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My Only Memory

Guest Haymaiden

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Story Title: My Only Memory

Type of story: Multi-chapter

Main Characters: Martha, Emma, Charlie, Hugo

BTTB rating: T, to be safe

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No, if there is I will warn

Summary: Set three months after Jack's death.

Chapter 1

Martha and Charlie are having coffee together in the diner. Martha stands up then collapses.

Charlie: Martha!

Twenty Minutes Later, Summer Bay Hospital

Rachel: I'm just going to feel around. If if hurts, tell me.

Martha: OK.

Rachel: There's a lump there. Let's do an ultrasound.

Five Minutes Later

Martha: What's that?

Rachel: You're pregnant.

Martha bursts into to tears

Martha: Jack, Jack.

Four Years Later

Hugo bursts into Martha's house. It is on fire.

Hugo: Martha! Emma!

Hugo runs into the bedroom.

Martha: Save Emma.

Hugo picks up Emma, who is Martha and Jack's daughter, and takes her outside. Hugo calls the fire bridgade and runs back into the bedroom.

Hugo: Martha! Martha!

Hugo carries Martha outside.

Two Days Later

Martha and Emma stand outside the wreckage of their home. Martha is in tears.

Two Hours Later

Charlie: I'm so sorry.

Martha: She . . . She's my only memory . . . of Jack.

Martha bursts into tears.

Comments Please?

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Thanks EmmaJane

Three Months Later

Martha: We gather here today for the fifth anniversary of Jack Holden's death. I would like to thank . . . like to thank . . . Hugo . . . for saving . . . my only . . . memory.

Martha falls down in tears.

Emma: Mummy, Daddy told me he doesn't what you to cry. He wants you to be happy.

Martha: Does he Emma?

Martha stands up, holding her daughter's hand.

Martha: For five years, times have been hard. And not a day goes by where I don't cry. But I have a daughter. A daughter that more precious than any in that house. A daughter just as precious as Jack. And I know he's watching over us. The guardian angel of the Bay.

I'll update more soon. I know it's short, but this is make me cry.

Comments Please?

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