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Home and Away star Jodi Gordon found cowering in bikie's bedroom

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From the Herald-Sun:

Home and Away star Jodi Gordon found cowering in bikie's bedroom

Article from: Herald Sun

Kara Lawrence and Holly Byrnes

June 05, 2009 12:00am

HOME And Away star Jodi Gordon was found cowering in the bedroom of a suspected bikie after reports gunmen were trying to break in.

The bizarre episode came days after she was reported missing and ended with police rushing to a unit in an exclusive Sydney suburb.

The Logie winner was interviewed but not charged over the incident after she was found cowering in the unit's bedroom.

Gordon, 24, who is in a relationship with Channel 7 heir Ryan Stokes, had been reported missing from Kings Cross a few days before.

Police were called to an apartment in Bellevue Hill about 5.30pm on Wednesday, after the unit's resident reported that five men - at least two of them with guns - were in his backyard and trying to scale his balcony.

The report sparked a massive police response in the wake of recent Sydney bikie violence.

Armed police responded in force, wearing bullet-proof vests, cordoning off the area while a search was launched.

Gordon and the male resident, 29, were found hiding in a bedroom.

She told police she had seen the gunmen on CCTV on the cameras that surround the unit.

However, when police viewed the CCTV, they found no sign that the incident had occurred at all.

They could only see the male resident in the backyard and no-one else.

The man declined to be interviewed but the popular TV star agreed to accompany police to a police station, where she allegedly disclosed that cocaine had been consumed that day.

When confronted with CCTV proof that nothing had occurred, the man allegedly conceded he could have been hallucinating and said he had also consumed the sleeping tablet Stilnox.

The search was called off after more than an hour, but it is believed Gordon and the man won't face public mischief charges.

Seven's director of programming and production, Tim Worner, said last night: "We have spoken with Jodi. At this point, our main concern is for her safety and health, and she is resting with family.

"It's a measure of her character that she today honoured her commitment to the Sydney Children's Hospital.

"We will make sure that Jodi gets whatever support and understanding she needs at this time."

The Herald Sun believes Gordon, who was also a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, was reported missing from the Kings Cross area a couple of days earlier.

Det-Insp John Maricic said he could confirm only that police dismissed the possibility that armed gunmen tried to break into the apartment.

"Police responded to reports of an incident. Subsequent enquiries revealed no such incident took place," he said.

Gordon, who lives with Mr Stokes in a harbourfront development at Dawes Point, could not be reached for comment last night. Earlier, she attended a lunch event at Hugos at Manly.

Her father, Ray Gordon, said he received a call from

Kings Cross police on Wednesday to say that Ryan Stokes had reported Jodi missing after a night out with friends.

He said he and his wife, Bronwyn, rushed to the city to begin searching for her. On the way, they received a call from Rose Bay police telling them she had been found.

"She didn't say much to me. She just said she couldn't say anything more because of what was going on with the police.

"Then she left to go back to Ryan's place."

Mr Gordon said he knew nothing about any suggestion of drug use or Jodi's involvement with any members of a motorcycle gang.

"I can't believe that she would ever get into drugs. I know my girl. She's travelled the world since she was 13 years old - on her own for half of it.

"We've talked about all of this, about drugs, and I just know that she's never been into them."

He said Jodi moved out of the family home at Castle Hill a couple of years ago to live with Mr Stokes.

"I want to go and see her as soon as possible," Mr Gordon said.

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I'd say it's a slow news day. The thing about Jodi could be news based on the obsession the media have going with anything bikie-related, but the thing about Lincoln is just tacky gossip. Who cares if he made a sex tape? I don't. I do however care if Jodi is getting mixed up in dangerous situations with drugs, but it's really none of my business anyway. I just hope she stays safe for her sake.

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It's strange how she was reported missing days ago yet the media knew nothing about it till now? And what the hell is she doing at a bikie's house!? too much money than brains I think..

Who was Lincoln going out with last year? Wasn;t it Indiana?

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I hope two things happen, that folks will finally stop seeing her, and others like her, through rose tinted glasses; but most importantly I hope she gets the help she needs as she is human being in trouble and this industry can drive people to do all sorts of stupid things. We put people on pedestals and expect them to be perfect 24/7 and that is one hell of a cross to bear. Its no wonder this sort of thing happens.

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Sorry but I am having a very hard time believing this article. It sounds like a lot of rubbish to me. If Jodi went "missing" at the weekend/Monday after a night out with friends why did it take until the Wednesday for her parents to find out and why would they have heard about it from the police? If Ryan had reported her "missing" a few days earlier surely he would have told her parents himself there and then? Why would her father be speaking to the press about it anyway? The article also contains factual inaccuracies - as far as I am aware, Jodi has only been living with Ryan for a year not 2 years and she didn't move straight out of her parent's home to live with Ryan, she moved out into her own apartment first (as per the article in OK magazine about a year or so ago where she was photographed on the balcony of her apartment. Frankly, the whole article stinks and the story sounds completely unbelievable - Jodi involved with drugs and bikies?! Jodi getting involved in something like this during her week as Gold Ambassador for the Sydney Children's Hospital. Is she not supposed to be hosting a lunch for 12 friends at her house this weekend?

I also don't believe the story about Lincoln Lewis' sex tape - he may or may not have made a tape but I can't believe he would be stupid enough to then show it to cast mates and other people on the set and then kept it for all this time.

I find it quite suspicious that 2 "scandalous" articles about 2 of Home and Away's main stars surface at the same time, as if there is a deliberate campaign to smear and discredit them.

I hope that I am right and both articles especially the one about Jodi turn out to be completely false. Otherwise I will be pretty shocked. I hope the truth comes out over the next few days and if they are false that the papers who printed them retract the stories, although the damage has already been done.

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