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Hey, i'm using Sony Vagas Pro but the clips i have play on GOM player, so when i import them all i get is audio, no visual, is there any way to fix this?

You need to make sure you have the right video files that will support the video format for your computer...

the video codecs you need are Xvid Codecs... just go into google and type that in and you should be fine after that :)

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I'm using Sony Vegas and it crashes a lot. I have read around the internet that Vegas doesn't work well with .avi files. So my question is how are you guys doing it? Does your vegas crash a lot?

My Vegas never crashes for me! It always depends on how quick or slow my computer is running , if my computer is slow then Vegas will crash a lot.

I have read around the internet that some people have some problems with Vegas crashing very often for them! Sorry I'm not much help.

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I'm in Oz so my answer may not apply. I record episodes direct from air in HD mode to my PC. I then use Nerovision 9 ( I now have 10 ) to isolate the clip I want and edit it out. Sometimes if I'm really interested in a storyline I edit out all the "rubbish" and then splice together the storyline I want. I do this so I can use them as examples for my writing group.

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