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Video Making Help Thread

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I record directly to my laptop and then use Freemake Video converter (it's a free program you can download from the internet Download here). It can convert videos to other formats, allows you to upload directly to your youtube account and also allows you to edit parts out you don't want. It also allows you to join videos from multiple episodes and remove audio from clips so that you can add music over it.

If I want to add music over my video, one of the programs I use is Windows Movie Maker, which comes with any Windows computer.

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Hi everyone!

I have a question: there are some of you that say that if you want a "better" video editor and not yet Sony Vegas that you should use Nero but on the website there's a free trial version for 15 days and then not anymore and I'm just not that sure if it ends after 15 days because sometimes you download/buy a test version somewhere and if you don't cancel it on the exact date you have to buy the full version. I just wanted to ask if that's the case with the Nero-software too.

Anyone tried yet???

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