evident in her voice “it must have taken you ages to come up with that idea”

“ha ha” Nicole replied “You haven’t heard the best bit yet! It’s going to be on Jackson island!”

“Isn’t that the island where you two…..”

“Where we were stranded yeah” Geoff interrupted Aden clearly worried about how Aden was going to finish his sentence.

“How’s that going to work then?” Irene asked “I’m guessin you aren’t going to expect people to swim over?”

“Of course not! We’ve spoken to a few boat owners and they have agreed to ferry groups of people over then come back a little later to bring people back”

“Wow!” Irene said “you’ve put some thought into it then!”

“We have!” Nicole replied “We’ve got dad doing the food, hired a couple of marquees and some toilets! It’s going to be great.”

“So when is it?” Aden asked

Nicole gave them the date and Belle did some quick calculations

“That’s six weeks away, two weeks before baby is due.”

“We wanted to give people plenty of notice and make sure we had plenty of time to get things organised. You guys will all be there right?”

“I’ll be there darl” Irene told Nicole “Sounds like it’ll be a great day!”

“What about you two?” Nicole asked looking back and forth between Aden and Belle

“It’s kinda close to the baby coming” Aden answered “It all depends on if Belle is up to it?”

“I don’t know Nic, I’m not sure I like the idea of being stranded on an island at more than eight months pregnant.”

“You’ll hardly be stranded Belle! There will be boats back and forth the whole time and besides Rachel will probably be there so you have no need to worry!”

End flashback

As they made their way down the jetty to the waiting boat Aden and Belle caught up with Tony and Rachel who where just about to lift Emme’s pushchair onboard

“Here mate, let me help” Aden shouted as he jogged round to the front of the pushchair and helped Tony to lift it.

“Cheers Aden!” Tony said as he turned to help Rachel then Belle to climb over the step on to the boat “Hey Belle, you are looking fantastic!”

“Thanks Tony” she replied shyly

“How’s it going?” Rachel asked as they made their way over to a row of seats

“Really good!” Belle answered “Thanks so much for introducing us to Hannah, she’s really great”

“Hannah the midwife?” Tony asked

“Yeah, we’ve decided to have the baby at home and Rachel introduced us to Hannah. She been really great hasn’t she babe?” Belle said looking to Aden

“Yeah she has. I want to sure about the whole home birth idea but she’s really put my mind at ease.”

“So is she going to be there? Hannah I mean” Tony asked

“yeah” Belle explained “As soon as I go into labour Aden will call her and she’ll get to ours as soon as she can and stay until a few hours after the baby has been born”

“you know to call me too right Aden?” Rachel said “I can’t guarantee I’ll be there right away or be able to stay the whole time but I’d really like to come and check on you Belle”

“Thanks Rach” Belle said before the smile on her face turned to a grimace of pain and she moved her hand to her lower back

“Babe, what’s up?” Aden asked instantly

“Just a twinge in my back, it’s to be expected right Rach?”

“Absolutely honey” Rachel replied with a small laugh “I remember the last week or so before Emme arrived my back was constantly aching”

“So what you’re saying is I have to put up with the moaning for another couple of weeks?” Aden laughed as he placed his hand gently against Belle’s back and pushing hers away began to slowly rub it hoping to ease the pain slightly.

“I feel your pain” Tony laughed “the things we have to put up with eh mate!”

“Do you two actually want to swim to the island” Rachel asked with a smile

The two couples chatted happily all the way to the island. They arrived to find lots of people already there and the party in full swing. There were two large marquees, one at either end of the beach they both contained tables and chairs. One of them housed a fully stocked bar and the other a buffet. Roman was standing guard over a large barbeque and in between the marquees Geoff and a number of other people had started a game of soccer. Other people were milling around chatting to each other and enjoying the party atmosphere.

“Nic this is really great” Belle told her as they entered one of the marquees to find Nicole messing around with a sound system

“It would be if I could get this stupid thing to work” Nicole pouted

“Move out the way princess, let super Aden fix it!” Aden said pushing her out of the way

“Super Aden?” Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow

“don’t ask!” Belle replied

After a few moments a blast of music filled the air to be met by cheers from the people outside

“thanks Aden” Nicole said as he stood up “Now the party can really start” she skipped away in the direction of the bar leaving Belle and Aden alone.

“How’s the back now babe?” Aden asked

“not too bad” Belle replied grabbing hold of his hand “Come on lets go outside, you can go and join in with the soccer if you like, impress me with your ball skills!”

“I’m not going to even respond to that” Aden replied with a smirk causing Belle to through her head back in laughter.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and go play with your friends!” she told him

He pulled her close and kissed her. The kiss started soft but quickly became more passionate.

“Hey you two, None of that! This is a family party!” Tony shouted over at them with a laugh “Aden come on, we need your help over here, these guys are killing us!”

“You gonna be alright sweetheart?” he asked Belle seriously

“I’m fine babe, you go have fun, I’ll go and sit with Martha and drool over you all! If you want to take your shirts off….”

“Just for you gorgeous!” he said as he lifted his shirt over his head and threw it at her before running off to join in with the game.

Belle made her way along the beach towards Martha. She had to pause half way when a sudden pain in her stomach caught her off guard. She stood for a moment hands clutched to her bump until it passed. As soon as it did she continued and sat down next to her friend who had been watching her since Aden had ran off.

“Are you ok Belle?” Martha asked with concern

“Yeah I think it was just a Braxton hicks” Belle replied

“Braxton hicks?”

“Practice contractions” she explained “I had a few last week but none that bad!”

“Well I hope that’s all it was” Martha replied “Your boat was the last one! They wont be back till tonight to take us all home!”

“Seriously?” Belle asked a worried look creeping across her face

“Yeah but don’t worry, we have a radio for emergencies!”

“I hope we wont need it” Belle replied although her confidence in the matter slipped slightly twenty minutes later when another pain tore through her. She managed to hide it from Martha and thankfully Aden was too involved in the game to notice. She didn’t want him worrying until she was sure there was good reason.

She continued to watch the game for the next hour and became more convinced that the baby could indeed be making an arrival when she experienced three more pains each getting stronger. They were joined by Rachel who had left Emme sleeping inside one of the marquees watched over by colleen.

When a pain began to build again Belle couldn’t help but let out a gasp which Rachel instantly noticed.

“Belle is everything ok?” Rachel asked as her eyes travelled to Belle’s hands which once again were clutching at her stomach.

Belle shook her head as her eyes filled with tears “I think the baby’s coming” she whispered

“Ok sweetie, don’t worry” Rachel soothed as she knelt up and placed her hand on Belle’s stomach “How many contractions have you had and how far apart are they?”

“That was the sixth” Belle answered “and that was less than fifteen minutes since the last.”

Aden was enjoying the game of soccer especially as the team he was playing on was winning. He was celebrating a goal with Tony when he glanced over to where Belle was sitting. He instantly dropped his hands from Tony’s back when he saw her surrounded by Rachel and Martha and obviously distressed. He ran over as quickly as he could and dropped down next to her

“What’s going on?” he asked taking Belle’s face in his hands “babe?”

“The baby’s coming” she whispered before a sob escaped her lips and the tears that had been threatening finally fell

“it’s ok baby, I’m here” he said as he manoeuvred himself so he could embrace her properly “Rach?” he asked the doctor who was sitting on Belle’s other side rubbing her back

“Belle has had six contractions fif…..”

“Six! Babe why didn’t you come and get me!” Aden exclaimed

Belle took a deep breath and pulled away slightly so that she could see his face

“At first I just thought they were Braxton hicks but then I just wanted to make sure it carried on and wasn’t just false labour or something

“Could it be false labour?” Aden asked Rachel

“yes it could be but the fact that Belle has had six contractions so close together coupled with the back ache she had earlier suggests that this is the real deal guys.”

“oh god! I don’t want to have my baby on an island!” Belle panicked

“It’s ok babe, we’ll get you home” Aden soothed

“Aden’s right” Rachel agreed “First labours usually take quiet a while so we’ll radio for one of the boats to come and get you and we’ll have you settled at home way before anything happens ok.”

Belle nodded although she looked less than convinced. She buried her head into Aden’s neck as her tears continued to flow.

Martha left to find the radio and Rachel went to find Irene leaving Aden and Belle alone for a moment

“shhh babe, it’s gonna be alright.”

“I’m so scared Aden!”

“I know you are baby. But it’s gonna be ok” he whispered as he planted a kiss in her hair

“You wont leave me will you?” she asked and the fear in her voice tore at his heart

“I’ll be right here every second Belle, I’m not going anywhere!”

“I can’t do this without you”

“you wont have to sweetheart, now, let’s get you inside whilst we wait for the boat hey.”

Belle nodded as he helped her to her feet and they made their way over to the emptiest of the marquees, Aden’s arm wrapped tightly around her waist. As they reached the entrance Belle stopped and grabbed hold of Aden’s hand

“Contraction? He asked as he moved so he was standing in front of her. She nodded her head then leaned forward so that it was resting against his shoulder “Ok babe, that’s it, lean on me!” He moved his hands so that one of them was resting on her stomach and the other rubbing her lower back. “remember the breathing sweetheart, in through your nose, out through your mouth ok?”

He felt Belle nod against his shoulder and continued to whisper into her ear, soothing her for the duration of the contraction.

When she was sure it was over Belle lifted her head and managed a weak smile

“Nicole is going to kill me!”

Aden laughed “yep! Talk about stealing her thunder! Come on lets sit down” he gently guided her to a chair and crouched down in front of her

“good job Colleen isn’t in here hey! Could you imagine her panic!” he asked

Belle let out a tiny giggle. “I image everyone will know what’s going on shortly. Martha, what’s going on?” She asked as Martha approached them her face clouded with worry

“Er Aden can I speak with you a second”

“No way! Tell me Martha! What’s wrong?”

“Only one of the boats is picking up the call” Martha began

“that’s ok” Aden said standing up “ we only need one”

“the thing is Aden, he’s having engine trouble! At the moment he’s stuck half way between here and the bay! He’s been on the radio himself trying to get help but for some reason he’s not getting any reply!”

“so you’re saying that there is nobody coming?” belle asked her voice rising

“At the moment, no” Martha replied

“Oh my god Aden” Belle said looking up at him

“It’s ok babe” he said reaching a hand down to hold hers “it’s going to be ok” he repeated although he wasn’t really sure he was telling her the truth.

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Chapter 45

It had been two hours since Martha had broken the news that they were having difficulties getting a boat. Belle’s contractions had continued, growing in strength and getting closer together. They were now down to five minutes apart.

“That’s it babe, a few seconds left ok. Breath through it sweetheart” Aden had soothed Belle through every contraction. “Well done baby, you’re doing great”

As the contraction came to an end Belle lifted her head from Aden’s shoulder and looked into his face

“it’s so hard Aden, it hurts”

“I know, my hand is killing where you’ve been squeezing it!”

“Very funny!” Belle said managing a small smile at him

“seriously Belle you are doing really great isn’t she Rach?” Aden asked the doctor who was sitting next to them

“You are Belle, the main thing is you try and keep as calm and relaxed as possible ok?”

“I’m trying Rachel” Belle said as she shifted trying to find a more comfortable position.

She had been kneeling on the floor with Aden in front of her but her legs had stated to ache as she was beginning to feel fidgety.

“Sweetie why don’t you guys have a little walk around, it might help you to stretch your legs a bit” Rachel suggested.

“I don’t want everyone to stare at me!” Belle replied

“We could just stay in here babe, Roman and Irene are doing a pretty good job of keeping people away”

“ok” Belle nodded her head and with Aden’s help stood up and began to walk slowly around the Marquee

When the now familiar sensation of a contraction started to move it’s way across her stomach Belle stopped and leant into Aden who automatically wrapped his arms around her waist.

He whispered soothing words into her ear and rubbed gentle circles on her lower back.

Half way through the contraction Irene entered the marquee

“Hey Rachel, how‘s it going? She asked

“it’s going as well as can be expected in the circumstances” Rachel answered “I just hope for Belle’s sake we can get her home soon, the labour seems to be progressing really quickly”

“How far apart are the contractions now?” Irene asked looking over to where Belle and Aden were standing

“roughly five minutes and they seem to be pretty strong”

“the poor love! Of all the places to be eh!”

“Could be worse” Belle said as she slowly made her way over to Irene “at least Rachel’s here right?”

“That’s right darl” Irene said placing an arm around Belle’s shoulder “And lets not forget this wonderful husband of yours” she added as Aden stopped behind Belle resting his hand on her back

“that goes without saying” Belle replied tilting her head to rest on Irene’s shoulder “you could have told me it was this painful Irene!”

“Once that little one is in your arms you’ll forget all about this luvvie, isn’t that right Rach?”


“any sign of a boat” Aden asked “Cause as much as this could be worse it could be a whole heap better if we were at home”

“nothing yet but Martha’s still trying” Irene answered “can I get you guys anything to drink or eat?”

Rachel and Aden both shook their heads. Belle nodded hers

“Any champagne going? Could really do with something to help numb the pain”

“I’ll make sure there’s a bottle on ice for ya darl but there is no way a drop of that stuff is getting past them lips till you’ve got that little bundle in your arms”

“Spoil sport, I guess I’ll have to make do with water then”

“I’ll go and get you some, be back in a jiffy” Irene replied

“how much longer do you think Rachel?” Aden asked

“I can’t say Aden, it could be hours, could be less. There is no way to tell.”

“I’m going to have the baby here aren’t I?” Belle asked tears beginning to form once again in her eyes

“We don’t know that sweetie” Rachel answered “like I said this could go on for hours and hours but if things do move along quickly I’m right here so you and the baby will both be fine ok?”

“ok” Belle nodded although she couldn’t hold back her tears and buried her face into Aden’s shirt

“hey babe, come on, it’s ok. You can do this!”

“I just want to be at home, I want our baby to arrive at home”

“I know and we’ll try our best to make that happen, you just need to focus your energy on getting through this ok. Leave the worrying to me!”

Belle nodded once again as she lowered herself back down onto the floor

As the afternoon wore on it began to look less and less likely that Belle would make it home before the baby arrived. Martha had been trying the radio every five minutes but the only response she had gotten was from the captain of the boat that had broken down. He was in the process of fixing the engine and had promised he would try his best to get to them.

Belle’s contractions were now coming at three minute intervals and she was finding it harder and harder to cope with each one.

“Aden I can’t do this” she cried as another pain ripped through her

“Baby you are doing it! You are doing great. Just remember the breathing yeah, in through the nose, out slowly through the mouth.”

“It hurts” she moaned

Aden looked up at Rachel his own eyes full of pain. It was plain to anybody watching how much his wife’s suffering was hurting him.

“Can’t we do something Rach?”

“There’s nothing guys. I’m so sorry. You need to focus on the breathing like Aden said Belle. It’s the best thing and it will help you to relax if you try to focus on that ok?”

Belle nodded as she slowly let out a breath

At that moment they heard a commotion outside and Irene came rushing into them

“good news guys, there’s a boat coming over!”

“thank god!” Aden sighed “see babe, it’s all going to be fine”

“Are you ready to move Belle?” Rachel asked

“as I’ll ever be” she replied

Aden stood up and helped Belle to her feet taking most of her weight against him. They walked slowly down towards the sea and the approaching boat. Belle was relieved to see that Irene and Roman seemed to have moved everyone away from the path down to the boat so she didn’t feel as if she were being stared at. Aden lifted her onto the boat and helped her to settle onto one of the seats before he turned to the captain

“mate! Thanks so much for getting here!”

“No worries! Glad to me of service. Is it just the three of you?” he asked

“Yeah, just us and the doc here” Aden said nodding over to Rachel who was now sitting next to Belle.

“lucky for you guys she was here eh!”

“Tell me about it!” Aden replied

“Lets get you three home before you become four then!” he said causing Aden to laugh

As the captain restarted the boat Aden settled himself next to Belle. She instantly leaned into him as another contraction began to build. This one had come less than two minutes after the last and seemed to last longer.

“they’re getting closer Rach” Aden stated although he knew that Rachel had been timing them as closely as he had.

“I know Aden but I’m sure we’ll make it in time, it wont take that long to get back will it?” She asked turning towards the captain

“Half hour out the most love” he replied

“That should give us plenty of time” Rachel reassured Aden “Ok Belle?”

“yeah!” Belle managed to breath out “I just want this to be over” she groaned through gritted teeth

“it will be soon babe” Aden answered her running his fingers through her hair to bring it back from her face.

They were fifteen minutes into the journey when a strange noise emanated from the back of the boat and it came to a juddering halt.

“Oh dear!” the captain said with a wry chuckle

“you are not serious!” Aden shouted jumping up “please tell me you can fix this!”

“Well I fixed it before and I can probably fix it again I just don’t know how long it will take!”

“mate my wife is in labour! She’s….she’s…..!

“I’ll try my best to get it fixed and I’ll get back on the radio” the captain reassured him as he sat back down

“I can’t believe this” Belle whispered “this is not happening”

“I’m so sorry baby! We should have stayed where we were!”

“Guys, it’s ok” Rachel said “I’m still here and we have everything we need ok.”

Forty minutes later and they were still drifting in the ocean no closer to getting home.

“Rach! Belle groaned I think need to push!”

Aden’s head jerked up from looking down at Belle’s face to meet Rachel’s eyes

“Aden it’s gonna be alright ok!” she reassured him as she could see the worry written in his face “Belle sweetie you push whenever you are ready”

Belle was now sitting with her feet along the chairs Aden sitting behind her supporting her back. His left hand was entwined with hers and he used his right to hold her hair back from her face. Her head was leant back against his shoulder and as she began to push he whispered words of encouragement directly into her ear

“I’m so proud of you Belle! You can do this sweetheart!”

“That’s it Belle! Good girl” Rachel encouraged

“I hate you Aden!” Belle groaned between pushes

“I don’t blame you babe!” he laughed

“ARGH!!” she cried “I can’t do this anymore! Get it out Rach!”

“I can’t do that Belle, you need to do all the hard work I’m afraid! Come on a few more pushes and you’ll have your baby ok?”

Belle nodded and pushed with all her might

“That’s it Belle, I can see the head, keep going just like that, good girl”

“hey baby, come on! You can do this” Aden whispered his lips pressing kissing into her hair

Belle continued to push and a moment later Rachel shouted at her to stop as Aden let out a gasp

“ok Belle, the head is out and I just need to check that the cord is clear of it’s neck ok so just hold there for just a second”

Aden held his breath as he kept his eyes firmly fixed on Rachel’s only letting it out when he heard her say that everything was ok and Belle could continue to push with the next contraction.

“This is it Belle! One or two more big pushes and your baby will be here, are you ready?”

Belle took a deep breath and pushed with everything that she had left

The next thing Aden knew Rachel had their baby in her hands.

“Oh my god!” he cried as tears began to run down his cheeks

“Guys you have a beautiful little boy” Rachel pronounced as she placed him onto Belles chest.

“Is he ok?” Aden asked “Why isn’t he crying”

Belle was staring down at him tears flowing freely from her eyes her hands aching to pick him up

“just give me a second guys. Rachel took a pair of scissors from her bag and after tying it off quickly cut the cord . She then used a towel to gently rub their sons body. After a few seconds that seemed to Belle and Aden a lifetime he finally let out a cry.

“Shh baby mommy’s here” Belle soothed as Rachel gently picked him up and placed a towel over Belle’s eager arms before lowering him gently into them. “I’ll give you guys a moment” she said as she wondered off to the back of the boat

“Hey baby boy, I’m your mommy!” Belle said placing a tender kiss on his tiny forehead “And this is your daddy” she said turning her head slightly so that she could see Aden’s face.

He raised his hand and rubbed it gently over the covering of brown hair on their sons head. “Hey little man! You certainly know how to make an entrance huh?”

“I think you are going to be a show of just like daddy!” Belle grinned “but who can blame you, look how gorgeous you are!”

“He‘s as gorgeous as his mommy” Aden whispered into Belle’s ear “thank you Belle!”

“What for?” Belle asked

“For giving me this moment, for making me the happiest man on the planet! I love you so much Belle and you….. Beau?” he looked at Belle and smiled when she nodded

“Welcome to the world Beau Jefferies” Belle whispered to her son.

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Cheers for the comments - it really makes it so much easier to write knowing you all enjoy it :)

Chapter 46

Rachel had given the couple a few minutes alone with their new son whilst she went to check on the progress of the captain in getting the boat running again.

After five minutes she heard Aden calling her back

“Everything ok?” she asked as she approached them although it was clear to anybody looking that things for Aden and Belle couldn’t be more ok than they were at that moment.

“Belle’s camera is in her bag” Aden grinned at Rachel before quickly returning his eyes back to his son “would you be able to take a few shots?”

Rachel laughed “sure, although I’m sure they wont be up to your standard Belle”

“As long as this gorgeous little guy is on them they’ll be fine” Belle answered her eyes never leaving Beau’s

Rachel took the camera and took a few shots of the new family before placing it back into Belle’s bag

“So does he have a name?” she asked as she perched on the edge of the seat

“Yeah” Aden replied “Rach, meet Beau Jefferies”

“Hey Beau!” Rachel cooed placing her finger in his tiny hand “Nice to meet you” She looked up at Belle “he’s really beautiful! Well done”

“Thanks Rachel, I couldn’t have done it without you!

“It was my pleasure sweetie. Now there’s a few more things we need to do so why don’t you let daddy take this little man for a bit”

“Do I have to?” Belle said with a smile. Although she was reluctant to let go of her son she actually couldn’t wait to see him cradled in his daddy’s arms.

“Hey, you’ve had him for nine months!” Aden teased back “hand him over!” he moved so he was crouching in front of Belle and leant over to place a kiss on her willing lips before gently lifting Beau from her arms. “Come on then son” he said as he lifted him to rest against his chest dropping delicate kisses onto the top of his head. “let’s go baby”

Belle watched him with tears in her eyes as he walked over to the opposite side of the boat and sat down.

“honey are you alright?” Rachel asked noticing Belle’s tears

“I feel like my heart is going to burst Rachel, look at them!

Rachel’s eyes followed Belles over to Aden and Beau

“They do look extremely cute” Rachel replied with a smile “But I’m not really qualified in dealing with burst hearts so if you could try and hold off on that I’d appreciate it!”

“I’ll try” Belle laughed “As long as we can hurry this up, I’m missing my baby”

“I’ll be as quick as I can but I think you are going to have to put up a fight to get him back” Rachel said glancing over at Aden again

Aden had rested Beau on his legs one of his hands cradling his head the other playing with his fingers.

“hey buddy, so it’s been a long nine months huh? You have no idea how much me and mommy have been looking forward to meeting you. We already love you so much Beau.”

He sighed as Beau opened his eyes and stared at him

“My own dad wasn’t the greatest to say the least but I promise you son that I’m going to be the best dad I can possibly be ok, you might have to bare with me a little because I really have no clue what I’m doing but whatever happens I’m gonna love you and be there for you ok.”

He lifted Beau up so he could nuzzle his nose against his soft cheek “And that goes for mommy too, and all of our family! They are going to be crazy about you! You just wait until Auntie Nicole gets hold of you! I reckon mommy and daddy will have to kick her out of the house!”

Aden continued to chat to his son for the next few minutes as Rachel finished up with Belle. He stood up and walked slowly to the back of the boat to find out how much longer they were likely to be stuck there.

“Wow, look at this little fella!” the captain said as he wiped his hands on an oily cloth “he’s a corker mate!”

“Thanks!” Aden grinned “Any sign of us getting him home? Or at least in range of a mobile signal!” he asked

“I think I’ve got the problem sorted mate, just gonna give her a try now.”

He walked away and a few moments later Aden sighed with relief when the boat started up

“Looks like we’re gonna get you home soon little man, now lets go and find your mommy”

He carried Beau back over to where Belle and Rachel were sitting. “You finished?” he asked as he sat down next to Belle.

“Yep, all done” Rachel smiled “Hey Belle, why don’t you try giving Beau a feed, it’s still going to be a while before we get back.”

“sure” Belle answered “Hand him over mister!”

Aden returned her grin before bending his head to place a kiss on Beau’s cheek

“Here you go mate, back to mommy!” he gently placed him in Belles arms and placed a kiss against her lips whilst he had the chance.

“Hey baby” Belle whispered to her son “mommy missed you.”

Aden laughed “he’s been with me for like fifteen minutes sweetheart”

“That’s fifteen minutes too long isn’t it Beau” she spoke to her son as she dropped tiny kisses onto his face “mommy doesn’t want to be apart from you at all”

“that makes two of us babe” Aden added

They spent the next few minutes with Rachel helping Belle get comfortable with feeding her son

“This feels really weird” Belle said as she looked down at Beau who was feeding hungrily from her

“good weird or….?” Aden asked

“yeah, good weird!” she replied “It’s the most amazing feeling!”

“you look pretty settled there” Rachel said “I’ll leave you to it for a little while, see if I can get a phone signal yet” she raised her phone to her ear as she walked away from them.

Aden shuffled closer to Belle and placed an arm around her shoulder. She instantly shifted her own position slightly so that she fitted comfortably in his embrace. He used his other hand to move the towel he was wrapped in away from Beau’s feet

“What are you doing?” Belle asked

There was a slight pause before Aden answered

“counting” was his simple reply which instantly brought a huge grin to Belle’s face


“ten” he answered with an equally wide grin “He’s so perfect Belle. I can’t believe we made him”

“why can’t you believe it? I mean we love each other so much it’s only right that that created something this amazing!”

“Yeah it is!” he replied as he nudged his nose against her cheek encouraging her to turn her face so he could kiss her properly. “Actually babe, I didn’t think it was possible but I love you even more after today. And seeing you like this, feeding our baby - it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

“I love you so much Aden, this is the best moment of my life followed closely by marrying you”

“Same here.” he replied. “aren’t you the lucky one hey Beau, your mommy and daddy love you so much, the three of us are going to be so happy together”

They sat in silence for a moment staring down at their son each taking in everything they could from the moment.

Beau appeared to have stopped feeding and as Belle moved him slightly they realised he had fallen asleep.

“do you think he got enough?” Belle asked Aden as she pulled her top back up “He wasn’t there for long.”

“he must be happy if he’s gone to sleep, he’ll probably want more the next time.”

“hopefully we’ll be home by then” Belle stated as Rachel walked back over to them

“The captain reckons another ten minutes tops” she said “I managed to get a signal and I’ve called Hannah - she’s gonna meet us at the dock with a car seat for Beau. She’ll take you home and probably give you both a check over”

“Are you not going to come with us?” Aden asked

“I thought I’d head back over to the island with the boat, I think they’ll all be desperate to know that you’re ok. Especially Irene and Roman”

“ah yeah, that’s probably best” he replied “you reckon you could keep it secret that he’s a he! I’d really like to tell them myself - especially Roman!”

“of course I can, I wont breath a word, I’ll just let them know you’re all ok.”

“Cheers Rach!”

“No problem, so has the little guy finished already?” she asked leaning over to get a better look at Beau

“Yeah, do you think he got enough? Or should I wake him?”

“No, let him sleep, he’s had a big afternoon! You’ll find he might not take much for the next few feeds but trust me he’ll let you know if he’s not getting enough”

“I hope so, we don’t want you getting hungry do we baby?” Belle whispered down to Beau “especially not if you get as grumpy as daddy does when he’s hungry.”

“hey cheeky!” Aden laughed

Rachel smiled as she looked at them “I think he looks like you Aden!”

“really?” Rachel laughed at the obvious pride and excitement in his voice

“Yeah, he has your mouth and eyes”

“Your best bits babe!” Belle grinned

“Do you think he’s like me?” he asked Belle

She looked down at Beau then back to Aden before nodding her head “yep, just like you!”

“You’ll be fighting the chicks off then wont you mate!” Aden spoke to Beau with a cheeky grin

“Er! I’ll be the only chick he needs to worry about until he’s at least eighteen” Belle informed Aden

“What are you going to keep him locked up till then?” he asked

“That’s the plan” Belle laughed as she looked down at Beau “I’m not close to even thinking about letting you out of my sight for a single second sweetheart”

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Chapter 47

“So I’ll be back tomorrow to check on how you are all getting along”

“Thanks Hannah” Aden said as he showed the midwife to the door. She had been with them for the past hour. She had given Belle and Beau a check over declaring them both fit and healthy. “See you tomorrow” he closed the door behind her then returned back to the couch to sit down next to Belle who was cradling Beau in her arms.

“So this is it then! It’s just the three of us!” he said as he ran his finger gently down Beau’s cheek..

“Not for long!” Belle replied “I reckon as soon as that boat comes back we‘ll have a whole heap of visitors!”

“you think we should get some clothes on this little man then?” Aden asked

“yeah, we can show him his room too.” she suggested as she stood up. “Not that he’ll be sleeping in there for a while!. You’re gonna stay with mommy and daddy aren’t you sweetie because we’d miss you far too much if you were all the way in here!”

Aden laughed as he followed her into the nursery

“what do you think son? Did daddy do a good job?” he lifted Beau from Belle’s arms and after kissing him placed him gently on the changing table.

“I think he likes it” Belle smiled as she looked down at him “now, I have the perfect outfit for you to wear gorgeous. Auntie Nicole actually bought this for you” she said as she picked an all-in-one from out of the dresser “and I think we owe her one today after we kind of stole her thunder!” she opened another draw and took out a nappy and a tiny pair of scratch mittens and placed it all on the table next to him. “Let’s get you ready to show off baby boy” she unwrapped the towel from him and almost instantly he began to cry

“hey shhh Little man” Aden soothed as Belle quickly put on his nappy “mommy will be done as quick as she can then you can have all the cuddles you want”

Belle dressed him as quickly as she could and Aden smiled as he read the slogan on his baby gro Mommy + daddy = me “Nic bought this?” he asked as Belle finished doing up the poppers and picked Beau up cradling him against her chest and rocking him slightly until he stopped crying.

“Yeah, a few weeks back. A ‘sorry I broke into your apartment’ present! I thought you’d seen it”

“nah, you must have had that whole baby brain thing going on!” he teased “it’s really cute though”

“it is isn’t it. I think I’ll run and get my camera. I want some photo’s of my little guy in his first outfit.” She dropped a kiss onto Beau’s forehead before handing him over to Aden and rushing out of the room to find her camera

“I think you are going to end up being the most photographed baby ever son. Mommy is going to be snapping away at you all the time.”

“Yes I am” Belle agreed “And can you blame me? You baby boy are the most beautiful thing ever aren’t you!” She clicked away with the camera for a minute or two

“get a good one?” Aden asked

“I got lots of good ones!” she replied with a smile “right boys! I really need a shower so can I trust the two of you alone for a little while”

“we’ll try to behave wont we mate” Aden grinned as he walked over to Belle and leant down to place a kiss on her lips. “don’t be long though because we’ll miss you” he added in a whisper

“I’ll be as quick as I can! You be a good boy for daddy Beau.” she placed a kiss on his forehead before walking away but turned back a moment later to repeat the action “I just can’t get enough of him Aden” she explained when he laughed

“I know babe but the quicker you go the quicker you’ll be back with him.”

“I know, I know I’m going!” she said as she stole one more kiss then forced herself to walk away and into the bathroom.

“right then Beau, how about a little guided tour of the place whist we wait for mommy huh?” he walked from the nursery into his and Belle’s room. “So this is mommy and daddy’s room, like mommy said, you’re going to be sleeping in here with us for a bit so I hope you like it!” he smiled down at his son who had drifted back off to sleep in the short time it had taken to get into the room. “That good huh?” he laughed as he sat down on bed and leant back against the pillows. He gently manoeuvred Beau so he was lying against his chest. “we’ll do the tour another time hey buddy. Let’s just chill here for a bit”

He sat like that, gently stroking Beau’s hair until Belle had finished in the shower.

She leant against the doorframe staring at the two of them for a moment before Aden even noticed she was there

“hey you, you ok?” he asked as he looked up and spotted her

“yep! Just enjoying looking at my boys. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of seeing the two of you together”

She walked over and sat down on the bed placing yet another kiss on the back of Beau’s head and then giving a long lingering one to Aden.

“I love you sweetheart” Aden said as their lips parted

“I love you too” she replied

“Hey babe” Aden said once Belle was dressed “Shouldn’t you call your mom and let her know”

“yeah I should, pass the phone over.”

Aden reached over and took the phone from the nightstand and handed it to Belle as she made herself comfortable next to him resting her head against his shoulder and placing her free hand upon Beau’s back.

She dialled Amanda’s number and pulled a face when she got the answering machine instead of her mother

“Hi mom it’s Belle. Er….give me a call as soon as, I’ve got some news for you! Bye”

“that was short and sweet!” Aden laughed

“well I could hardly tell her in a message could I - she’d never forgive me!”

“I suppose not. So how much longer do you think we have till the invasion?”

“Well it’s been over…”

Belle was interrupted by a knock at the door which made them both laugh

“Actually about thirty seconds” she said

“Here, you take Beau and I’ll go let them in” he handed the baby over before jumping from the bed and heading for the front door.

Irene, Roman, Annie, Geoff and Nicole were all waiting eagerly on the other side

“We know you are in there, hurry up” Nicole shouted

Aden laughed “I’m coming” he shouted back

As soon as he opened the door he was bombarded with questions

“how’s Belle?”

“Is the baby ok?”

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Whoa guys! Give me a chance!” he laughed as he ushered them inside “Belle and the baby are both fine”

“And?” Roman asked

“And what?” Aden asked with a smile knowing full well what Roman was asking

“Boy or girl?”

At that moment Belle walked out of the bedroom With Beau cradled in her arms but Aden was the only one who noticed as all the other eyes in the room were trained on him waiting for an answer.

“It’s a boy” he answered “and he’s right behind you”

All five heads whipped around to face Belle. Annie and Nicole both let out squeals of delight and Irene burst into tears.

“Belle! You clever girl!” Irene cried as she walked over and hugged her “Look at him!”

“He’s beautiful isn’t he?” Belle asked

“Darl he’s gorgeous! God I’m so proud I could burst”

Belle laughed “there’s been a lot of that!”

“I’m not surprised” Roman said as he walked over to get a closer look “He’s amazing, well done you two” he leaned over to give Belle a kiss on the cheek then returned to hug Aden “Congratulations mate!”

“What’s his name?” Annie asked

“Beau” Belle replied as she walked over to the couch and sat down. The others all followed and spread themselves around the lounge area.

“hmmmm Beau? Beau Jefferies. Yeah, I like it!” Nicole exclaimed

“Good because obviously if you didn’t we’d change it!” Aden teased “anyway Nic, shouldn’t you still be at the party? You are the organiser! And you too Geoff”

“Hello! As if I’d miss this!” Nicole replied

“Leah offered to take over” Geoff explained “we were all so on edge after you left we couldn’t do anything anyway!”

“Aww really guys?” Belle asked

“Yeah - but we thought you’d have been in labour for hours and hours and we’d have gotten the chance to finish up! We were all really shocked when Rach came back and told us what had happened.”

“yeah darl, you were really quick considering he’s your first”

“it didn’t feel quick at the time trust me!”

“Hurts doesn’t it!” Annie said with a laugh

“just a bit yeah!” Belle replied

“So come on Belle! Stop hogging him! We’re all dying for a cuddle!” Nicole butted in “Who’s first? Me?” she asked

“Actually” Aden said “I think he should go to his granddad first”

“Granddad? What… ah you mean dad?”

“yeah - you don’t mind do you Roman? It’s just that Belle’s dad isn’t around and the less said about mine the better! You’ve been more than a dad to me this past year or so, so we thought…..”

“Mate I don’t know what to say!” Roman replied his voice choked with emotion

“Say you don’t mind” Belle told him as she placed Beau into his arms

“I…..wow! Yeah of course, I’d be honoured!” he looked down at Beau who was staring back at him “Hey handsome! I guess I’m your granddad then! That makes me feel pretty old but I guess I can get used to it for you!”

Belle took out her camera much to the amusement of Aden and snapped a few shots of Roman and Beau together

“So who’s next?” Roman asked after a few minutes “nana Irene?”

“too right!” Irene cried before anyone could object “hand him over!”

“hello mister” she said as Beau was placed in her arms “well look at you! He’s the double of you Aden love” she said looking up at Aden with a grin

“Yeah, so I’ve heard, I can’t see it myself”

“oh, he really is, around the eyes and mouth”

“Me and Rach both said the same thing” belle replied

“I think he has your nose Belle” Annie added

“Well whoever’s bits he’s got they fit him perfectly. You’re a little stunner aren’t you Beau” Irene cooed

After posing for a few photographs for Belle Irene handed him over to an eager Nicole.

“Hey! I got this outfit!” she squealed as soon as he was in her arms. His tiny body jumped slightly and both Belle and Aden shot warning looks at her

“sorry” she whispered to him “I’m aunty Nicole, we are going to have so much fun together. We can……”

She was interrupted by Beau who began to cry.

Belle instantly jumped up at took him from Nicole

“shhh sweetie it’s ok mommy’s here” she held him against her chest and rocked him gently

“I didn’t do anything!” Nicole said looking slightly worried

“I know” Belle laughed “I think he might be hungry. Do you want mommy to feed you again baby?” she said to Beau who continued to cry

“I think that’s a yes!” Aden said as he stood up and walked over to them

“do you want us to leave darl?” Irene asked

“No, it’s fine, you only just arrived, I’ll just take him into our room.”

“you want me to come babe?” Aden asked

Belle nodded “you guys will be ok out here wont you?”

“sure darl, you two go ahead”

Aden led Belle into the bedroom and gently closed the door behind them

“you reckon if we stay in here long enough they’ll be gone when we get back?” he asked as Belle made herself comfortable on the bed

“I doubt it but if we time it right Roman might cook!”

Aden laughed as he joined her on the bed

“Well if this little guy gets to eat it’s only fair that we do!”

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Chapter 48

Belle and Aden both laughed when the three of them emerged from the bedroom a little while later to find Roman in the kitchen chopping vegetables.

“thought you guys could do with some food” he explained

“Thanks mate” Aden replied “Granddad Roman makes the best food Beau” he spoke to his son who was sleeping contentedly in his arms.

“Yeah” Belle added “far better than daddy’s”

“Hey! Don’t listen to mommy son, she’s just jealous that she doesn’t have my culinary skills!” Aden replied as he sat down on the couch next to Nicole who instantly reached out a hand and placed her finger into Beau’s tiny hand.

“did he feed ok love?” Irene asked Belle who had also sat down.

“I think so, it’s hard to tell but he seemed to stay on for longer this time.”

“Stay on?” Geoff asked looking confused

Belle laughed “I’m breast feeding him Geoff!”

Colour flooded Geoff’s cheeks as he mumbled a reply

“oh, erm yeah! I didn’t realise! So how come Aden went with you then? I mean, well, he can’t exactly do anything can he?

“Actually he can!” Belle replied causing Geoff to look back and forth from her to Aden with widening eyes

“Calm down Geoff” she giggled “he just helped me get Beau in the right position! I’m new to this remember, it’s not as easy as it looks!

“It’ll get easier love” Irene explained “a few more days and it’ll be second nature”

“I hope so” Belle replied

“Hey Annie” Aden asked “where’s my little princess?”

“She’s with Jai, thought you could do without having her crawl around all over the place!”

“Well you’ll have to bring her over next time, we don’t want her to get jealous! Tell her she’s still my favourite little girl!”

“I’m not sure she’ll understand but I’ll tell her” Annie laughed “Can I get a cuddle with Beau?”

“Sure” Aden gave him a kiss before handing him over to Annie

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Nicole grumbled “I only got him for like a second before he started crying!”

“you can have a turn after me” Annie answered

“No way! I haven’t had a go yet!” Geoff argued

“Er guys! Can you please not fight over our son like he’s some kind of toy!” Belle told them

“Sorry Belle! He’s just so cute”

“Nic you are such a creep” Aden laughed “But we’ll forgive you because you are right he is so cute!”

“you are aren’t you Beau” Annie cooed “I think Meg is going to love you, you two are going to be really good friends aren’t you? Hey guys!” she looked up with a grin on her face “how great would it be if they ended up falling in love with each other and getting married!”

“Steady on girly, he’s only a couple of hours old” Irene laughed

“Ok Annie firstly you and Belle are like sisters so surely it’d be like incest or something!” Aden started “Secondly, I’ve warned Meg already that boyfriends are a no no! Even one as gorgeous and charming and gentlemanly as Beau is obviously going to be! And thirdly Belle has already grounded him till he’s eighteen!”

“That’s right” Belle said “mommy is the only girl in your life isn’t she sweetheart?”

“And Aunty Nic!” Nicole pouted

“dinner’s almost ready guys” Roman called from the kitchen

They all stood up and made their way towards the table

“What shall I do with Beau?” Annie asked

“Pass him here” both Belle and Aden said at the same time causing everybody to laugh.

Aden was standing the nearest to Annie so he lifted Beau from her arms but Belle still came over.

“Are you going to put him in his Moses basket?” she asked Aden

“I guess” they had already set it up next to the couch but Aden was reluctant to put him down.

“you guess?” Roman asked “what else can you do with him?”

“Hold him!” Aden replied seriously “He hasn’t been down by himself yet have you baby boy?”

“you’ll have to put him down at some point mate”

“yeah I know” Aden sighed “lets do it hey buddy”

He walked over to the Moses basket and Belle followed closely behind wrapping her arms around his waist when he stopped

“We’re just gonna get some dinner but we’ll be right here ok” He explained softly to Beau “Just give us a shout if you need us and mommy or I’ll be with you in a second!” he placed a delicate kiss on his forehead then lay him down brushing a hand across his soft hair before moving away slightly so Belle could get closer.

She leant down and pulled a thin blanket over the sleeping baby gently tucking it under his chin

“we wont be long sweetheart” she whispered “we love you” she kissed him a few times before standing back up properly however neither her nor Aden made any attempt to move away from their son.

“Come on you two your dinner’s getting cold” Irene called “he’s not going anywhere!” she added with a laugh

Reluctantly Aden walked away tugging on Belle’s hand to encourage her to do the same.

“I just can’t keep my eyes off him” Belle said as she sat down, ensuring that she was seated so that she could still see Beau

“Aw it’s so cute how smitten you guys are” Nicole smiled “makes me kinda broody”

Roman’s head snapped up from his plate and Geoff who had just taken a mouth full of his drink began to choke

Aden was torn, he sensed the perfect opportunity to tease Geoff but didn’t want to incur the wrath of Roman so decided it was best to keep quiet although he couldn’t stop a laugh from escaping his lips

“Hey that is not funny! Don’t even joke about it Nicole” Roman stated firmly

“I’m the only girl here who hasn’t had a baby!” Nicole pointed out

“And that wont be changing anytime soon you hear!” Roman looked pointedly at Geoff

“don’t worry Roman” Geoff quickly said “me and Nic don’t….We….I….! for the second time that afternoon he began to blush ferociously

“Don’t worry dad” Nicole interrupted “It would have to be the immaculate conception if I was to fall pregnant!”

“Nicole!” Geoff shouted

Aden and Belle both burst out laughing

“I think we should change the subject” Irene suggested

“Good idea” Belle agreed “Lets talk about how gorgeous my baby boy is!

“Our baby boy” Aden corrected

Belle was the first to finish her dinner and as soon as she was done she left the table to go and sit on the couch peering in to Beau’s Moses basket. He was still fast asleep but she was aching to take him out and hold him.

“how much do you wanna pick him up?” Aden whispered into her ear as he came to sit next to her

“so much it hurts Aden! Seriously I’m actually physically aching to hold him”

“then pick him up babe”

“but I don’t want him to get spoilt!”

“I reckon we’re ok to spoil him today at least” he said placing a kiss against the side of her head “and if you don’t get him out I will!” he added with a smile

“you twisted my arm” Belle grinned as she stood up and leant over the basket

“Hey baby, shall we have a cuddle huh?” she whispered as she scooped him up “mommy just can’t get enough of you” She rested him against her shoulder and sat back down next to Aden who instantly wrapped one arm around her shoulder and used his other hand to tenderly stoke Beau’s hair

“nor can daddy! You little man are the best thing that’s ever happened to us you know that?”

“if he doesn’t yet I’m sure he soon will” Irene laughed as she began to clear the plates away from the table. “We’ll get this lot cleared away then we’ll leave the three of you alone”

“we’re going?!” Nicole exclaimed “can I get another hold first?” she asked as she walked over and crouched down in front of Belle “please” she added as she ran a hand gently over Beau’s back

“I suppose I can give him up for a few minutes” Belle said with a grin as she handed him over to Nicole.

“Hey again handsome” Beau had stirred as Belle handed him over and opened his eyes as Nicole began to speak. “Look at those big blue eyes!” Beau stared at her for a second before his face creased up and he began to cry

“oh my god!” Nicole squealed “He hates me!”

Aden laughed “I don’t think he gets the concept of hate yet Nic!” he stood up and placed an arm around Nicole’s shoulder and used his free hand to stoke Beau’s cheek.

“hey son, it’s ok.” he soothed “Aunty Nic just wants to say hi! She’s not all that scary!” the crying stopped as Aden continued so whisper soothing words “Good boy, that’s it. I think it‘s your voice Nic” he said as he gently moved away “So from now on when you are here you’re just gonna have to not talk!”

Belle stifled a giggle at the look on Nicole’s face. It was clear that she wanted to fire a comeback at Aden but was too worried about upsetting Beau again so she remained silent

“Ah mate! This is good” Roman said after a few minutes of silence “Might have to steal the little guy, I could do with this kind of peace at home!”

Nicole shot him a dirty look but remained silent

“Sorry Roman, as much as I sympathise you are just going to have to deal with it. My baby boy isn’t going anywhere!” Belle said

“you want to keep Nic then?” Roman asked with a laugh

“hey I am still here you know!” Nicole finally gave in and spoke and within seconds Beau was crying again.

Aden stood up again and this time took Beau from her arms “It’s ok baby, daddy’s got you now” as soon as he was cradled in Aden’s arms Beau stopped crying

“We should make a move” Roman said

“Aww Geoff you didn’t get a cuddle” Belle exclaimed as Geoff walked over to Aden and began playing with Beau’s fingers

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again soon, I’ll have a cuddle then”

“Well, you three enjoy your first night together” Irene said reaching down to kiss Belle goodbye “You stay there darl” she insisted as Belle attempted to stand up to see them to the door

Aden handed Beau down to her after everybody had said their goodbyes to him and followed the group to the door to show them out.

Aden sat back down next to Belle who had lay Beau on her legs as she played gently with his tiny feet

“I think we can safely say that you were a hit mister” he said placing his finger into Beau’s grasp “you had all the girls swooning just like daddy does!”

“please!” Belle laughed “When has anyone ever swooned at you?”

“what! You’re kidding right?! You could barely walk down the isle at our wedding your legs were that weak at the sight of me!”

“that was the heat babe” she said with a wink in his direction “you see baby boy…” she said to Beau ..”mommy and daddy got married on the beach, in fact sweetheart you were there with us in mommy’s tummy we just didn’t know about you then!”

“I already can’t even imagine him not being here” Aden said

“nor me” Belle replied “I could just look at him forever. I mean I’m not just being biased am I? he really is gorgeous!”

“He really is, just like his mommy!”

“I think it’s more like his daddy!” Belle replied as she twisted her head so she could place a kiss on Aden’s lips

“god I love that?”

“What kissing me?” Belle asked with a raised eyebrow

“Well yes I love that but I meant hearing you call me daddy”

“I love saying it” Belle replied “you are the best daddy ever isn’t he Beau?”

Aden smiled as he looked down at Beau

“well little man that gives you the perfect set because you also have the best mommy ever!”

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A few hours later than i thought but better late than never :wink:

Chapter 49

“Why isn’t anyone home or answering their phones!” Belle sighed in frustration throwing her phone onto the table.

“who was that?” Aden asked

“I was trying Martha but she’s not answering”

“She’s probably still at the party babe” he replied

It had been an hour since Irene, Roman and the others had left. The three of them were still cuddled up on the couch. Belle had her legs draped over Aden’s and Beau was sleeping contentedly on them, Aden’s hand protectively holding onto him.

“And mom and Mattie’s excuse?” she asked grumpily

Aden chuckled “Babe, I’m sure if they knew why you were trying to get hold of them they’d answer their phones”

“I just can’t wait to tell them!” she said the smile returning to her face as she looked down at Beau.

“I’ve got an idea” he said as he shifted slightly so he could retrieve his own phone from his pocket and turned it to camera mode “here, take a picture, you’re at a better angle”

Belle took a set of photo’s and they spent a few moments deciding which was the best - a difficult task as they both loved every picture .

When they finally agreed on which photo to send Aden added a message to it

Hey guys, what do you think of our little guy?

Beau Jefferies

7lb 2oz

“ok, who shall I send it to?” he asked

“Erm, not mom, she’d freak if I told her by txt! Let me see your phone”

Aden handed his phone over and Belle scrolled through his contact list sending the message to all their friends.

Within minutes of the message sending Belle’s phone rang. She lifted Beau from her lap and handed him to Aden so that she could reach over to retrieve her phone. She smiled when she saw Martha’s name on the caller ID

She pressed the button to answer the call and turned it on to loudspeaker instantly so that Aden could hear the call too.

“congratulations!” Martha squealed causing the two of them to chuckle “He’s beautiful Belle!”

“thanks Martha, we think so too!”

“hey Martha” Aden called

“hi daddy!” Martha replied “This afternoon has been torture waiting to hear from you! Rachel wouldn’t tell us a thing! And we‘ve only just got a signal now we are on our way back home!”

Aden chuckled again “don’t blame Rach, I swore her to secrecy!”

“I suppose I’ll forgive her then” Martha answered with a laugh “So how is little Beau then?”

“he’s amazing!” Belle answered with a smile “he….”

She was interrupted by the landline phone ringing

“I’ll get it babe” Aden said. He stood up carrying Beau with him and answered the phone.


He moved the phone away from his ear with a grimace when all his greeting was met with was a high pitched squeal. He returned it after a few seconds

“Hi Mattie!

“ADEN!” she squealed “Oh my god! oh my god! Oh my….”

“You got the txt then?”

“you’ve got a baby!” she practically shouted

“yeah I know” Aden laughed “he’s right here in my arms, you wanna say hi to him?”

“Awww! You’re holding him! Is he beautiful? Of course he’s beautiful I saw the picture! How is….”

“Mattie..” he interrupted again “you want me to put Belle on?”

“yes please” she answered “Oh Aden”



“Thanks Mattie” he laughed “Belle sweetheart, it’s Mattie”

He waved the phone in her direction

“Just a sec babe” she replied.

She said her goodbyes to Martha before taking the phone from Aden

“Hey Mattie” she said as she relaxed back into the couch knowing that this phone call with her best friend was going to be a long one.

Aden had just sat back down when Beau started to stir in his arms and let out a little whimper

“hey mate, what’s up?” Aden asked his son “now I know you’re not hungry yet little man, cause even I don’t get hungry two hours after dinner and we have the same genes remember.”

He continued to whimper so Aden lifted him so that he was resting against his chest “Beau, come on baby it’s ok”

Belle was looking at them and Aden could see how much Beaus crying was distracting her from talking to Matilda

“I’ll take him and see if he needs changing” he whispered

Belle nodded as he stood up but waved him towards her with her free hand

Aden instantly knew what she wanted and a smile came to his lips as he crouched down in front of her so that she could lean forward and place a kiss on Beau’s cheek.

“we wont be long” he whispered as he stood up, dropping a kiss onto her head as he went.

He gently lay Beau onto the changing table

“So how does this work then?” he looked at the baby gro and tried to figure out if he had to open the whole thing to gain access to Beau’s nappy

“ok I think I see” he said as he began to undo poppers his tongue poking out through his lips in concentration

“I’ll let you in on a little secret son” he whispered with smile on his face “this is the first nappy I’ve changed! I always manage to wriggle out of doing Megs! But don’t tell anyone ok because I don’t think they’ve noticed yet!” Beau had stopped crying and looked as if he was actually listening to Aden’s chatter.

Aden gently lifted his tiny legs free of the suit and undid his vest pushing it clear of his nappy.

“right then, here we go!” he actually held his breath as he undid the tapes on the side of the nappy letting it out with a laugh when he realised that the nappy didn‘t really need changing after all.

“thanks buddy! I think me and you are gonna make a good team aren’t we huh? Although I’m guessing I’m not always going to get the good ones am I? we can’t be that mean to mommy can we?” he took a fresh nappy from the cupboard and opened it out.

“so the label things came from the back didn’t they mate?” he twisted the nappy around in his hands trying to figure out which way round it went. “Some help you are” Aden chuckled letting go of the nappy with one hand and using it to tickle gently under Beau’s chin “I’m pretty sure it was the back! Let’s give it a go shall we?”

He placed the nappy into position and gently fastened it up smiling to himself when he realised he had in fact got it the correct way around . He replaced the vest and the baby gro however it took him three attempts to get the poppers done up in the correct way.

“lets keep that between us too hey son! I’ll never live it down if people find out I can’t manage a few buttons!”

“So” he said as he picked Beau up “do we think mommy has managed to get rid of auntie Matilda yet? We’re kinda lucky she’s in Perth son! I’m not sure I’d have the energy to referee between her and auntie Nic over who loves you the most. Let’s go and see shall we”

He walked back into the lounge as Belle hung up the phone

“that was quicker than I thought it would be” he said

“I might have told her Beau was crying for a feed” Belle answered sheepishly

“did you hear that Beau?” Aden asked in mock seriousness “mommy is already using you to wriggle out of things!”

“I only did it because I was missing him and otherwise Mattie would have kept me talking for ages” Belle replied defensively “So did he need changing? Is that why he was crying?”

“Nah, he was clean, I changed him anyway though”

“Why were you crying then little man?” Belle asked as she walked over to Aden and ran her hands over Beau’s hair “did you just want a bit of attention huh?”

“sweetheart” Aden said “I don’t think he could possibly get any more attention than we’ve been giving him”

“I suppose. So what was it baby?”

“babies cry Belle, I don’t think he’s always going to need a reason” He walked over to the couch and sat down settling himself so both he and Beau were comfy and there was room for Belle to cuddle up next to them. “he’s fine now aren’t you son?”

“Ok. I’m being too fussy aren’t I?” she said as she sat down next to them taking hold of Aden’s arm as he wrapped it around her.

“So what if you are!” Aden replied smiling at her as he pulled her closer

“you think I am?” she asked worry clouding her voice

“Belle, look at him! How beautiful and precious he is. You and I did that, we made him babe so we can fuss over him as much as we like! It just shows how much we love him.”

“I just want him to be happy as much as possible Aden. That’s all I want for him. I don’t care if he doesn’t become a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon or… I don’t know a footie star! I just want him to be happy and feel safe and loved”

As she spoke Belle was running her fingers over beau’s soft cheek and as much as she tried to fight it tears began to fall from her eyes

“Hey Belle, look at me” Aden said “as much as we love him and as much as we will both do everything within our power to stop it there are going to be times when he isn’t happy. When he’s sick or some girl has broken his heart or Miles sends him home from school with a tonne of homework! But the important thing is he is always going to know how much we love him and that we are always going to be there for him. We can’t stop him hurting sweetheart but we will always be there to help him through it.”

He leant over and kissed her in a bid to stop her tears

“didn’t I already say no girls” she smiled

“hey come on, we can’t deny him that babe, would you seriously want him to miss out on finding something like what we have?”

Belle was silent for a few moments as she tilted her head so she could gaze into Aden’s eyes

“If he finds somebody to love as much as I love you then he’ll make me the proudest mom ever” she answered

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Chapter 50

“Hey babe” Aden whispered as he walked into the lounge. It was six am on the day after Beau’s birth and Belle had brought him into the lounge to feed him in the hopes that Aden might be able to get a bit more sleep. “how come you came out here?”

“We didn’t want to wake you” she replied “guess that didn’t work” she added with a smile

“Nah, I heard him wake” he said as he sat down next to her leaning over to place a kiss on Beau’s head and then Belle’s lips. “So, one night down huh!”

“Yeah, and it wasn’t all that bad was it?” Belle asked him

“Well” he replied with a grin “I could have done with a few more than three hours sleep”

“But babe, Beau was only awake for like two hours at the most, the rest of the time you were just watching him sleep”

“busted!” he laughed “but you must have been awake too to know what I was doing!”

“Guilty as charged” she laughed “I just didn’t want to stop looking at him”

“Nor me babe, he’s just so beautiful”

“he is aren’t you sweetheart, and such a good boy too,” she stroked his cheek as he fed from her his big blue eyes staring into hers.

“So, he’s feeding ok?”

“yeah he seems to be, but I still feel really unsure about whether he’s getting enough or not”

“why don’t you try expressing and putting it in a bottle, that way you’ll be able to see what he’s getting.”

“are you just suggesting that so you get a chance to feed him?” Belle asked with a smile

“that might have something to do with it” he grinned back at her “but I also don’t want you to be worried.”

“I might give it a go later, in fact I’ll probably need to for when mom comes over - she wont be too happy with me disappearing off to our room and I’m not comfortable enough to feed him in front of other people yet.”

“what time is she coming?”

“She said they were going to leave first thing so I guess they’ll be here about nine, nine thirty. “

“great! Well I guess we better make the most of these next few hours then cause I’m guessing once grandma Amanda gets her claw….”

“Aden!” Belle scolded even though she had to bite back a laugh

“what? You know what she’s gonna be like Belle!”

“she might not be as bad as you think” Belle replied although she wasn’t entirely sure she even believed that herself

“I wont hold my breath!” He said as he stood up from the couch “you want some breakfast babe?

“nah, not just yet but a juice would be good”

“one juice coming up, but you really need to make sure you eat babe”

“I will in a bit I promise. It’s just a bit early and I am kinda busy at the moment!” She gestured down to Beau who was still hungrily feeding from her.

“I’ll make us some pancakes in a bit then yeah?” Aden suggested.

“Or you can wait until your son has finished with his breakfast and I’ll make them - mine are better than yours.”

“they are not! And you should be taking it easy sweetheart, you only gave birth yesterday!”

“Really? I’d forgotten!” she replied sarcastically “I’m not an invalid Aden. I’m perfectly capable of making a few pancakes!”

“I know you are capable Belle but….” he walked back from the kitchen handing her a glass of juice before sitting back down “…after yesterday I would actually like to spoil you a little. Have I told you how amazing you were yesterday?”

“not today” she grinned

“Well you were! You were incredible and I was so so proud of you”

“Thank you” she leant towards him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips “and thank you for being so great yesterday and thank you for helping me to make this beautiful little boy!”

“the pleasure was all mine gorgeous, especially the making him part” he added with a wink before returning his lips to hers. The kiss lasted for a few moments until Belle pulled away looking down at Beau.

“Have you finished already mister?” She manoeuvred him slightly away from her and pulled her top back up

“hey son, did you enjoy your breakfast huh?” Aden asked as he reached over to run a hand over Beau’s head “looks like nana Irene was right doesn’t it. Mommy’s getting pretty good at feeding you isn’t she?”

“It’s getting easier every time.” she replied “Now little man, how about you go to daddy so I can get started on making his breakfast because he gets grumpier than you when he’s hungry sweetheart.”

“Don’t listen to her mate! I’m never grumpy!” Aden said to Beau as he lifted him from Belle raising him so his face was level with his own and placing a number of delicate kisses on his cheek before laying him down on his legs. He lifted his feet gently to rest against the top of the table tilting Beau slightly so that he could see him better. Belle left them together whilst she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast smiling to herself at Aden who was chattering away constantly to Beau.

“So big day today Beau! There’s a whole heap of people waiting to meet you. First off there’s grandma Amanda. Now she’s gonna tell you not to call her grandma but son I have no problems with you not listening to her on that. In fact daddy will up your allowance if you do ok?”

“You know I can hear you right?” Belle called from the kitchen

“Yeah I know!” he grinned “where were we little man? So grandma will be with Peter and I guess he’s your Granddad, he’s pretty cool. Then there’s your uncle Ryan, you’ll like him he’ll be able to teach you all about the latest x box games and stuff like that that mommy and daddy are far too old and uncool to know about!”

“speak for yourself” Belle interrupted again

“what? You know all about what’s hot and what’s not in the gaming world?” he asked cheekily

“Well no but I can learn!”


“Ryan!” she said causing Aden to throw his head back in laughter

“And wouldn’t it just be easier to cut out the middle man? He asked

“ok you win! Ryan can teach him gaming stuff!”

“there you go mate, that’s one vital part of your education sorted. I reckon we might get a visit from Martha today, she’s really great and fairly easy on the eye so you’ll like her! Oh and Charlie and Joey will want to meet you too they are also pretty hot mate so….. ”

“Hello!” Belle shouted “remember me, your wife! The woman who went through hours of agonising pain yesterday giving birth to your child!”

Aden chuckled “but all three of them pale into insignificance next to your stunningly gorgeous mommy.”

“I should think so” she grinned

A few hours later after he and Belle had showered and dressed Aden filled up the baby bath and carried it into the nursery where Belle was waiting with Beau.

“Check the temperature before you put him in babe” he said

“Haven’t you already done it?” Belle asked

“Yeah but I’d rather you checked too”

“And the thermometer we got, what does that say?” she asked with a smile

“that says ideal but I’d still rather you checked”

Belle lifted Beau from the changing table and moved the matt so that Aden could place the bath on the top

“Ok, I’ll check” Belle said “Will you grab my camera babe, gotta get pictures of his first bath!”

“Yeah he’s gonna love you for that when we show his photo album to his girlfriends”

“Just get the camera!” she giggled

Aden left the room coming back a moment later camera in hand. Belle unwrapped the towel from around Beau and placed it next to the bath before slowly lowering him into the water.

“How’s that sweetheart? You like that huh?”

Aden clicked away with the camera whilst Belle used a sponge to gently wash over his tiny body.

After a few minutes Beau began to cry so Belle quickly finished off

“Aden will you hold out the towel for him” she asked

He picked it up and opened it out over his arms and Belle placed a dripping Beau into them instantly folding the ends around him fearing that he’d get cold.

“hey mate, don’t cry” Aden soothed “it’s all done now, here, you go to mommy and daddy will get rid of the bath so you can get dressed.” He handed Beau over to Belle before lifting the bath and taking it back to the bathroom. She lifted the matt back onto the table and placed a still crying Beau onto it.

“shhh baby I’ll be as quick as I can I promise”

By the time Aden returned she had dried Beau put on his nappy and was in the process of putting on his vest.

“So what are you wearing this morning then buddy? Remember all the hot chicks are coming over today so you’ll wanna look your best”

Belle punched his arm “Well I had already picked something out but I might have just changed my mind!”

“Why what did you pick?” Aden asked reaching over her and picking up the baby gro that she had placed on the table. As he held it up a smile lit up his face and Belle instantly knew that she wouldn’t be able to change her mind and Beau would definitely be wearing it.

“so, I love my daddy. Is that right little man huh? You love your daddy?”

Beau continued to cry as Belle dressed him and didn’t stop until she picked him up and cradled him against her chest.

They were just heading back into the lounge when there was a knock at the door.

“here we go baby, time to meet grandma!”

She walked to the door whilst Aden went to the kitchen to put on the kettle

“Darling!” Amanda cried as soon as Belle opened the door “You look fabulous and look at my grandson!”

“Hi mom! Let’s get you all in and you can get a proper look at him”

Amanda walked into the apartment followed by Peter and Ryan.

“Hey Ryan” she said ruffling her little brothers hair, “Aden’s sorting out some drinks if you want to go and help”

“yeah mate, come and give me a hand till the squealing and cooing dies down” Aden called. Ryan happily took him up on the offer

“Belle!” peter said pulling her into a hug “well done, he’s beautiful” he said as he tickled beau under his chin

“Thanks pete, we think so! Mom, you want a cuddle?”

“Of course I do!”

Belle handed Beau over and was touched when Amanda’s eyes filled with tears.

“well aren’t you handsome” she said as tears ran down her face “I’m your nana, I know you’re thinking I don’t look old enough but I am!”

“Let’s sit down” Belle said leading them over to the couch.

Amanda appeared completely transfixed by her grandchild and Belle remained silent for a while just watching.

They were interrupted by Aden and Ryan bringing drinks over.

“So what do you think grandma?” Aden asked throwing a sly look at Belle who had to bite her lip to keep from laughing

“His nana” Amanda emphasised the word “thinks he’s absolutely adorable. Ryan come and have a look at your nephew”

Ryan sat down next to Amanda and looked Beau over

“Isn’t he just beautiful?” Amanda asked

“He’s alright” Ryan shrugged

“High praise indeed” Aden laughed

They spent the next half an hour talking about Beau’s arrival much to Ryan’s horror. Aden eventually took pity on him and offered him his mobile phone telling him there were some good games on there. He instantly took it from Aden and went and sat at the table happy to be away from the talk of waters breaking and contractions and much worse!

“Aden, I hope you helped Belle during the labour?” Amanda asked

He had opened his mouth to reply but Belle beat him to it

“He was fantastic mom, I couldn’t have done it without him!”

“That’s good. And have you been helping since?”

“Mom!” Belle snapped

“it’s fine babe” Aden jumped in “Yeah Amanda, I’ve done as much as I can to help”

“And you’ll be doing your fair share of night feeds I assume”

“I’m breast feeding mom” Belle stated “so Aden can’t really do that”

“Breast feeding? Darling you should just use formula. It would be far…”

“I’m breast feeding” Belle repeated firmly

“but sweeth…”

“No buts! Now let’s drop it ok”

Aden shifted his position on the couch so that he was sitting closer to Belle sensing that she needed his support. He slipped his arm around her waist and gently pulled her closer to him. She took hold of his hand and squeezed it, letting him now that she was grateful for his gesture.

“ok Belle. So has he met anybody else yet or are we the first visitors?”

“No we had a few yesterday!” Belle answered “Irene and Roman came over with Geoff, Annie and Nicole”

“I’m not surprised, you would have thought they’d have had the sense to give you a bit of time to yourselves” Amanda said

“Amanda!” Peter warned

“What? The last thing Belle needed yesterday was a house full of visitors”

“Actually mom I couldn’t wait to see them” Belle replied anger clear in her voice

“you mustn’t have known what to think sweetheart, your hormones would have been all over the place. Irene really should have known better!”

“My hormones were fine” Belle hissed “and we wanted Beau to meet his family as soon as possible”

“But they aren’t really his….”

“Don’t you dare!” Belle didn’t shout as she didn’t want to frighten Beau but her tone of voice left everybody in no doubt as to her level of anger.

“Belle! I know you think of Irene as family but bio….”

“Give Beau to me please” Belle asked

“What?” Amanda replied

“I want my son” Belle stated her voice as cold as ice “and then I want you to leave!”

“Babe, calm do..”

“Aden I’m calm, I just want her to leave!”

She stood up and lifted Beau from Amanda’s arms bringing him to rest against her chest. She placed her hand protectively over the back of his head and neck

“Darling” Amanda cried “This is silly I…” her eyes had filled with tears once again but they had no effect on Belle

“What? You ruining one of the happiest times of my life because you can’t keep your bitchy comments to yourself is silly?”

“Belle, Amanda didn’t mean to upset you!”

“I know she didn’t Peter and that’s half of the problem! She never does mean it but yet somehow she always manages to do it!”

“Belle…” Amanda cried

“Mom Please just leave, I’ll speak to you in a few days!”


“Amanda I really think you should go” Aden said as he stood up

“We’ll go” Peter said as he took hold of Amanda’s elbow “Come on Ryan”

“Thanks” Aden followed them to the door telling Peter that he or Belle would call in a few days time when things had settled down. He closed the door behind them and turned around to find Belle still in the same position cradling Beau but with tears streaming down her face.

“God babe” he rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her being careful not to disturb their son “shhhh it’s ok she’s gone now!”

“why does she spoil everything Aden?”

“I don’t know babe, I really don’t! Just take no notice of her ok! We both know who’s important in our lives right? No matter what she says we know who our real family are and we love them regardless of biology!.”

“We do” she answered as he ran his fingers through her hair then lowered them to her face to wipe away her tears. “We really do.”

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