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What do you think of Trey?

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He seems, along with Claudia to have become a victim of our recent spate of cast dislikings - yet along with Claudia he has reason to be labelled like that:

-He can't decide wether he wants to be 'naughty or nice'

-He's a bit dull most times

-He does seem to be just another Aden, it's been done and quite frankly its not as strong this time around as it was when they did it with Aden

(or Ric for that matter)

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I can't really say I like or hate him really... just Meh.

He reminds me of an early Aden - a poor mans one at that though...

I voted "love",though, "don't mind too much" is closer to the mark and I agree with you 100% about the Aden comparison too!

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