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Sounds like the beginning of the end for Geoff and Claudia!

I agree with what you said Bec,

We must find out Lachie is the father, because no matter how angry Geoff is he just wouldnt throw his pregnant girlfriend out on the streets

I really dont like this pairing, Its just awful. :(

Lets just say Geoff has temporarily gone insane!

That way

when he throws Claudia out for her unforgivable misdemeanor then we will praise him because she is a manipulative, annoying little pregnant girl!

And what was with that CHEESY line she said the other day when Geoff said he had to get back to school.

"Excuse me, Im extremely busy creating another human life here"

Please! <_<

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To me it's always been obvious from the second that she got pregnant that things will end in ones of two ways 1) Claudia will be made into the villian or 2) if they let her, by some miracle, be genuine she'd loose the baby and then disappear after a while. Seems like they are going going in the direction of the first one. No surprises there. These shows are hardly ever original when it comes to teen pregnancy storylines.

I wouldn't be sad to see this relationship come to an end. I've said it before she seemed like a character I was going to like in that first scene but then turned into yet another terribly dull character on the show and I'd rather they write her out then keep her like this. And apart from the fact that there have been one or two moments where I've actually liked a scene between them, mainly because their scenes comes off more naturally then when he was with Nicole, I don't care for this relationship.

If they had done so many things differently this could have been a nice enough storyline but I'd rather they ended it.

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It does seem that poor Claudia is about to become the latest victim of Other Woman Syndrome:Bring in a character as a new love interest for one half of a popular couple, have all the fans hate them for splitting up their favourites, then have them turn evil and leave the show.A waste.

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I have to say, my biggest disappointment with this storyline is that (IMO anyway), they seriously downplayed Geoff's reaction to the pregnancy and his coming to terms with it. Coming from his background, I was sure he would struggle FAR more, before accepting it. The fact that he then took off, and we didn't even get to SEE it on screen was a major cop out!

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^It seemed to be a classic example of "This character's in the middle of a major storyline but he's run out of episodes so let's send him away for half a week."At the very least, they should have had Geoff and Claudia go away together instead of having him run out on her.

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I agree with you Red Ranger 1

I also think they ran out of a storyline for Geoff so they made him take off.

No offense but Geoff to me, is a little hypocritical I mean, Irene confessed that she was drunk when she hit Annie and then Geoff goes all macho on everyone

"Irene, if you hit Annie or anyone else in this house again"

Pffffffffffffffffft..... Irene's drinking is exactly like Belle's drug addiction, if Geoff can forgive Belle then he can stop being such a hypocrite and forgive Irene!

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