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Plain Sailing

Guest bradyell

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:D Enjoy :D

Chapter 11

Belle gently guided Annie to the table where Irene was sitting and sat her down on a chair that Aden had pulled out.

"Who's out looking? said Aden

"Roman, Geoff, and Miles. We didn't want to kick up much fuss but I'm starting to think we should now" answered Irene

Aden nodded "Give Charlie a call. I'm gonna head out and look, call me if they turn up." he said making his way to the door.

Belle followed him outside and pulled on his arm to stop him from going any further

He turned around and without even having to ask knew what Belle needed.

He pulled her into a hug and whispered into her hair "I'll find her babe, I promise I'll find her"

"What if he's hurt her Aden?" she asked, unable to keep the fear from her voice.

"It's O.K" said Aden knowing full well that he hadn't answered Belle's question. But he wouldn't, couldn't, let himself even consider the idea that the little girl he adored with all his heart had been hurt.

"I should get going" he said pulling away "Tell Roman to call me if he comes back"

he turned away and jogged down towards the beach.

Nearly an hour later Aden had been all over the bay, searching all the places he used to go to when he wanted to hide in the hope that Jai had thought as he had done. But it had been useless. There was only one more place that he could think to look but it was quite a long walk away. He was just contemplating returning to the diner for his car when his phone rang. In the few seconds it took him to answer he hoped with everything he had that it was somebody calling to say Meg had been found safe and well.

“Hi mate” said Roman “anything?”

“No nothing! This is killing me Roman, where is he!”

“I wish I could answer that”

“Where are you now?”

“back at the diner why?”

“I want to head up to the look out at Stewarts point but it will take too long to walk, will you meet me with the car and we’ll drive up”

“Sure thing mate, where are you now?”

Aden explained to Roman where he was and they arranged where they would meet up.

Within five minutes the two of them were in Roman’s car heading up to the look out point. Roman drove the car as far as he could up the point but the road only went half way. The rest they would have to do on foot. Aden was out of the door and running towards the top before Roman had even stopped the car. There was something in his gut telling him that they were going to find Meg here. Roman caught up with him quickly and the two of them continued towards the top together.

They had nearly made it to their final destination and just had another corner to round when Roman grabbed hold of Aden pulling him to a stop.

“can you hear that?”

All Aden could hear at that moment was his heart pounding in his ears but then he heard what Roman had. The unmistakable sound of a baby crying.

Without a seconds hesitation he made to run towards the source of the noise only to be stopped by Roman grabbing him once again

“Roman! What are you doing, that’s Meg crying!”

“I know, but we don’t know what Jai is doing up there with her, we don’t want to startle him, scare him into doing something foolish”

“Oh god!”

For the first time since Annie had told them that Meg was missing Aden had a glimpse of the terrible things that could have happened in the 3 hours since she had been gone and he felt tears prickling behind his eyes. Battling his emotions he followed carefully behind Roman, trusting in the older man to know how best to handle the situation.

When they rounded the corner Aden’s breath caught in his throat. Jai was sitting on the wall at the top of the point, legs hanging over the edge of the drop. He was staring into the distance seemingly oblivious to the screaming baby in his arms. All it would take Aden thought with a jolt, would be for Jai to loosen his grip just slightly and Meg would fall the long drop into the ocean below. His legs went weak at the thought. It took every ounce of will power he had not to run straight over and snatch Meg to safety but he knew that Roman was right, the last thing he wanted to do was scare Jai, especially considering the position he was in.

“Jai, mate are you O.K?” Roman asked quietly

Jai turned his head slightly at the sound of the familiar voice but not enough to face them, just enough for Roman to know that he had been heard.

“Look mate, Why don’t you come and sit down over here with me and we can have a chat hey?”

“She wouldn’t stop crying so I thought I’d bring her up here to see the ocean” Jai spoke as calmly as if they were sat around a table in the diner. “but she still wont stop”

“I think she’s probably just hungry mate” Roman continued in the same calm voice. Aden didn’t know how Roman could remain so calm, he was sure that speech would be beyond him at that moment, at least until he knew Meg was safe.

“Look why don’t you pass Meg over to me and we can get her sorted and then I’ll come and sit out there with you?”

“you know I always think of my family when I look at the ocean, I feel closer to them.”

Roman decided it was best to let Jai talk and slowly walked over to lean on the wall next to him

“Go on mate”

“They’d be so mad with me! It’s all just such a mess. I never wanted this to happen, I’m 15 I don’t want to be a dad! Annie made that choice, I didn’t, it was made for me. And now she’s here” he gestured towards Meg “and people expect me to love her and care for her but I don’t, I’ve tried and I don’t hate her but I just don’t love her like I should.”

“It’s alright Jai”

“No It’s not, it’s not! After everything that happened with my family I should be grateful. I should love her!”

“Listen mate, Nicole was born when I was just a few years older than you and I was so not ready to be a father to her and I wasn’t really, not till recently. Yeah I dipped in and out of her life, you know birthdays, Christmas’ that sort of thing and I said I loved her but really and truly I didn’t know her so I couldn’t really love her properly- not then anyway. Now, now I love her with all my heart Jai, not just because we have the same DNA but because I know who she is, she’s a part of me! Trust me Jai, that will come, maybe not straight away but soon enough you’ve just got to give it time”

“you make it sound so easy”

“far from it Jai, but you’ve got so much support around you - both you and Annie. You just need to use that support Jai, talk things through with people who want to help.”


“Right, how about we carry on with this without the baby crying”


“Just let me take her yeah?”

As Jai nodded Roman took hold of the baby bringing her close to his chest in one swift movement and walked away from the wall.

Aden didn’t think he’d ever felt as relieved as he did at that moment. Roman brought the baby over and handed her over to him.

“Hey baby girl, sshhh, it’s O.K you’re safe now sshhh” Aden whispered but for the first time since she was born Aden’s comforting arms and soothing words were not enough to settle Meg.

He held her as close to him as possible with one arm and used the other hand to pull his phone from his pocket. He programmed in Belle’s number as he watched Roman walk back to the wall and sit down silently next to Jai.

Belle had been sat in the same position for the last hour. Elbows on the table, head in hands staring at her phone on the table in front of her, willing it to ring. Annie was huddled on the couch in the corner being comforted by Irene and Kirsty was chatting to Leah and Charlie who had organised a group of police officers to join the search. Nicole was sat opposite Belle in much the same position staring at her own phone. Colleen was the only other person in the diner. Leah had sent all of the other customers away.

“They should have found them by now”

“Shut up Nicole”

“But they should have done! It’s been three hours Belle - the bay is not that big!”

“Nicole SHUT UP!” Belle couldn’t hold back her anger, mostly because she knew deep down that Nicole was right, somebody should have found them by now.

“Come on now girls, let’s not argue” said Colleen who had been buzzing from table to table.

Belle was just about to respond when her phone began to ring

“Aden?” she had answered before the first ring had finished.

“I’ve got her, she’s O.K”

“Thank god” she cried as all the eyes in the diner turned towards her “She’s O.K, Aden has her, She’s O.K Annie.”

“Where are you?” Belle could hardly hear Aden over all the cries of relief

“We’re up at Stewarts point, Roman is talking to Jai but I’ll head back now O.K”

“Stewarts point! Charlie will send a car to meet you” she told him noticing Charlie gesturing at her.

“Are you sure she’s O.K Aden?, I can hear her crying.”

“I think she’s just hungry” he said “I’ll make my way down now babe, We’ll see you soon .”


Belle hung up and walked over to Annie to hug her.

“She’s fine Annie, Aden said she was just hungry so we best get her a bottle sorted eh? We don’t want to keep her waiting do we?”

Annie smiled at Belle through her tears.

“Colleen would you heat some water for her milk please?” Irene asked her arm still around the young girl

“Of course, of course anything to help”

“Belle” kirsty had walked over to where they were sitting “did Aden say anything about Jai? Is he O.K?”

“Do you think we care how Jai is?!” snapped Belle. “Look at what he’s put Annie through, put us all through”

“Belle it’s O.K” said Annie

“No Annie it’s not O.K, he…”

“Belle love” interrupted Irene “Now is not the time! I know you are mad but let’s just leave it for now alright”

“For now, but I’m not letting this pass Irene, he’s not getting away with this”

“O.K darl, just calm down a bit”

“O.K O.K I’m calm” Belle insisted before sitting back down at the table opposite Nicole who was on talking on her phone. Belle assumed from Nicole’s end of the conversation that she was talking to Geoff and Nicole confirmed this when she hung up telling Belle that he was relieved and on his way back.

The ten minutes they waited for Aden to arrive seemed to last twice as long to Belle. She needed to see Meg with her own eyes before she could fully relax.

Finally he walked through the door with Meg cradled in his arms. Belle stood up as he walked straight past her and over to Annie who had tears streaming down her face once again. He gently placed Meg into her arms before putting his arms around the both of them and kissing Annie on the forehead.

“Thank you” Annie whispered through her tears her eyes never leaving her daughter “thank you so much”

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I'm really really glad you are enjoying this so much.

This chapter is just a bit of a filler really, nothing major going on but hope ypu enjoy it anyway :wink:

Chapter 12

Aden, Belle, Irene, Geoff and Annie were sitting around the table at the beach house having just eaten.

“Annie I really am so sorry”

“For the millionth time Geoff it’s O.K” Annie replied

They had been home for three hours and Geoff had spent most of that time apologising to Annie for letting Jai take Meg in the first place.

“Yeah but you left me in charge of her and look what happened”

“Wouldn’t have happened on my watch” Aden said with a cheeky grin. Geoff looked horrified and Belle glared at him


“I’m joking!!” he said “Seriously Geoff I’d have done the same as you, Jai’s her father. None of us could have guessed what he’d do”

“Aden’s right” continued Annie “You didn’t do anything wrong so please stop apologising. Everything worked out well in the end. Meg is fine and that’s the main thing”

“And at least now we know how Jai is feeling about things” said Irene. “Granted, I wish he’d gone about it some other way but at least now we all know how he’s feeling and can help him.”

“Have you spoken to Miles?” Annie asked

“Yeah, he called quickly just to say sorry and that Roman had taken Jai home and they were gonna have a long chat.”

“He needs more than a long chat” fumed Belle

“Darl, I know what he did was wrong, but he’s just a mixed up young kid who needs help not punishment.”

“Annie has gone through just the same as Jai, more even, but you don’t see her acting like that”

“Belle you should know better than most about how people react differently to difficult situations.”

“Irene’s right” said Aden “Look what I did to dad and you and Rachel”

Belle looked up at Aden shocked that he had brought up the kidnapping in front of Irene, Annie and Geoff.

“That was different Aden”

“Yeah it was - what I did was worse Belle. But where would I be if everyone had had the same attitude that you have towards Jai?”

“I guess” Belle seemed genuinely contrite

“I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t got the help I needed and without the support from Roman, Morag Nic, and you” he said “especially you” he added with a smile just for her.

“God I hate it when you’re right” she said returning his smile “but I’m still mad at him, I am allowed to be mad at him right?”

“Yes you can be mad darl” said Irene “just as long as you get over it quickly” she added. “Now come on, who’s gonna help with these dishes? They’re not gonna wash themselves.”

“I’m on it” said Geoff standing up and picking up plates from the table.

“I’m going to go and check on Meg and then get to bed myself” said Annie “it’s been a long day.”

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna turn in too” said Belle “babe?” she said looking to Aden

“Right behind you” he answered

Half an hour later Belle and Aden were lying in Belle’s bed wrapped in each others arms as they were every night. Her head resting on his chest.

“I think we’re cursed babe?” said Aden

“What?” Belle moved her head so she could look at him.

“Well, when we decided to move in together we didn’t get to tell anyone cause of Meg arriving and now we’ve finally found a place we haven’t been able to tell anyone cause of Meg going missing! I’m kinda worried what’s gonna happen next week when we actually move in.”

“Oh my god Aden! We are moving in together next week!”

“What, had you forgotten again” he said with a laugh

“No, of course I hadn’t” she said hitting him playfully on the chest “It was just hearing you say it like that made it all more real.”

“Doesn’t get more real babe” he said tilting his head so he could kiss her.

Belle let out a moan as the kiss became more heated and Aden’s fingers became tangled in her hair

“Just think” he whispered against her lips “next week we’ll be able to do this whenever and wherever we like”

“Wherever?” She questioned pulling back slightly from his lips with a grin

“Yep, wherever” he said trailing kisses along her jaw. “bathroom, lounge, kitchen…”

Each word was punctuated with a kiss and each kiss got lower and lower down her neck

“Mmmm” Belle moaned again “can‘t wait” She gently pulled on his hair encouraging him to return his lips back to hers.

He untangled his fingers from her hair and slowly trailed his hands down her back making Belle shudder with anticipation. His hands reached the bottom of her back and were now making their way back up this time with her top enclosed in them when there was a knock at the door.

Both of them groaned at the interruption.

Belle was the first to get herself enough together to answer the knock


“Sorry Belle, have I woken you?” said Geoff through the door

“Not exactly Geoff! What do you want?”

“I was just wondering if you were working tomorrow, only I’ve got a project to do for school and wanted to borrow your camera”

“Yes!” Belle wasn’t even trying to hide her frustration

Aden deciding she needed calming down began kissing her neck again

“Yes you are at work or yes I can borrow your camera”

“Aden” she whispered “Yes to the camera” she shouted to Geoff

Aden couldn’t help but laugh into her neck

“Thanks Belle, G’night”

“Yeah Geoff night” she managed before Aden was kissing her again this time with no intention of stopping.

The next morning they were woken early as usual by Meg.

“does she not realise it’s Saturday?” Aden said burying his head in his pillow

“I don’t think babies get the concept of weekends honey” Belle answered him “but seeing as how we’re awake….” she slid a hand slowly along his back

“Oh yeah?” Aden was now wide awake

“Why don’t we go and tell Irene about the apartment!” as she said it she slid from under the covers and out of the bed causing Aden to groan in frustration.

“come on, grumpy! I’ll make it up to you next week!”

“is that a promise?” he asked with a glint in his eye

“Scouts honour” she answered pulling on her robe and walking out of the room.

“Morning Guys” she said to the others who were all sitting around the table, “Hey beautiful” this was directed to Meg who was lying in Annie’s arms “Uncle Aden is grumpy with you for waking him up so you better watch out missy”

“I’m not grumpy” said Aden as he walked out of the bedroom pulling on a t-shirt to go with the board shorts he was wearing.

“Ignore Auntie Belle Meg” he said stroking her hair “she doesn’t know what she’s doing this morning”

Belle laughed and shoved him playfully

“You two are certainly chirpy this morning” said Irene

“We have good reason to be chirpy” said Belle sitting down at the table

“Oh yeah, care to enlighten us?” asked Irene

Aden sat down too and swiped a piece of toast from Annie’s plate.

“Hey, get your own”

“Why bother when I can just have this one” he said with a wink.

“Don’t worry Annie” Belle said “you wont have to put up with him for much longer”

“Why’s that love? Don’t tell me you’ve found a place?” Irene looked from Belle to Aden and knew from their smiles that she was right

They both nodded

“Wow! Ah kids! I’m real happy for ya! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“We only found it yesterday” answered Belle and things were kind of hectic when we got back”

“Yeah, I suppose they were. So where is it? What’s it like?

Aden left Belle to fill Irene in on their apartment whilst he went into the kitchen to make more toast and some coffee.

“Alright mate?” he said to Geoff who was staring out of the window lost in thought “you seem quiet”

“Huh?” said Geoff as he snapped out of the trance he was in “What? Me? Yeah, no I’m fine, fine”

“Yeah, you seem it”

“no really I’m fine” Geoff insisted although Aden wasn’t convinced


As they were getting ready Aden told Belle that he thought something was bothering Geoff so when she walked into the lounge and Geoff was there alone she thought she’d see if she could get to the bottom of the problem

“Hey Geoff what’s up? She asked sitting down on the couch next to him

“Nothing much” came the reply

“Not really convincing me there Geoff, wanna talk about it?”


“So there is a problem?”

“it’s not a problem really, well it is but…..”

“Come on Geoff spit it out”

“It’s kind of embarrassing”

“O.K maybe you could talk to Aden instead if it’s a guy thing”

“God no! and it’s not a guy thing really”

“O.K hit me with it”

“Well you know what happened on the island with me and Nic”

“What how you had sex?”

“yeah” said Geoff turning pink. “So since then we’ve never repeated it you know, we talked about it and I told Nicole that I wanted to wait and she was cool with that”

“Go on”

“Well recently she’s been not so cool with it and has wanted to do it again and it’s getting really difficult to say no to her but I keep insisting that I don’t want to have sex again until I’m married. Anyway she said she wasn’t sure if she could wait that long but how about if we were just living together and, well to shut her up, I told her O.K thinking it wouldn’t be an issue for ages anyway..”

“Right” Belle was struggling not to laugh so was trying to keep her replies as short as possible

“So, when you and Aden told us you were moving into your own place Nicole got the bright idea that we could move into your room - together! I’ve been putting her off by telling her that nothing was finalised yet and it could take months and months for you two to find somewhere but now you have and……”

“and you have to tell her that you don’t want her to move in”


“Geoff, you are missing the obvious here! You don’t have to be the bad guy! Just tell Nic Irene said no. Or tell Roman her plans - there’s no way he’d let it happen anyway!”

“You think it will be that easy? You know what Nicole’s like Belle”

“What’s Nicole like?”

Aden had finished getting ready and had just walked into the lounge causing Geoff to jump up from the couch.

“am I interrupting?”

“Nah it’s O.K, we’re done right Geoff? Just Trust me and tell her what I said”

“And you think it will work?”

“It’ll work” Belle told him as he walked up the stairs to his room

“What was that about?” asked Aden

“Believe me, you don’t want to know!”

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:D Yep :D Here you go :D

Chapter 13

“Hey guys, how was the shopping trip?”

Belle and Aden had just got back to Roman’s after a trip to the city to buy things for the apartment.

“Don’t ask” said Aden

“That bad huh?”

“It wouldn’t have been if somebody wasn’t so pig headed” said Belle

“Not wanting a flowery duvet cover does not make me pig headed”

“It wasn’t just the cover! What about the T.V? Who needs a 42 inch TV?”

Roman was laughing at the bickering between the couple

“Is the honeymoon over already?”

“No!” They both said together

“It’s just a slight difference of opinion” said Belle putting her arm around Aden’s waist and smiling

“So have you got everything you need now?”

“We think so” said Aden “ the place is already furnished with all the major stuff, it was just the little things we needed”

“Yeah, the 42 inch T.V is really little” said Belle rolling her eyes.

“You got it then mate?” asked Roman surprised

“Yeah” said Aden sheepishly “but she got the flowery cover!”

Roman laughed again “what a partnership eh”

“Exactly!” Aden replied

“Come on you anyway” said Belle nudging Aden “you’re moving out tomorrow and you haven’t even started packing yet.”

“Babe it’ll take me like half an hour, I don’t really have that much stuff.”

“Good that means more room for all my stuff then” she said with a smile which he returned. “and speaking of my stuff I really should shoot off and get my packing finished”

They had decided to each stay in their own homes that night. It would be the first time in months that they hadn’t spent the night with each other but both of them wanted to spend their last night at home and both Irene and Roman had special dinners planned.

“I’ll see you in the morning” Belle said as Aden walked her to the door

“Yep, bright and early” he replied before kissing her goodbye.

Belle sat on her bed looking around, the room held so many memories for her and she was sad to be leaving.

“Dinner’s ready darl” Irene shouted

Belle left her room and joined the rest of her family round the dining table. She knew people might think it strange that she called them that as none of them were actually related to her but that’s how she thought of them. Annie and Geoff and Irene were her family.

“You O.K luvvie?” Irene asked

“It’s just a bit strange, I mean I can’t believe I’m not going to be living here anymore.” As she said the words tears began to slide down Belles cheeks.

“Oh Belle” said Irene standing up from her chair and moving round the table to hug her “We’ll be seeing you all the time and listen girlie, there is always a bed here for you. No matter what happens this is your home.”

“Thank you Irene, and not just for saying that - thank you for the past god knows how many years! You’ve been so so good to me, I seriously can’t tell you how grateful I am. I would not be even close to who I am today if it weren’t for you.”

“come off it Belle, you’ll start me off blubbering too.”

“I think it’s too late” said Geoff laughing as Irene wiped a tear from her cheek

”I just want you to know how great I think you are - all of you - you are my family and I love you and I’ll miss living with you all! Said Belle before taking a deep breath “now let’s stop being mushy and start eating!”

Roman placed plates down in front of Aden and Nicole then picked up his own and sat down.

“So this is it mate, last dinner together”

“Thank god for that” said Nicole “No more having to watch him eat like a pig”

“Ah come on Nic” Aden grinned “you know you’ll miss me”

“Like a hole in the head”

“now now children” said Roman “Listen Aden, I just wanna say….”

“Here we go, time for the big emotional speech”

“Nic! Seriously mate, you’ve been through so much and you’ve come out the other side of it a better man - a good man - and you should be proud of yourself for that, I’m really proud of you”

“Thanks Roman, I couldn’t have done it without you though. I’m truly grateful for all the help and support you’ve given to me. You and Morag were the first ones to see that I could be someone more than the complete tool I was, yes Nicole I admit it I was a tool! But I’m not anymore and that’s down to you Roman so thank you”

“It’s been my pleasure mate, and there will always be a bed here for you”

“He’ll probably need it - I’m sure Belle doesn’t have a clue what she’s letting herself in for! I bet she’ll kick him out within a week”

“Nice of you to be supportive Nic” Aden said

“Hey at least you are allowed to move in with Belle”

“Nicole, don’t start” said Roman

“But it’s not fair! Me and Geoff love each other and…”

“You are not moving in with Geoff Nicole end of story!”

“Morning roomie” Aden whispered into Belle’s ear as he lay down on the bed behind her.

“Hey you, why are you climbing through my window?” she asked “you haven’t done it for months”

“I just thought, you know, for old times sake”

“ Awww who knew you could be so sentimental baby” she said as she turned around to face him. “You excited?”

“Yep! You?”

“absolutely” she answered before kissing him

“you all ready to go?” he asked when they finally parted

“Pretty much, just need to load it all in the car”

“Well I’ve got all my stuff in my car and all the new stuff we’ve brought so we’re pretty much good to go then!”

“Great. Why don’t you get Geoff to help put my stuff in the car whilst I have a shower and get ready and then we can get moving.”

“O.K” he said jumping up off the bed “Where is Geoff anyway? Still hiding out from Nicole in his room?”


As Aden walked into the lounge Geoff was just coming down the stairs

“Hey Geoff, just the person I was looking for”

“If it’s about Nicole Aden, it’s not my fault, Irene and Roman…”

“Chill Geoff, It’s not about Nicole. I just wanted a hand loading Belle’s stuff in her car”

“Oh right sure, I’ll help”

“Although for what it’s worth” Aden continued “I don’t blame you for not wanting to live with Nic - she is a nightmare mate!”

“Yeah, I know” Geoff said then instantly regretted it. “Oh man - don’t tell her I said that!”

“Help me with these boxes and you’re secret’s safe with me” Aden said with a cheeky smile

It was over two hours later before they left the beach house, Irene had insisted on making them a cooked breakfast and then Belle spent a tearful 10 minutes hugging everyone goodbye despite the fact that they had all planned on coming to visit them later on that day.

Aden was the first to arrive and was pleased to see the guy who they were renting from was waiting outside for him, keys in hand.

“Hi Aden, no Belle with you?” he asked

“She’s just coming, she doesn’t drive as fast as me. You know what girls are like in cars mate!”

“Tell me about it! Ah here she is”

Belle pulled into the driveway and parked her car next to Aden’s

“Are those our keys” she asked excitement clear in her voice

“they are indeed, who wants them?”

“Me please” said Belle but she was too late as Aden had already taken them.

“So you two, it’s all yours, I hope you’ll be really happy here”

“Thank you and I hope you have a great time overseas” Belle said

“Yeah Thanks mate” Aden added as their new landlord got into his car

“Any problems just call the agency”

“Will do” Aden said as him and Belle waved goodbye

“So” he said turning to Belle and dropping a quick kiss on her lips “shall we leave the stuff in the cars for now?”

“Yeah lets just get in there first”

Belle felt like she was walking on air as the two of them walked hand in hand towards their new home.

When they got to the front door Aden put the key in the lock and turned it but stopped before actually opening the door. He turned towards Belle, dropped her hand and pulled her to him with his hands on her waist.

“I sort of feel like I should say something” he said

“like what” she replied as she reached up to put her arms around his neck

“Like, how much I love you, how happy I am right now, how from now on home will always be you…”

“I love you more than I could ever say Aden Jefferies” she tilted back her head as he bent his forward and they kissed, each putting into the kiss all the love they felt for one another.

Without breaking her lips away from his Belle moved one of her arms from around Aden’s neck and reached behind his back to push open the door.

They crossed the threshold still kissing and Belle kicked the door shut behind them. Aden pushed her backwards so she was leaning against the door as his hands moved up to hold her face

“Welcome home” he said as they broke apart for air although the break wasn’t for long as Belle was kissing him again almost as soon as he had finished speaking. Her hands were now underneath his t-shirt, nails slowly dragging down his back and Aden couldn’t keep the groan from escaping his lips. He pulled away from her and quickly pulled off his t-shirt throwing it away before grabbing the bottom of her top and pulling it over her head. The material had hardly moved past her face before his lips once more found hers and her top was abandoned on the floor along with his. His hands went back to her waist then slowly travelled up her sides until they reached her underarms. When they did he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. With the door supporting her he was able to move his hands around her back and tangle his fingers in her hair.

Belle was completely lost in him savouring every touch and every kiss, she lowered her legs so her feet were back on the ground she pulled her lips from his and stared into his eyes as she slowly began to unbuckle his belt. She was just about to kiss him again, her lips a hairs breadth from his when there was a knock at the door they were leaning against

“Guys it’s me Geoff, you left a bag behind!!”

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:rolleyes: only 5 mins late :rolleyes:

Chapter 14

"Ignore him" Aden groaned quietly as Belle pulled away from him and picked up her top from the floor

"He's right outside" Belle hissed as she pulled it back on "Just a sec Geoff"

Aden picked up his T-shirt and stormed off towards the bedroom whilst Belle answered the door

"Wasn't sure if you'd need this" said Geoff holding up a rucksack

"thanks Geoff - come on in, you might as well have a look around whilst you're here, I'll just go and find Aden"

She walked into their bedroom and found Aden staring out of the window

"Babe, you O.K?" she asked

"He certainly picks his moments" he said turning to face her "I mean just cause he's not getting any..."

"Aden, he wasn't to know, besides we have like for ever for me to make it up to you!"

"I'm so gonna hold you to that" he said flashing her a cheeky grin "So where is he? seeing as he's here we might as well take advantage of him! He can help carry the boxes in"

Belle followed Aden through to the lounge where they found Geoff sitting on the sofa

"Don't get too comfy" Belle told him "You can help Aden lug the boxes up here from the car"

"Er well I was gonna go and see Nic"

"That will just have to wait" said Aden "Come on" and he walked out of the apartment leaving Geoff no choice but to follow.

It didn't take long for the three of them to get all the boxes from the car and into the apartment where they where now all stacked up in the lounge

"So where's the food?" asked Geoff looking into the top of a box labelled kitchen, disappointed to see it only contained plates and cups

"We don't have any yet" said Belle "We were gonna get all this stuff unpacked then head out to the supermarket but I think maybe we should do that first"

"Good idea babe, I’m starving"

"Aden, you just ate a cooked breakfast, you can not possibly be hungry already"

"that was ages ago" he replied "plus I think I need to build my strength up for later" he added winking at Belle

"Why what's later?" asked Geoff

"Nothing" said Belle glaring at Aden "Just ignore him Geoff"

"O.K, well I better get going anyway" Geoff told them

"Yeah - don't wanna keep Nicole waiting" Aden advised

Aden was finding it hard to believe he was enjoying shopping for groceries. Him and Belle had bickered playfully all the way around the supermarket

“Coco pops - what are you five” Belle asked looking at the cereal Aden had placed in the shopping trolley

“Hey, don’t mock the cereal babe”

Belle rolled her eyes as she threw in a box of muesli.

“seriously though Belle, this trolley is looking far to healthy! We need to get some junk food”

“We do?”

“Yeah - what’s the point in having our own place if we can’t fill the cupboards with junk eh?”

“Oh right, and here was me thinking you wanted us to move in together because you loved me and wanted to be with me.” Belle mocked “Wow! I can’t say it doesn’t hurt a little Aden, that you are using me as a means to getting an endless supply of junk food”

“Damn busted!” Aden laughed as he pulled her towards him for a kiss.

“You know, I would say get a room but I’m thinking that’s what has led to this”

“Hi Rach” Belle said pulling herself out of Aden’s embrace

“you guys are moving in today right?” Rachel asked “How’s it going?”

“Yeah, so far so good” said Aden

“Apart from the lack of junk food apparently” said Belle with a smile at Aden

“Ah Belle, get used to it. I hate to tell you but it’s beer and chips from here on in” Rachel said with a laugh

“What have I let myself in for!”

“Hey, I’m still here you know” Aden said trying to look offended but failing miserably due to the huge smile that he couldn’t keep from his lips.

“Well I better run, I’ve left Tony holding the baby and I said I wouldn’t be long! Good luck!”

“Thanks, I think I’ll need it” Belle said as Rachel walked away

“See you Rach” Aden added “Right where do they keep the beer!”

“Well you two, I think it’s a lovely place” said Irene.

After getting back from the supermarket Aden and Belle had spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, putting up pictures so they were glad of the chance to sit down when Irene, Annie and Meg had arrived.

“Yeah it’s really cool” Annie added “What are you going to do with the spare room? Maybe a nursery?” She was watching Aden play with Meg who was laying on his lap and not for the first time she thought what a great dad he’d make

“What! No way!” said Aden “As much as we love this little one, there is no way we are even close to having one of our own right Belle?”

“Right! We are going to turn it into a study, that way I can get more work done from home”

“good idea darl” Irene said, relieved that the couple had decided that now was not the right time for a baby. “Have you had many visitors yet?”

“Just Geoff this morning” said Belle “and Roman said he’d come over on his way home from the diner, he said he was going to bring us something to eat, save us cooking!”

“knock knock” came a voice from the door

“Ah speak of the devil” said Belle jumping up to let Roman in. “Hey Roman, we were just talking about you, come in.”

“All good I hope!”

“Of course I was just saying you promised to bring food….”

“And I always keep my promises, here you go - lasagne O.K?” he said as he handed her a dish covered with foil

“Lasagne is perfect. I’ll heat it up now and make a salad and you guys can all join us, looks like there’s enough to feed an army here”

“Are you sure? I thought you two would want to be alone”

“Yeah luvvie, we were gonna scoot off in a minute anyway” said Irene

“No I’m sure, we’d love you to stay wouldn’t we Aden”

“Yeah sure” said Aden although he didn’t look quite as enthusiastic as Belle. “Come on Mate I’ll give you the guided tour” he continued standing up and handing Meg to Annie.

“Wow roman, I hope you’ve been giving Aden cookery tips because that was amazing”

The five of them had just finished their meal and were relaxing around the table.

“I’ve tried my best Belle but you know what they say about old dogs” Roman said to which Belle let out a chuckle

“Hey who are you calling an old dog” asked Aden

“Yeah come on guys, he did alright when he worked at the diner didn’t you darl?”

“Thanks Irene”

“Sorry to be a party pooper” said Annie “But I really think I should get Meg home and into bed”

“Just give us a tic to help clean up and then we’ll go” said Irene standing up

“No Irene, we’ve got it, you go”

“are you sure?”

“sure I’m sure” insisted Belle

“Yeah I’ll be off too” said Roman “Nic will be wondering where I’ve got too”

“Speaking of Nicole” said Aden “I’m surprised she hasn’t been round sticking her beak in yet!”

“Hasn’t she?” Roman asked “Yeah I’m surprised too. Probably some crisis with Geoff keeping her busy.”

“Yeah probably” said Belle “Tell her there’s no hurry”

“I’ll pass on the message” laughed Roman “Are you guys ready to go now, I’ll walk you out?” he added to Irene as he stood up

“Yeah thanks darl, and thanks for dinner you two”

“You’re welcome, we’ll see you all soon yeah”

“You will luvvie, come here” Irene said hugging Belle “You look after her young man” she said to Aden

“I will Irene you don’t have to worry about that”

“Good. Right we’re off Bye for now”

“Yeah bye guys” Aden opened the door and lent against the frame as they all walked through “Bye gorgeous, you be good for mummy” he added to Meg who was wide awake in Annie’s arms.

“Bye” Belle waved as they walked away

“I thought they’d never leave” Aden sighed as he flopped down on the couch.

“Er what do you think you’re doing mister” Belle stood in front of him hands on hips a serious look on her face

“Sitting down”

“I don’t think so! There’re dishes that need loading in the dishwasher and stuff that still….” she was interrupted by Aden pulling her towards him by the belt she had looped around her waist “Aden what are you doing?” even though she was surprised she didn’t put up much resistance

“I’m taking you up on your promise” he said licking his lips

“And what promise would that be?” she asked as she lowered herself onto his lap

“I think you know what promise” he whispered before taking her lips in a passionate kiss “Now where were we this morning? I’m thinking we need to get rid of some of these clothes to catch up” he said pulling her top over her head in one swift movement. He then slid her off his lap and onto the couch as he stood up and took off his own shirt. It only took seconds but by the time he lay himself above her Belle was desperate for him to kiss her again.

“I think this is about right” he said into her lips as he began to kiss her once more.

Belle began working on his belt and this time it was open as where the buttons on his jeans when once again they where interrupted by a knock on the door.

“You can not be serious” “Belle growled in frustration

“Ignore them they’ll go away” Aden pulled her back into a kiss before the door knocked again

“it must be important” Belle said

“Then they’ll come back, now come here” he began to kiss her neck but the door knocked again.

“right if that is Geoff” he said standing up “then I swear I wont be held responsible for my actions!”

He pulled on his T-shirt as he walked to the door and Belle did the same although she remained sitting.

Aden pulled open the door with a look of fury on his face fully expecting to see Geoff standing there

“Oh! Charlie, what are you doing here?”

“Aden are Irene or Roman here?”

“No they just left” said Aden glancing over his shoulder to see Belle walking over towards them

“What’s going on Charlie?” she asked

“There’s been an accident - it’s Geoff and Nicole…”

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:rolleyes: here you go guys :rolleyes:

oh and once again thank you for the lovely comments they really are appreciated :wink:

Chapter 15

“Oh my god! What’s happened” cried Belle

“Are they O.K” Aden asked

Neither of them noticed the smile spreading across Charlie’s face

“It’s O.K you two, it’s nothing serious, sorry to scare you.” she said

“What is it then, why are you laughing?” Aden had noticed the amused look on Charlie’s face

“I suppose I can fill you two in seeing as how you’re practically family, can I come in?”

“Yeah, sorry, come in, sit down” Belle invited

“I wont stay long because I need to track down Irene and Roman but I’ll give them chance to get home first.”

“So what’s happened, are they both O.K, Where are they?” Belle was still slightly worried as there must have been good reason for Charlie to need to track down Geoff and Nicole’s parents.

“Well they are both at the hospital, but don’t worry it’s nothing too serious maybe a broken bone each”

“What happened?”

“Nicole decided to surprise Geoff by climbing through his bedroom window”

“Oh my god!” Belle exclaimed “Geoff’s bedroom window is really high”

“Yeah, that’s why she decided to climb the tree outside instead and then hop over!”

“You are kidding! Please tell me you are kidding” Belle said not knowing whether to laugh or not.

“”I’m deadly serious” said Charlie although you wouldn’t know it from the look on her face, she was struggling to hold back her laughter

“O.K” began Aden “That explains Nic’s broken bone but you said they had one each - where does Geoff come into this?”

Charlie too a deep breath to help control her laughter. “When Nicole got level with Geoff’s window she realised she was too far away to reach so she threw a branch to get his attention. When he saw her he ran outside and shouted at her to come down except his shouting startled her and she came down quicker than he expected!”

“She fell?” Belle asked

“Yep! She landed right on top of him! I’m pretty sure his arm is busted”

Aden and Belle stared at Charlie then at each other before bursting into laughter

“I can not wait to see the two of them” Aden laughed “Man they are going to get it!”

“Aww be kind to them” said Charlie

“No way, this is priceless I can’t let it go!”

“I have to agree with him” Laughed Belle

“Right I better make a move, break the news to Irene and roman, wish me luck”

“It’s not you who’ll need it” said Belle “It’s Romeo and Juliet who do!”

Charlie laughed as she stood up and walked towards the door. Belle followed whilst Aden made his way to the kitchen.

“Oh by the way, great place” Charlie said as she reached the door.

“Thanks, see you Charlie”

“Bye Belle, Bye Aden” she shouted towards the kitchen

“Yeah see ya Charlie”

“So” Belle said walking into the kitchen “ready to pick up where we left off?” Aden was standing at the sink. She stood behind him and circled his waist with her arms and standing on tiptoes she began to place tender kisses on the back of his neck

“I’m not really in the mood any more” said Aden

“Well we’ll just have to see what we can do about that wont we” said Belle suggestively running her hands up his chest

“Belle I’m serious” he said

“So am I” she replied “turn around”


“turn around” she repeated. She knew full well that a kiss would soon put him back into the right kind of mood!

He did as she asked and before he had chance to speak she reached up and pulled his head towards hers and began kissing him passionately. It took less than a second for Aden to respond and before he even knew what he was doing his hands were once again pulling at her clothes.

They began moving slowly across the room, still joined together, kissing heatedly. By the time they reached the couch they had both lost their tops and Aden’s jeans where about to join them on the floor. “Bedroom?” Belle asked breathlessly

“Here” Aden replied, gently pushing her down onto the couch

“not in the mood huh?” she whispered

It was way after midnight before they had made it to the bedroom and much later than that when they had finally settled down to sleep so Belle wasn’t surprised when she awoke the next day to see it was after eleven.

She felt Aden stir behind her and turned around to face him

“Morning Gorgeous” he said sleepily

“Morning” she replied before taking his lips against hers in a gentle kiss

“So, last night?” He grinned at her “Worth the wait huh?”

“For someone who wasn’t in the mood you did a pretty good job”

“pretty good! C’mon babe it was better than pretty good” he said before leaning into her and trailing kisses along her jaw and down her neck

“Yeah it was” she said “now come here so I can kiss you properly”

He lifted up his head and kissed her but before she could deepen it he pulled away.

“You’re turning into quite a bossy boots lately”

“yeah but you must love it cause you always do what I ask” she said with a sly grin

“Only cause I know I’ll suffer the consequences if I don’t” he replied cheekily causing her to laugh.

“So what’s the plan for today then?” He asked “we’re both back at work tomorrow so this is our last day of freedom”

“Well I know what I’d love for us to spend the day doing” she suggested kissing him briefly “but….”

“But!! No buts! I hate buts” Aden groaned and kissed her trying to take her mind of whatever the but was

“Babe, stop” she said trying to pull away but Aden continued to kiss her and for a moment she let herself fall into it until she remembered the time. “Aden”

“What” he said finally pulling away

“I’ve got to get up”


“Because I promised Martha I’d go out to the farm today to see her”

“Again why?” he asked looking confused

“Because she’s got some information for me for an article I’m writing”

“You’re writing an article about farms?”

“No I’m writing an article on how local business are coping within the current economic climate”

“Sounds… I wanna say interesting but I’d be lying!”


“Sorry baby, I’m sure it will be great”

“it will! So come on move it!”

“Why do I have to move if it’s you that’s going out”

“Because whilst I’m at Martha’s I’m sure there are plenty of things that you could be doing”

“Such as”

“Such as putting up the rest of my pictures, setting up the study…”

“You know what, I think I really should go and visit Nic!”

“Anything to get out of doing work!”

“You know it! I’ll just jump in the shower..”

“Aden let me go first” Belle said trying to catch him as he rolled over and out of the bed

“What’s that, can’t hear you babe” he laughed as he headed out of the bedroom

“I’ll get you for that” she shouted

“Promises promises” he shouted back.


Aden had finished getting dressed and was just playing with his hair in front of the mirror when Belle let out a scream.

He ran to the bathroom, heart pounding “Babe what is it, what’s wrong?” he said as soon as he reached the door

“The shower just went really cold” she said “It’s O.K now” she added as he pulled open the door to the cubicle and put his fingers under the water

“Yeah O.K whatever” he said with a grin

“What?” she asked

“I can see straight through your little plan Belle, if you wanted me to join you in the shower you should have said so before I got dressed!”

“Right” she said dragging out the word “Well that’s me busted huh” she stepped forward slightly all the while keeping her eyes on his “I should have just asked…”

At that she grabbed hold of the front of his t-shirt and with one swift tug pulled him into the cubicle and under the shower. “Woops” she said before errupting with laughter.

“I can’t believe you….” he started only to be cut off by Belle pressing her lips against his

A couple of hours later Belle pulled up at Martha’s farm smiling to her self as she thought about the look on Aden’s face as she had pulled him into the shower.

“Hey Belle” Martha walked around the corner of the farm house as Belle was getting out of the car.

“Martha, Hi, how’s things?” she said walking over and giving her friend a hug

“Things are really good” said Martha. “How about you? How’s life living with a boy?”

“No complaints so far” Belle smiled suggestively and Martha laughed

“So where is lover boy?” she asked as they walked into the house and sat down at the table.

“He’s gone to visit Nicole” Belle said

“Ah! I heard all about her and Geoff - how are they both?”

“How on earth have you heard already?” Belle asked looking confused

“Well Annie called Ruby and she sent a txt to Xavier who posted about it on facebook which Hugo read this morning” Martha said before taking a deep breath

“Wow! Twenty first century technology does wonders for the summer bay gossip mill” Belle laughed

“doesn’t it just” Martha agreed. “So are they alright?”

“Yeah, Geoff has a broken arm and Nicole a broken leg but I think both of them are more concerned about their bruised egos”

“I can imagine” Martha Laughed. “Hey can I get you a drink?”

“A juice would be great” Belle said “ Is this all the info?” she asked pointing towards a pile of papers on the table

“Yeah it should all be there” Martha said “You have a look through whilst I get the drinks.”

“So what do you think?” Martha asked when she returned a few minutes later handing Belle a glass as she sat down

“It’s great, thank you so much Martha, I really didn’t know who to ask and I’d never be able to look myself without him finding out!”

“It’s no trouble, I’m happy to help. Did he ask why you were coming over here?”

“Yeah I told him you were helping me with an article on local business coping in the current economic climate!”

“And he bought it?”

“Come on Martha - who’d make that up” she laughed


“I hate lying to him but….”

“Hey, it’ll be worth it in the end”

“That’s what I keep telling myself” said Belle.

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Don't worry guys it is a nice suprise that Belle is hiding from him :rolleyes: nothing about it in this chapter but all will be revealed soon :wink:

Chapter 16

Hey babe, on your way home yet? Missin you! X

Belle smiled to herself as she read the txt from Aden. She had just finished work and couldn’t wait to get home to him.

Just leaving now, had a weird day, can’t wait for you to make it all better x x

She threw her phone onto the passenger seat and started the car when a knock on the window caused her to jump. Reluctantly she rolled down the window

“So Belle, how about that drink?”

“I can’t tonight, sorry”

“something special?”

“my boyfriend is cooking dinner so….”

“Ah! The elusive boyfriend!”

Belle really didn’t know how to respond - her new colleague had really unsettled her.


Belle arrived at work that morning to find her boss, Robert Hampton, standing at the doorway to his office arm around the shoulders of a young man Belle had never seen before.

“Belle, just the girl” Robert boomed “Can I have a moment of your time”

Belle dumped her bag on her desk before walking over to the office

“I’d like to introduce you to my nephew Grant” he gestured to the man next to him who reached out a hand to shake Belle’s

“pleased to meet you Belle”

“You too” she replied.

“Grant here is going to be working with us for a while” Robert explained “and I thought you Belle would be the perfect person to take him under your wing so to speak”

“Er, O.K. But why me?, there are other reporters who’ve been here much longer than I have I’m sure they’d have much more experience..”

“It’s you I’ve chosen Belle so from now on Grant will be shadowing you - where you go, he goes” Robert said “I’m sure you don’t have any problems with that”

His tone suggested that even if Belle did have a problem with it he wouldn’t be changing his mind so she just nodded and forced a sweet smile onto her face.

“So how about a guided tour?” she asked

“Uncle Bob has already shown me around how about we just get right into the nitty gritty” he said stepping away from his uncle and putting an arm around Belle’s shoulders “Why don’t we go over to your desk and you can show me what you’ve been working on”

Belle practically ran over to her desk causing Grants arm to fall from her shoulders the way she had hoped it would.

“O.K Yeah, I’ll just start up my computer, take a seat,” she gestured to the chair on the opposite side of her desk but was dismayed to see him pick it up and move it right next to hers.

She turned on her computer monitor, the screen displaying the picture she had taken of Aden asleep with Meg just after she was born.

“Cute baby” Grant said “Although she can’t be yours, not with a figure like that” he continued looking her up and down.

Belle shifted in her chair uncomfortably “No, she’s our niece” she said trying to emphasise the word our.

“Our? He your boyfriend then?” he asked nodding towards the screen

“Yep that’s Aden, my boyfriend. Shall we get on with some work then?” Belle began opening up files keen to change the subject.

She spent the rest of the morning showing Grant the stories she had recently finished and the ones she was presently working on. Her unease grew throughout the morning as she lost count of the amount of times she had to push his hands from her leg or shrug it from her back.

She was relieved that she had an assignment that afternoon out of the office, taking photographs of an event at the local school. However her relief was soon quashed when Grant told her that he would be coming with her.

“There really is no point in you coming” Belle was trying her best to convince him he would be better off staying in the office. “It’s just a bunch of kids who’ve raised a bit of money for a local charity. A few pictures and I’m out of there”

“It’s all experience Belle” He pointed out “My car or yours?”

“It’s just around the corner, we can walk” Belle said as she silently sent up thanks that her assignment was at least close by so she wouldn’t be trapped in a car with him.

End flashback

Belle’s phone bleeped again

“Speak of the devil” she said picking up her phone “I better get that. So bye then…”

“We’ll have to do the drink some other time” Grant said as Belle rolled up the window picking up her phone at the same time.

Everything o.k baby? Sounds like you need a hug? x

The smile returned to her face as she replied

All I need is you and everything will be fine x x

“Honey I’m home” she called as she walked through the door fifteen minutes later

“where’s that hug?”

“God woman give me a minute!” he laughed wiping his hands on a cloth as he walked out of the kitchen area “Right O.K come here” he stood still and opened his arms wide. He was all smiles as she walked over to him and he folded his arms around her. His smile soon fell as he sensed the tension in her body.

“Belle are you O.K babe?”

She had gratefully fallen into his embrace and could feel the stresses of the day leave her body as she clung to him.

“I will be in a minute” she said burying her face in his neck

“What is it?”

“Nothing, just a tough day at work”

“you said that in your txt” he said pulling away slightly so he could look into her eyes “you wanna tell me about it?” As he asked he moved his hands from around her waist and brushed the hair from her face before placing a hand either side of her neck, thumbs brushing her cheeks.

Belle looked into his eyes and could see all the love for her within them and decided not to worry him with her insecurities about Grant. It was probably all in her head anyway and she knew that if Aden thought she was even slightly uncomfortable he would go and find Grant and she didn’t even want to think of the consequences of that.

“babe?” he asked when she didn’t answer right away

“Nah, it’s fine. Just the boss has dumped his Nephew on me wanting me to show him the ropes, it’s kinda the last thing I need”

“You sure that’s all it is” he was looking so deeply into her eyes that Belle was sure he’d uncover her lie in an instant

“I’m sure” she said reaching up to kiss him quickly “So what’s for dinner?” she asked taking her arms from around his waist and gently pushing him away and walking into the kitchen “Smells good”

“don’t sound so surprised” he said as he followed her.

After finishing dinner the two of them curled up on the couch together to watch T.V

“Come on admit it” Aden pushed “It was good”

“It wasn’t bad” she laughed

“I didn’t slave in the kitchen all afternoon for ‘it wasn’t bad’” he said as he pulled her onto his lap and began tickling her.

“O.K O.K it was great! The best stir fry I have ever had! You are wasted on that boat! You should be working in some world famous restaurant”

“Better” he said as he began kissing her.

They spent a few minutes just kissing slowly, neither of them in any hurry to take it further, just enjoying the moment for what it was.

“I forgot to say earlier” Aden said when they had parted “you are going to have to live without me tomorrow night?”

“Why?” she asked

“Lou asked me if I’d do a night shift on the boat, they’re a bloke down.”

Belle sighed dramatically “Well I can’t say it wont be difficult but I think somehow I’ll be able to manage”

“I know it’ll be difficult babe but we all have to make sacrifices”

Belle nodded smiling at him then stood up and turned off the T.V

“What are you doing” he asked

“Well” she said turning around to look at him her eyes glinting and a lustful smile on her face “If you aren’t going to be here tomorrow night then we better make the most of tonight” she put her hands out to him and he took hold of them letting her pull him up. As soon as his face was level with hers he began to kiss her only for her to pull away before it got too passionate. She turned around and still holding onto his hands led him into the bedroom.

The next day Belle managed to avoid the office altogether. She had work that she could finish from home and a number of interviews planned. When Grant called to say he’d join her at the interviews she managed to fob him off by saying that she didn’t think the people involved would open up if he were there. He wasn’t to know that she was only interviewing them in relation to the school fundraiser from the day before.

Her and Aden were at the door saying their goodbyes as he was leaving for work.

“You gonna be alright?” he asked between kisses

“I’ll be fine baby” her arms where around his neck and she played unconsciously with his hair.

“you’ll miss me though right?” he kissed her again

“Yes I’ll miss you” she murmured

“I love you”

“Love you too, now go before you’re late.”

“Fine, just one more” he said lips already touching hers.

“Go” she laughed pushing him away “see you in the morning”

“Bye baby” he said as he walked away

Two minutes later Belle was in the kitchen fixing a drink when the door

Knocked. Expecting it to be Aden with some excuse that he had forgotten something Belle opened the door with a smile

“Pleased to see me?”

“Grant, what are you doing here?” she asked shock clear on her face and in her voice. “How did you get my address?”

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Taniya - lets just say that Grant should spend a little less time concentrating on Belles butt and a little more on his own because it is going to get kicked my a certain badboy :P not just yet but it's a comin :P

Chapter 17

“Are you gonna invite me in?” Grant said although he was already walking through the door as he asked.

“Er yeah, come on in” Belle replied without any enthusiasm “how did you know where I live.”

“I saw the post-it you left for Bob - new place huh?”

“erm yeah”

“No boyfriend?”

“He’s just left for work.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth Belle regretted them. Why didn’t she tell him Aden had gone to the shops and would be back soon?

“He’s gone to work leaving a gorgeous girl like you home alone! Good job I came round!” Grant looked her up and down as he spoke with a leering smile

Belle just nodded at him, the uncomfortable feeling she had harboured since she met him was now turning into fear. She did not want to spend the evening alone with him.

“So, have you got any beers?” Grant said as he sat down on the couch

“Yeah, I’ll just go and get you one.

She turned and walked into the kitchen area picking up her phone from the table. She wondered what she could put in a message to Aden to get him to come home without causing him to worry.

As she was opening the fridge her phone began to ring and seeing Martha’s name on the caller ID inspiration flashed in Belle’s mind

“Martha hi” she said in a louder voice than she would usually use.

“hi Belle, I know Aden’s a work so I thought this would be a good time for you to chat”

“he’s done what!” Belle said her voice rising


“C’mon Martha, don’t cry”

“Belle, what are you talking about?” Martha was obviously confused.

“Just give me a tic Martha” Belle said walking out of the kitchen and moving the phone down from her ear.

“Grant listen” she said “it’s my best mate on the phone, she’s just found out her boyfriends cheated on her and she really needs to talk.”

“That’s not a problem, you go ahead”

“Erm, it’s gonna be a bit of a guy bashing to be honest, I’d feel bad doing it in front of you.”

“O.K I get the hint, I’ll leave you to it, for now”

“Thanks Grant” she said forcing a smile onto her face as she walked to the door and held it open for him. She slammed it shut almost as soon as he walked through it.

“Martha” she said returning the phone to her ear “I’m so sorry”

“Belle what’s going on?” Martha sounded worried “Who’s Grant?”

“Have you got time for a drink? I could do with a shoulder”

“Sure, meet you at the surf club in half an hour?”

“Thanks Martha, see you there”

Belle left the apartment straight away not wanting to be by herself, she couldn’t shake the feeling of fear that Grant had placed in her and she kept looking over her shoulder as she walked to her car.

It took only 5 minutes for her to get to the club. She ordered a drink and found a quiet table where her and Martha would be able to chat without interruptions.

Martha arrived fifteen minutes later and ordered herself a drink before sitting down.

“Thanks for coming Martha” said Belle

“Hey, not a problem, so what’s going on?”

“I don’t know! It could all be in my head, I think I’m just being stupid!”

“Well tell me all about it and I’ll tell you if you are being stupid or not.”

Belle took a deep breath and filled Martha in on what had happened the previous day, about how Grant kept touching her, the suggestive comments he made, and how he had turned up unannounced at the apartment.

“I don’t think it’s in your head Belle, the guy sounds like a creep.”

“He makes my skin crawl Martha, I can’t explain it but there is just something about him that I really don’t like.”

“Have you told Aden”

“No! And I’m not going to either. He’ll loose it Martha! I don’t want him getting into trouble for hurting Grant.”

“He’d want to know Belle”

“No, I can’t Martha and please keep this to yourself, I’ll handle it”

“O.K but please promise me you’ll be careful around this Grant guy and at least think about telling Aden.”

“O.K, O.K I’ll think about it and I will be careful I promise.”

“right let’s change the subject, we might as well sort out some more arrangements for the party whilst we are here”

Belle’s face broke into a smile “He’s gonna like it isn’t he?”

“Of course he is Belle! Who wouldn’t love a surprise birthday party.”

Belle was back at the apartment by nine. Talking about the party she was planning for Aden had helped to take her mind off work and Grant but now she was in the apartment alone it all came rushing back and she knew there was no point even trying to sleep just then.

After double checking the door to the apartment was locked she had a shower and pulled on a t-shirt of Aden’s as a nightdress - she smiled to herself as she pulled it on - she couldn’t remember the last time she had worn anything other than one of his shirts as nightwear.

She took out her laptop and turned it on before making herself a warm drink and curling up on the sofa. She spent a few hours looking on the internet for ideas for Aden’s birthday. Although she was throwing him a party she still wanted to buy something special for him that he could keep.

By eleven thirty she had ran out of things to look at so put the computer away and turned on the T.V.

She flipped through the channels for another hour or so but couldn’t find anything to hold her interest. She finally decided to give up and go to bed at one am.

After brushing her teeth she climbed into bed and pulled the covers tight around herself. She moved from her side of the bed to Aden’s before settling in the middle. She couldn’t get comfortable and she had a sneaking suspicion it was due to the lack of a certain pair of strong arms that were usually wrapped around her.

She tossed and turned for a while before finally drifting off to sleep.

Less than half an hour later she awoke with a jump, certain she heard a noise from somewhere in the apartment. She sat up and listened heart pounding. She heard the noise again, and realised with relief that it was coming from next door and not her own apartment. She laid back down but her mind whirring she found it impossible to fall back to sleep despite feeling tiered.

She went to the lounge and fetched her laptop before climbing back into bed with it. She decided to make a start on organising all the photographs she had stored - something she had been putting off for weeks as it was such a mammoth task!

By five am she could barley keep her eyes open and knowing that Aden would be home soon she shut down the computer and settled down to wait for him.

Just after five Aden opened the door and quietly closed it behind him. He dropped his bag on the floor and tiptoed to the bedroom.

Pushing open the door slowly he poked his head around and smiled at the sight before him. Belle had her back to the door and appeared to be fast asleep.

He left her to sleep whilst he had a quick shower and returned to the bedroom shortly after.

He climbed into bed as carefully as he could and gently lent over her so he could look at her face, her eyes were closed and he assumed he had been successful in not waking her. He dropped a gentle kiss onto her cheek before lying down and wrapping an arm around her waist.

Seconds later he felt her stir and opening his eyes watched her turn over noting that she was awake

“hey” he whispered “I didn’t mean to wake you”

“You didn’t” she replied gently kissing him

“you o.k.?” he asked

“I am now” she cuddled up to him and within minutes was fast asleep.

He was vaguely aware of Belle leaving his embrace some time around eight but Aden soon fell Back into a sound sleep and didn’t wake till two.

He looked at his phone as soon as he woke up and read a message from Annie.

After a shower he got dressed and headed over to the beach house.

“Anybody home?” he shouted as he walked into the kitchen

“Hello, we’ll be down in a second” Annie called from upstairs

Aden took a glass out of the cupboard and made himself a drink before walking into the lounge.

Annie walked down the stairs as he was about to sit down “Hi Aden”

“Hello girls” he answered “somebody call for a babysitter?”

He reached out his arms for Meg and Annie handed her over.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Of course not Annie, who’d mind spending time with this gorgeous little girl?”

“Who knew that bad boy Aden Jefferies was really such a softie” Annie laughed

“Yeah O.K keep it down, we don’t need the whole world to know.” He laughed along with her. “So, you’re thinking of going back to school?”

“Yeah, Kirsty and Irene have said they will share taking care of Meg during the day so I don’t need to worry about her. They’ve been so great! I just hope Mr Bartlett says it’s O.K”

“I’m sure Miles will put in a good word for you”

“Yeah, he said he would. I’m going over to ruby’s now see if I can catch up on a bit of the work”

“We’ll keep our fingers crossed for mummy wont we princess” Aden said as he looked down at Meg.

“Thanks Aden”

“No problem, So I was thinking me and Meg might head to the diner and maybe send auntie Belle a message to meet us there? Good idea huh Meg?”

“Sounds like a plan” Annie answered for her daughter “Her bag’s over on the table, everything you need is in there. And Irene said she‘ll take over at four when her shift is over”

“Right” he said standing up “lets go” he walked out of the house only to return a few seconds later “car seat?”

Belle couldn’t wait for the day to end. The lack of sleep from the night before was catching up with her and added to that was Grant who had, much to her dismay, spent the whole morning sat on the chair next to hers, reading everything she typed. Every now and then he would place a hand on her leg and make some kind of suggestion relating to the article, squeezing her thigh to encourage her to add it in. By lunch time she had had enough and she snapped at him to leave her alone as she was finding it hard to concentrate

“My animal magnetism too much for ya babe?”

“Something like that” she responded through gritted teeth.

“Well uncle Bob sorted me out my own desk so I’ll go and sit over there for a while but you just holler as soon as you need me”

“don’t hold your breath” Belle muttered as he walked away

She had almost finished her work for the day when Aden’s txt came through

Hi Auntie Belle, me and uncle Aden having milkshakes at the diner want to meet us there? Meg X

She would have found it hard to resist on a normal day! She closed down her computer and started getting her things ready to go

“Home time already sweetheart?” She didn’t even have to look up to know it was Grant

“Yep I’m done for the day”

“Boyfriend at work tonight? I’m sure I could find the time to come and keep you company again”

“No he’s at home tonight, last night was a one off”

“That’s a shame, I had a whole heap of ideas of ways to keep you entertained”

Belle decided to ignore his last comment and walked out of the office without saying goodbye to anyone.

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thanks again for the fab comments! :D

If only we could clone eh - we'd all be able to have our own Aden then :wub:

Chapter 18

Belle walked into the diner and smiled her first real smile of the day. Aden was sitting at a table with Meg on his lap facing him, his hands supporting her back and neck. He was talking to her and her eyes where staring intently at him as if she was taking in every word he spoke. Belle stood and watched them for a moment. Quietly she walked over and slipped her hands around his waist, leaning down to rest her chin on his shoulder

“Hey gorgeous” she said

“Hey yourself Aden replied

“I was talking to Meg” Belle laughed as she stood up and rounded the table to sit opposite Aden

“You here that Nutmeg, she doesn’t think I’m gorgeous anymore”




“It’s cute” said Aden laughing “besides with Annie and Jai as parents chances are she‘s gonna be a little bit nuts!”

“You are a nightmare you know that” she laughed at him

“What’s this, pick on Aden day! First I’m not gorgeous, now I’m a nightmare!”

“Better add drama queen to that list”

“Ha ha” he pouted

“Ah sorry baby have I hurt your feelings” Belle leaned over and stroked his cheek “need me to kiss it better”

She lent forward, being careful not to bump Meg and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips

“so” she continued as she leaned back “how long do we have the pleasure of this little ones company?” she stroked Megs hair as she spoke

“Not much longer, Irene finishes at four and she’s gonna take over.”

“Well in that case, hand her over, I want a cuddle before she goes”

Arriving home a few hours later Belle collapsed on to the couch as Aden went to the kitchen to look in the fridge

“What do you feel like eating?”

When he didn’t get a reply he looked up to find her staring into space


She still didn’t answer

Concern written all over his face Aden walked over to the couch and crouched down in front of his girlfriend resting his hands on her knees


“Huh? What?” she broke out of the daze she was in

“What’s going on babe?”

“nothing, why?”

“Er because you are like a million miles away”

“It’s nothing, I’m just tiered, I didn’t really sleep very much last night”

“I knew you couldn’t live without me” he grinned “Seriously though Belle, are you sure that’s all it is”

“yeah, honestly, I’m fine, stop worrying” she said taking hold of his hands and using them to lever herself up of the couch “so, what are we eating?”

“good question!” he laughed as they both walked to the kitchen

After they had eaten dinner and cleaned up Aden went into the shower whilst Belle tried to check up on a few details for his party. It was less than two weeks away. She had wanted something a bit different so Martha had suggested they hold it in one of the barns on her farm. They were going to light it with fairy lights and lanterns and she had hired tables and chairs and also a fully stocked bar complete with cocktail waiters. She had contemplated hiring a band but had decided against it opting instead for a DJ. The invites had all been sent out and most of the people she had invited had replied to Martha to let her know they would be coming. She was so excited about it and couldn’t wait to see Aden’s face.

She had only just put down her phone after checking through the messages Martha had sent when it bleeped again indicating an incoming message.

Hi sexy, sure I can’t tempt you to an evening with me?”

She nearly dropped her phone in shock. The number was one she didn’t recognise but she was under no doubt as to who the message had come from.

She keyed in a quick reply

Quite sure! How did you get my number?

Her hand was shaking as she read the reply that came through a minute later

I have my sources Belle like every good journalist! I’ll have to think up some way to convince you to lose the boyfriend and come out with me for an evening x x you wont be disappointed!

She deleted it straight away not wanting to play into his hands by replying. She decided there and then that the best policy was just to ignore him as much as she could in the hope that he would soon get the message.

She switched her phone off and called to Aden

“DVD babe?” she needed something to take her mind of Grant

“As long as I get to choose” he replied walking from the bathroom a towel wrapped around his waist.

She rolled her eyes knowing full well that his choice was bound to be something that had a car chase or explosion in every scene.

“How about mamma mia” he said

“What!” Belle’s Jaw nearly hit the floor “are you kidding?”

Aden burst out laughing “of course I’m kidding! One of the Bourne trilogy? but..” he said moving closer “seeing as how I love you so much” he kissed her “I’ll let you choose which one!”

“And they say romance is dead!” She smiled thinking how lucky she was to be so much in love with such a great guy, he had managed in less than a minute to make her feel better.

By the time the film had finished Belle was fast asleep in Aden’s arms. He gently lay her down then stood up and walked around the apartment making sure all the windows and doors were locked before returning to the couch. He looked down at her and softly pushed her hair away from her face. As much as she had insisted earlier that nothing was wrong there was something in the back of his mind that was telling him she was hiding something. He didn’t want to push her as he knew too well that the more he pushed the more she’d deny it. His only option was to let her know how much he loved her and to be there for her when she needed him.

He slipped an arm under her back and one under her legs and carried her to the bedroom. As he lay her down she stirred

“Did I miss the ending” she murmured eyes still closed

“baby you missed most of the film” he whispered smiling

He climbed into the bed next to her and she lifted up her head placing it on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. He wasn’t in the slightest bit sleepy having slept most of the day but there was nowhere else in the world he’d rather be.

The next morning Belle walked into the office and straight past Grant who was sitting at his desk. She had taken off her jacket and started up her computer before he came sauntering over

“morning sexy” he drawled

“please don’t call me that”

“Just saying it as I see it!”

“Well please don’t and if you don’t mind I have work to be getting on with” Belle was determined not to spend another day with him lurking over her shoulder

“Wow Frosty! I like it Belle it suits you! And if you remember I’m supposed to be under your wing.”

“Well you’re getting in my way so why don’t you take these notes” she shoved a folder at him with more force than was necessary “and write them up for me”

“Whatever you say sexy” he leered at her before walking back to his own desk.

That afternoon Belle was due to interview a local councillor and tried to sneak out of the office without grant noticing. She got as far as the car park before he came running out of the office.

“Leaving without me Belle?”

“Oh Sorry, you just looked busy I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“As long as you’re not trying to avoid me”

“No no” once again Belle forced a smile onto her face.

“Lets take my car” Grant said placing a hand on the small of her back and pushing her towards the flash sports car parked next to hers.

She cringed as he touched her and rushed to the car as quickly as she could.

The journey to the council office was only five minutes long but to Belle it felt like twenty, she couldn’t remember ever feeling so uncomfortable.

The interview was over quickly. Belle’s mind really was not on the job and she knew she had missed asking some important questions but she couldn’t concentrate knowing that she had to get back into the car with Grant.

The trawler Aden worked on had just docked at the quayside and Aden was helping the rest of the crew to unload.

“Look at him go eh!” The other guys were always teasing him for being so keen to finish up.

“Gotta get home to wifey hasn’t he”

“She’s not my wife” Aden said with a laugh “yet!” he added.

“Speak of the devil”

He looked up to see what his mate meant and saw Belle running towards the jetty.

He pulled off his gloves, jumped off the boat and ran to meet her.


She threw herself into his arms and began to sob into his chest

He folded his arms around her

“shh baby I’m here, I’m here, what is it?”

His heart was pounding. He needed to know what had caused her to be this upset so he pulled away just enough to see her face

“baby tell me, what’s happened?”

She tried to speak through her sobs but the only word Aden could make out was Grant.

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Enjoy :D

Chapter 19

"babe you need to calm down, I can't understand you" Aden was torn between wanting to sooth her and needing to know what was wrong.

"Belle, look at me, are you hurt?" He moved even further away from her trailing his eyes over her body looking for signs of injury.

she shook her head

"O.k. O.K come here, I’ve got you now, it's O.K" He pulled her back into his embrace deciding to calm her down before trying to question her any further.

They stood like that for five minutes until Belle was able to calm herself enough for the sobs to stop

He felt her take a deep breath as she lifted her head to look at him

"Ready to talk?" he asked gently

She nodded as she took her arms from around his waist and led him to a nearby bench where they sat down, Aden's arms instantly going around her shoulder holding her tight to his side

She took another deep breath and began to tell him about the events of the past few days ending with what had just happened on the way back to the office


Belle had to stop the sigh of relief escaping her lips when Grant turned the car into the street where the newspaper office was based.

four times on the journey she had to push his hand from her thigh.

As they neared the turning for the car park she lent down to pick up her bag from the foot well so when she sat back up she was surprised to see that they had driven straight past it.

"Er Grant you've missed the turning"

"Thought we'd take a little detour, now I’ve got you all to myself"

"Grant please take me back to the office" Belle tried to speak in a firm voice.

"Come on Belle, all work and no play and all that"

"Grant, take me back to the office please" she was hoping that the panic she felt was not evident in her voice

"Ah come on Belle, loosen up" He placed his hand on her thigh once again but this time when Belle tried to push it off he resisted squeezing her leg.

"You are hurting me, please stop the car! I want to get out!"

"Not until we've had our fun sexy"

He turned the car into a side Alley a few blocks away from the office and pulled to a stop

Belle reached for the handle but the door wouldn't open

"Central locking" Grant said gesturing to the key ring hanging from the ignition "Just relax Belle"

Belle was as far away from being relaxed as it was possible to be, his hand was sliding further up her leg

"Grant You are scaring me, now please let me go"

"Like I told you, After we’ve had our fun" As he said it he lent over and trailed a hand down her cheek

Belle tried to lean away from him but being trapped in the car there was nowhere she could go.

he moved closer still and attempted to kiss her but Belle managed to move her head away from him

"Stop it" She shouted all thoughts of hiding her panic now gone. she used both of her hands to push against his chest but he was much stronger than her and it had no effect "Let me go!"

"One kiss and I'll let you go" he said his voice now menacing

Belle shook her head frantically “”Let me go!” she screamed

His hands were now both on her face and his grip tightened making it impossible for her to move. He began to kiss her, forcing her lips apart with his tongue. She gave up trying to push him away and instead raised her hands to his face and dug her nails into his cheek and dragged them down as quickly and as hard as she could.

The pain of the scratch forced Grant to stop kissing her and he moved away

“You are a feisty one alright” he said as he let go of her face and used his hands to feel his own face, fingers trailing over the marks that Belle had made.

She had turned around from him and was frantically pulling on the door handle using her shoulder to push at the door, desperate to get out of the car and away from Grant.

“Let me go please let me go” she begged, tears now streaming down her face.

“All I wanted was a kiss, well for now anyways. Here you go.” and with that he pressed the button on the key ring to release the lock.

Belle nearly fell out of the car such was her hurry to get away, she grabbed her bag which had fallen out of the door and ran as fast as she could to her own car.

End flashback

“So I just got in the car and came here” Belle began to cry again and buried her face in Aden’s neck as he held her close.

He was struggling to contain his own emotions, anger with Grant being at the forefront.

“I was so scared Aden” she cried

“Hey, hey it’s O.K baby, you’re safe now. I promise he will never get anywhere near you again”

“I thought, Aden I thought he was going to…”

Aden cut her off before she could finish the sentence

“he didn’t did he Belle? you’ve told me everything?”

She nodded “he let me go after he kissed me but he said ‘for now’ what if he tries it again, he knows where we live, oh god Aden what if he tries it again!” she was sobbing now, even harder than before.

“Belle, look at me” Aden said gently taking her face in his hands “I promise you that he will never ever hurt you again.”

“I’m sorry” she whispered

“what! God Belle! This was not your fault! Why are you apologising?”

“I should have told you what was going on”

“I wish you’d have told me but that doesn’t matter now Belle. We just need to make sure that he doesn’t get away with this. You need to tell the police”

“I don’t know”

“Belle, you have to. Remember when Robbo raped Joey, you insisted she went to the police”

“that was different, he hasn’t raped me Aden”

“He could of Belle, you need to talk to Charlie about this.”

She shrugged her shoulders and buried her face once again into his neck

“look, lets just get you home and then we’ll think about calling Charlie O.K?”

He felt her nod against his neck and slowly stood up bringing her with him and led her to her car.

Once they were back at the apartment he convinced her to call Charlie who came over and took a statement from Belle. It wasn’t easy for her but she realised Aden was right and it was the best thing to do. Charlie had promised that she would speak to Grant as soon as possible and would let them know the outcome.

Aden had just closed the door to Charlie when it knocked again he opened it to find Martha.

“Hello! Is everything alright, I’ve just seen Charlie leave.”

“Erm, not really but now’s not the best…”

“Aden it’s O.K” Belle called “Come in Martha”

Martha only needed one look at Belle’s tear stained face to see that something had happened

“What’s going on?” she asked as she sat down.

Aden was hovering behind the couch Belle reached out a hand to him

“Hey, why don’t you go to the diner and get us something for dinner.”

“Will you be O.K here?” he asked. As reluctant as he was to leave her, there was something that he needed to do and the sooner he did it the better he would feel.

“Yeah, Martha will stay till you get back wont you?” she asked looking at her friend

“yeah sure” Martha answered

“Go on babe, I’ll be fine”

“O.K, I wont be long” he lent over to gently kiss her then grabbed his car keys and left the apartment.

Ten minutes later Aden strode into the newspaper office. The young woman sitting at the reception desk asked who he would like to see but he just stormed past her and into the main body of the open plan office.

“Which one of you guys is Grant?” he asked

Grant stood up from his desk “that would be me, how can…”

Before he could finish his sentence Aden had crossed the room in a few large strides and had grabbed the front of his shirt forcing him back against the wall behind him.

“look mate, I don’t know…”

“I am not your mate!” Aden growled “know who I am?” he pushed Grant harder against the wall.

“the face looks familiar…”

“I’m Belle Taylor’s boyfriend”

Aden noticed some of the colour drain from Grants face and once again shoved him backwards into the wall

“Ah she told you about us?” Grant stuttered

“What?” Aden’s grip loosened on Grants shirt

“it was just a kiss mate, I wasn’t that keen on the idea, I knew she had a boyfriend but she was really keen you know..”

Aden didn’t even think about the consequences of his actions as he pulled his arm back…

Charlie had to go to the station to pick up a colleague before making her way to the newspaper office. The first thing she spotted when she pulled up outside was Aden’s car.

She ran into the office to find Aden breathing heavily and shaking his hand as if it were hurt. In front of him was a man, Grant she assumed, who was holding his face in his hands, blood pouring through his fingers.

“Aden” she said “Outside now”

“He had it coming Charlie”

“Outside! I’ll talk to you in a minute” He stormed past her but stopped at the door and turned around to look back at Grant

“If you ever, ever even look at Belle again I swear I will kill you!” he walked backwards through the door, his eyes fixed firmly on Grant.

Charlie watched through the window as he walked outside and lent heavily against the bonnet of his car.

“I want to press charges” said Grant through his hands “I have witnesses, it was completely unprovoked”

“Let’s go into here to talk about this” said Charlie, gesturing to the editors office

“There is nothing to talk about, I was attacked and it was completely unprovoked.”

“Unprovoked?” questioned Charlie “And would Belle Taylor agree with that?”

“What, she asked for it”

“I find that extremely hard to believe, you see I know Belle really well and she’s not the type to lie about something like this”

“Whatever, I was still attacked! By that thug”

“Because you assaulted his girlfriend”

“Keep your voice down”

“What you haven’t told everybody how you forced yourself on Belle this afternoon” Charlie spoke loudly and there were some gasps from the other people present in the office. “Oh I’m sorry” Charlie said “Didn’t you want everyone to hear about that?”

She sounded anything but sorry.

“you cow!” he seethed “you all saw what he did to me didn’t you?”

Not one of his colleagues raised their voices in support of Grant, they all knew Belle and were willing to believe her words over Grants

“Looks like there’s nothing to report here then. We just need to chat about what happened with Belle but I think that would be better down at the station don’t you?”

“Are you arresting me?”

“Just taking you in for questioning sir, now if you’ll follow me”

“What about my nose? He’s busted my nose!”

“We’ll get someone to take a look at that for you sir, you really should be more careful, tripping over your desk like that!”

She led him outside and ushered him into the police car. Every step they took watched intently by Aden.

“How’s the hand?” she asked as she walked over to him

“I’ll survive” he said “What now?”


“Am I arrested?”

“Why would you be arrested Aden, he tripped over a desk!” Charlie’s face was full of innocence as she spoke

“Thanks Charlie”

“Just go home and be with Belle Aden, I don’t want to talk about this again O.K?”

“Yeah O.K thanks again” he flashed her a quick smile before getting into the car and pulling away.

“Hi girls, what did I miss? He asked as he walked into the apartment

“nothing much” said Belle

“Belle’s just been filling me in on what happened today” said Martha reaching out a hand to squeeze Belle’s shoulder “but now her knight in shining armour is back I’ll shoot off”

“You don’t have to, why don’t you stay for dinner? What is for dinner by the way?”

“Lasagne” Aden answered holding up the dish “I know we just had it the other day but this is all Roman had ready”

“That’s fine” said Belle “how about it Martha?”

“Thanks but I’ll leave you guys to it.”

“O.K if you’re sure. Thanks for listening” Belle said as she stood up and walked to the door.

“Anytime” said Martha giving Belle a hug and waving to Aden before leaving.

“So am I heating this up now or later?” said Aden gesturing to the dish he had just placed on the counter.

“Later” Belle replied walking back to the couch and sitting down. “You were gone a while.” she watched his face as he walked over to sit next to her and she knew from looking into his eyes where he had been “You went to see Grant?”

“I had to Belle”


“and he has a broken nose”

“Aden! What if you get into trouble, that‘s why I didn‘t tell you in the first place! I couldn‘t bare it if….”

“Hey it’s O.K, Charlie knows all about it and it’s fine he wont be causing any trouble and you wont have to see him again”


“really really” he said with a smile that got bigger when he saw Belle smile slightly too”

“I love you so much Belle, I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, even if it means putting myself on the line”

“I know you will, and I love you too” she said

Belle closed her eyes as she felt his arms draw around her. She knew with every part of her that for her in his arms was the safest place to be.

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gillyh - you read my mind :wink:

thought a bit of fluff was in order :rolleyes:

Chapter 20

Over a week had passed since the attack. Despite Aden’s protest Belle returned to work the next day. She had barely walked through the door when her boss had called her into his office. He had been full of apologies and assured Belle that he would see to it that nothing like that would ever happen again and that Grant would not be returning to the office.

She had sworn Aden, Charlie and Martha to secrecy, she didn’t want the whole town to know what had happened especially her family. She just wanted to put the whole thing behind her.

Top of her list of priorities was Aden’s party. It was the next day and although she was sure she had planned everything as well as she could she couldn’t help checking and re-checking the arrangements, wanting it to be as perfect as possible.

“Hi Belle” Martha laughed as she answered the phone it was the fourth time that day she had called.

“Martha hi, look I was just thinking, have we ordered enough champagne do you think?”

“Belle, there is more than enough! Stop worrying!”

“I know, it’s just that I want it to be perfect, Aden means the world to me Martha and I want him to have the best time, he really deserves it.”

“He will have the best time! There will be plenty of champagne, the table and chairs we be delivered on time, the D.J knows which songs to play and the Balloons will all be blown up properly!”

Belle let out a giggle “I’m kind of obsessing huh?”

“Just a tiny bit yeah”


“I’ll forgive you, speak to you tomorrow yeah?”

“Yep, bye” Belle hung up the phone just as Aden walked into the apartment

“Hey you, what are you looking so happy about?” he asked as he walked over to the table where she was sitting.

“Oh nothing much” she said with a grin as she leaned over to kiss him “just thinking about you”

“Well that is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face” he grinned back before kissing her again.

“So modest.” she murmured

“you love it” He said between kisses.

Once they had managed to tear their lips apart Aden got up to make a drink.

“Actually babe” Belle called over to him “I was thinking about tomorrow”

“tomorrow?” He was all innocence

“yes tomorrow - your birthday!”

“Ah, so you have remembered” he said

“As if I’d forget!” she had to bite back the huge grin that was threatening to burst onto her face, she didn’t want him to get suspicious. “Actually Martha called earlier and invited us over to the farm tomorrow for dinner, she’s inviting Roman and Leah too but I wasn’t sure if you’d want to go or not.”

“Sounds good” he said “You know I’m not that big on birthdays, I’d be happy just staying here. In fact” he said coming up behind her and leaning over “I’d be more than happy staying in” he began kissing her neck “me, you, empty apartment, what more could a guy want”

Belle turned her head so her lips could meet his. The angle they where at meant Belle’s neck soon began to ache but she was not ready to stop. She pushed Aden gently from her giving her enough room to stand up. She took his hands from where they were resting on the back of the chair and led him towards the bedroom.

Rolling over at the sound of his alarm the next day Aden was surprised to find Belle missing from the bed.

He walked bleary eyed into the lounge

“Happy birthday baby” Belle ran to him from the kitchen throwing her arms around his shoulders and planting a kiss on his lips. “I made you breakfast”

Aden looked over her shoulder to see the table laid out with cereal, toast, juice and a huge plate of pancakes.

“Thanks babe” he said kissing her again.

“Come and open your presents” she said dragging him over to the table. There was a stack of presents on one of the chairs. “Come on Come on!”

“isn’t it supposed to be me who’s excited” he laughed

She tapped him playfully on the arm “Well come on then, show a bit of enthusiasm”

“O.K O.K” he picked up the smallest present from the top of the pile

“No, not that one” belle exclaimed taking it from him “this one is for later”

“How about this one?” he said waving a parcel in front of her “can I open this one yet?”

“Yep, go right ahead” she smiled as he tore into the present.

Ten minutes later he had opened all of the presents and was thanking Belle with a kiss.

“hey” she said pulling away reluctantly “You’ve got to eat your breakfast before work”

“hmm” he replied “I’d rather do this” he started to kiss her again and she let him for another minute or two before pushing him off and insisting he ate his breakfast.

He ended up running late for work so Belle had to practically push him through the door. Unbeknownst to Aden she had taken the day off work so that she could help to set up the barn. She quickly showered and got dressed before heading out to the farm.

Belle and Martha spent all day setting up the barn with the help of various people who had joined them throughout the day. Irene and Roman had been in and out all afternoon bringing food and Hugo, Tony and Geoff had provided some much needed muscle moving tables around until the girls where happy with there positions.

Each table had a bunch on silver balloons floating above them and there where fairy lights and lanterns wrapped around and hanging from every available surface.

The bar had arrived and was now fully stocked and the D.J was due to arrive any moment to set up next to the makeshift dance floor.

“Wow look at this place” Leah had just arrived bringing with her the huge cake she had made

“Looks great doesn’t it!” Belle asked

“It does, he’s going to love it Belle”

“I hope so!” she looked at her watch “ God look at the time! I need to get home, he’s due back soon and I don’t want to give him any reason to be suspicious”

“We’ll see you in a few hours then” said Martha

Belle made it home before Aden and went straight to the bedroom where she started sorting her outfit for the night. She had bought a new dress especially for the party and she loved it and knew that Aden would feel the same. It was an electric blue tulip shaped dress which was strapless and came to just above her knees. Martha had talked her into teaming it with a pair of killer heels which where a long way from the flats she usually wore!

“Wow!” she hadn’t heard Aden come in and his remark had startled her.

“Aden” she scolded “You scared the life out of me!”

“Sorry babe but seriously wow! You wearing that tonight?”

She was standing in front of the mirror holding the dress in front of her

“I am” She grinned “You like?”

“Belle I love, I can’t wait to see you in it. Although…” he continued with a seductive smile as he moved closer to her “I can’t wait to see you out of it”

“Aden” she began as he pulled her into his arms and a passionate kiss “We need to get ready” she wriggled out of his arms “Come on you, shower! We don’t want to be late”

“How about we share a shower, that would save time” he was trailing kisses down her neck as he spoke

“I don’t think it would save time” she laughed

“Come on, it’s my birthday” his kisses moved up to her lips again and she knew that she couldn’t resist him.

Over an hour later Belle was smiling at the look on Aden’s face as she walked out of the bedroom.

“You look…. Wow babe, you look sensational!”

“Really?” She was feeling a little self conscious not used with wearing such a dressy outfit.

“Totally! It’s a pity we are only going to Martha’s. I should be taking you out and showing you off looking like that”

“Well I’m glad you like it because it’s all for your benefit mister. And might I say that you scrub up pretty well too!” He was wearing a pair of light coloured trousers with a crisp white shirt that showed off the tan he had picked up working on the boat.

“You ready to go?” she asked

“Yep, I’ve been ready for ages!”

“Hey, it takes time to look this good you know” she answered picking up on his not so subtle hint

“Yeah yeah. Come on lets go”

“Hi guys”

Miles, Kirsty and Jai had just arrived at the farm

“you parked your car where we told you?” Martha was welcoming the guests as they arrived making sure that any signs of their presence was hidden from Aden as he arrived”

“Yep, this place looks amazing, it must have taken you….”

She was cut off by a shriek from Irene “They’re coming, Belle just sent a txt they’ll be hear any minute everyone shush!!”

Martha quickly pulled the door shut, blocking out all the light so from the outside Aden wouldn’t be aware that anything was going on. The room fell silent instantly, so they all heard the car pull up and the doors slam shut.

“Hey babe, did you see that?” They heard Belle ask Aden


“I don’t know, something just ran out of that barn”

“Really? We’ll tell Martha when we go in, come on” He placed a hand on the small of her back to guide her into the house.

“It might be too late then, one of the animals might have escaped” she started walking toward the barn

“Belle, what can we do about it, lets get Martha”

“We can just check the door, come on.”

He rolled his eyes but followed her anyway

“You’re really well dressed for farming babe”

“ha ha” she said. By now they had reached the door which was firmly closed

“There, see it’s shut you must be seeing things”

Belle turned round to face him, her back to the door, hand behind her on the handle.

“Aden, you know I really love you right”

“Er O.K Where’s this coming from?”

“You know don’t you?” She pressed and he nodded his head in confusion

“I love you so so much, you are the most amazing boyfriend and I want you to have the most amazing birthday so…..”

She pushed open the door


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